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File: 6378de86912a23f⋯.jpg (102.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, $$$ Scientists Paid Off To….jpg)


THE CURE FOR CANCER: >>>/prepare/53 | https:// archive.fo/31Ylw

Sugar is what makes food sweet, and your body uses it as a source of energy. But too much sugar is a major problem, and excessive consumption is now known to be a driving force in the epidemic of obesity and diet-related disease plaguing the Western world. Indeed, the true nature of sugar has long been suppressed by a greedy, profit-driven industry. For the last several decades, dietary fat has been the scapegoat for conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Dietary fat has been wrongly demonized for long enough.

“Fat free” and “low fat” foods line supermarket shelves, and consumers have been told these are the “healthier” alternatives to fat-containing foods. But what the food industry doesn’t want you to know is that these products are typically loaded up with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, or some other alternative that is far worse than fat. Reduced fat peanut butter, for example, typically contains about the same number of calories as regular peanut butter — and all the fat (and nutrients) that’s been taken out is replaced with corn starch and sugar. But the deception of the sugar industry didn’t start with clever marketing; it started with fraud.

The sugar industry has been trying to keep the truth about what excessive sugar consumption does to the human body quiet since the 1960s, when industry leaders paid off scientists to produce studies with certain results in mind. Specifically, the industry wanted to ensure that fat, and not sugar, was identified as a key contributor to the onset of heart disease. As Natural Health 365 reports:

A group called the Sugar Research Foundation (today known as the Sugar Association) paid off three Harvard scientists around $50,000 (adjusted for inflation) in 1967 to skew their research about fat, sugar and heart disease.

The resultant article, published in New England Journal of Medicine, minimized sugar’s negative health impacts and cast saturated fat as the main villain.

An article recently published in JAMA Internal Medicine unveils the sordid truth of times past: The Sugar Research Foundation (SRF) was used by the industry to quietly sponsor research on sugar for decades. And as the study authors note, industry-funded research should not be given much (if any) credence in policy-making decisions on the sugar frontier.

The sugar industry first became aware of how profitable the “right” science could be in 1954: The then-president of SRF gave a speech, declaring that Americans could be convinced to follow a low-fat diet, and those lost calories would have to come from something else. And if those calories came from sugar, consumption (and presumably, profits) of sugar could go up by about 30 percent.

Then the bad news came: Sugar wasn’t actually good for people. As one SRF document notes, “flowing reports that sugar is a less desirable dietary source of calories than other carbohydrates,” were suddenly on the horizon. Today, we know that sugar is actually a primary cause of disease.

So, SRF set out to make sure that sugar secured its place at the top of the food chain, armed with fake science and propaganda to push. Not only did SRF encourage the Harvard scientists produce the results they wanted to see, data that conflicted with the desired outcome was dismissed for any number of arbitrary reasons.

As NPR notes, a study “that found a health benefit when people ate less sugar and more vegetables was dismissed because "dietary change was not feasible".”

Unsurprisingly, the Sugar Association of today has been reluctant to denounce the activities of SRF from decades ago.






Bumping real news.

Wonder why Kito is becoming so popular and why for every Kito diet video or website, there's ten or more spreading misinformation about the dangers of Kito. Kito is only dangerous if you are diabetic.

Been on the fence about going Kito though, sounds like a bunch of hippie bull-shit.

Of course major corporations want to have scientists make fake facts about sugar! All corporations in America are corrupt to some degree, and will use their money to secure their profits! Why the fuck do you think Article 13 in the EU is a thing? Why do you think the FCC axed Net Neutrality earlier this year?



A little bit of sugar is not harmful, its the constant consumption of soda and snack foods that create diabetes and cancer. You want to stay away from processed sugars, and stick with natural sugars (such as unrefined organic cane sugar, coconut sugar or better yet, organic honey or use the juice from fruits to sweeten your foods).



> Bumping real news.

