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File: 68c278d8ad03199⋯.jpg (172.74 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Woman Receives Vegan Death….jpg)


A woman who documented the positive effects she experienced after terminating a plant-based diet claims she received death threats from a vegan following a viral post.

Dutch video blogger KasumiKriss, AKA Kristel, uploaded before-and-after photos to Twitter on Sunday showing how ending a vegan lifestyle had positive effects on her skin and emotional outlook.

LEFT: Vegan for almost 4 years, high in fruits and veggies (picture taken 2 months ago). RIGHT: 3 weeks into eating mainly high quality animal foods (picture taken yesterday). Skin improving, less puffy face. But the best of all, I don't feel like dying anymore. pic.twitter.com/ds6LOjM2QB

— Kristel (@KasumiKriss) August 26, 2018

“3 weeks into eating mainly high quality animal foods (picture taken yesterday). Skin improving, less puffy face. But the best of all, I don’t feel like dying anymore,” Kristel wrote in the viral post, liked over 50.7K times as of writing.

On Monday, Kristel highlighted an angry comment she received on YouTube from a hate-filled vegan, who said they hoped “someone murders” her.

“You are a worthless piece of trash; once you get fat and come down with diabetes and heart related issues what are you going to blame then?” the enraged animal rights activist’s rant began.

It is scary when you get death threads for not being vegan anymore, from "compassionate" vegans. #vegans pic.twitter.com/EdJfcPw2X0

— Kristel (@KasumiKriss) August 27, 2018

“Go f*ck yourself you ugly f*cking cunt. You ARE a murderer and I hope that someone murders you, or at the very least when you keep up your f*ck face diet that you suffer and suffer and suffer, just like the 1000’s of animals that just YOU are personally reasonable [sic] for destroying their families and ultimately killing them,” the deranged commenter stated.

“A well nourished comment,” Kristel quipped. “Vegans are so kind.”

Guess when vegan and when not? Just wanted to add that I did not alter the pictures, I did not wear covering makeup. I feel way better now and my appearance is adjusting to that! pic.twitter.com/F09wPShFIQ

— Kristel (@KasumiKriss) August 26, 2018





Id hit it. Hell id wife that one.


Shocking an omnivorous species is suppose to eat meat too! Someone call the news quick!





The same people that think "meat is murder" think that actual murder is not when committed by nonwhites


File: a71e1591e43cf90⋯.png (288.67 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 822a9763fc4ea901493a422482….png)

Vegans are literally retarded.



So are they okay with eating meat that's killed by niggers?



No, but they're okay with niggers killing wypipo.


THese fucking retard vegans advocate against animal death, but then they make death threats to an animal.


Move over Wendy, there is a new waifu in town!


bumping juicy news


Did you know raw meat actually does contain ALL the vitamins and nutrients you body needs? Its actually true. However, when you cook the meat it depletes most the vitamins and other nutrients. The best way to eat meat is to cook it just a little (enough to kill off germs/bacteria/parasites) but leave it red in the middle. Preferably medium rare.



Most vegans actually suffer from weak bones too, if they avoid meat for a long period of time. Meat is actually very healthy. The problem is meat that is over-cooked (which is depleted of its nutrients/vitamins) or mass produced meat (which tends to lack nutrients/vitamins). Stick to grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and wild deer. Make sure its freshly butchered meat too (its the healthiest). Anything mass produced is basically garbage-quality meat (which would include fast food meats).



A lot of vegans secretly drinks semen to sustain their body. They won't admit it. But is is true.


>someone eats a different food to me

>how fucking dare they

inb4 "found the vegan" (I'm not, but knowing how pathetic this perpetual argument is I'm sure someone will call me one)


File: 43734fbd3f3672a⋯.jpg (39.9 KB, 576x440, 72:55, 1338112183610.jpg)


I chortled.


i'm going to personally murder each and every person that reads this post

(congratulations, you just received a death threat as credible as the one in this news item)


Google "anandamide"

>only produced by eating meat fish and eggs

>essential to well being and a stabilized mood


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Veganism is not a diet, it's an ideology. The diet just happens to be part of it. Vegans don't refuse meat because they think that's a better way of nutrition, they refuse it out of ideology first, and then retroactively try to rationalize that it's supposed to be actually healthier. Vid related, human diet was mostly animal-based with plants only as an additive for flavour or for better preservation. The modern diet is an ideology forced upon the population by literally religious cults.

The streets will run white with soy milk on the day of the steak.


I'd reply that those vegans seem meat industry trolls. OTOH I have personally witnessed a very aggressive stance by vegans. But I understand it from their POV.

What I don't understand is:

>abortion is murder and women before undergoing abortion should hear what we have to say

<whaaaaawhaaaa bigot get back to the medieval hut you came from

>meat is murder and meat eaters should die

<oh ok



problem: you can see from the eyes that the two photos were taken with different focal length. The first is from a longer lens which means it's flatter, the second is from a shorter lens which means the center is inflated and the periphery is shrinked.

If she feels better by eating meat, no probs, I eat meat too, but the before/after is whack.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>had positive effects on her skin and emotional outlook.

One visit to the slaughter house will change the emotional outlook.



>Woman Receives attention After attention seeking

meat is good, but she just wants attention



after watching that vid my emotional outlook is mostly just wondering about these retarded fags complaining about 'animal rights'



So do vegans, homo



Not even true since the person merely said "I hope someone murders you" and not directly threatening to murder them.

Just goes to show fucking anything can be "news".



One visit to the wilderness will leave you starving and ready to eat the first animal you find alive like a wild beast that would make that video look humane.


its real


true news bump


news yipper real bump



Now multiply what you saw into the hundreds of billions of animals that get slaughtered every year. How long could you stay and watch it until you would break mentally? Until you're drained of any kind of emotion and become a danger to the public? Luckily for you you don't have to, since humans love to hide their mass murdering activities behind propaganda, lies and anonymous places.


File: f567f5ede8a5471⋯.jpg (109.04 KB, 1230x690, 41:23, Shinjiro Hayashida is Tame….jpg)


Nah still don't care



I'll admit its inhumane to stuff cattle together until they are butchered, but their death is actually their best part of life. Its swifter then you think, they have machines that quickly chop off the whole head in one swoop. If the cattle act up, they'll just shoot them in the head.

Still though, we have billions of people to feed on this planet who love meat and this is the only way to market such mass quantity.



