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File: 74cf36e63a8b893⋯.jpg (215.86 KB, 1500x800, 15:8, Google Wants To Release Ro….jpg)


Google’s Street View cars — the global cruisers that collect data for the making of more accurate maps — now have a new mission, and it’s one that’s sure to make the control freaks cheer. The tech company’s bolstering its fleet with updated pollution-recording devices from the San Francisco company, Aclima, to patrol streets in Europe and in the United States, and monitor fluctuating levels of air quality.

And all those findings will no doubt soon find their ways into the welcoming regulatory arms of environmentally conscious (read: leftist-leaning) politicians.

Drivers, prepare for the environmental regulations.

Businesses, make way for the costly controls.

Builders, get prepped to pay big for those permits.

Google Inc. is here to further wreck your third world leftist shitholes, likely subsidized by taxpayers.

Cheers to insolvency and third world lifestyle!




So trendy!


Gives me another reason to avoid living the city life.


>keeping track of pollution and reporting areas that are violating environmental standards


Oy vey! Remember the $6million oil shekels lost to the wind farm industry!


Boo hoo, you might actually find out how polluted your city is and have someone do something for your health. How awful!



People know that stuff already.

Its just not usually measured by expensive mobile robots.



Except the robots aren't being made specifically to measure pollution it's just an extra thing added onto them.

Keep pretending to find things wrong with this though



That doesnt negate what I said.


OP doesn't give a shit if a child has to breath bad air because he is a selfish cunt who will go to hell soon


No clue about Britbongistan but America has insanely clean air.



>ind4 they get hacked by cyberpunks




Par for the course.


such news



Want good air? Leave the freaking cities.


I'm calling it. The most polluted cities in the EU and US are run by democrats.


actual such


File: a471126a1f13adf⋯.jpg (20.42 KB, 256x197, 256:197, download.jpg)




File: b53094dc828f7a8⋯.png (6.5 KB, 274x184, 137:92, download (1).png)



Commiefornia is not only highly polluted and have shit in their streets (from homeless people), they also rely the most on foreign oil.



>saves a thumbnail

Go back to reddit please.



The left acts like asses with heavy handed regulations that cut profit and raise taxes, and this'll follow suite. fuck you.



No wonder Commiefornia is sooooo damn expensive to live in, huh? Makes sense!





Stay mad faggots I've lived in the sf bay area my whole life and the quality of life I'm living has not changed at all.



You admitted the average home costs $500,000 around you area. Thats ridiculously too high for a middle class home. Enough said.



If the data is accurate, then why is having the data bad?





This is going to be subsidized by the taxpayers no doubt, all thanks to bureaucrats who will want to further bankrupt their nation and make it even more insolvent and expensive to live.

Fuck Commiefornia, and in fact, fuck ALL cities.






have another bump


actual news



(((They))) are going to make the ownership and operation of a vehicle so prohibitively expensive that mass transit will be the only solution for anyone not above a specific pay gap. Not soon but within a generation.



Anywhere banned them?


Good! Robots > Humans

Fuck people. People need to die.

Sell your gold, it's a shit commodity to own.



How about you take the first flying leap off a cliff commie…. oh and about

>Sell your gold, it's a shit commodity to own

Hahahahaha! You tell us that after telling us to kill ourselves? Hahahahaha. No…. way…. I'm keeping my assets and I'm keeping my silver and gold baby!



>Gold is the worst-performing major asset class of 2018

>This week, fund managers headed for the exits at a pace not seen since December 2016 as they pulled $1.2 billion out of the precious metal, according to Michael Hartnett, BAML's chief investment strategist. There has been $7 billion in outflows over the past three months, he added.

>Gold has weakened this year alongside many emerging-market currencies because the dollar strengthened and US interest rates became more attractive.





Sorry, I don't pay attention to banker propaganda and these are not "investors" they are IDIOTS holding ETFs in the stock market. How fucking dumb can one be!?

I have some gold, but mostly silver coins. All physical, NOT paper or digital ETFs on the rigged stock market!!

When was the last time gold or silver devalued to 0? NEVER. When was the last time fiat currency has crashed? Happens all the time.

Keep up with the moronic propaganda.




You are an idiot. A flat out idiot. You are looking at ETF prices moron. ETF-rigged prices where so-called "investors" have no real gold or silver. Can you comprehend that? Or are you a moron?



Point and laugh at this Bix Weirdo, kids. This is what brainwashed stupidity looks like in the real world.