Is this news? I thought it was common knowledge. We (well, primarily US, but the rest of the First World caught up already and the everyone else is getting there too) eat less calories than in the 70s, exercise more, but have much higher share of obese people - because of the massively increased amounts of sugar we consume, but can't process. Misnutrition, rather than malnutrition. Yes, landwhales are actually starving.

If you want some really fucked up shit, you should look into all the other chemicals in our food. Like what even supposedly raw meat you buy is actually pumped with, so as to increase mass/volume and make it look better.



>If you want some really fucked up shit, you should look into all the other chemicals in our food. Like what even supposedly raw meat you buy is actually pumped with, so as to increase mass/volume and make it look better.

I've posted numerous reports about THAT TOO, only for those threads to be ruthlessly sliden by those who only desire to comment or bump the garbage corporate media TV-propaganda-ridden threads. What else can I say? I'm outnumbered but at least I try my best to shine light on these horrific issues and NOBODY here better ever say they're victims someday because "they weren't warned."


File: fa2e3e5b3b5db74⋯.jpg (39.73 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Pleeze Participate!.jpg)

Obviously, refined sugar is the worst drug in the world..

So, in honor of this knowledge, I would like to name Killcen's Cat " Xylitol".

You too can suggest names for Killcen's cat here:


Pleeze Participate!

The "Name Killcen's Cat Contest" survey results can be found here:


ENJOY This Day!



If I ever had something like Xylitol around, I'd likely feed it to some stray cats rather than take that mind-control crapola.



There is nothing wrong with Xylitol.

As for the mind-control part of it, that is easily countered by mixing in a small amount of powdered aluminum.


So the main problem with it usually is said to be

>the epidemic of obesity

just like in this article.

Is this really the main 'horrible curse of sugar'? Like you can eat 100% sugar and still lose weight (not that I would advise it). If you eat less than you are eating now, while maintaining the same level of activity, you WILL LOSE WEIGHT, 100% of the time, hands down. The problem with obesity isn't sugar, it's fat retards eating too much of /everything in general/.



Sugar is sugar. There really isn't that much difference between your organic honey and regular sugar. Best thing would be to just avoid the shit altogether.


File: ea84e92d81b4e7b⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, 1505412240054.jpg)


Trust me, I tried that. Almost died.

Would not recommend.

You see, not only do fruits have sugar in them (so I cut that out), but so does corn, rice, potatoes, carrots, etc.. (so I cut all that out too).

Our bodies REQUIRE Carbohydrates.

Going 3 months with absolutely no sugars almost killed me. On the bright side, when I started eating healthy sugars again, I experienced the ecstacy of sugar ingestion like I had never experienced before. I've never had a sweeter carrot, and I almost puked on the overly-sweet taste of a grape.

Moral of the story.. Sugars aren't evil. Imbalances are what cause most of our troubles. Too much of one thing, not enough of another..

Healthy living requires balance, in all aspects of our lives.



Simple sugars are really not harmful for you unless consumed in excess. Your brain runs on sugars. They are found naturally in food already assuming the food is not some plastic wrapped garbage. You're right about honey being the same as regular table sugar. Fix sugar cravings with 1 serving of fresh fruits. Avoid canned fruits as they are stored is concentrated syrups. Drink water only. One can of coke contains 1 extra gram of your daily recommended amount of sugar. In reality, you daily amount of sugar intake shouldn't be over 15 grams. This is probably one of the greatest challenges facing the American public. The average American cannot cook for themselves, shamefully, and it is hard to find any option that does not contain an absurd amount of added sugar if you have to eat on a budget.



kito or keto?you fucking idiot



There is a HUGE difference. Honey is actually healthy for you (the organic raw honey that is). Processed sugars are not at all healthy. I wouldn't recommend consuming tons of honey either, but in moderation it is super healthy.



Honey's sweetness comes from fructose and glucose. Sucrose (table sugar) is a combination of the same fructose and glucose. Can you explain what the "HUGE" difference is between these two sugars, because there's virtually no chemical difference at all.



