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File: 071e99f5a32a206⋯.jpg (34.24 KB, 618x412, 3:2, trump-crown.jpg)


"Volvo has reduced its hiring plans at its new assembly plant in Charleston, South Carolina, due to increased tariffs from President Donald Trump’s trade dispute with China.

Volvo global CEO Håkan Samuelsson told USA TODAY in an interview Wednesday at the Los Angeles Auto Show that the company had throttled its South Carolina expansion plans.

Originally, Volvo planned to hire 1,500 workers at the plant by the end of 2018 and 4,000 within a few years. Samuelsson didn't specify precisely how those figures would change.

The Chinese-owned Swedish brand opened the $1.1 billion plant earlier this year – its first U.S. factory – with plans to make vehicles there for the U.S., Europe and China.

But after China hiked U.S. vehicle import tariffs from 25 to 40 percent in a dispute with Trump, those plans went awry."





Volvo is utter shit btw


File: 27b37dbbffbd1af⋯.png (499.64 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181206-091821.png)

This is John Ortiz-Keyhoe

In 1996, he strangled a teenaged girl, chopped her up into pieces, burned her body, and dumped her ashes all across Michigan….

He was sentenced to life in prison, and after sentencing, he laughed at the jury.

Now he's in prison, making Tweets, making YouTube videos, using Facebook to beg for money, complaining about having to eat Ramen Noodles.

In 37 minutes, I'm going to call Warden Chapman at the prison and inform him of Mr. Ortiz-Keyhoe's use of cellphones from within the prison walls.



Yes because corporations make bad deals and the tariff lowering in the 70s and 90s was about selling out america. They do not give two shits about americans. They only care about making americans slaves and you are worried about short term higher prices?

Tariff lowering was about destroying domestic production and destroying the middle class. You fucking globalist communist piece of shit.



After the arrest of the Huawei CEO, the stock market is sliding today, and China is about to lash out at America, raising tariffs…



We don't need them they need us. They need our welfare money. They are a apathetic people. Who manipulates the stock market? china? No thats globalist bankers that push communism. Cry me a river about stock prices when its literally a scam.

We are paying more for defective low quality products from china over time then paying for high quality products up front in america. Things are cheaper but cost over there lifetime MORE to maintain because its cheaply made.

Tariff lowering did nothing to help americans. Fuck china.



Lol enjoy paying twice as much for toilet paper and shampoo, genius.



>We are paying more for defective low quality products from china over time then paying for high quality products up front in america




I've never taken complicated economics advice from someone who's too lazy to teach themselves the difference between THEN and THAN.


and you CANNOT blame your refusal to teach yourself basic one syllable words on your past, or on an education system, or on life's circumstances.

It's up to YOU to teach yourself.

If you weren't lazy, you could sit down right now and teach yourself how to differentiate between THEN & THAN, YOUR & YOU'RE, THERE THEIR & THEY'RE.

it would only take you 5 minutes tops to drill these words into your head forever.

But instead, you choose to sit in 8chan.


but I'm NOT insulting you

I'm actually on your side

I like you


The way I see it, your biggest problem is in your PACKAGING.

you don't seem to understand

how to package things, how to

market your product…………….

if you want to persuade people

you need to package your message

if your goal is to demonstrate

an intelligent outlook on life,

not being able to spell simple

one syllable words defeats

the purpose……………………

If you got somebody a

gold watch, you don't

want to wrap the box

with used toilet paper


if you want people to follow

your 'life advice', you don't

want to present yourself as

someone who let his life

become a self imposed

prison of fear………………


if you want people to click on

links, you shouldn't overwhelm

them by posting 35 links at a time

that makes it mathematically

improbable that they'll even

click on even ONE of the links


to market your product,

whatever product it may

be, you'll want to make

people actually WANT

the product……………


if you want to convince people

to follow your example, and to

make modifications to their

lives……………………………… you

shouldn't present an image of

a man who has lost his ability

to be happy due to his addiction

to paranoia and fear……………….



