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File: b4fd2fffebd574a⋯.jpg (101.19 KB, 1200x798, 200:133, Pentagon Preparing Options….jpg)



When there is a foreign invasion, the least the strongest military on Earth could do would be to protect its own nation from it.

Maybe the good guys in the US Military have finally decided to step up to the challenge.

The Pentagon is preparing options to build barriers on the southern border in the event that President Donald Trump declares a national emergency there, the latest indication such a move is gaining traction within the administration.

"The Department of Defense is reviewing available authorities and funding mechanisms to identify options to enable border barrier construction," said Navy Capt. Bill Speaks, a Pentagon spokesman. "As there has not been such a declaration made, it would be inappropriate to comment further on those efforts."

Trump is considering a declaration of a national emergency as a way to free up funds for a border wall if talks with Democrats fail to yield a deal on his signature issue.






Pentagon prepares to lose more money, build socialism.



I'm just posting whats been reported. NOTICE:

>When there is a foreign invasion, the least the strongest military on Earth could do would be to protect its own nation from it.

>Maybe the good guys in the US Military have finally decided to step up to the challenge.

Don't like news? Don't lurk here then, because this is a NEWS board!



Socialism? What the FUCK are you talking about? Protecting your own fucking nation is now considered "socialism" to you? Fuck off commie faggot!



What a retard. Not even going to placate you.


File: ce43ffa0534b4ca⋯.jpg (42.4 KB, 600x532, 150:133, MOHAMMED NO.jpg)



remember anon: report, sage, and hide all troll posts/threads. do not reply under any circumstances


>Bring troops home from Syria

>Use those troops to build the wall

>Costs way less than keeping them in Syria but the US actually gets something useful in return

2/3 of the troops are already home they could start this tomorrow.



I am smarter than you jackasses will ever be, and I didn't even need college to learn whats going on in the real world! Again, you don't appreciate news but thats too bad because you are on a news board. /n/ stands for NEWS not Johnny Neptune.



I don't report trolls, or anyone for that matter. I don't mind people speaking their mind, but I have a right to post what news I desire and speak my mind. I don't hide from jackasses I confront them.



So smart. Behold.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Socialism? I'll tell you what socialism is! Allowing illegals to flood into your country and receive welfare benefits for breeding on the US Taxpayer's dime costing Billions $$$ every single year!

Once this wall is built, this will pay for itself in the next decade and save US taxpayers TONS of wasted money!



funny thing is, that soviet union didn't allow illegals, but we're supposed to, lefties today are really fucking strange people


File: fae5892bc646b5b⋯.jpg (29.1 KB, 522x481, 522:481, Reason.JPG)


Follow the plan.



Apparently no one remembers the Pentagon scandal during 9/11.

Guess what, everyone? I don’t need your help. I can do it on my own. And from the looks of it, much better.



I'm afraid we're living in a Society of Morons…

Even the 1% of Geniuses are mostly misinformed; rendering their intellectual capacity useless…

The Propaganda strategy worked…



Are you refering to the missing Trillions $$$? Yes, I am aware of that and it needs to be investigated, I agree.



Fucking MORONS… The USSR was locked down to prevent any flow of information to their ignorant masses. If you stepped out of line, you were sent to a prison camp to be enslaved to death.

Modern Socialism is a Communist Trojan horse. Oldest trick in the fucking book…



Lucky we have insiders like you who can literally read peoples minds for us.

This is why I always get my news from 8chan. Or the goldwater.



You’re a good man, but sometimes I think you can be overly literal.



There still is as far as they are still trying to get into the country illegally. I'll admit if they follow the immigration laws then it wouldn't be considered an invasion however they were caught over and over trying to rush the border illegally THUS invasion!



>This Will Be The End Of Trump’s Campaign,’ Says Increasingly Nervous Man For Seventh Time This Year



I'm concerned about our country's future and thats why I'm so edgy. I don't want America to fall into a third world subjugated hellhole like so many other nations have. If that makes me "overly literal" then I'm proud of it.



If Trump colluded with anyone it would have been Zionists from Israel, not the Russians. And there has been NO proof of any conspiracy or collusion as of yet. From Day 1 they've been planning to remove Trump from office, because they're scared to death of Trump actually growing some balls and fixing the damages done to this nation from years and years of corruption and bad actors! Whether he will is still up to debate.