The proportions of glucose and fructose in honey and sugar are different:

sugar is 50 percent fructose and 50 percent glucose

honey contains 40 percent fructose and 30 percent glucose

The remainder of honey consists of:



minerals, including magnesium and potassium

These additional components may be responsible for some of the health benefits of honey.

Sugar is higher on the glycemic index (GI) than honey, meaning it raises blood sugar levels more quickly. This is due to its higher fructose content, and the absence of trace minerals.


So overall, honey is healthier and would be recommended over refined sugar.



Why hasn’t anyone won yet? Datamining? For days and days? Sick.



Its good to sweeten something with honey rather than sugar. Just don't rely on too many sweet foods and stay away from soda, candies and junk food to avoid serious health problems later in life.



Might be dialect with diff. spelling.


File: 8e81f3dda65bd54⋯.jpg (55.15 KB, 468x312, 3:2, How Killcen Should Make To….jpg)


Tonight we'll get down to the final three.

So far "Andy the Faggot" is in the lead.



i posted andy the faggot as a name 100 times


bumping actual news



File: b9ee13ecf7901e7⋯.png (729.49 KB, 1122x3336, 187:556, Scientists Shocked After N….png)



Stop trying to turn /n/ into a censored, commercialized TV network. If you love the corporate media and despise real news, go watch some TV.



>Stop trying to turn /n/ into a censored, commercialized TV network. If you love the corporate media and despise real news, go watch some TV.

go watch tv like all the boomers yor age

and leave the internet ffor the young


You were gone for a while, but i guess you stopped the meds

What are you prescribed for yor paranoia?



Odd, because the corporate media won't report real news on TV, only propaganda (the same kind YOU often spew by the way)!

I don't take meds, and never have. Don't need them, unlike you.


Is this reddit now, who didn't know sugar was bad ?


Any food that's marketed as "low X" is shit, whether the X is sugar, fat, gluten or whatever. Here is the thing: when a food is supposed the contain X you cannot just remove the X and expect everything to remain the same. At best the food will taste like cardboard, in more severe cases it will begin falling apart just when you look at it (gluten is a natural glue protein). So in order to compensate for the lack of X, it needs to be substituted with something else, and that something is usually even worse than X itself. If you cannot eat X, then just don't eat any food that would naturally contain X. Miss pasta? Well, tough luck, get over it. Don't buy gluten-free pasta, that shit is even worse for you.


>So overall, honey is healthier and would be recommended over refined sugar.

That's like saying huffing glue is healthier than huffing paint thinner. I'm sure you can get those minerals from other food without the sugar. Honey is OK as an occasional snack a few times a year, but it is not regular food.


>Sugar is sugar. There really isn't that much difference between your organic honey and regular sugar.

That is true, but organic food has other components which lower the bioavailability of the sugar. For example one glass of apple juice has as much sugar as four or five apples, but eating those apples will raise your blood sugar less than the juice. The reason is that the fiber within the apples inhibits your body's ability to absorb the sugar. This does work for other nutrients as well however, such as vitamins.


>If you eat less than you are eating now, while maintaining the same level of activity, you WILL LOSE WEIGHT, 100% of the time, hands down.

No, calories in, calories out is not how it works. I had been torturing myself at the gym doing cardio for years with no effect. Then I cut all sugar (especially the hidden one) from my diet and I lost 15kg within three months with barely any workout (just cycling, but I was doing that before already). Sugar is a poison and the body reacts by creating fat tissue as a defense mechanism, the only way to get rid of that fat is to remove the poison the body is protecting itself against.



So what your saying would prove me correct, you should stay away from sugar as much as possible? I still say if you want to sweeten something, just use organic honey to do that, not processed sugar. I typically only sweeten one thing and thats my iced tea (and I use organic honey to do that). I avoid deserts, candy, soda and snacks like the plague.












>No, calories in, calories out is not how it works.