Hey faggot boomer, I would gladly pay double for shampoo and toilet paper if it meant America fucked off from the world trade network. Unlike your kind I actually give a shit about my people and the lives they're able to lead. Fuck your lolbertarian "people are just economic units to be assfucked into oblivion" philosophy.



present an image of something your

audience will actually DESIRE



>I would gladly pay double for shampoo and toilet paper

it's not like you have any choice in the matter

in fact, they never asked your permission

because your

opinions don't

matter, and your

permission is

not required



oh, and by the way…………

Congratulations on the

'spelling your & they're

correctly' achievement



THIS. When we manufactured products in the USA they were much better quality, but they cost more too. Didn't mean people didn't buy the products, in fact the whole world used to buy our products because we made THE BEST QUALITY products out there.

I still have an old 60s Maytag manual washer that works. I wouldn't mind taking a picture of that, btw.




"psssst! Hey you… Yeah, YOU!"

they've been economically

assfucking you into oblivion

since the day you were born

and your parents before you

and their parents before them



people also used to dress

in suits and ties every day

and they used to hold doors

open for little old ladies, and

they said "thankyou" and

"yes ma'am" and "no sir"

but the world changed

and it's not coming back



I've got my kids and my

wife AND my mother all

waiting to see the toasters


I already told you that my

father had a collection of

antique and retro toasters

so it's really important

to my family, and I told

them you'd have photos

to share today.

(png files with no metadata)

please don't disappoint

them on this Christmas

season. They're counting

on you



Q: who changed the Made In USA thing?

A: politicians & businessmen


I just realized that

Caveman Trump

is a businessman

turned politician…

Not very good at either role

But he's both nevertheless

lol @ how he's actually

HURTING our economy


the White House pumps out brainwashing press release propaganda, claiming our economy has grown stronger, that unemployment is down, that our military is stronger, that other nations respect us more, that North Korea is bowing down to us, etc etc etc


I have seen ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF of any of those claims, and in fact, it appears to be the exact opposite.

but sheeple will believe

whatever they WANT to

believe, no matter what


File: e3d964b8be15f6f⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, So Damn Worth It.png)



Killcen, now I'm kinda upset with you.

My mother is crying. She came all the

way over to my apartment special to

see your photos of the toasters.




DUDE, that was really stupid expecting me to dig through all my stuff, especially opening up unopened boxes and taking these things out without needing to use them yet. I told you many times they are a major hassle to find, let alone opening them up just to take pictures and re-wrapping them and putting them back.

I said I'd be willing to take a photo of the Hamilton toaster that my bother gave me (when he was done using it) because that one is simply laying around in a closet. I'll take a photo of that, but I CANNOT guarantee I can find the others because they could be anywhere, whether in the storage room, or stacked in my garage (which is filled up), or wherever. I have TONS of old electronics stashed away.



If I take a photo of the used Hamilton toaster will you be satisfied for now?



Thank-you for reminding me !!

I forgot to call Warden Willis Chapman of the Thumb Correctional Facility in Michigan to report John Ortiz-Keyhoe for using cellphones in prison to solicit commissary funds.





dude, my mother is 87 years old

this meant a lot to her


(she's a good Christian woman)



OK, hold on a couple minutes, I got a pic of the used Hamilton toaster + something else that she WILL REMEMBER (its vintage now, and it still works!) Must convert to PNG and transfer…. I'll be back on soon….



Don't forget the .exif data!

Can't be having all that now, can we?



Exactly, working on it. This is why it gets me disgruntled, every pic takes about 30min to finally post knowing everything is legit and safe (+conversion and transfer time).



My mother is smiling now. Thank-you

Get the other ones out of their boxes too


File: 1b705af4570b7be⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, HAMILTON TOASTER.png)


This is the used Hamilton, I should have cleaned it a bit before tossing into a fucking closet!



It'll be worth it


File: 7f2f936bd954a07⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, MAYTAG MANUAL WASHER.png)

This is an old Maytag manual washer from the early 1960s! (Still works!)



My mother just said "your father didn't collect vintage washers. I want to see more toasters"



mom wants to know if that's an old Hamilton Beach 31401 Stainless Steel 4 Slice ?



I don't "collect" anything, neither did my father. I have older backup electronics because I prefer them to the newer ones.

