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File: 8c37d505909fd0b⋯.jpg (158.9 KB, 1119x850, 1119:850, christ-driving-the-traders….jpg)


Conflicting statements issued in Iran on Tuesday unveiled panic over the attack on two Saudi oil carriers in the Red Sea’s Bab El-Mandeb Strait last month.

Iranian media outlets quoted General Naser Shabani, a top official of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), as saying that the regime had ordered the pro-Iran Ansar Allah (Houthi) militia in Yemen to attack the two tankers, and that it had carried out those orders.

However, hours after Shabani’s comments led to controversial reactions on social media, Fars news agency deleted the Iranian General’s quote about the order to attack the Saudi tankers.




A: Nobody

Q: who gives a flying fuck?


Wait, Iran attacked SA's oil tankers?

Am I being tricked?


Shadow war kicks into hi gear. Pity those who went against the Don and civilization by siding w iran skitzo0os, maybe ms13 will rescue iran for them?And they wonder why trumps using ink n backdoor channels


Big poo



>the person who made this post is accusing others of being schizos



A: You

Q: Who is retarded enough to format text like this?



This event took place TWO WEEKS AGO…..

and you're copying and pasting now WHY?

Also, you are so stupid that you weren't even thorough enough to find out the Iranians shot a 3-foot hole into the side of one of the Saudi tankers, and if the whole hadn't been slightly bigger it would have been the largest oil spill in history….

You're a fucking idiot


This thread has a whole bunch of Saudi Tanker


and that's unacceptable



>maybe ms13 will rescue iran for them

Maybe this is a job for the Kitty Cartel………….


File: 1cee6d60d8e3343⋯.gif (5.57 MB, 853x480, 853:480, 540_30_2.13_Aug102018_3990….gif)

Sorry I was away

I just had the pleasure of watching one of the biggest pieces of shit on Earth get arrested… It's a long story I'll tell you later



>maybe ms13 will rescue iran for them

Maybe this is a job for the Kitty Cartel………….




>maybe ms13 will rescue iran for them

Maybe this is a job for the Kitty Cartel………….



>mudshits do nothing but terrorize civilized people

>cry like little bitches when something happens to them


lets roll in Iran boys



Woah, i thought i would never see a properly formatted post by JN.


enjoy your upcoming banu, Johnny Lovesnot


File: 54ed3e4a748283b⋯.png (282.57 KB, 1418x2276, 709:1138, Capture _2018-08-10-19-57-….png)

I can see Jim in his cramped Manila apartment right now, having a total meltdown. Lel!

Also, stop using my IPs, Johnny!

I thought Bulgaria would be safe from JN, but no..

Maybe I will join forces with Jim to hire the Kitty Cartel to scratch your eyes out, Johnny.



I heard sleep works wonders for those who are tired.

So, go to sleep, Johnny, before we at the Kitty Cartel have to put you to sleep!


I see the whole Hegelian dialectic hard at work ITT. Problem, Reaction, Solution – complete with dipolar controlled opposition parties.

>inb4 bipolar

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves.

That's the important part anyway.

Nobody should have their panties in a twist. It's uncomfortable and can cause extra unnecessary chafing.


come on give me something shoot! come on



Johnny Neptune is more of a force of nature than a person or an idea. Yes, there is a consortium of dedicated individuals behind it, but everything is going according to plan. Just like climate change – for some it is uncomfortable, even painful and life-threatening; for others it cannot be thought of as actually happening irl whatsoever – it must be da joos behind it all!

>inb4 it's all Trump's fault

Silly goyim, 'the fix' is for kids!



>come on give me something shoot! come on



You mean , like Jizm? >>655594


Iran vs Saudis and USA ans Israel

Our brave boys will beat those savage eyeranians


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rocket's got a lotta balls….

literally. She's got all kinds of toys (like her favorite blue elephant) but she's got a bunch of different little balls. She's got the noisy ones with little bells in them, ones that are made out of a mesh, soft fuzzy ones, hard plastic ones, a tennis ball, etc etc

She loves playing. She lives up to her name, to the point of hyperactivity. Let's put it this way: she's an extremely active little girl.

(leaping through the air is her speacialty, and she doesn't seem to even look before she leaps. She'll just go flying through the air with her arms akimbo, and will watch on to anything with her claws)

I've had a shit ton of cats in my life, but she does a game I've never really seen cats play before.

she'll actually play 'catch' with us, where she will intentionally knock the ball directly at us, and we will roll it back at her, and instead of chasing it, she'll knock it right back at us.

Back and forth and back and forth, she'll do it until you grow tired of it. She knows it's more fun than just playing with it by herself

When the universe first sent Rocket to us, she was no bigger than the palm of my hand. Here's the video of me trapping baby Rocket and keeping her from being hit by a car. Now she's becoming long and lanky, and quite a handful in every way.



not 'watch'

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