That's exactly how it works, lard-ass. You aren't smarter than thermodynamics. I'm guessing that, if your story is true (doubtful because new-age dipshits lie about shit all the time), there's something else you aren't mentioning.



> I still say if you want to sweeten something, just use organic honey to do that, not processed sugar.

Sure, I mean if you are going to sweeten then use the less bad sweetener. I'd still say that not sweeting things in the first place is better.


In order for thermodynamics to matter you would have to eat less than a starving African child. Your body is going to shut down you physical activity through hormones before you have a chance of burning off enough energy. Your body has created that fat for protection and it will hold on to it as long as the threat persists. Cut out the crap food and your body will destroy the fat on its own.



>Carbs from corn is the same as carbs from processed grain




there's glute free noodles on china/asia made with beans or rice.

anyway most pastas taste shit except actual pasta which is done fresh. most on the market have tons of trans fat and other harmful shit so it doesn't rot and cause a Class A lawsuit.

if you wanna lose weight and live anywhere from NA to few parts of the EU then it's either you eat balanced diet (1 part for each veggie, protein, carbs) which is the average Asian diet. westies don't understand this.


sweetness is a very common flavor that it doesn't even amount to a good taste and I don't understand the logic why people still dig it. the person eating is either addicted with the dopamine rush and triggers their brain's reward center (much like a drug but is unregulated).

most store shelf products are too sweet for me even drinks that is because I almost never use sugar on drinks nor enjoy eating that cookie at the market which only taste like sugar (like one tbsp/cookie). heck even most commercial chocolates taste like 10-20% cocoa and the rest is milk and sugar.

sugar should be avoided especially if the ones or the goyims eating it are susceptible to the the effects of their dopamine circuit (especially to those suffering from depression which most people are but with varying intensity) and addiction to such brain triggers only causes the person over consumption like a drug. if that's your thing, you need to go buy some XXXL size clothing, anon but you're likely gonna get that stare and get lol'd at before you even enter the store, or bus.


you almost died because your body is still creating breakdown catalyst for the carbs you were used to be eating and then you completely cut off your consumption.

that's not how it works. it's like cutting off your life support.

even your brain would revolt like a druggie because your brain can no longer function without your psychoactive that is dopamine - and druggies are rehabilitated by slowly reducing the amount they consume not a complete cut off which causes idiosyncratic reactions.



Most of the elites take some medicinal drug which can let them drink soda daily without any harmful effect.

If anyone know or want to research this I encourage you to share findings.

Even the other harmful stuffs that we eat everyday, they already have a cure just for themselves. Their endgame is that the goys are degraded into something that is less than human while they themselves are in perfect shape and has the cure.

Feminism is likely caused by a virus https://8ch.net/pol/res/11483437.html (archive) and it's probably their doing (((not to mention the Rockefellers and Rothschilds are into biotech research))).

They already did it with mosquitoes like Zika virus which made inferior offspring. I suspect Keystone virus as one of their newest creations and also suspect the place of its first appearance to be the same place as their labratories.

>so whats the plan

This 4D chess is getting chaotic. Japan (and others) is the hope for humanity but even these groups have no match against their natural weather control system that caused Fukushima meltdown. They can undermine any suspected nation at a press of a button and it is already functional (artificial storm, tsunami, earthquake).

All sides of nature/tech are used to turn against us:

>natural disasters

>virus/bacteria outbreak through lab mosquitoes/etc. depending on topology

>food supply and ability to horticulture and livestock (laws and regulations to prevent you)

>expenditure/travel methods (EMV+ or die)

>government officials (through Soros voting machine or migrant voters)

Japan was against the plan. Whose plan? Trilateral Commission? UN? Don't care who's who but as we can see Japan is a very independent nation.