By the way I recommend buying grass-fed beef wholesale (grass-fed cows are allowed to roam and eat grass, rather than GMO-ridden toxic corn. Its a bit more expensive but not if you buy it wholesale from a local butchery or meat processing company). You'll need to set that up with the rancher though. I buy half a cow every two years, saves me a lot of money.



Typically you'll find your local ranchers at the farmer markets and they'll be selling sample steaks. You can try one, come back and tell them how much you want to buy wholesale and they'll hook it all up for you, give you the contacts for the local butcher or meat processing company.



You say that like the kid you are, but there is a reason that even in war times a torturer gets replaced in steady intervals.


>we have billions of people to feed

Explain why the majority of meat is used to create food that is poisonous to humans? All for greed…all the fast food is poison, the percentage of food that gets thrown away uneaten is incomprehensible high, and last but not least the lie about taste. All our foot is chemical altered, 99% of all meat available to the regular peasant doesn't taste like it suppose to do. So tell me how high are the numbers for animals that we kill solely for profit? A profit that has nothing to do with hunger, taste or survival…just because of greed.

Yet you could bring out that old age argument that we are hunters and killers, but then answer me this…why do we hide the mass murdering of life?



Its the major mass meat processors that add many of the chemicals to "cure" the meats (like the use of sodium nitrites) which are toxic. Also the major cattle farms inject the hormones which are unhealthy for human consumption.

However, grass fed beef is VERY healthy and has none of that stuff if you buy it from the right sources. All depends where you get your meats. Of-course the fast food chains will peddle the worst of the worst quality shit.



daily reminder vegetarianism is the aryan way. drink milk and eat eggs instead of stuffing hard meat down your throat, faggot.



Like stated above, it all depends where you get your meats. The meat industry is a lot bigger and more diverse than most of you think. There are ranchers out there who sell premium quality without the hormones, without the toxins, without feeding their cattle GMO-corn, who will have their butchers cure their meats with sea salt (now that meat is healthy). However its more pricey.

If your going to a Burger King on the other hand your getting nasty cheap crap meat cooked fast to-go! Even most meats in the grocery stores are not all that great, better, but not great.



I'm talking about meat eating in general. It is un-Aryan, no matter the quality.



That's just your opinion. I myself get grade quality meat wholesale. I like eggs, I like vegetables too, but I also like my quality meat. I do stay away from pork though (pork is very unhealthy and horrible for digestion and can cause diabetes later in life).



>my opinion

read about why hitler was a vegetarian. or why brahmins, who identify as an aryan class, don't eat meat. read some shit, normie.



>grass fed beef

>the right sources

This is a fleck of fly shit against the hundreds of billions of animals in mass production. The majority eats only mass meat, because it's cheap. You argue like a capitalist who defends his riches while the rest of mankind has to suffer.

>Also next time you come by a field with grass fed cattle (which I call Alibi Cows) ask the farmer first how big the heard is, followed by how many he earned on paper. I had the pleasure to ask this very same question to a farmer at a market, in front of a sizable crowd…and you should have seen his face when he stammered out that he owns over 5000 animals on paper. 5000 to the 50 he has walking outside. That's 4950 animals he has never seen in his life and that are generating an automatic revenue stream for him to get rich on. Rest assured the farmers market wasn't quite as successful that day.



The rest of mankind doesn't seem to want to do anything about it, thats the problem. So if they want to live the city life and eat shit food, OK, power to the idiots! There are alternatives, but most people don't seem to like the alternatives. It reminds me about promoting alternatives to Youtube, many anons will say "well, I don't like that one blah blah"… I say OK, how about this alternative? "No, connected to whatever, rumors about something… blah blah"… How about this alternative "no, I don't like it either blah blah" … well then, OK, get fucked! Know what I'm saying? There are alternatives, but most of the sheeple choose the status quo so fuck 'em.


File: d7b7509dc21c5bf⋯.mp4 (3.84 MB, 640x800, 4:5, 346849898.mp4)

Good for her. Think i'll have a steak tonight.



Looks good anon, how do you like your steak cooked? I used to like well done a while ago, but I've been cooking it medium-rare with some blood pink in the middle. Very delicious with a little sea salt and fresh ground pepper sprinkled on top.



>choose the status quo

But they don't. Capitalism indoctrinates the masses since it's inception. You don't learn the truth in school, you don't see reality on screen, and everything in front of our eyes is a lie in one way or another. How can you blame the poor from willingly buying only what they can afford, how can you blame our children for going out into this world full of expectations (just to be kicked to the curb by reality) and how can you blame the normies from ignoring all the bad and selfishly moving forward without a second glance? All of them get manipulated from every direction and are enslaved by a suicidal system. Stepping out of this bubble who shatter their perception of life itself…so they stick to being born follower. Immoral victims and perpetrator in a game they have no chance to escape.


File: b4323136549c101⋯.jpg (55.98 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IXGTqHd.jpg)


I prefer mine medium but medium rare is ok as well



Capitalism is not the problem and consumers DO have a choice. But most blindly follow. They do have alternatives, they can make better choices but many choose not to. Sure brainwashing is involved, so we need people that can break the conditioning. But capitalism, in my honest opinion, is not the problem. Corruption is. The state-run media is. Central banks are a big problem too. I think a lot of people can snap out of their brainwashing… but there are those who don't or who choose not to and conform to the norm. I'm one of those who likes making independent decisions (typically not always "acceptable" to the norm but I embrace my freedom to do so). Such as sticking to grass fed beef wholesale at farmers markets (without hormones and without nitrite preservatives), that's my choice but most other people like the fast food garbage. Its about consumer choice and I'm all for that.



Another great thing about consumer choice is if you don't like to eat meat, you don't have to. You can eat eggs and vegetables. Or vegan foods or whatever the hell you chose. Grass like the commies do in some other countries if thats what you really want. But consumers can choose, and I think more often then not, they know what they're consuming. Every food item has ingredients labeled for consumers to see what they're eating. Thats a big indicator, even for the dummies out there.


I'm a vegan and have sex with animals all the time, they are just like humans to me.



Humans are animals tho.




I have sex with vegetables.



No I meant I have sex with my horse. I consider it just as equal as any human.


File: 184995383ed81ed⋯.jpeg (34.2 KB, 512x534, 256:267, rare pepe.jpeg)


Medium rare is the best for steak. Medium and higher is only good for things like hamburger where bacteria have opportunity to penetrate the meat.