I say overly literal because the fact this decline and dissolution is all but inevitable seems lost on you.

Yet part of me feels guilty for being so certain. Civilizations are born, reach their apex, and die. Empires fall, typically around the 250 year mark. Ours is in no position of thriving prosperity and hope.

But, sure, anything can happen if you go on ignoring a distinction between ‘country’ and ‘nation’. No one’s suggesting we should let it happen.



The first step to correction is admitting all the problems we have. But thats not enough. We need to try to expose the bad actors and try to support fixing this mess we are in no matter who's fault it was. NOTE that this destabilization of the US has been going on for a LONG TIME! 40+ years now.



LOL. The Invasion series came out BEFORE Trump ever addressed the caravan, take a look! And look at the long ass thread BEFORE the Invasion series called Deliberate Destabilization (started when Obama was still president!)



DELIBERATE DESTABILIZATION: https://archive.fo/znu4m

Started 11/20/15 (Fri) 20:48:17



"Former NSA Spy John Schindler: CIA Is Trying To Take Trump Out Right NOW!"


When was this posted? 01/14/17 (Sat) 22:53:17



I keep track of these events, much more than you or others can even realize. If that makes me "tin foil" then I'm the Tin Foil King!



What do you think, Nepitune?



Straight out of the leugenpresse.



Schindler is a CIA nigger, and not a very bright one.



They are exposed every day. Why doesn’t someone try hanging them?


My cat has hyperthyroidism. It’s treatable but I might have to put him down anyway.



Its improved the quality of my life because I'm well prepared in case there is a disastrous crisis and/or civil war/economic collapse. I also enjoy what I do now that I'm retired and I'll admit I think I'm contributing more than I did to society than when I was working. Do I get frustrated at many events taking place? Sure! But thats normal when you pay attention to all the crap going on today. But we must be prepared and we must remain vigilant. If we don't do that, we stand no chance resisting the evil in this world. I'm not backing down anytime soon. I'll back down when my heart finally caves in and forces me to.



Resist evil all you want. If there is no good worth promoting then you live only for spite.



The ones in power are very well protected and thats why. Plus I think people are a bit too comfortable… once they can't feed themselves or their families, then you'll start to see unrest like we see in Paris right now. Thats just my conclusion.



>i used to be an ALARMIST just like you

>but it was making me miserable

You need to step back every once in a while and take breaks. I have to do this every now and then.

> I finally realized that I wasn't helping anybody

You likely DID help some people wake up. You just didn't notice it or get personal notification of it. Thats normal.



We could always try drafting more kids to fight in Afghanistan. Someone has to win at some point.



>I think that the invasion of violent criminals and gangmembers can be found on any street corner in america

Illegal immigration has a lot to do with this believe it or not. Many illegals join the drug and arms trade / gangs & cartels. Poverty also plays a roll in this which there is plenty of due to outsourcing American industry which began in the 80s. Illegal immigration also takes away jobs from average Americans too, and lowers the wages. So keep that in mind.



How are we the problem? Too optimistic and inclusive? Bad at sharing? They have subhuman intelligence therefore we’re responsible for their behavior?

The very idea that these stone age peoples have our militaries on the ropes is proof that nuclear weapons aren’t real; moreover, neither is the moon landing, the stock market, quantum physics, or anything about us.




inb4 illegals do work Americans don't want or need

I'll tell you for a fact there is a lot of Americans right now homeless that would love nothing more than to have one of those jobs making minimum wage doing something like construction or even janitorial work. At least they'd be able to provide a roof over their head.



I hope she is alright. This world is pretty fucked up and cruel.



I'm not talking about families, I'm talking about those sneaking in with malicious intent (gangbangers / drug dealers / violent criminals) WHICH DOES HAPPEN!



This isn’t your opinion though, to be fair. It’s a well worn right winger talking point. The left collapses, the right steps in and rebuilds.

If there is nothing to do but wait for food to run out so we can organize and mobilize ourselves, I see no need for political discussion.

Alternatively, Johnny is also dead wrong because he unironically believes our mafia oligarchs have special privilege when it comes to journalistic authority. Whereas Killcen strays off the MKUltra path enough to be aware of what the dissidents think and feel, Johnny is asking us to bury our heads in the sand and trust the powerful to bring Trump down, or make blacks more civilized, or protect us from Earth’s natural cycles.