This took me time to do so you guys should be happy with this.


I have no clue, all I know is its somewhat new (maybe 5 or 6 years old now) and my brother handed it to me because 1) he got a new toaster and 2) he knows I store older backup electronics.



PS: my brother thinks I'm a "kook" just like you guys. So he said one day "hey, if we ever get something new, we'll be willing to give you our older used stuff" and I said "I'll take a look at it, maybe I'll want it, maybe not."



She's smiling. I'm printing out the photo of the old Hamilton. She's finally happy.

She's telling my kids stories about dads collection. She says she doesn't mind waiting for the other photos. She'll be here for a couple more hours


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She's smiling. I'm printing out the photo of the old Hamilton. She's finally happy.

She's telling my kids stories about dads collection. She says she doesn't mind waiting for the other photos. She'll be here for a c



If I knew exactly where these backup toasters were and could easily access them, I'd give her pics of ALL of them. The fact is Johnny, sorry, I don't know and I am not spending a whole day or two digging through all my crap. Note that I have boxes stacked to the fucking ceiling everywhere around my house. Its a dump, although I don't hold onto trash, only older valuables.





I do not think you're a kook



it'll be worth it


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


street lights



Be happy with what you have, I never took pics for anyone but for you before on any image boards. You're lucky I took my time to do all this.

Maybe sometime, if you accept this, I'll take some time to post a pic of something else thats old (like my coffee machine or something thats around here in the open).



Will you post a pic of your willy for me, if I say Pretty Please?



Tell your mother no.


China's only hurting ITSELF, LOL


File: e3f81594d81c7a3⋯.png (570.94 KB, 1005x1280, 201:256, 20181204_220540.png)








Dude…. This is some bullshit



Not Johnny, but I feel bad about you having to spend so much time doing something as simple as stripping .exif data from photos. I know you're running an older GNU / Linux distro, but not sure which one, so I will give you a few ideas..


Now, this next link may only have one tool that will be useful for you.. GIMP.

If you're not already aquainted with it, you should be. You can not only change the filetypes but you can get rid of the .exif data too..


Read the part about GIMP.

I know you don't like learning new things or fucking around with your computer, but sometimes it can save a lot of time to learn a new technique. My distro already comes with tools for this, like MAT. Most do. Look up your distro and what tools it has either with it, or available. And get BRAVE Browser. I told you how. It's easy as fuck!


File: f6dd8316c5c7b4d⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 2560x2493, 2560:2493, 20181206_120120.jpg)

Wendy thinks you should give the cat an Asian name



Really, and I just took another look to no prevail. I don't know where those old toasters are, and note that they are still in their boxes unused, so I would think I would see them. They have to be buried amongst tons of other old stuff (which is NOT unusual around here).

Although, I did find an older crock pot from the 60s or possibly 70s. If you want a pic of that, I could do that for you later sometime.



Pleeze do not cook the cat in the crockpot..

Wendy said "Crackpot Cat", not "Crockpot Cat"..



You're probably not going to believe this, but after I clicked on your post oh, I completely forgot what I was going to say.



I just remembered what I was going to say… I'll tell you later





I think that crock pot may have been handed down to me when I was younger, don't remember. I've always held onto stuff over the years. Very rarely will I ever buy something new (and if it is newer, it can't be digitized if its an appliance or I won't buy it). This rules out about 80% of the crap sold in modern stores today unfortunately.



>This is John Ortiz-Keyhoe

>In 1996, he strangled a teenaged girl, chopped her up into pieces, burned her body, and dumped her ashes all across Michigan….

>He was sentenced to life in prison, and after sentencing, he laughed at the jury.

>Now he's in prison, making Tweets, making YouTube videos, using Facebook to beg for money, complaining about having to eat Ramen Noodles.

>In 37 minutes, I'm going to call Warden Chapman at the prison and inform him of Mr. Ortiz-Keyhoe's use of cellphones from within the prison walls.

And now hes running Volvo.