File: 658b4914c1440fb⋯.jpg (259.78 KB, 1600x1064, 200:133, 0312e8033fe335f4b7b33a7ffb….jpg)


Oh. Carry on. I'm waiting for you to finish, tiny man..


File: dfbe4b589d91325⋯.jpg (32.33 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ow a boo boo.jpg)


k, posting this as I eat a steak.



Pickle Rick? Is that you?



>Capitalism is not

>Corruption is

If the majority of a product is already spoiled, would you not call the whole thing toxic?

>consumer choice

Isn't the first choice a consumer makes today, to ignore all the corruption of capitalism he already knows about, as to justify his purchase?

>grass fed beef again

So you buy informed, from a butcher you trust and at premium prices. By that you make him rich over time, which makes him naturally greedy, which means he will mass produce his meat and the cycle continues. But what you overlooked in the first place is that you're already getting fucked over with paying premium prices, since buying healthy meat for regular prices was once the norm (before capitalism corrupted it) and whenever you restart the cycle you help corrupt it a little more. So your kids will always pay even more to get even less.

>labeled for consumers

Biggest scam in the food industry. Repacking is more common than lice on a hooker. Followed by bullshit labeling like "bio" to price up the food. It's a big ass fucking crime racket.



And healthier because it doesn't cook out as much of the nutrients/vitamins. [Quality meats are actually loaded with vitamins and minerals, although the more you cook them the more its depleted].



I'm immune to gore and don't care what you eat. It's your disgusting justification to do so that I will always point out.


File: 21dcebec72c7d5e⋯.jpg (612.06 KB, 1636x2236, 409:559, Cutting foreskins.jpg)


k, I never justified it beyond I like meat and I'd kill the animal PERSONALLY to get it. I'd kill and eat you if I could.



>if I could

See now we see eye to eye. If they would let me I would eat human flesh for the rest of my life with no moral quarrels whatsoever.



Well that shows how much of a bitch you are, if you were beside me right now I'd eat you.



>If the majority of a product is already spoiled, would you not call the whole thing toxic?

Sure. Any you throw it out. You can't sell rotten meat in markets, even in the most Capitalist nations there are laws against that.

>Isn't the first choice a consumer makes today, to ignore all the corruption of capitalism he already knows about, as to justify his purchase?

Consumer choice is deeply embedded in Capitalism. You even have the choice to reject buying anything if you'd like. You could set up a tent in the middle of nowhere if thats how you chose to live.

>So you buy informed, from a butcher you trust and at premium prices.

Yes, but before you go further I have known the guy half my life. I trust him very well. Very decent man who has a family and has moral standards. Not some shady dude I met at a farmers market from random. Of-course there is always potential of abuse, so its up to you to talk to people, do your homework on those sellers you don't know well.

>Biggest scam in the food industry. Repacking is more common than lice on a hooker.

Yep, and corruption is the problem. Doesn't mean its legal, just means the government (as usual) fails to do their job enforcing the laws. Don't blame that on the whole market place. Blame it on incompetence and corruption.



How do you know that I don't stand directly behind you right now?



Because my penis isn't erect.



>Consumer choice is deeply embedded in Capitalism. You even have the choice to reject buying anything if you'd like. You could set up a tent in the middle of nowhere if thats how you chose to live.

Funny thing, back when I was growing up, people who didn't like capitalism would simply go join a commune somewhere out in the rural areas. Funny how things have kinda reversed over time, now the most conservative people live more rural and the commies are flocking to cities. No wonder the communes all failed like the cities are today.



Have fun getting kuru, faggot.


File: c44b0081cb30277⋯.jpg (8.36 KB, 245x200, 49:40, 1438944888890.jpg)




File: 8bb24844917b369⋯.jpg (388.26 KB, 968x484, 2:1, Tasty.jpg)


You only get Kuru from eating brains RETARD.



>If the majority of a product (capitalism) is already spoiled (corruption), would you not call the whole thing toxic?

See what I did there?

>choice to reject

Remember when we had the choice to drive a car without insurance? What capitalism likes to call progression is nothing but growing corruption that infiltrates everything and takes not only choices but rights from us. And it always gets worse.

>I have known the guy half my life.

Individuality over majority, when the rest of the world works the other way around. I would say good for you, but you still have a bank account, a phone, a car etc. You're still part of the problem.

>Don't blame that on the whole market place.

Again majority. I cannot justify to safeguard a good individual that operates inside a bad majority.

>Blame it on incompetence and corruption.

I cannot reach those. But I can preach onto the individual before me to see the errors of his way. (and no I'm not religious)



Was it ever? Be honest!




I can get a better crust on a medium steak and it's still pink-ish on the inside. That's my preference, I eat a wide variety of foods, i'm not concerned with getting every last vitamin out of meat, more for taste.


Sounds to me that vegans have beef with this woman.


File: 321f4e0b9dcd858⋯.jpg (251.78 KB, 960x720, 4:3, tumbleweed.jpg)


Protip: don't ever try open mic comedy.



The fact is its the most fair system out there right now. People DO have choice. One problem is the masses are gullible. I don't blame that on the markets as a whole, but I do place some blame on the sheeple going along with whatever they're told and not questioning anything. As well of-course the corrupt and incompetent. Maybe our government should do a better job cracking down. Oh, and by the way, throwing taxpayer money their way doesn't help this at all, we've tried it before and it doesn't work. The good thing is some consumers are aware they don't have to buy expensive iPhones, or watch cable TV, or buy the latest clothing, etc. At least there is a market out there that is much more fare and I think thats what we need to focus on rather than bashing the whole system and everything it provides us (because face it, there are a lot of nice luxuries in capitalism we do take for granted).


File: c4676711722fd33⋯.jpeg (356.45 KB, 900x1985, 180:397, I have no ears.jpeg)


I started as a salty troll, but irregardless of our personal differences your OK champ. I don't think I'd eat you (unless stranded).






Only way to salvage capitalism is to put a roof over it. There has to be a limit of wealth a person and a company can hold. Only that can stop greed from being genocidal to us all.


Love you too, Anon.



Easting human meat is not a good idea, even when fully cooked. There are specific kinds of nasty disease cannibals often get. Hint: ever seen a recent picture of Bill Clinton? There is a reason he is deteriorating fast.



>cannibals often get

Nigga what? How many do you know? Ever seen one? Isn't it more believable that this is fake propaganda to prevent us from trying it out?