>might actually find out how polluted

Everybody already knows. Nobody cares. If they did, it wouldn't have gotten that way to begin with.



When has gold and/or silver ever been devalued to 0? When has physical gold or silver ever been worthless?

You smart? You tell me then. Can't answer that can you?



>as long as an asset never goes to literal zero value, that makes it a good investment




"wew" is your answer? I'll answer it for you idiot: NEVER. They have always held value. Always.

I bought silver when it sold for $8 per ounce, dumb ass. Physical silver today is worth around $20 last time I bought some. How is that a loss?



it's only trading at $14 at the moment, so your dealer ripped you off, which doesn't surprise me.

yes, you can also buy physical silver at that price, not just ETFs and either way it's a shit investment, as is gold.

i'm not going to try to convince a moron like you that you could have made loads more money investing in the s&p 500 than your shitty $8 oz long play.

i love being on the other side of a deal with idiots like you. it's why i'm rich and able to shitpost all day long while i laugh at your stupidity.


File: a4d9a49f965447a⋯.gif (2 MB, 313x240, 313:240, (X) Doubt.gif)

>…monitor fluctuating levels of air quality.

Ah yes, the Gestapo of collecting the fucking open air in public spaces. Google (and others) does all sorts of actual shady shit to intrude into our personal lives both in public and in private, online and offline. But this? This doesn't mean shit. You can talk about monitoring all you want, but what the fuck are they going to learn about anybody personally from air quality? Anybody can already legally go collect and monitor the air around roads right now.



First off, I don't gamble with this stuff. Thats so dumb!

Silver and Gold is not for the "investors" trust me. Its for the preppers. Its for the fat cats too. Physical Silver/Gold is a hedge to preserve any extra wealth you may have: outside the fiat currency you use.

I don't think you grasp this, perhaps your new to this. Its NOT meant for stock market "investing", its meant to hold onto and preserve wealth in times of fiscal crisis.



i don't think you understand the concept of store of value and why "precious metals" aren't storing your "wealth" when its a depreciating asset, but like i said, you're a complete idiot and i only regret i don't have some physical silver to sell you, because that's because i'd never touch such a shitty asset in the first place.

adios, loser



If you love children so much you should just kill yourself already. You pollute the air too much.



>bay area cuck living in denial

Your just another sheltered faggot that thinks everything is fine because you live in a decent neighborhood .



Its not a depreciating asset, the metals have been used in economics since the beginning of mankind. Thats NOT going to change.

By the way, if it were not for silver, we would not be having this conversation right now. Thats right… a dirty little secret… SILVER IS REQUIRED IN ALL ELECTRONICS.



>people need to die

Starting with all the liberals and their pet niggers.



nope. wrong again. copper is more valuable than silver for industrial uses.


god, you are a clueless hillbilly



Most electronics today are made from silver, not copper. Copper can be used, but not used nearly as much anymore like the old days.



by all means, keep accumulating and hoarding shitty asset. real wealth does not belong in the hands of idiots and there needs to be an idiot on the opposite side of any deal or trade and that would be (You)



Odd that the article mentions a precious metal is a good hedge for inflation. Exactly what I told you about silver and gold, its a hedge to preserve wealth.



You must think I'm ignorant. Silver/Gold is only a small asset I hold. I have land, I have guns/ammo and I have plenty of physical backup supplies to keep thriving when SHTF.




because that metal has value in the real world, not like the shit you dumped all your "wealth" into.




Read above, I'll mirror it:

"You must think I'm ignorant. Silver/Gold is only a small asset I hold. I have land, I have guns/ammo and I have plenty of physical backup supplies to keep thriving when SHTF."

AGAIN: >>>/prepare/1



Copper has real value, but silver/gold doesn't? Sorry, I don't believe you at all. When times get touch, all of those commodities (as well as other assets and land) will be worth a heck of a lot!



guns are cheap, and land is cheap if you don't mind living in the sticks with nothing to do but shoot at raccoons and stacking up your cases of bottled water and canned beans for your SHTF masturbation fantasies which will never come true.

you will die a lonely old man and the world will go on and prosper without you.



I don't live in the middle of nowhere, but I do live far outside the cities in a small town. I'm comfortable with that. We have electricity, we have the internet. We have a few shops here and there and a few local restruants and the downtown bar. Thats enough for me, don't need nothing fancy, just want to prep and be left alone.



you don't want to be left alone, you want to spread bad information around with your shitty "advice" and your stupid, dead board that nobody visits or reads.

if you truly want to be left alone, then fuck off the internet, so the kids can fap to their anime waifus and you can play with your guns and silver



Kill yourself you pathetic stupid cunt.