They’re not innocent victims because they come from Ecuador. Frankly, you don’t know a thing about them.



>we are being distracted by Trump

This issue goes beyond Trump, its you being distracted by him. This is a REAL issue, it is a REAL threat. I've been calling this an invasion for a lot longer than Trump was even president!! "Deliberate Destabilization!"



We need proper border security to deal with the criminals sneaking in. And we need proper vetting too, to make sure their kind don't get in.




Anyone who shows up in the country is given the honorific title of ‘American’. But you can’t see how that might be a more serious problem?



Absence of information does not support your rose-colored view that they are innocent.



Illegal immigration is only PART of the problem. Rampant political corruption is too. Lobbyists are too. Endless war is part of that problem as well. Outsourcing industry is a major problem. Too much bureaucracy can be a problem. The Federal Reserve system is a problem. Debt insolvency is a problem. Lots and lots of problems, and all need to be fixed: one thing at a time!



No one’s suggesting that. We already know it’s jews.



Foreign lobbying by Zionists is a big problem, which has led to endless wars for ZOG (which has no benefits for us as a nation). So you are also correct. We got LOTS of problems, and Jewish special interests most certainly play a big roll.


>maximum damage control

>johnny neptune derail

>irrelevant shit from another thread

Oh boy, this thread has really rattled some yarmulkes.



Except there are multiple groups of jews, Zionist Israel Firsters and Diaspora jews to name two. They work the dumbfuck goyim from both angles.


What we need to do to REALLY fix our country is three things: 1) end these senseless wars in the Middle East, 2) crack down on foreign lobbying, and 3) secure our damn borders already!

If we can do just those three things the USA would fix a whole lot of problems!



>Diaspora jews

That I'm not too aware of. Can you explain this to me?



Diaspora jews are those happy to live and prosper outside Israel by practicing parasitism as a reproductive strategy against successive host nations. When you see social and political revolution alongside creeping socialism you’re dealing with the Diaspora.



OK, perhaps prohibiting dual citizenship would help curb this problem, which I am also for.



Absolutely. They ought not to be allowed in government.



AIPAC must also finally register as a foreign lobby. And the Fed must die.

Little things. No pogroms yet.



I bet your in your mid 30s, Im going to say 34. Am i right?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




This is the one thing I do not like about Trump, he has put too many Zionists that have dual citizenship / foreign lobbyist connections into his cabinet and staff. I think this is the main reason he hasn't lived up to many promises, these neo-con globalist/Zionist stooges are negatively influencing a lot of his decisions (minus the Syrian withdrawal and the border issue as of now). You can tell his staff are in panic mode trying their best to convince him to "stay the course" and keep moving forward with their corrupt agendas. I also believe it really would be in (((their))) best interests to remove him just because they don't have total control over him like they had of his predecessors.

It took Ann Coulter of all people to convince him he needed to grow a pair of balls when it came to the border issue. So maybe if we push him enough, and take a wrecking ball to his ego, maybe this will work in making Trump stand up to his promises. Who knows? Just a thought.



Way way off I can tell you that. I'm retired.



I agree, his tenure is very schizophrenic. I won’t hold my breath because his children are married in. The Trump family from this day forward will be known as a jewish one.



Why do you even come to this board? Anyone who comes here for the first time can see no one takes /n/ seriously, so why bother? This shithole makes /b/, /r9k/, and /bant/ actually pleasant to browse.



He is either a liar of epic proportions or one dumb sonofabitch to actually try and convince the American people that the swamp is only comprised of the people who want out daughters blacked and our sons on a pedosexual catwalk for traps at 10yo.

It’s also the world financiers and war mongering drug and arms dealers who topple civilizations in the name of markets.


PaRtY oF sMaLl GoVeRnMeNt



Still better than the others. I'd prefer him over Clintons or Bushs or even Reagan anyday. Saying that, I still think he's about 45 years too late. But better now than never.



But of course the point is not that most of them are crooked or even republicans. Something else unites them.



Yes and that is still a legit concern.



Walls DO work, notice that Hungary built a barbed wire fences all along their border and illegal immigration dropped to record lows. Also, Israel - as corrupt as they may be - has very secure borders, their wall keeps out those they don't want coming into their country too. Great wall of China? Same thing, its simple but it works.