Also known as "Kuru"


File: 4be02be7cfc0ec8⋯.jpg (105.73 KB, 613x499, 613:499, 2dncqw.jpg)



Wanna bet that none of those researchers ever took a bite themselves?



I'll admit that its a bit of a fringe right-wing conspiracy that Bill Clinton actually has Kuru, I kinda doubt it myself honestly, BUT it does happen to be a disease many cannibles do get later in life.



Jesus Bill looks fuckin horrible.



I often chuckle and get a kick out of other fringe conspiracies too. The one claiming Michelle Obama (aka "Michael LaVaughn Robinson") is an actual tranny who used to be a linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers football team in 1981 cracked me the fuck up. Still does make me laugh to this day.


Satan rules the world.


File: 50d4b9fc0cf9146⋯.webm (4.79 MB, 400x225, 16:9, osmium alloy bomb.webm)


Do vegans not understand their diet causes more animal deaths than nonvegan diets? The incredible amount of crops needed to be harvested for a small amount of edible food contain a large amount of birds, critters and rodents etc.


File: f09eb01d4ef1645⋯.jpg (27.94 KB, 600x503, 600:503, IhateeverythingI'mlookinga….jpg)


>vegans are posting in this thread right now

What's the matter? Mad you would break in half if hit by a strong wind?


I heard that Hitler guy was a huge vegan


File: 257de875213557c⋯.jpg (6.33 KB, 300x168, 25:14, mad-cow.jpg)


Call me when there is a mad soy disease which turns you into a shaking vegetable,

call me when there is a banana with horse dna inside of it

call me when there are artificial hormones added to celery



>Did you know raw meat actually does contain ALL the vitamins and nutrients you body needs? Its actually true. However, when you cook the meat it depletes most the vitamins and other nutrients. The best way to eat meat is to cook it just a little (enough to kill off germs/bacteria/parasites) but leave it red in the middle. Preferably medium rare.

>i like toxoplasmosis and worms because im so fucking retarded


File: bc8648348b82844⋯.jpg (11.2 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images (16).jpg)


Spend all your money on a porterhouse steak

Spend all your money on a whore wife you fuck once a week

Lose all your weekends off work fixing a ford truck

Cum inside her on your wedding anniversary together and call it one of the best nights of your life

post minions memes on facebook and drink monster



You are aware that there are tons of non animal foods that are modified right? One of the most common is tomato, it has fish scale dna in the wind so it doesn't rot quickly. Also, all bananas and apples are genetic clones due to how they're reproduced. And corn…well corn.



There is nothing dangerous about cooking your steak medium rare. Rare on the other hand, possible but highly unlikely as long as its fresh quality meat.



Meat is a meme, you don't need to eat a lot of it or even eat it at all if you don't want too. I hate people that make a big deal out of expensive cuts of meat you aren't a dog which needs to eat meat to survive. humans are omnivorous.

Meat is good with other things, but it can be good on its own depending on how it is cooked.


What a normie meme meat beef steak really is!

Its one of those gay things everyone expects people to like! fuck that rabbit stew is better and has veg too!

Those look like something rich boomers get bought by their trophy wives followed by half an hour of "special" sex on their birthdays.

I can just imagine some paris hilton barbie doll cooking the blandest steak in salt and pepper ever with green beans and mashed potato that she thinks will taste good as she spent $70 on the cut of meat. and the sex being wooden and cringey when she tries laying on her back with a dildo to get in the mood before gramps viagra assisted erection slides into her 23 year old blonde white cunt. then after three minutes of that we get into a 15 miles to the gallon mpg suv and drive around town all day and get coffee from sonic.

makes you realize how shallow the world is and how i plan on just taking lots of ambien if it ever comes to that and i get rich.



Not in most of the world vegetables are not gmo,just really in the usa. fortunately i don't live there.


can we start research to say that vegetables have feelings?



Human natural diet has never been a majority of meat unless in an environment without fruits or vegetables like polar areas. We are primates and it's more a variation of primate's diet; plants, vegetables and little meat.

They found that prehistoric mens eated more vegetables than it was previously though, that seems more logical; even if less nutritive vegetables and plants are easier to find: salads like plants grows everywhere unless in winter and roots are not that hard to find.

So eat salad and baked potatoes with your reasonably sized steak


File: 70fb377246a64f4⋯.jpg (5.57 KB, 200x200, 1:1, a2d3228884db93211d7e24253c….jpg)


>there is a reason that even in war times a torturer gets replaced in steady intervals

The value of human life is infinitely more valuable than an animal's, and the fact that you would conflate the two deeply disturbs me. You sound like a psychopath.


File: 9f1e1d4b46c4060⋯.jpg (83.76 KB, 620x411, 620:411, c0d340c3fe609c0f8c9b7ce0a4….jpg)

I had a cat who used to bring baby rabbits to train her daughter. Nice kitties! It makes you a little bit moderate about animal rights. There are abuses against animals witch should be limited but not to the vegan point. Slaughtering must never be this clumsy torture we sometimes see.



> The problem is meat that is over-cooked (which is depleted of its nutrients/vitamins) or mass produced meat (which tends to lack nutrients/vitamins).

that's just bullshit anon, the difference is really just in the flavour and fat content. Not the nutritional quality of the meat.



The elemental content wont change much likely. It'll still have similar levels of calcium, potassium, etc but some of the more complex compounds that are beneficial to consume like amino acids and such may decompose more with longer cooking. Such is why eating thoroughly burned food that's way over cooked isn't good



>Did you know raw meat actually does contain ALL the vitamins and nutrients you body needs?

No it doesn't. Organs however do.



>The value of human life is infinitely more valuable than an animal's

Yet, you as a human, rule the animal life with a totalitarian control. You enslave, torture and kill a life form that has no voice, that has no means to protect itself, that is entirely at the behest of your whims. Meanwhile all the silly rules you opposed upon yourself (which you constantly break) are based on being good, don't kill, protect the innocence…BLA, BLA, BLA. Eternal hypocrisy.

Let's put that line of thought into a field test…imagine you put a knife into a pig and into a human child. What you will get are the same symptoms, the same level of fear, the same cries of pain, the same muscle spasms, the blood, the same fruitless attempts to get away from the source of pain, the slow succumbing to death, the final breath, the same procedure of decaying and becoming dirt. And now back to you stamping your foot on the ground, while demanding to be better the them…just like the evil bully you are.



>Slaughtering must never be this clumsy torture we sometimes see.

