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File: 1a2fb288d1a5ad5⋯.jpg (44.33 KB, 678x381, 226:127, Moronic Liberal Arts Profe….jpg)


A longtime College of Southern Nevada sociology professor caused a campus-wide alert and is now facing felony gun charges after shooting himself in the arm “to protest President Donald Trump” on the second day of classes last month.

Mark J. Bird was charged last month with discharging a gun within a prohibited structure, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property, court records show. He was found bleeding from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his arm at 8:15 a.m. on Aug. 28 outside a bathroom in the Charleston campus K building.

A 911 call was made after several college employees and at least one student saw Professor Bird stumble out of the bathroom, bleeding from the gunshot wound, before collapsing head-first into the pavement, according to the report. None of the witnesses — who later told police they recalled hearing “a loud noise” from the bathroom — initially knew that the professor was the gunman and had just shot himself as part of a bizarre protest against the President of the United States.

One college employee told police that he held Bird’s hand to calm him down as others tried to staunch the flow of blood from his upper arm. While waiting for authorities to arrive, Bird announced to the gathering crowd that he had shot himself in protest of President Donald Trump, police noted in their report. The report did not elaborate.

Inside the bathroom, campus police found a $100 bill taped to a mirror along with a note that said, “For the janitor,” according to Bird’s arrest report. On the floor of the restroom was a black-and-white, .22-caliber pistol and one spent shell casing.

Las Vegas Review Journal reports: A campus-wide alert was sent about 9 a.m. the day of the shooting, deeming the scene safe and alerting students that the firearm had been recovered. Except for a short mention in the lengthy September edition of “The Chronicle,” the college president’s monthly newsletter emailed to staff, the college did not disclose any more details about the shooting.

The brief update was at the bottom of the newsletter and did not name Bird as the suspect. Federico Zaragoza, who in August was named the college’s ninth president, wrote at the end of his newsletter, “I appreciate all of the expressions of concern and interest, and I pledge to keep everyone updated should the situation change.”

On Tuesday, Robert Manis, president of the college’s faculty union, Nevada Faculty Alliance, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he has heard a number of rumors about the shooting in the last two weeks. He expressed concerns about the way the college handled the shooting and about its lack of transparency afterward.

“They never really told the students much about it except that it was resolved on the actual day of the shooting,” he said. “When you don’t give the full details, then rumors go crazy. It’s unfortunate because it made the students and faculty very afraid and allowed rumors to proliferate.”

College spokesman Richard Lake told the Review-Journal that Mr. Bird still was employed as a professor emeritus as of Tuesday.

Professor Bird’s preliminary hearing for the felony gun charges is set for Sept. 17 in Las Vegas Justice Court.




File: 866683cd6ec692c⋯.png (363.64 KB, 540x357, 180:119, 1534367392343.png)

Top kek kike free


Would have been much more poetic if he had shot himself in the foot.


>.22 pistol

>a loud noise

I’ve heard wet farts in a bathroom louder than a gun like that



t. nogunz



Or shot off his nose



Agreed, though he'd do better for himself if it was in the head.


File: ce362ad517fbda5⋯.jpg (46.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ce362ad517fbda579ff4eab86c….jpg)


>t. Never heard some huge ass let some gas move it about.

Also bitch should've use a deagle branded deagle, gold tiger stripe for extra damage. Maybe his bitchout would have been due, .22lr is like a tickle, you use it to build up a lead tolerance to work up to larger calibers.



hello sir nogunz, i would like to point out that a pistol is actually louder than a rifle and a short barreled rifle louder than a long one. .22lr might not be loud compared to a big bore, but the higher pitch go farther, as it is higher in frequency.

just like a cellphone signal travel WAY farther than a similar power FM radio.


File: 0eed04a20dd98e5⋯.png (277.05 KB, 490x454, 245:227, ca5312f001ef0f977af1d01ab9….png)

>In the /k/ building…


What the fuck message is this "protest" supposed to send? What messed-up logic gets you from I want to protest against the President" to "I'm going to shoot myself in the arm on campus"? I know I'm asking the impossible, for someone to pull reason out of insanity, but that doesn't rid me of the fascination, the desire to understand just how these bizarre gears turn.


mental illness and weapons

life ban



I think it has something to do with liberals not understanding anything about guns and that lack of something in their brain that makes them not recognize threats properly. Pretty much they think it's like a movie where they can shoot themselves somewhere and it won't kill them. The protest is that they were able to buy a gun and use it irresponsibly, I guess? I'm not really sure, honestly I think the guy just tried to kill himself and now he's trying to save face or something equally stupid.