NOTE: if walls did not work at curbing illegal immigration there is NO reason the corporate media would be so panicked over this issue, nor would the politicians. They wouldn't give a rats ass because its less than 1% of the funding for Christs sake! The reason they are so afraid of a wall is because they know walls DO work!



Racial homogeneity is the traditional basis of nationhood, not agreement on a set of propositions that are open for interpretation.



When they built the wall around the El Paso border illegal immigration plummeted! Ask the border control agents, they admitted it helped curb illegal immigration over there. We know the media is a bunch of liars and we know walls DO work and that is why so many of these open border shills are shitting their panties thinking of the possibility. Again, Hungary built TWO barbed wired fences all around their border and illegal immigration plummeted by 99%!!



In his defense there is nothing to do in Creswell but fuck and kill.



We already have that. It’s called the iPhone.



Hungary Builds a Wall, Cuts Illegal Immigration by Over 99 Per Cent


BULLSHIT it "doesn't work!"



>wanting to live in a third world shithole



Look at much of Europe that HAS allowed illegals to pour right in, those countries are all third world shitholes right now!


For me it’s all rather simple: we ask ourselves whether the American experiment has worked. Was democracy stable or did tribal groups form and take turns overthrowing each other for temporary control of the state. Did democracy swallow the poison of Islam and keep moving or was it forever altered by the latter’s more totalitarian aspects. How did the experiment do at preserving financial sovereignty? A middle classed worker? Did it degrade into oligarchy and fraternal rule? How did the least among its people fare during the worst of times?

The American experiment is an abject failure and therefore it is time to return to the barbaric Dark Age and let some other, better group of people try again.

Get back behind that wall and crawl around in your own slime.



They'll try to impeach him no matter what, and the House will likely vote for it. But the Senate also has a say and the Senate likely won't unless they want to destroy their Republican voter base!



Those things don’t last once the funding dries up or a new admin comes into power. Get real. Far better to build a wall that the NWO can’t defund.



>thinking walls don't need maintenance



Less maintenance than invisible barriers.



>implying fence repair and tunnel filling costs less than patrols which you need anyway



And I can accept that, as long as we finally get out of the Middle East and secure our damn borders then I don't have too much of a problem with the administration. Some things Trump has done were good, others I disagree with. I still say its better than the others but no where near perfect. Oh well, I'll deal with that.



>mitch mconnell pushes forth the fight for israel bill

>gets struck down immediately

>pushes forth fight for israel bill again

>get struck down immediately

>pushes forth fight for israel bill a third time



LOL, figures!



actually it wasn't fight for israel it was "make it illegal to boycott israel" which is basically the same



A more accurate picture would be Neptune in a half way home with his smart phone and Killcen in an underground shelter full of stockpiles of essentials and loaded guns next to an old 90s computer and a bottle of Scotch Whiskey.



Pilpul bullshit.



When I relax I usually go to the local gun range and pretend shooting gun grabbing commies. Other than that I'll either be maintaining/fixing older utilities around my home or watching an old movie on my DVD player. Sometimes I'll have a couple glasses of scotch while listening to some old rock music or bluegrass, that I like doing too. Depends on what mood I'm in but I do take breaks. I also like cooking, typically chicken or steak with vegetables covered in garlic, pepper and/or ginger. Eating home cooked meals helps me relax too, especially with a side of premium scotch whiskey.


File: a7913def85ab76a⋯.webm (1.91 MB, 1014x642, 169:107, 11 tops, on a good day.webm)



I don't trust the new TSA naked body scanners so I won't travel outside of driving my old truck within the states. My typical "vacation" would be a trip to Texas or Arizona, maybe New Mexico or Colorado or Illinois because I do like visiting other towns and supporting the ma & pa diners that still exist out there. Maybe travel on Route 66.



Thats a keeper, only that window does me dishonor. I have bolts fortified through the studs next to the window frames to mount my window bars. The window would be barred up from within. Also you'd see more emergency food stockpiles in the background, because most my others are in the garage and other storage rooms.


File: b444e55fe38f87b⋯.jpg (51.31 KB, 898x628, 449:314, tr.jpg)


i think you're getting confused anon



I converted my daughter's old room into a storage room recently, she could hardly recognize it when she came over to visit last year. lol. She said "I can hardly recognize my old room dad." I made it clear the stuff either goes there or it clogs up the living room space and we'd have to be walking around path ways! She got the point.