>someone save me!!! I can't do anything for myself!!! please government/corporations, do something!!!




Nothingness of hell awaits thee



I have every right to be on the internet as much as the next man, you'll have to learn to accept that.

And what the fuck is a waifus?


As long as these things don't come near my street I won't shoot at them.



>Drive pollution emitting cars around trying measure and reduce pollution



This IS hell!



The leftist mind is so full of fallacies anon. Just watch them waste more money and their super-expensive homes get even more expensive along with their tax hikes too.





Bragging about living in a 500K home that you obviously inherited tells me how disfranchised from reality you are anon.

Most middle class working folks can't afford living in such expensive areas, and this is the reason middle class workers are fleeing CA. Its too damn expensive.

If you did not inherit your home from your parents you would likely not be able to afford living in a small ass apartment in CA because the average rent is $3,000 over there. Its ridiculously overpriced.

Insolvency =/= wealth. Please do not confuse the two.


File: 29a1968e9da240a⋯.jpg (572.55 KB, 990x450, 11:5, San-Francisco-homes-califo….jpg)


See pic. These homes average 500K around the bay area. Yet this is not even high class living…. A 500K home around an area I live would be a freaking mansion with a shit load of property, enough to start a farm with! Note I live outside the cities. A home depicted in the picture around my area would cost maybe 100K to 120K, conservative estimate. Do the math folks…. CA is so fucking overpriced, and its due to insolvency and corruption in the market place.


So let me get this straight… Commiefornia is already debt insolvent and has major fiscal issues (along with ever-rising taxation)…. so they want to waste more tax money to monitor carbon pollution by driving a carbon polluting vehicle around and using more electricity (produced by carbon) to test the air… and pass that bill onto already overburdened taxpayers…. while there is an exodus going on due to debt insolvency! OK… got it… these are total basket cases running the state.







You won't "prosper" in any insolvent city, I can promise you that. They'll milk you and your family dry one day. SHTF may not come all at once, it may be very incremental but I promise you the debt insolvency risk is there and it is going to suck the blood out of the masses if they don't prepare themselves properly to mitigate that threat. Sit back and watch.





>any day now….




Its already been happening anon. Thats why more and more middle class people have been leaving these terribly overpriced cities. If insolvency continues the way it has been, taxes are going to keep going up making it more expensive to live in these cities:





No one's leaving except in your masturbatory fantasies to justify a lifetime of failed investments and wasted time in stocking supplies, guns and ammo you'll never use.



Lets make this simple for everyone to understand… lets say I have 500K to spend. And I'm about to move. My choice is Commiefornia or Illinois or a state like Utah or Missouri…. If I were to purchase a home in CA or IL I'd be spending most, if not all of that money for a middle class home. However… if I were to buy a home in UT or MO, I could spend a quarter of the money for a middle class home…. so which is a better deal for the average worker?




Do you understand economic reality anon? Do you understand that the average American workers CANNOT afford 500K(+) homes? Plus the increasing property taxes?

Let me ask you something… how much have you paid for the home your living in right now, was it inherited to you?



Let's make it even simpler, you could move to some third world shithole and buy an even bigger house, but you never will. You'll pay more for what you prefer. That's how markets work, retard and why you're "arguments" lack any logic or reason. Homes are more expensive in places where there's more demand.

Maybe crawl out of your shipping container bunker and take a course in economics 101 instead of wasting your life spamming shit and making yourself a laughing stock to anyone with a brain.



I'll answer my own question as a good example, I moved into a home in the 70s outside the major cities. The home price then was 90K, for a middle class home! It took me 20 some years to pay the mortgage off, and now I own my home, and property taxes out here are not bad at all. At this rate, I will be easily living in my home for the rest of my life not having to worry about the property taxes.



>Homes are more expensive in places where there's more demand.

Nope. Its due to debt insolvency and corruption in the market place and regular workers are actually moving out: >>673922



>Maybe crawl out of your shipping container bunker and take a course in economics 101

OK, since the 80s they been teaching "post-industrial economics" which is a fucking fraud. Look where that got us today. Outsourcing industries, mass debt insolvency, inflation, too-big-to-fail bailouts, etc!



>debt insolvency and corruption in the market place

Nope. People won't buy an asset at a price they think is unfair unless they have no choice. If people are fleeing all the cities like you claim, that would drive the price of real estate down even further.