In the U.S., each year, 9 billion “broiler” (baby) chickens, both males and females, are raised and killed for food. Worldwide over 50 billion chickens are now being slaughtered every year.

Because hidden industrialized mass murder that creates poisoned food for humans is so much better, isn't it?



>Yet, you as a human, rule the animal life with a totalitarian control. You enslave, torture and kill a life form that has no voice, that has no means to protect itself, that is entirely at the behest of your whims.

And if man had never developed superior intelligence predator animals like great cats/giant snakes/sharks etc would have absolutely NO qualms about hunting, killing and devouring us on a daily basis. Heck even now those animals still kill humans when they get the chance. I don't see any "shark advocates for vegan kelp only lifestyle" popping up.



Wrong. Humans base their whole superiority around their conciseness. Which stands for the ability of using common sense to make a decision between right and wrong. And with that you made the decision to devoid the animals the right to exist, the right to have worth, the right to have rights.

Animals allegedly don't have this feature and are purely navigating by natural instincts. Yet a human who doesn't belong in the water seeks vengeance on a shark living in it. A shark who follows natures guidelines of balance when he attacks an inferior creature paddling like a moron in open waters.



>Humans base their whole superiority around their conciseness.

Pretty much, it's what lets us avoid being food for animals

>Which stands for the ability of using common sense to make a decision between right and wrong.

I'd say not getting eaten by animals is a right decision.

>And with that you made the decision to devoid the animals the right to exist.

*Looks around* Wow, plenty of cows, chickens, bats, snakes, ducks, etc practically everywhere. Yup, they seem to exist alright.

> the right to have worth.

Have you priced a good cut of meat latley? Also Dogs/horses/fish etc, the list goes on and on, are all valuable animals in their own regard and respect.

>the right to have rights.

Some countries, made by man even, give higher rights to animals then people, India with cows for example.

>Animals allegedly don't have this feature and are purely navigating by natural instincts.

Translation: I think this might be food, i'm going to try and eat it.

>Yet a human who doesn't belong in the water.

Naturally, it's not like any of us, oh i dunno, know how to swim right?Live on a coastal town? Work the sea for a living? Surf?

> seeks vengeance on a shark living in it.

I'd seek vengeance on anything that tried to eat me.

> A shark who follows natures guidelines of balance

Translation: This smells like it might be food, I think i'll try and eat it

>when he attacks an inferior creature

Didn't you admit at first that humans were "superior"? basing superiority around a feature that has reshaped the entire world with civilization is a pretty good indicator of superiority methinks.

>paddling like a moron in open waters

Some of us breast stroke.

TL:DR Do you have any point that isn't you just typing nonsense in some sycophantic crusade to chastise people for not beveling in your cultish plant only dietary choice?


File: e93d602149c7a9f⋯.png (158.71 KB, 500x551, 500:551, animal farm.png)



> in your cultish plant only dietary choice

I don't care what you eat, I don't judge you by your foot intake…I judge you by the high amounts of false justifications you create while doing it.

You write as if you're afraid of animals. Which is nonsense. 7 billion humans are murdering hundreds of billions of animals annually without even giving them the right to defend themselves. Everything you allow animals to have/to be is a baseless justification you brew up in your own head, has no rightful meaning to the animals and can be changed at your whim. On human terms you would call someone who reigns with violence over a completely innocent species, based on proclaimed racial superiority and fucking madman. Yet when it comes to animals you're not shy to make up any kind of justification for the crime against life itself you're committing.

Now let's ignore the animals and look at the human itself…every law we made is based on overruling our urge to destroy, yet we do it nonstop. Everything we have created leaves a trail of blood and destruction behind. Nothing is holy to us, we destroy other species, we destroy the weak, we destroy our believes, we destroy our families, we even destroy ourselves constantly. All the while our conciseness tell us that we're wrong, yet we ignore it and wage wars against anything that could let us admit that we're wrong.

So with that in mind I make a wild assumption…we know that nature evolves around balance…life and death, yin and yang and all that stuff. So what if the purpose of life for the human race is acting like a cancer cell and destroy everything, while spreading like wildfire? Now go a step further and imagine the human conciseness is a natural balance given to us to prevent us from destroying everything too fast, a cancer itself that fights us from within. Because whatever we try to accomplish will be destroyed later, when we fight the voices in our heads telling us to stop. We're the end of all live. BUT the question is…will we succeed?


>starts eating meat

>skin turns blacker



File: 4197a3be5fe9494⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 430x658, 215:329, -1463302024-content.jpg)


You cannot deny carnivorous animals the right to eat, and we are a little bit carnivorous.Every humans is a little bit a killer and it's someway dangerous to deny that entirely. We keep the instinct of an hunter deep insid, we see some traces of it with children . Whatever say vegans it's rather tricky to stay healthy without any sort of animal based food, we certainly should reduce meat consuption to a low level but not eliminating it. The best objective is to return to sane relations with annimals without trying to go completely against human nature



Were omnivores meaning we eat both plant and animal based foods. This is human nature, we farm and we ranch, we plant and we hunt. Our bodies were made for the consumption of both plants and animals. I have nothing against that either.



Explain why such a massive amount of produced food is toxic to humans (fast food)? You talk about hunger but nobody in the first world has ever felt real hunger (with all the bells and whistles of stomach crams, cold sweat, hallucinations etc.) Next excuse would be taste…which you also know nothing about since nearly every bit of food is chemically altered to the point where nobody even knows what the original taste was like (unless you're filthy rich and don't eat mass produced food). So all in all you torture, enslave, kill and consume for nothing but revenue, pleasure and boredom.


>This is human nature

Which we constantly undermine with every step we take. Humanity is more akin to on the fly sadism..but never tell em that, otherwise they come up with more stupid excuses on why their last inhumane atrocity wasn't that bad.



I've been saying people should switch to grass-fed beef for many years, not only is it more human for the animals its actually A LOT healthier. No hormones. No GMO-corn feed. You can even buy the meat without it being cured in toxic nitrites. You can't do this with mass produced beef. Thats the difference. But then there is the other problem and its a fiscal one: mass produced beef is soooo much cheaper and more convenient. It really boils down to the free market and consumer choice. I'm not willing - not would most people - to undermine or sacrifice that kind of economic freedom. So its going to be up to the individual to change behavior/consumption choices. Same goes for free-range chicken vs. mass produced chicken.