Actually, I don't think the Crock-Pot will do me any good right now because my mother is very upset and she went into the bathroom and I hear her crying right now so I'm going to have to try to console her



Tell her I'm sorry as much as you are, you should have listened to me before though, I warned you I don't know where everything is! I hoard older stuff, I got stuff stacked to the fucking ceilings all over the place, all along the walls, corners and every closet including my fucking garage is packed. You have no idea the time it would take to look through all this stuff, and then to put it all back!



she says she'll wait. she'll be here until 4



By my estimation, about 20 minutes ago Warden Willis Chapman called inmate John Ortiz-Keyhoe into his office, and told him about my phone call, and put an end to Mr. Ortiz-Keyhoe's internet activities



All I can say is this: the toasters have are not all that important, I have 3 or 4 extra old toasters somewhere around all the clutter.

However, I found an old crock pot, I have older radios, I have an old 50s flashlight if she wanted to see that, I have an old camera from the 50s (don't have any bulbs for it though). I have an old coffee machine from the late 70s. Blah blah. I could take a few pics of those, if you PROMISE to stop making a big deal about a few old lost toasters.



not that important?

try telling that to my mother



How the fuck is he gonna run Volvo now you've done that?



Did you tell your mother these toasters are basically lost and buried somewhere under tons clutter and would be a MASSIVE hassle for me to try to find? I kinda regret not being more organized after all of this to tell you the truth.



dude, she's 87 and in a wheelchair

this was supposed to be her

moment in the sun, where she

got to reconnect with memories

from the past.

My daughter just told me "dad, your friend is cruel. this was supposed to be our Christmas family time"

She and my son are totally pissed at me now


I'm speechless right now




I never once said to you I'd be able to find them, I said I'd try my best which I did. I did look through some stuff, to no avail so far.

The problem here is you PROMISED someone something, expecting the other person to 100% do all the work, without any clarification that I could actually get that done.

That is what is shocking.



Fuck it, I'll look again, someplace else. It will take me a while, but I'll do the best I fucking can. You have to wait a damn while and be patient……



This is what happens when the Chinese buy a company.

In the west the shareholders would be able to remove the guy from his position at Volvo, if hes in prison for murder?


My mother just wheeled herself out of the bathroom, and she wants to know if you have either a KitchenAid 4 Slice Metal Toaster from before 1990, or a

4 Slice Countdown Leverless Toaster by Cuisinart ?



I apologize. It appears that I got us both into this Jam, and I'm very appreciative that you're going to get us both out of it… I'll make up for it somehow



my thoughts exactly


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

As if you needed any further proof that this is the end of the world….

Justin Timberlake has become a fake Lumberjack Hipster

*puts gun in mouth*


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I finally found one of them, an older kMix stainless steel toaster! It's still in the package so I got a pic of that. This will have to do, because there is no way I'm digging through more than I already had to find this one.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Save the pic for tomorrow. My son and daughter just drove mom back home.

She'll be back here tomorrow


File: 47c19ce8faa8997⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, early 2000s toaster.png)


Alright…. here it is, I'm guessing this is early 2000s so its not too old, but not "new" either. Could not find the older ones.

This is definitely it for today.



Johnny, I hope you leaned a valuable lesson: DO NOT MAKE PROMISES YOU DON'T KNOW YOU CAN KEEP!!



Awesome! I've downloaded it, but you save the pic for tomorrow too, so when she comes back over, I can let you be the one to show it to her



Yes, I did learn from it, and I apologize, sir.

And thankyou


Killcen, Wendy's giving me a hard time. She wants to know if you liked her 'SHY .png' toaster cat graphic…


File: d774477838bae48⋯.jpg (30.47 KB, 478x395, 478:395, DqfEQ01X0AEz4qt.jpg)


There is at least one dumb naive Trump supporter who lost a job at Volvo because of this. LOL

Trump is a con man who could not care less about the inbreds who voted for him.


File: 5cc6e62e368576a⋯.webm (2.33 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Trump Supporter.webm)


File: ff97756fba3bf4d⋯.jpg (100.89 KB, 760x475, 8:5, 180813-qanon-trump-rally-w….jpg)



If you downloaded the pic just show her it yourself tomorrow. PS: I think the few other older toasters I have must be buried pretty well because over time I stack stuff into newer boxes and place them ontop of the older ones, so all the really old stuff tends to be down and beneath a whole pile of other supplies. Its also stupid that most of these boxes were never labeled, so I'd have to literally dig through them for hours to find what I'm looking for.