You're 4th grade literacy level is really showing here.

Also, U.S. debt is good




It just might send housing prices crashing down in CA in the near future, we'll see. The fact is all the statistics show overwhelmingly that the average American worker can no longer afford living in overpriced cities, and many are deciding to pack their bags and move. It has NOTHING to do with prepping, it has to do with fiscal rape typing to keep up their standard of living over there!

Again… how did you manage to afford that home in the Bay Area? What kind of job do you have to be able to afford that… or was it inherited from your parents?



>You're 4th grade literacy level is really showing here

4th graders no longer learn economics, neither do college students studying Karl Marx today either!



Even if what you claim was true, and it's not, all that would happen is that there would be economic pressure to create new communities and businesses further away, but still economically connected with the cities, which were in balance with average worker wages. The market self corrects all imbalances over time. That's why capitalism works and communism doesn't. But that doesn't mean there aren't winners and losers in the marketplace and it doesn't mean there will be no economic pain and disruption along the way.

Name one country or economy where that's not true. You can't because it doesn't exist and if it did the entire world would convert over to that system immediately.

You make no sense, but must keep shilling your bullshit beliefs because it makes you feel important and that you are making an impact on the real world. But you fail on both accounts.



Well no shit. Democrats have the most urban areas, and urban areas release higher amounts of pollutants than rural areas.



>that article from Forbes

Federal Debt Is Reaching $20 Trillion And [Billionaires] Don't Care

Changed that for a better understanding. Average working stiffs DO care!



>The market self corrects all imbalances over time. That's why capitalism works and communism doesn't.

I'll agree with that, 100% anon! And the correction is going to come when the working class flee the overpriced cities!


File: deba586d96a28e8⋯.webm (6.23 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ISIS_AMV.webm)

Self-driving VBIEDs when?



Then they'll just create new overpriced cities and you'll be jerking off to your SHTF scenarios all over again.

Go outside and get some fresh air.



I want to make something clear… debt itself is not bad…. its debt insolvency that is bad. Insolvency is when people or the State go deeper and deeper and deeper into debt, and have no means of paying all that debt back off! This causes massive bubbles in the markets which inevitably burst and harm the economy!



As long as you can make the payments on your debt you can carry debt forever. That's why debt was created in the first place, to create a market where those with assets of value, "money" can lend it to others at interest and make a profit. If payments on that debt are made, there is no problem and the debt can carry on forever. The U.S. rakes in trillions every year in tax revenue and its payment on debt is trivial. If the U.S. paid all its debt there would be no U.S. treasury market. Every economy needs debt. It's not a bad thing. Educate yourself and stop spreading your false boogeyman paranoia around that has no basis in reality.



This could happen eventually, yes. Thats why I keep way from the major cities altogether, I doubt they'll even come over to my town en mass anytime soon. We have little growth and I actually want it to stay that way. Where the population resides, the corrupt bureaucracy will follow.



True, but what you describe is NOT insolvency. Insolvency is the problem here. That's when they no longer can manage their budgets and will go further and further into debt and never have a way to pay it back off. THAT typically happens when the corrupt bureaucracy takes over.



BTW, the average normfag will be thinking "little growth" thats horrible! Not necessarily… home prices are very cheap out here… taxes are low… crime rates are not a problem where I live… beautiful spread out land nearby for farming and ranching (and those doomsday types too). Camping and hunting is the norm, buying quality beef wholesale from the ranchers can save you a TON of money. You can buy chickens and eggs, bulk, dirt cheap from the local farmers, its great. Average trip to COSTCO can be a hassle (long drive) but its well worth it.



Thing to understand is typically you need to learn a trade to make a living where I live. Trade school or basic training on the job. So paper pushers are not so much a thing over here, its the plumbers, electricians, home refurnishers, welding, mechanics / auto repair, cutlery, gunsmithing, etc. that will provide you with opportunity to make a decent income and be able to afford taking a mortgage (which again, much cheaper).



OK, have fun in your fantasy world. You've just inspired me to take some short positions in gold and silver, but I'll always take a long position on humanity stupidity.



Thats fine, short the ETFs for all I care. I have physical and I can assure you the prices cannot crash or devalue to 0. Even if they go down a bit, I sure ain't selling! Again, gold/silver is a hedge to protect your wealth as long as you hold onto physical.