The fact is humans are omnivores: it would be just as ridiculous and draconian to ban people from eating vegetables as it would banning meat.



Note that the free market / consumer option works both ways too. Consumers have the right to boycott meat if they please. Alternatives like vegan food is an option. So for those who are dead against eating animal, they are not being forced to. So free market consumer choice is a great thing for everyone.



>free market and consumer choice

No such thing exists today. The market dictates what you can buy. The more capitalism growth, the less freedom we have, the less choices we have, the less quality of products we get. You think you can just run to your neighbor butcher to get some quality meat? What you forget is the fact that the bigger capitalism gets, the more draconian hurdles they put in front of anyone trying to follow them. Don't believe me? Try to open a bank or start up your own internet provider and see how much freedom the free market is offering you.



>The market dictates what you can buy.

Not really. I can choose to buy an iPhone or stick with my jitterbug flip phone. I chose my jitterbug. I can choose to buy gras-fed beef wholesale, instead of eating fast food crap. I can chose to drive my old Ford truck rather than buy a new vehicle. I can chose to cut my cable TV service which I did, and stick to DVDs. I can chose to use a laptop rather than an buy an igadget. I can chose to live in a low tax state, rather than live in a high tax state like Commiefornia. So yes, there is choice in the market place even today.

>Try to open a bank or start up your own internet provider and see how much freedom the free market is offering you.

Not many people even try doing that, because they just don't have the money to do something that big. Its possible if you have a whole lot of money with the right connections. But average folks don't do stuff like that anyway. Rich entrepreneurs might.



>there is choice in the market place even today.

Which gets less and less.

flip phone - functionality is up to the service provider who actively have their lawyers up against the law that prevents them from shutting old services faster.

iPhone - what was that about automatic software downgrades for older models?

Beef - if the grass provider wants more money he will start to throw some hay under mass produced cattle, which constitutes as gras-fed.

Cars - raising taxes on old cars, more restrictions on exhaust gas (not everywhere yet) and a future of self driving cars around the corner.

DVD - second to last token to a dying retail market for a future of streaming, with all the benefits of missing content thanks to licensing issues.

Laptop - it's so much fun finding system drivers for 5+ old models. Thank you based billion dollar companies for keeping a data bank for it…what they don't? Well never mind the copyright laws are going against sharing any and all licensed content for free anyway.

low tax state - with all the benefits of 40% Mexican neighborhood, crumbling infrastructure, the kikest of kike internet provider with his speed and data restriction packages etc.

Enjoy what little you have left…because your kids will have even less.



You know this whole problem could go away if the government stopped subsidizing monopolies using taxpayer money, and instead just used the Anti-trust laws which are already on the books waiting to be used. A lot good the over-bloated greedy State did for us, huh?

The free market and consumer choice is not the problem, the problem is governments get corrupted too easily. I've suggested outlawing lobbyists and term mandates, which would be another option. But no, everyone just blames the free market (which is what gave them choice to begin with).



We still have some consumer choice, its just that alternative choices are less promoted than they were many years ago. You can still chose a lot of different utilities to use, for example a wood burning stove rather that central heating. The problem? What do you think is promoted more to the masses? Self-sufficiency or reliance on the main utility providers? Its obvious. What is more promoted? Buying the latest cell phone that costs an arm and a leg… or buying a cheap flip phone that costs $20 per month service to make calls? Again, its obvious. You could get your clothing at JCPenney or a Macy's shop and pay a lot of money….. or you could chose to shop at a thrift shop or Good Will and get your clothing dirt cheap.

I'd say thats not too bad. It could be better, but its still not horrible. Depends how spoiled one wants to be really.




It's literally brainwashing. Your six year old daughter has Apple, Nintendo, Microsoft and many others in their friends-list. Constantly manipulation of buyers decisions and on top political propaganda and even mafia like gambling schemes hidden in the open in all those flashy pay to play apps. It's just ridiculous to talk about how the idea of capitalism is good, when in reality the corruption is so fucking advanced that mainstream media can freely undermine the 1st amendment without repercussions.



You have to cut your kids off that promotion and its easy to do: NO cable TV service! If they want to watch some shows, just ask them what they'd want and buy the DVDs (or use a private VPN, and pirate the crap onto the DVDs for them to watch!) If their spoiled its because you let them see all that promotion to begin with. Start by controlling what they can and cannot see. Oh, and by the way, anyone before the age of 13 should not have a cell phone at all!



Spoken like a cultist. Not that your intentions are wrong, but restrictions have no effect in a world where parents have no rights over their children. The second you give them to the schools the capitalistic media narrative takes hold of them. Saying no prevented no kid back then from trying cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs and it will certainly not help your kid today to not have a phone when all his classmates watch isis beheading vids all around him.

Join the Amish if you want a somewhat stable childhood for decent kids or hide in the woods.



You could home school the kids or there are schools out there that are not like public schools at all. I've heard of kids being sent to 'schools' where they are run by several mothers that teach basic curriculum similar to homeschooling but at a communal level [average of a dozen kids] (this is more common in the rural areas). Yes, you could live with Mormons or the Amish, wouldn't be such a bad idea. Get them a REAL life experience too!



>Saying no prevented no kid back then from trying cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs and it will certainly not help your kid today

Big deal. I had a teenage daughter back in the 80s so I know what its like. Sure, sex, drugs and parties. Its inevitable. They'll do it in college anyway. Not saying its wrong, but they're going to live their lives and are bound to find out what the real world is like. Its the facts of life. So when it comes to smoking, drugs and sex its going to happen with teenagers. You can't shelter them forever anyway. Just be there for them, when they need you. They will.



You're totally right, but the world today is an entirely different beast. Their addiction to the social media cult is absurd. No different opinion allowed and railroaded into being afraid to not get the masses against you. They spend their whole day meekly agreeing to whatever billion dollar companies are forcing upon them. There is no escape.



>you sound like a psychopath


And you are surprised because why?



I'm not vegan.



You have to cut it off then, TV and cell phones. Kids should have no need for cell phones anyway. Maybe if they turn 13 it might be OK. Its none of anyone's beeswax what you don't allow your kids to have access to, you have to remain firm on that. Even downright rotten mean if anyone tries picking a fight with you on that issue. Parents today need to stand their ground, its your kids and no one else's. Perhaps moving to a more rural may be necessary to proving that point, but you'll need to know the trade around that area to get yourself a decent job.



>I heard that Hitler guy was a huge vegan

oh so he DID something wrong after all huh?