File: a243fddfb0d196a⋯.png (580.24 KB, 681x780, 227:260, a243fddfb0d196a24f4630f1e4….png)

>Liberals gets arrested using the very gun laws that they put into place

poetic justice


File: 54bde669adf465c⋯.jpg (19.88 KB, 540x407, 540:407, 1527548081138.jpg)

So a liberal was so deranged by CNN's nonstop hate campaign against Trump he tries to kill himself (sorry for assuming pronoun)?



That would make more sense. Person with mental problems plans to an hero but pussies out at the last second and tries to play it off.



>thinking its harmless if he shoots himself in the arm

He'll probably lose some use of that arm and in worst-case it'll be a limp and dangling appendage.



>sociology professor

>worried about disablement

He'll gain social credits for it among his peers.


File: eb7bf956fa358db⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 255x136, 15:8, 9mm.gif)


Don't worry about it, it's just a 9mm.


I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was actually protesting and not trying to kill himself, because who the fuck leaves 100 bucks for the janitor and tries to kill himself by shooting himself in the arm. I still don't get what his protest was supposed to achieve.

Was he protesting Trump's support of the 2nd Amendment by showing how he, a trusted, entitled professor could bring a scary assault gun on campus and harm himself with it? If anything that makes me want campus carry even more, since now I can't even trust the fucking professors not to be insane.


File: 073606c3aa379c2⋯.jpg (22.44 KB, 213x228, 71:76, brilliant.JPG)

So he decides to shoot himself in the privacy of the bathroom to protest Trump? Obviously the idiot accidentally shot himself with the pistol he conceal carries to protect himself from feral muds all the while espousing pro immigration anti-gun rhetoric then tried to get some mileage out of it and damage control by claiming it was a protest against Trump.



>Obviously the idiot accidentally shot himself

I don't believe he wrote a note out with a $100 bill after a gunshot accident. He did it on purpose, because he's fucking dumb.


File: 1202188a9a3c56b⋯.jpg (330.09 KB, 980x653, 980:653, self-immolation.jpg)


If you're going to shoot yourself in protest of something you're going to do it in public not in the mens room. Do I have to draw you kids a picture?



>If you're going to shoot yourself in protest of something you're going to do it in public not in the mens room

No, if YOU are going to protest you will do it in public. You're projecting your views onto an American leftist, whose mindset is illogical and retarded. Tell me, if you shot yourself in the arm, right now, with possible arterial bleeding, would you have the presence of mind to write out a fucking note and leave money behind?



If I was the kind of lunatic who accidentally shoots himself then tries to blame it on the president I would.



>“They never really told the students much about it except that it was resolved on the actual day of the shooting,” he said. “When you don’t give the full details, then rumors go crazy. It’s unfortunate because it made the students and faculty very afraid and allowed rumors to proliferate.”

I wonder how often universities have to deal with professors who snap like this. It must be fairly often, because I've seen more than one teacher totally spaz out in my lifetime. But it's kind of understandable, in a general sense, having to deal with the complete cunts that are American children. But shooting yourself in the arm (in protest) is a whole new level of crazy.



There is no chance this was an accident. Unless he actually meant to commit suicide and accidentally hit his arm. But even if that were the case, why use a god damn .22 instead of something that would actually do the job? But I guess the kind of person who'd do something as retarded as shooting themselves in protest wouldn't even know the difference.



Is that picture actually the gun he used? This kind of answers the question of who the hell buys an overpriced black polymer tacticool .22.



>just like a cellphone signal travel WAY farther than a similar power FM radio.

FM is a form of modulation. If you're talking about broadcast FM in the 100MHz range vs. a cellphone which are in the 800/1900 and up ranges, you're insane if you think they go further.

You start to see line-of-sight issues already at 70cm wavelengths and 2m handsets go way farther.