The only day I sell some of my gold/silver is when I can use an ounce of gold to buy me half a cows worth of beef… or use a silver ounce to buy me some moonshine! If the dollar ever crashes in value further, that day could come and I'm ready for it too.


sick pups



You know why ETFs exist? Because no one wants to hold the underlying asset. All the reserves are guarded by the U.S. military. Even if your SHTF scenarios came true, if the U.S. military can't defend the national treasure, your cases of water, beans and ammo aren't going to do jack shit to save you, brother.



You sound like any other shill who is trying to discourage people from being prepared and self-sufficient. What you stated is simply not true… do you really think the government will take care of you during a major financial crisis? I have some bad news: that ain't happening.




>All the reserves are guarded by the U.S. military

And if gold/silver were as worthless as you claim, the military would not bother wasting resources to protect those reserves. Obviously if the US military is guarding them, then they are something of value to the nation.


File: abd4a5b8c3a31fd⋯.jpg (66.3 KB, 718x532, 359:266, Preppers are crazy.jpg)



The foundation of American power isn't the financial system or the markets. Those mechanisms rest upon the power of the U.S. military, as do the three branches of government.

In any doomsday scenario, the Pentagon would assume martial law and would tell all creditors, both domestic and foreign to fuck off. All debt would be erased overnight. Creditors would need to eat the loss and fuck off or else engage in literal war against the U.S. military. Assuming the obvious didn't happen, i.e. the U.S. military didn't wipe any adversary off the map; if that didn't happen and the U.S. military was defeated, do you really think your old, fat, lazy ass who lives in a sleepy, insignificant little rural town that no one cares about is going to survive with your, silver coins, your bottles of water, your cans of beans, your ammo and your bible?

No, you and your cache of survival assets will be the first one targeted by roving gangs of spics, niggers and whites who will loot all your shit, rape your fat, ugly wife and slit your neckbeard throat without a single afterthought.

As with all other countries, the military is the real power and all economic trust is build around that unspoken truth. Everything else is theater, smoke and mirrors.



You assume I live in an urban area. I don't.

You assume I am not armed. I am well armed.

You assume I don't prepare for hardcore events. Oh hell yes I do!

You assume that I have no clue about entry-point fortification. I've made my entry points batting ram proof. Easy, fortify the doors and doorjambs with galvanized steel. Long strike plates for the deadbolts, reenforced into the 2x4 doorjamb frame with 3" screws. Katy bars included as extra measures. Window bars mounted from the inside? Done.

Extra measures in place I can't legally talk about either (if looters were to ever be successful we'll all be deaded I can assure you of that). MAKE MY FUCKING DAY.



I never said they were worthless, I said they were bad investments.






Learn to read, hillbilly. I referred to your little rural town, not urban area and made reference to your shitty little weapons stockpile that even a gang of 12 year old inner city niggers could overpower.



Investments? Yes they are. I'm not using gold/silver to invest, I've said it a million times. I'm holding onto gold/silver to protect some extra wealth I have left over. Big difference.


They'd be shot likely before they even came to my door. More than half the folks around me are armed. No problem.



>blah blah blah, muh impregnable fortress

nah, all you'd be doing is inviting others to surround you, knowing that you must be guarding something worth having if you took so much effort to protect it.

they would lay siege to your little fortress and wait you out, even if they need to do so in rotating shifts over indefinite amounts of time.

you'd fold long before then because you are one of those old dudes that hopes and fantasizes about the "end times" so your life's futile work would be justified. but all that would really happen is that you would quickly capitulate and give away all your shit to the first gang that threatened you and offered you protection.

they would agree, take your shit, disarm you while reassuring you that they would be your best friends ever, then they would strange you with electrical cord (from your own shed) and dump your body in a shallow grave



I'm not scared. Your not going to discourage me one bit but keep trying. I don't trust faggots who tell me to "just give up, goyim!" I only trust MEN who offer solutions.



i wouldn't be dumb enough to think i could convince a brainwashed idiot like you to admit you'd been a fool your whole life, i'm just laying out the scenario of what would really happen in a shtf situation.

you would not survive. you are just protecting a stockpile of assets a stronger group of humans will take from you by force. one man can't do shit against an armed group and all your "neighbors" will be too busy capitulating to roving gangs and giving up valuable intel about what you've got and where to find you.

humans are animals. fuck humans.



You are the fool. It is people like you who will be the first ones to die, I promise that if you live in the middle or near a major city. YOU will not survive. Those that have prepared and are self-sufficient outside populated areas have a fighting chance. This has been proven time and time again during economic collapses.

