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File: 9bb9eaa89db7b79⋯.jpg (41.13 KB, 702x459, 26:17, 78b55ee10779b60eedf171db65….jpg)


It seems incredible that, just as Europe’s cultures are at risk of being obliterated within a few decades by a massive influx of Northern Africans, the Minister of Education in France appears keen on accelerating that cultural devastation.

In an interview on Monday with BFMTV, Mr Jean-Michel Blanquer suggested France requires a “qualitative approach” to insert the “prestigious Arabic language, one of the most important in civilization” into public schools.

This comes after the Minister for Education was urged to read the Institut Montaigne’s report entitled “The Islamist Factory,” with the idea being that teaching Arabic at schools would weaken the influence of radicalised mosques on French Muslim youths.

The Minister went on to say “Arabic is a wonderful literary language that should be learnt by all, not just those with a Muslim background.”

The backlash from the right was swift and to the point. The Mayor of Beziers, Robert Menard, branded this a “project with incalculable consequences.” He has previously criticised the “great replacement” taking place in France, which to most is plain to see, and was fined €2,000 for what the then Socialist government deemed “inciting hatred.”

This time, Mr Menard tweeted the following warning: “To advance the teaching of Arabic in school and to ‘afford it prestige’ is to legitimise the birth of another nation within France.”

Antoine Baudino, head of the National Rally party’s Marseille region (which is heavily populated by Muslims) mused on the lack of logic of such a proposal: “In a normal country, immigrants are asked to integrate, particularly by learning the local language. Whereas in our country, the Minister of Education wants French children to learn Arabic.”

There appears to be no stopping President Emmanuel Macron’s globalist agenda for France, despite the Muslim population being now estimated at a very substantial 16%, and rising.




File: 36276bb39ba9766⋯.png (48.67 KB, 465x192, 155:64, pi.PNG)



Are you fucking serious? The Chinese don't get uppity until they're nearly half like right now in Hongcouver (they're over half now). Quebec is the opposite of france too, they've open their anus for all migrants on the condition that they learn the french language and they've been nothing but butt fucked left and right. All the good frenchmen don't even live in their country or that province they fucking flee from it.


File: cb2bd6357320679⋯.mp4 (3.25 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Words cant bring me down.mp4)


From the race to a future caliphate, the best candidates are France, UK and Sweden.

Sweden still takes the cake, France second and UK third.

And to think this started because of Political Correctness.



France is the most blacked of all.



>because of Political Correctness.

Has nothing to do with it. It's a deliberate destabilization with the intent to overthrow every nation into a new world order under one gigantic government. The thing is…the leaders of this planet already own everything and are running out on things to spend their money on. That's why they collaborate in creating a new world order.



Jews anon jews


Good! God wills it.



Sure, but this is way bigger then them since the only two nations that aren't getting destabilized are the Chinese and the Russians.



you're a naive fool



Why? You think the Jews would take the chance to strengthen the Chinese and Russian foothold, just to overthrow the rest of the world? Doesn't make any sense. They don't want money, they want totalitarian control to purge all other races. A stronger China and Russia would not be in their long term interests. But do correct me if I'm wrong.



PC comes from Cultural Marxism/Critical Theorists, who are an off shoot of Marxism. The ideology itself was written by a Jew who was bankrolled by the Zionist bankers in the West. Bolshevism was Jewish as fuck and took over Russia, also from help with the Zionist bankers.

Its all connected.


File: 07eb265974f9e17⋯.jpg (187.26 KB, 481x662, 481:662, cd_i_link_by_ragrunzel-d4h….jpg)

Sure! Why not? French will be a dead language soon anyway!


Going to be an interesting life. I get to see the death of a civilzation


File: aafc5b953b14268⋯.jpg (50.12 KB, 465x771, 155:257, IMG_20171015_022422.jpg)

It's about taking Arab language teaching out of religious people, not making it mandatory. There are a lot of usage of arab outside of religion and there is the study of the culture that stayed despite Islam.

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