BTW, my son in law thinks I'm a nut! But he KNOWS damn well I own a lot of valuable stuff that some day could one day enrich them! So he keeps on my good side, as he should.



Book: The Anglo-American Establishment. At the front of the hyphen are Anglos, and at the back area people we shant name ooga booga.



No. I don't like the radiation that they subject travelers to. And the fact is they KEEP all those biometric scans for their database profiles too!


File: bacebed6531f679⋯.jpeg (80.59 KB, 979x657, 979:657, E24503C3-CE3B-4FF8-8F34-3….jpeg)


>implying we don’t utilize rotting infrastructure every day

>implying both cement and manpower aren’t complementary and worth having

>sucking little cut dicks on your way to the bank to redeem your consensus cracker shekels

>asking to be executed more slowly and painfully as a traitor

>implying there is nothing wrong with erecting a shield against the winds of the shitblizzard

Anon, I…



Its NOT just toasters. I have old TV sets. I have old washing machines (even an old Maytag manual washer). I have older radios, stereos, record & cassette players, old cameras, all kinds of old utilities and spare parts, I got lots of tools, I got lots of guns/ammo, I got old used computers and DVD rippers and extra keyboards, I got off-grid power inverters and solar panels and generators, I got years worth of food storage with long shelve life, I got TONS of stuff that when all is said and done amounts over $200,000 easy! Not to mention silver and gold (mostly silver coins). I'm not a hoarder because I don't stock up on junk! I stock up valuable commodities / assets that can be put to use if SHTF!!






David Rock, is that you?



Thats not my concern. I don't like the biometic SPY crap, nor do I like all the harmful radiation is causes. They have no right to subject me to that crap so I'm boycotting the airports. Haven't traveled ONCE by plane since 9/11!


Never been on a plane. Never driven a car either.



If they had any idea who I was here, I might be on a no fly list and don't even know it. But it wouldn't effect me anyway because I'm boycotting air travel till they bring back the old default metal detector wands.



Why does everyone think I'm so paranoid? If anything I'm just stubborn and rebellious and disgruntled with the wold today. Bring me back to the 50s, hell even the 60s or 70s and I'd be fine, probably fit in with society a lot better too.



It would be paranoia if they weren’t out to get you. But look at the source: Johnny tends to present his case as though he works for CNN.



He’s all “I’m not a leftist, but I hate the republicans, all my positions are based on Democrat Party talking points, and all my links are globohomo corp presstitutes and glowinthedarks.”



Pretty much THIS. Except for the rare references to NSA snooping, which is correct. Everything else is total BS propaganda from the TV networks. Johnny should know better not to trust them or any politicians for that matter. They are all scum (yes, even Trump can piss me off at times to be perfectly honest - thats when he lacks the balls to really do whats right though!)



Johnny re-ups on blue pills hourly. I feel sorry for him. So sorry.

He’s a victim of his own sense of style.



>drug and arms dealers who topple civilizations in the name of markets.

The CIA?



You must actually be retarded. Fucking shill.



Neocohen Party for short.



Like it’s some revelation that the Romans built a creation myth out of remnants of previous religions.

Because the race-mixed pseuds of Mystery Babylon did a psy-op means there is no God? Hardly. God is pre-Levant. God is beyond panpsychism entirely, and his holy covenant is 640x480.



Ask Killcen. I collect kidneys not toasters.



Blue pills are false memory enhancers.


File: 0bc31ad5e49e94b⋯.jpeg (69.11 KB, 490x490, 1:1, AF4C232A-0B7E-4577-9F9E-9….jpeg)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


These people are your people, Johnny:



Well THEY claim walls don't work. OK… so the budget ONLY requests less than 1% of the funding towards a wall. Not even one fucking percent of the total budget. If they are so sure that the wall doesn't help, why are they so paranoid to pass a tiny bit of funding towards the wall? Why not just say "fuck it, lets get this over with" and pass that funding to open government? They care about the government being funded so badly? Then fund it! According to them, they have nothing to worry about, because "walls don't work" by their logic! Right?



probably because they did send a bill to fund it that was voted on by both parties and the cheeto veto'd



Exactly. Think of it as a jobs program. Ok, it didn’t work but it put Americans to work. How many investments are made in black communities despite it being well known that the money will be wasted?