>fuck humans

No fuck pussies like you who give up, and tell others to do the same. I don't give up, I'm a man.



people in the cities will be way better off than larping faggots like you who think they are "men" because they have a few guns and cases of beans for armagedon.

cities formed because they are the most efficient way to store and distribute resources to a human population.

since you pretend to be a history buff, recall that during the great depression, it was the people in rural areas that literally starved to death while people in the cities stood in lines at soup kitchens for food. all the deaths were from people outside the cities. but go ahead and stay there. it will be one less mouth to feed when your shit is taken by force or you slowly starve to death after your cans of beans run out.

and yes, humans are shit. i don't give up either. i fight in the real world against other humans and win, while you larp in your fantasy world and accomplish nothing in real life.



I understand your concerns anon, lets not be rude. I can tell you honestly being prepared and being ready to bug-out is a very good idea. When city dwellers get desperate they loot, rape and kill. Its not pretty. This includes suburban areas too. The best chance you have is if your 100% off-grid already and far far away from the population (like the Amish are).

Any disaster is going to bring death toll. Prepped or not. Especially if you are not ready to deal with these disasters.

In the worst case scenarios, lets say your right about being over-run in a rural town, you can simply put a bullet in your head (or perhaps blow a hole through your propane tank with a 5.56 caliber round and blow the whole fucking property apart with them) before they can take you out. THAT is another option in a worst case scenario. You could even have an escape plan and bug innawoods from your town. I have that option too, fortunately. I also know some others who I can trust because they are like-minded preppers that have been living in this community for a couple decades.

Don't give up, prepare and plan ahead.



Another WORST case scenario to BTFO looters that may actually be able to penetrate your fortified defenses… you could set your property on fire and THEN put a bullet in your head. This would burn up any resources the looters would need to stay alive thus they get 0 in their efforts.

Worst case scenarios can be fun preparing for. It brings out the desire for retribution against your potential enemies. People can plan a lot worse things for those looters too!




Prepping for SHTF after SHTF…. love it.






Dude, I thought this was some kind of surveillance drone programmed to seek out wrongthink or something, this is weaksauce scaremongering. Consider my click baited.



if you can find me one for $500k I'd suck your dick



those are $1 mil



Just go to /prepared/ and check the insolvency thread. It has fiscal maps available. Look at all the most expensive areas, and simply move away from them. Get an Atlas to check out some desirable towns. Your bound to find many homes just like that, even bigger, selling for ~120K to 150K no problem!


Well then, thats more pathetic. It just re-enforces my point all along.




I have a homes selling in my area that look like farm mansions (they are nice brick middle class roomy homes with A LOT of land) for an average 250K. Won't tell you where I live due to OPSEC. But, I can give you a hint: its a deep red conservative state and has been for a while.



No it just negates the purpose of what you said. The solution is quite cheap and effective since it utilizes existing infrastructure. I clicked this article ready to hate google even more, but instead hate them a little less. Monitoring pollution data isn't an invasion of privacy nor does it violate any rights. It's just collecting useful information. If there isn't any meaningful pollution then that supports deregulation. Information actually cuts both ways.



You live in Montana. I can tell from teh accent



This wastes even more taxpayer money, Google is driving around trying to capture carbon footprints from other cars… don't you see the irony in that? Just more fiscal insolvency added to the heaping pile of other fiscal insolvency and thus enjoy those $1,000,000 middle class homes you can't afford + rising taxes. Its why people are moving out… but oh yah, I must be a kook because I refuse to live in those overpriced shitholes. Whatever.


actaul news



My criticism is that they are just collecting information we already have.

They could put a little measuring cup on there to measure rainfall but whats the point when we already have a system of weather stations doing that? Sure its cheap but the value of the information is zero.

And I didnt even consider this part:


>Google is driving around trying to capture carbon footprints from other cars

Its like those celebrities that fly around in their private jets to attend publicity events on climate change.



What a lolcow. Someone has been listening to too much glen beck.



Glen Beck is a beta cuck. I listen to The Common Sense Show, Rogue Money (now known as Rogue News) and Jim Willie's interviews @ goldenjackass.com.



I also listen to more obscure podcasts and Youtubers like Styxhexenhammer666 as well. Sometimes USA Watchdog too, depends who Greg has on at the time.


news bump





>army of cars take pictures of every mile of road in the country

<no problem

>that army of cars also takes air samples




Photons are infinitely smaller than pollution molecules.



But they contain information more pertinent to the behavior and privacy of the populace.



I knew it. Trying to spy on me again!

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