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File: bfe7448fde2d6a3⋯.webm (9.42 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 123.webm)


The video shows a routine traffic stop by state police that turned into a frantic gun battle along Route 33. Its publication represents a rare instance in Pennsylvania in which police dash camera video was made public.

Northampton County prosecutors released it to The Morning Call and other media on Thursday, six weeks after they used it to win Daniel K. Clary’s conviction for the attempted murder Nov. 7, 2017, of two law enforcement officers.

The video was recorded from the cruiser of Trooper Ryan Seiple, who pulled Clary over for speeding last year in Plainfield Township.

It captured the entire encounter between Clary and police, including the moments in which he opened fire, grievously wounding Cpl. Seth Kelly, who nearly died from gunshot wounds that included a severed femoral artery.

The video was released after The Morning Call sued to get a copy of it because prosecutors initially declined to make it public, though it was introduced as evidence at Clary’s trial. In a motion July 27, attorneys for the newspaper asked Judge Stephen Baratta to order its release, noting it had been played in open court.

“The Morning Call sought access to the dashcam video because the attempted homicide of two state troopers and Clary’s allegation that the troopers used excessive force are of great concern to the public in the current environment,” said Theresa Rang, the newspaper’s interim editor.

Joshua Bonn, a lawyer for The Morning Call, wrote in the suit that given “the public’s overwhelming right to access judicial records,” there was no compelling reason to withhold the video.

The dispute over the video’s release never saw a courtroom. A day before a hearing was scheduled before Baratta, the district attorney’s office reversed course and agreed to provide the recording to The Morning Call.

First Deputy District Attorney Terence Houck said Thursday he always wanted the video to be released to the public, but needed to make sure Kelly and Seiple agreed.


see link for full video

It's not on youtube yet


This is what happens when cops have to be nice and not raycist


At trial, defense attorney Janet Jackson argued her client feared for his life after being shocked with Tasers and punched repeatedly by police, and believed he would be shot. She described Clary as a frightened young man who was getting his first speeding ticket, then was surprised when police tried to handcuff him after giving him field sobriety tests.

Jackson said she plans to appeal the conviction. She said Clary “understood that this was possibly going to be the verdict in this case.”

“He accepts responsibility, but we felt we had a valid self-defense argument,” Jackson said.

fucking mental i like niggers


File: 4f406d9cd92be21⋯.jpg (59.29 KB, 519x533, 519:533, 4f406d9cd92be21a877665b765….jpg)


>those gurgling negro noises.


On Friday, Houck said the video was critical in winning the conviction, since it showed the troopers acted as “trained professionals.”

“Because if that video had not been there, it would have been the word of one man(poor oppressed black) against the word of the Pennsylvania state police,” Houck said. “And in this day and age, we know how stuff like that goes.”

Houck called Kelly “a walking, talking miracle,” given that doctors estimated his heart stopped for at least five to 10 minutes before he was revived.



where'd you buy your acid?


>drunk off his ass



>still manages to beat two trained cops in a gunfight



>She described Clary as a frightened young man who was getting his first speeding ticket

>a frightened young man

Every fucking time



File: 156ad7bd6929362⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 400x278, 200:139, tumblr_n3o6ccglAa1rk74v1o1….gif)


When did she start practicing law?



>Dat tactical railing flop



Except all of the stand your ground castle self defense laws were specifically written to exclude police in the process of doing their jobs. That is one dumb lawyer.


>pigs live

Why is this news. They should be ded.



spotted the nigger


>nigger gets pulled over

>falling all over himself during field sobriety test

>resists arrest

>shoots cop and runs away

>his lawyer quoted as saying, "HE A GUD BOI HE DINDU NUFFIN"


File: 0ce13e22ac7c43a⋯.webm (9.28 MB, 320x240, 4:3, asyouwish.webm)

Do unto others, then run.

Benny Hill


File: e5fe0857e648d66⋯.jpeg (6.64 KB, 235x183, 235:183, 9bbab75152ce689f706d28536….jpeg)

Can we please start just lynching this people again? Please?



Blacky Hill


Don't let him let in the car

Tasers seem useless

pepper spray and then he can't aim



Tf r u sayin m8?

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