I don't think they call people like me "hoarders…… I think they call us "pack rats."



I've never called you a hoarder




>most of these boxes were never labeled

well, it's a good thing that we got to address this problem


File: 8c9989e2169dbf0⋯.jpg (578.11 KB, 2550x2055, 170:137, PicsArt_12-06-01.32.04.jpg)

By the way, don't feel bad…..

Wendy trolls me all the time, making artwork at my expense.

Now she's using the NAME KILLCEN'S CAT CONTEST as an excuse to create art for you.

join the club



I know one favor you can do me, Johnny.

Please post the results of the contest on here as my browser can't access the results page at all.



Not saying you did, someone else did yesterday. I'd call myself a pack rat, not exactly a hoarder. Hoarders usually cling on to JUNK… whereas I cling to basic essentials and assets (like many preppers and pack rats tend to).



>Didn't mean people didn't buy the products

actually it did, its a common thing to have a company with quality products go under because they were too good and never needed to be replaced which means no repeat customers



Hold on… Let me see if I can't get Fangë to access & post the results. But the contest isn't over yet


File: 8be1b2c7a00328d⋯.jpg (854.15 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Pack-Rat-Example.jpg)


This is not my picture, some blogger's who is a pack rat. If you take a look at this, you'd get a good idea of what my home looks like, stuff packed up all along the walls and corners, I have many more boxes than this picture shows and less shelving, but it kinda looks something like the pic.


I emailed him. He should be able to help you. I'm confident that as soon as he sees you, he'll show you or tell you



I'm willing to get off the Asian slave labor fantasy ride. Thank you Mr. President


File: 0d58f124f96a9ce⋯.jpg (155.82 KB, 640x468, 160:117, An Example of my garage.jpg)


If you saw my garage, this is what it would look like, down to a T!



Except, imagine spare truck parts, tons of tools, tons of older electronics, chemicals, fuel, boxes loaded with stuff over the years including old electronics, etc.






Thanks. Hopefully I get to see the results, or someone will tell me them. You guys could copy/paste the text from the page for all I care, or take a screenshot.


How will trumplets recover now



Recover from what? Your idiotic stupidity? We do our best to ignore it, despite you bumping your CRAP over and over again.


File: fda5e54db4f7d2d⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 701x485, 701:485, fda5e54db4f7d2dabf5735f778….jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Killcen, some of these anons laugh at you, calling you names….

"wet them waff"



trump funneling millions into his personal business accounts? yawn. all his advisors arrested? #groanzone. personal lawyer raided? #boring

check out these off the rails conspiracy stories instead!


File: a0cae393dff8eba⋯.jpg (761.29 KB, 2644x1982, 1322:991, NKCC WOGSF.jpg)





I'll post the survey results tonight, so everyone can agree on the final 3 names. Of course, there WILL be a Final Poll to Name Killcen's Cat (to pick from the final three) starting tonight. Monday night polling will be closed and the Name Killcen's Cat Contest will be over.

But yes, I will post full results tonight before putting the top three names in the Final Contest.



And yes, the survey results regarding /prepare/ will also be published on here late tonight (my time – which may be Russia for all you know!)



You are always posting the same crap being spewed by the corporate media over and over and over again. You need to go back and watch TV, because thats where you fucking belong, in front of a television set, or working with the corporate press, either on. Go fuck yourself already and stop sliding my threads, or I'll keep bumping them!



god forbid factual information is posted! what would people think if a watergate: stupid edition wasn't ignored so i could pretend that nothing has happened in 2 years and trump is a very stable genius who wiped out a year of stock market gains



the word that's not an actual word


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



when trump said america the implication is he;s so self absorbed he means himself. the only person who benefits from all this is trump as he raids america's coffers



Trump is a moron in the classic sense. He's completely out of touch with reality, out of touch with the average person, out of touch with himself…

He has no clue what the hell is doing, no experience in politics or world affairs whatsoever, and apparently one of the worst businessman I've ever seen.