Assumed it was like one of those self-inflicted punishments people do in protest, like hunger strikes. Except instead of going hungry, he shot himself in the arm. Maybe he thought Trump would get really concerned about the well-being of teachers and it would "make him think deeply about what his racist policies are doing to people's mental health". Maybe he thought other Sociology professors would start doing it too until they "changed something". Liberals are really fucking insane, so who knows what he was actually thinking. Liberals have this massive inferiority complex, so no matter how much the media takes their side they live in constant fear that "the nazis will win". They are like prey animals that are trapped in a corner, and this causes them to do really crazy shit out of desperation, even if it's the most retarded thing you've ever heard just because they feel like they have no choice and are running out of options and the world is ending. Also liberals don't know jack about guns.


>.22 to the arm and passed out.




If he had a .22 pistol and shot himself in the arm I don't think his goal was to kill himself. I think he was so dumb and radical that he could manage to cope with the pain while scaring the hell out of his students trying to change their minds about guns. Any student that has functioning brain cells is not going to blame the inanimate object… they're going to blame the idiot.



I think he was so dumb and radical that he thought he could manage to cope with the pain while scaring the hell out of his students trying to change their minds about guns.

*fixed that line, I type to fast.



>Oh my god look at this self-inflicted wound!

>Look at all this blood!

>This is what guns do to people, isn't it horrifying!

Holy shit, this actually sounds plausible.



Radical leftists don't want people to see reason, they drive on drama and emotional hyperbole.

There's a knife. Leftists want you to see that as dangerous in the hands of normal humans so they have an excuse to ban it. Rational people say "you can use that knife as a utensil, or to cut rope, or to skin a stick while camping, or to cut open a package that got shipped to your door."

The leftist fear and emotional drama is all a means to control what you can/cannot own or say or do. Micromanagement of everything is their goal. Its no-fun and it sucks, they suck too.



You'd think an american withgunz knows the sound of a monstrous fart after a helping of McDonalds.



Na, getting shot with a .22 will still hurt like a bitch, its just typically not life threatening unless you get shot in the head.

The actual danger of getting shot is not so much the pain, but the psychological shock itself. It can lead people to just pass out and bleed to death if not treated. A lot of people simply pass out from the shock of getting shot especially their first time.



attention seeking

talentless losers with no merits do something like this, or performances with menstruation blood or shit


he should have been pointing it at his head when he pulled the trigger



A lot of people get shot in extreme adrenaline situations where they dont feel it immediately.

That Mike Brown dude charged at a cop full pace while an entire clip was unloaded in to him.

This dumbass teacher didnt have any of that.

I love the imagery of him staggering out of the toilet and then headbutting the ground.





>netured cuckburgs thing self removing the opposition is a form of protest now.

Holy shit you dumb cattle.



Sorry I dont think there was any photos taken.

By imagery I meant I meant the mental picture in my mind that formed from the witness statements:

>at least one student saw Professor Bird stumble out of the bathroom, bleeding from the gunshot wound, before collapsing head-first into the pavement,



That Mike Brown dude was drugged up to begin with, possibly drunk. Its very possible this prevented any psychological shock when he was shot multiple times. Most people would freak the hell out and faint at that point.



Wow, and to add insult to injury… he's now a felon and can't vote commie on the ballots lol.



>should have used a (((deagle)))

Oy vey, of course, we should give MORE money to Isreal! Good idea you glorious faggot.



OK that might not have been the best example. But adrenaline is a very powerful drug itself. It numbs pain, makes you more alert and redirects blood flow to your muscles. All things that would help keep you going a bit longer in the immediate aftermath of a gunshot.

I think Bird has watched too many hollywood movies where you get shot in the arm and then your fine 10 minutes later.

It reminds me of the tranny who set himself on fire in a park in the US. His last words were 'I didnt think it would hurt this much'. That suggests a lack of real world life experience.


>dumbass does some stupid shit


living in your head rent free



You can't blame the children who have to become cunts to defend themselves from even worse cunts that are school staff and their retarded cuck parents


File: fe228b2b76fbffd⋯.gif (8.89 KB, 271x214, 271:214, C'he_Chem.gif)


You dont buy your jewgunz second hand? Wtf is wrong with you?



why don't you just pry them out of the hands of kikes you have slain?


s u c h



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