>no fluoride

>high IQ nation

>independent, produce their own processed food supply and agriculture. (suspecting they tried to quit from T commission)

>strict to migrants and islamic religions - immune to civil/islamic state and 'US Aid' democrification

>no propaganda in the otaku media

>no Soros machines to control vote

<fast forward

<Fukushima meltdown attack ^ to reverse above greentext like a falling domino

>damaged economy

>open borders

>lower Visa restriction for helpers (Fukushima and other foster care)

>and now even accepting Indian(Islamic) workers

>democracy(tm) installed with the help of installed minority(tm)

Their plan is to eliminate potential threats. Won't even call it a plan, it's a promise.

What role do you play?

Beauty of the cosm is an endless pursuit.



As a diabetic myself, I have to say sugar will kill you!



>Our bodies REQUIRE Carbohydrates

Objectively false. Let me know if you want to be BTFO by a .gov source, I can dig up the link


>another boring boomer thread


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Diet has been jewed since Ancel Keys came onto the scene and everyone forgot about based Vilhjalmur Stefansson.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

KETO CHAD says sugar is for faggots.


How do I convince my peers and family to stop enabling themselves




Thanks for the contribution to this thread.


Why is the mod anchoring new threads?





How can I keep in touch with the /n/ mod? I don't think one day old news deserved to be anchored.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No problem, this one also blew my mind.


File: ac6d6fde94b7533⋯.jpg (32.78 KB, 409x538, 409:538, fat_of_the_land_stefansson.jpg)

Pic related is also a tough but informative read.


File: e967f000ff87c02⋯.jpg (24.81 KB, 638x360, 319:180, arctic.jpg)


>It's all about ballantss yoo guise!

>Your brain requires carbohydrates in order to function properly.

>Cut out all sugars and your brain will cease functioning.

Listen here you braindead nigger. Author of pic related here >>711332 lived in the arctic for 4 years straight with the eskimoes and for 3 years ate nothing but fish and water and for one year nothing but venison and water. No scurvy, no loss of brain function, no death. Explain it.

Left in pic related.


File: 439a04e0999fdb9⋯.jpg (62.46 KB, 558x650, 279:325, Mastodon-Hunt.jpg)


>Once a month or so I eat a few squares of 100% baking chocolate.

>baking chocolate

Wtf just eat 70%+ cocoa chocolate. Baking chocolate is not for eating straight out of the packet.

>you had better damn well have some fat to burn!

You don't have to have fat to burn to survive in ketosis, you get that from the food you eat daily and the glycogen in your muscles/liver.

>Don't Do Anything to Extremes.

Life is meant to be extreme. Humans are built for hardship and survival in a harsh natural world. If I drop you out in the bush in the middle of winter what are you going to eat? The only thing is a big fatty herbivore that doesn't want to die. You and your fellow tribesmen are going to have to expend energy to kill it. I can guarantee you will not gather nearly enough carbs to avoid starvation. That animal and it's fat and protein are what is going to keep you going until the end of winter. Humans for the past 3 millennia have been evolving to eat meat and live off fat for energy. I don't think nature would be so cruel as to make carbs necessary for our survival, given how scarce they are in the natural environment. Stick your finger in your gob and feel those teeth at the front, the incisors and canines. Those are for tearing and cutting meat from bone. That's the proof.



>not knowing there are carbohydrates in meat

<All naturally-occurring meats contain no carbohydrates

No you an hero you sped.



Wut up, familam. I lurk the threads I anchor for a day or two.



Why did you anchor this? Its only a day old? I would not like to have to repost it later on. Please unanchor, this thread holds massive potential!



I read the news articles (well skim them really) and figure out if it follows the algorithm to qualify as news such as a "new study" or "action->reaction" which covers 90% of news stories. Then I check dates and if the news is relevant or some sort of editorial/OpEd that doesn't actually discuss news but would better fit on /pol/. Based on what I skimmed from this article, it was basically a clickbait headline without actually discussing current events past its OpEd narrative. All the studies it referred back to were not recent and even discuss the scientists being paid off. I'll review it after work. I work full-time 5-6 days a week and only hop on one or two times a day lol.

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