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File: 8ee8c3147ad0f22⋯.jpg (40.95 KB, 737x451, 67:41, Capture.JPG)


Another day, another grotesquely hypocritical “Christian” leader goes down. The Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, was once pastored by a man name Donnie Romero. If you don’t remember Donnie Romero, he was the pastor who said he was “praying” for the deaths of critically injured victims of the Florida Pulse nightclub shooting. A really spiritual guy. In a shocking* turn of events, Romero announced the following to his flock last week, at an hour-long meeting of the congregation. He was very weepy.

Anderson: I'm just gonna mention, you know, what the sins were without going into detail. Basically the major sin involved was being with prostitutes. And then there were also marijuana and gambling that were also discovered."





File: f8924113858de71⋯.png (9.88 KB, 255x149, 255:149, ed83442d18b997e89c5fe742d6….png)

to be missed



Why tho? I thought it's all about absolution of sins with these cults. He should bring those prostitutes into the church and wash their heads collectively.


File: 077deb080d67532⋯.png (456.69 KB, 1787x1752, 1787:1752, ZcVPPtl.png)


>to be missed

You are stealing my memes faggot.

At least wait a few days to re-post them.


Romero was guilty, not My Meme Man Anderson. Learn to write an op you absolute fucking nigger. I hate how retarded you are.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The first clue is that a Texan went down, not an Arizonan. But if you don’t know who Anderson is, you can’t rightly be called an antisocial masturbator. Fuck yourself.


File: 94746334927dbf7⋯.webm (7.08 MB, 480x360, 4:3, moonman 49 faggots.webm)


Rig the SIG

Pop the Glock

And shoot for the moon

Sand-Niggers pulling triggers yeah it's something to see

They may be ignorant savages, but they're working for me


Boom! NEWS


The biggest sin was marrying white women to black men.



Christianity is so pathetic. Basing its opposition to homosexuality on spiritual purity and family values means that to be consistent they end up going down for things like this.

There are better reasons to hate homos.



> grotesquely?

So he liked hos, big deal

Judas Priests fucked lil boys



The hos were young men



Is this the guy who said it's okay to be gay and that he's gay, but what god doesn't like is faggots? I sure would like that video about right now.


File: 1de10b8a941d42f⋯.png (17.78 KB, 222x255, 74:85, 436c3431492662a58be12660cc….png)


File: 79c3baed82f7acf⋯.jpg (143.05 KB, 465x706, 465:706, naziCHICeffdfdfdfe_465_706….jpg)


we see what OP is trying to do


Just a heads up sheeple– nobody died at pulse nightclub lol. Staged hoax event with 100% crisis actors.

Ever notice how 100% of these "shootings" all happening in Wasserman Shultz district supervised by sherrif of Nottingham (((Scott Israeli)))??????

Coincidence I'm sure



t. Closeted Cuckold Fetishist




So, you actually enjoy the pain and suffering of others? How sad. How pathetically sad. I imagine that, when you grow up, you'll be a mass murder like Charlie Manson.





You may not realize it but constantly forcing your pony memes on everyone else without anyone's consent and with the express purpose of annoying anyone constitutes a form of social abuse which is covered by at least six state laws and at least four on the Federal level. By engaging in this behavior you subject yourself to lawsuits (particularly class-action lawsuits) which could result in you having to pay damages amounting in the millions of dollars. Don't laugh because I'm not kidding. This is serious and you should take it seriously.

>Banning has never stopped you. Perhaps suing you into a state of abject poverty might.


File: 1406fd3bf44e251⋯.jpg (286.39 KB, 1278x818, 639:409, Page004.jpg)


How sad you never stopped to check to see that's one of many Correct The Record shills. Go back and look at a few things and you'll see that's true.

(First Pic) Go back and check the number of tweets, number of followers and join date. (Second and Third Pic) Now check the friends list and the "you might also Know"s. See the odd thing about their profiles, too?

Look carefully. Can you see the discrepancies in those pics? Who do you know on twitter since 2008 who has less than a hundred followers and tweets? Yeah, that stands out like a big red warning flag right there.

All of that clearly tells me that it's all pure made up, concocted 100 percent BULLSHIT and is totally unbelievable.

But, maybe you thought others are as stupid as you and wouldn't catch on? Sorry! Consider yourself busted.


File: b80531bdf546a06⋯.jpg (276.5 KB, 1188x873, 132:97, Page005.jpg)


File: 916c6f884c35930⋯.jpg (284.78 KB, 1190x851, 1190:851, Page006.jpg)


File: 517ac7056d5c4b0⋯.jpg (84.92 KB, 1024x980, 256:245, ChrisTroll.jpg)

Yeah, this whole thread is really poorly assembled bullshit posted by some moron who thinks they're a troll but it's clear to me (and anyone else who's been on the internet for more than five minutes) that this is a really bad troll attempt that's had the absolute minimum of effort put into it and made on the posters assumption that we're all morons and stupid enough to fall for this blatant crap.


>fail troll is fail.

>Lurk moar

>Or, better yet, go back to Cuckchan where everyone else is just as stupid and gullible as you are.



You are correct. But they end being too anger-based, and too judgement based, and they are more worried about punishing instead of solving problems/liberating people/absolving sins.


You know he was a brony. I bet it's him who made all the poo-poo pony memes.



Wtf I hate that band now


Hahahaha AMAZING.

The hypocrisy is off the walls!

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