He might very well be the least qualified person to run for president in history, because even though he's not a politician by any means oh, it would appear that he's also not a legitimate businessman oh, and his business decisions are some of the most absurd failures you'll ever find, with a history of terrible business decisions, zero evidence of him actually making billions of dollars for himself.

In fact, he's only worth 320 million dollars, and he desperately refuses 2 make his tax records public, because that would prove that he's not a billionaire after all yeah, and it would also show a history of secret and questionable deals with Russia….

He's a complete fucking idiot

It's not even vaguely cool

Not even the least little tiniest little bit cool… He's someone cool that he's the last person you would ever want to invite to a party or hang out with.


Speech to text typo

He's SO UNCOOL* that he's the last person you would ever want to invite to a party or hang out with.



I was wondering if anyone would catch that STT Typo

nice work


File: 4467cd6cb9a1226⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 491.63 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_20181206_162356.jpg)

It's difficult and cumbersome to attempt typing with my index finger, ever since I tried to remove it from my hand.



Do you like my latest deployed technology to counter those that slide my REAL NEWS Johnny?


Now I can point to >>>/slidennews/2 to help expose all that was sliden as of recent! And it can be updated at any time with MORE new links too!



'slid', not 'sliden'


but technically, I'm a homo, not a faggot


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I hate Christian Bale, but I'm very interested in seeing this movie.

It comes out on Christmas, and I'm definitely going to go see it in the theater



I've looked, and it doesn't appear that Volvo ever made toasters



What I'll be doing is seldomly updating /slidennews/ with newer news links from /n/ and then linking the next threads with the news OPs here, so everyone will know what news is being sliden here on /n/.

Its a counter measure to produce maximum exposure, something that sliding threads does the opposite of. I did not intend for this to ever happen, but if some asshole is deliberately sliding news here then it needs to be exposed and people deserve to see what has been sliden.



25…… TOPS…..

including you, me & Fangë



….. and that's on a good day…..

On an average day it's probably more like 11 people, including the three of us


If you think there's more then 25 people tops who come to this board, you would be fooling yourself. You can absolutely guarantee that


I'm not perfect, so there's a lot of things I'm not really good at…

But there's one thing I indeed AM really good at, that's sizing up how many people go to any particular forum like this…..

It's a lot like guessing somebody's weight by looking at their size and determining their Mass

I'm not perfect, but I'm just about as close to it as a person can get


File: ed24d1a26fdb0fd⋯.jpg (53.81 KB, 529x450, 529:450, PicsArt_12-05-03.06.42.jpg)


That's no man…

And including her intermittent presence, there are only 12 regular visitors here… On a really busy day you would be lucky to get 25 people tops





File: 6141938c90c1f47⋯.png (535.31 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181206-213924.png)



All China has to do to get rid of the tarrifs is drop their own.



'Sliden' isn't a word, cuntface.



I think he means slide /n/. As in slide /n/ news written by Killcen.



this dubs is correct, you can think whatever you want of Trump, but he is right, China only wants to export shit, it's very difficult to sell anything to China






>random news story outta left field



File: 5bc25dcbce3a0f4⋯.png (39.9 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 1401446405994.png)


>The way I see it, your biggest problem is in your PACKAGING

Ironic, since the way you package your opinions in your posting style makes people throw them in the garbage without opening them.


File: 790f1a93fb0824c⋯.jpg (39.73 KB, 659x440, 659:440, 22-michael-cohen-hillary-c….jpg)


Donald Trump fucked up the tarrif increase on purpose to make it look like tarrifs are a bad idea, when indeed they are not and we need to tarrif and limit trade with China, Russia, America and other degenerate non white countries that wont stop polluting

(((Donald Trump))) is on the same side as Obama, Clinton, Oscar, all of them



post vids or it never happened


Imagine what a pathetic social pariah loser you'd have to be to still be making excuses for Trump in 2018. His supporters are such unrepentant, despicable, anti-American scum lmao.



>oy vey why do they not want my cheap plastic Walmart shit but voted for drumpf



You keep saying he's an idiot but did you really expect a trade war to end any other way.

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