>Call me when there is a mad soy disease which turns you into a shaking vegetable,

Soy does worse. Wanna know why all the mass shooting are leftists?




He also apparently injected bull semen straight into his veins.

He also only had one testicle.

He also had a micro penis.

Apparently he also killed 6 million jews.

I mean that's what I've been (((taught))).



>Now multiply what you saw into the hundreds of billions of animals that get slaughtered every year

Now multiple that hundreds of times for all the birds and small game that die in crop harvesting equipment. Slowly crushed to death, slowly pulled apart limb from limb in a slowly spinning mechanism.

Yeah, you have a multitude many more deaths on your hands than evil meat eaters do.


left side is waifu material


You peice of shit meat eater, why would you eat an animal ; i "hope you die" - veagan

the hypocrisy



>be one-testicled

>have micropenis

>be bestialist

>still have a higher killcount than the top Counter-Strike players do to this day

What a guy.



Hamburger should always be well done. Anything else should be blue-rare.


File: 13b1b872fd550a7⋯.png (166.82 KB, 1475x664, 1475:664, you don't want this.png)


on your own risk, particularly game has very nasty diseases, that can ruin the rest of your life, I eat meat but never rare



Not possible in a modern world. The most widespread form of child abuse is neglect, a form of abuse almost every parent is participating in. The decent job you're talking about would mean 10 hours of work and 6 hours of sleep. That's 16 hours a day you do not spend with your children. Combine that with throwing them into the school indoctrination system for 6-10 hours and you have a severe case of estrangement at your hands. You might argue that this is the normal way of human life, but that doesn't excuse or negate the negative effects of children being separated from their natural role models for such a huge amount of time. This is by definition NEGLECT and has a severely damaging impact on the mental state of a child.


Why do use another atrocity committed against animals as an excuse for humanities inability to take the responsibility for a hideous crime they're committing? You act like a kid pointing a finger at another while crying "but he did it too". Stop making excuses for your crimes and start helping innocent victims from further mistreatment, or at least have the fucking decency to show the world your true evil face.



You see, we as humans became some of the best and most clever hunters on the planet. We became so clever and so advanced, so successfull that easy life fucks such as you have the time to be bitter about people eating meat. When I kill a deer, I feel no remorse, like a lion. Respect, yes. Thankfulness, yes. No one will ever be as close to nature as someone who has hunted. To eat that which one has obtined by their own means. That is nature at it's essence. People have rules about killing other people because people don't like dying. One could argue many problems in the world today stem from people not being violent enough. All creatures die, all suffer. I'll be damned if I'm to feel bad for eating an animal. I would feel bad if it was harmed or killed for no use. Meat is what made us human. Nearly all the most intelligent animals are predators/ omnivores. I'm not about to turn my back on all of human history.



Hunters are often part of the balance, in places without high level predators like in most places in europe wild population become a problem as hunters get old: wild boars are damaging cultures and causing car accidents. Getting wolves back would solve a problem and cause anothers.

What's the guilt of a wolf for his prey?



>have the time to be bitter about

I don't need your generosity. The very basics of human law contains the fact that honest citizens have the legal obligation to point out crimes they have witnessed. And everyone who's ignoring or excusing those crimes is also a criminal scumbag that needs to be punished in the name of law.

>best and most clever

If you take such a pride in your crimes, why do you have to hide them? Why is mass murder hidden behind anonymous industrial walls at the outskirts of every human city on earth? Why are the victims of these atrocities ushered to their killing grounds in the early morning hours, under the eyes of as little human witnesses as possible? Is it because the screams of fear and pain are too loud for comfort? Why do we cordon off road accident victims from prying eyes, even if onlookers (rubberneckers) are so desperately trying to get a look at the gruesome aftermath? Are we afraid what reality really means?


You're not a fucking hunter. You're a coward who shoots fish in a barrel. You pay for a license to take your rifle into regulated areas to shoot helpless creatures, not for food or survival, but for fun and against boredom. That is pathetic and nothing to be proud of. If you want to show of your superior hunting skills why don't you go after big game? Why don't you grab your rifle and hunt the big criminals of this planet…bankers, politicians, media servants, the rich and the famous? Why don't you prove yourself and present us the head of Netanyau, are mass murdering war criminal, who hides in a big mansion, behind electronic security, behind heavily armed guards, behind a bullet curtain of civilians, behind a wall around his city, inside a nation his kind transformed into a never ending war zone. Prove yourself, hunter and we usher you in as much praise as you want. Otherwise shut the fuck up, you spineless killer of innocent life.

>human history

Oh yeah, that old lie. Handed to us by the victors of massive wars (other word for mass murder), who will spend the rest of their time oppressing, censoring and banning every one who dares to tell about those old stories in a different light. In other words…more criminals hiding crimes behind more crimes.


such news



You know what would go well with all that salt?

a nice thick juicy elk steak.



>And everyone who's ignoring or excusing those crimes is also a criminal scumbag that needs to be punished in the name of law.

Its not a crime to hunt game or eat meat. You may not agree with it, it may seem inhumane to you, but its not a crime. Humans have been killing animals to eat since Adam and Eve.



I just envisioned you claiming your right to use firecrackers, while in the background the citizens of Nagasaki and Hiroshima get obliterated by the atomic bomb.

What I was trying to say is that it's disrespectful, cowardly and outright evil to hold on to a practice in the light of what humanity did and still does to unsuspecting, innocent creatures who have no rights whatsoever. And than claiming that you're some kind of worthy hunter takes the cake of being evil incarnate…you'll fit right into the Islam caliphate that will rule this world a couple of decades down the line.


Again stuff yourself with whatever you want. Doesn't phase me the slightest. But don't pretend that you're not a scumbag who supports mass murder and likes to torture animals because it makes you feel good.



>I just envisioned you claiming your right to use firecrackers

I do use firecrackers on 4th of July. I have some connections so I can still get the quarter sticks too ;)

>you'll fit right into the Islam caliphate that will rule this world a couple of decades down the line

I'll be dead by then anyway, I'm getting old now. Regardless this is why Americans MUST keep their guns no matter what kinda shit gets thrown at them over it.



If politicians had a heart as big as you do, they'd revoke and abandon all the control freak policies in urban and suburban communities allowing chickens and cows to graze in their backyard along with other animals. This way people could allow the animals to live most their lives in peace, and then use them for meat when they get older. It would be healthier, promote self-sufficiency and it would be more humane. Agree?



>MUST keep their guns no matter what

I'm with you on that. No matter where you are in the world…sleep with a gun under your pillow.


I don't waste my time daydreaming on what if scenarios. I call out injustices whenever I see them and try to help people seeing reality and the dangers of it. So if you want to proclaim that you're into animal rights activism, I will not hold back and tell you that as long as the Jew is roaming this earth, there will be no ending to the suffering of animals…and everyone else.



I'm not into the animal rights, but I am aware of some of the poor conditions they have to live under for mass production. Again, I simply buy my meat from a rancher who lets his cattle roam (grass fed beef). No hormones. No GMO-feed. No nitrites added to the meat. Its more expensive, but a lot cheaper when you buy wholesale (which I do). I also purchase free-range chicken too. I get my eggs from a farmer that lives 15 miles away from me too. That guy has hundreds of chickens roaming around on his property, roosters too.



this wtf



>poor conditions

Literally forced to stay on one spot for the rest of your life, without ever seeing the outside…poor doesn't quite cut it. Also ask your farmers how many animals they own on paper, and watch their expression. It's a mean little trick to poke at their lack of morals.



What you are talking about is mass production. There is a BIG difference between the mass producers and the average farmers/ranchers, trust me I know what I'm talking about because I live more rural than most people here. Many of the ranchers and farmers I know do it the right way, they won't mass produce. They got a few dozen cattle grazing on their property which are tagged to keep track of them and their age. Some of the farmers and ranchers own chickens too and will pay local butchers to do the dirty work and they'll sell the meat at the markets or to the butcher. Sometimes a little of both. Meanwhile they sell lots of fresh eggs too, which they post signs around town advertising where to purchase them (names and addresses).

The mass producers only sell to the big guys typically. We're talking about companies that deal with mass inventories.


My ideal diet: 90% vegan, 10% carnivore organic. I'm partial to fruits and nuts, and smoothies. Restrictions: no yeast (no bread, no beer), no dairy (dairy is foreign). Clear hard liquor only. Vaginal amrita and female urine on occasion.

Try out something similar to that ratio, it feels good.



>There is a BIG difference

No you're investing in the aftermath of a nightmare this very same industry build in the first place. Mass production is based on greedy locals farmers who wanted more money by any means necessary. Generations later you came along and put money into the next generation of farmers who want to "make it" in this world. What they don't know is that the past generations did everything they legally (and illegally could) to prevent your trusty farmer from making money in the same way. Only options your farmer has is staying poor (while outside economical costs are always rising) or find ways to exploit the animals even harder, while also fucking his costumers over at every step of the process. And your money is helping him doing it.



Mass production is not the same as typical farming/ranching. I know you don't like that because it doesn't fit your animal rights agenda but its absolutely true. Animals live much more humanely with the average farmer/rancher family. The EXACT opposite is true with mass producers which have horrible conditions, and typically those types won't even deal with "plebs" like us - they sell bulk to corporate interests only who can handle the weight, delivery and mass inventory of meats.

Now the typical farmer/rancher? Always very kind folks, ready to make a good deal to other kind folks. Never a rip off. I get fresh eggs by the dozens for $5. Thats a pretty damn good deal. The meat is more expensive but its healthier (no hormones, no GMOs, no nitrites, all raised humanely). You can get deals buying wholesale though.



It's not about the difference. It's about that your typical farming/ranching is a byproduct of mass production. It exists at the whim of big corporations and those are actively manipulating laws to either take over, prevent existing ones from growing or make entry level farming too cost extensive to even try. Before mass production everything was local farming, so you paying premium for beef now is already a negative byproduct of the corruption that is spreading to the future. Capitalism always destroys the past, corrupts the present and poisons the future. Your kids will have to pay even more for beef, will have even less variety to choose from and all the while animals are still getting massacred. The only end to all of this is the end of this planet altogether…and humans are getting faster in achieving this goal by the minute.


actual news



So your bitching about the average farmer and rancher, but not the mass producers? This is what communists typically do anon, get your shit straight. Its the mass producers who are inhumane, NOT the average farmer/rancher who are good hard working folks.



Did you read my other hundred posts? I guess not, but rest assured I ripped mass production a new one. Back to your farmers…how can you look at them without reading about the history of beef production? The same nature bound neighborhood farmers were selling beef back then, and they fell for the greed of capitalism and created an industry that only exploits the product, the costumers and furthermore corrupts the future of selling beef. At this point your friendly neighbor comes in, starts his business under way more expensive start-up costs and sell you beef for way more than your parents had to pay for. So now here he is your light of hope making the best out of living under capitalistic propaganda. Never will he strive for more, never will he want a better car, never will he want a bigger house…he will be content with what he has and you get your beef for the same price forever. NOW back to reality…he will sell out, statistically there is no chance for him to not become greedy, and in doing that he will make it worst for the animals, the costumers and the future of average farming.

All in all your actions are the best thing you can do…but it's still a shitty fucking deal and your money will still be used to make the lives of animals in the future even more insufferable. Like I said, there is no living an honest life in a world governed by Greed.



I don't know, I think it would have been more practical to hunt the to forage for low calorie leafy greens, I don't prehistoric man could survive with even just a mostly green diet.



Thats one difference between you and me. I don't mind capitalism as long as there is some consumer choice. And I have multiple choices: I could eat fast food (and risk getting sick), I could buy USDA-quality meat at the grocery store (which is way overpriced) or I could support the local community and get the freshest quality meat on the market and buy it wholesale. This is why I like capitalism. I want food. I want choices. I want to live in relative comfort and still have options to be self-sufficient as well (I do not rely on central cooling/heating so I somewhat am already). I see nothing wrong with the way things are right now (at least not around where I live).

By the way, if I had the option to have a cow in my backyard I might actually consider it. But I don't have enough property to do that and I don't think its allowed in local ordinance codes around my town. You have to be even more rural to do such things like the farmers and the rancher I know living around the outskirts.


File: 343009636085df0⋯.jpg (94.09 KB, 640x426, 320:213, f8e1c88ec2ac8393831d2acecf….jpg)


File: 5cb340d3c103b90⋯.jpg (127.5 KB, 735x475, 147:95, 12dabc40a6debddc4f5debbd9d….jpg)



It really depend on the season and the type of environment. You have times in the year even in temperate areas where you can find really significant amount of food.



You're attached to freedom, not capitalism.

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