Wrong, Johnny. I call you a leftist because of what you believe and how you support those beliefs, as a pejorative. I’m doing it deliberately. As for labeling, you have no problem with any of that deep down because you tell people you’re jewish. You’d never get me to admit that.



Plenty of people like him. He has a big butt.



Jew is a victim identity. You’re part of the rabbinic Obedience Control System. You’re actually proud of being held captive.

Jew is not an ethnic identity because you’re a Mongol-Turkish people admixed with every nation you’ve ever subverted’s genetics. You are mutts. The only things that unite you are mafia-style tribalism and worship of flesh.



Jew is no less ideological than liberal. You’re godless, self-worshipping grifters. You can’t begin to rise above your historical circumstances.



Morality doesn’t come into it. And for you to offer up such a judgement is among the most hilarious of life’s ironies. There are far greater forces at work here than good and bad little boys.



You make universal claims about a man with a straight face when the long and short of it is that this is what you and your pussyhat friends believe.



You are slaves to the baby benis sucking Rabbis, even living here in the diaspora where you foolishly believe you march to the beat of your own drum. You’re not free.



See, now we have that part of you that is jewish displayed for all to see.

Your tribe has the power indeed. But it can’t keep it.


Now he’s comparing jews to cats, but cats feed on jew rats. Der ewige jude depicts the natural state of the jewish people without a monopoly over a nations money supply: filthy, diseased, unkempt people without discipline or goodness of any kind. Flies swarming around their children as if they know.



A jew doesn’t begin his professional life with hard work under a mentor. He starts with a suitcase of stolen wares, works his way up to a tent, a store, several stores, and then a bank. Once he has a bank, then he can reproduce his kind. Parasites all.



Johnny doesn’t have a bank though. He has a piece of pizza he tries to scurry off with, with all that notion implies.



Did your college professor teach you to think like that?


Are you believing my bullshit? I memorized this all from /pol/. Hope it was convincing.



Professors don’t deal in facts, let alone the missing trillions from the Pentagon post-911. You know, the ones Americans had to soak up as a loss in currency value?

Go fuck yourself.


The wall is happening. We the People deserve to have a President and Military that protect our country.

God Bless!




Some of it has been replaced and re-built and some older sections are newly upgraded too. But not too much, only certain sections and areas. El Paso is one, and then some in California too. Not nearly enough that we need to secure the entire border which is mosly still open or easy to get through because of wooden posts they call "fences" built during Bush and Obama regimes. So yah, hopefully he finds a way to pay for it, even if the military has to buck our stupid politicians and say "sorry, but this here is national security, we're building it!"



PS: what the military needs to do is ask for dedicated patriotic recruits to help them build the wall. Say a small contract like "join the Army temporarily and help us build this wall." I bet they'd get a lot of Americans helping them out with it, for next to nothing as far as costs. Hell, I'd help out with it. I can pour concrete, I was once a construction worker for a period of time back in the late 80s. I'd help the cause.



Kalis Yuga



Somehow I think this confirms that rap music is fubu for retards. But I don’t mean to insult her by association.



tfw the hot girl with downs has a following and I don’t.



I can’t be sure, but I bet she choreographs her own dance moves. They are so professional, so well rehearsed. And that natural beauty. If only she were Irish and I had my life to do over again, an iron stomach and some Vicks, I would take her out by horse and carriage.

Don’t worry, onlookers, as I am attentive to your wish that she not reproduce. Got it covered.



My wife gets all sorts of weird followers. None as good as Becca, of course. No one with her purity or spirit.



I actually miss checkmark social media sometimes. At one point I had Graham Harman, Crispin Sartwell, and that Michael Anissimov guy from NRx follow me without me following them. This was back before I joined the crips.



I hope you have an understanding wife who doesn’t mind cleaning up after, or fetching supplies. We should all have a wife like NFLnig who foes back to bed when she catches us in the middle of a rape.



A stylistic genius, that one. She would never be fooled into liking mathematical concepts. The real action has always been at the pajama party. Analytic minds are inferior to expressive hearts.



No semen though? You’ve been on Youtube. I know, it’s not the same since they took the filthy comments away from dance videos for me either.



You sure you don’t play vidya?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Killcen is holding back.


I haven’t forgone getting up to take a leak while at the computer since chatrooms were a thing.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




This is awesome.



I figured you for an iPhone guy.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>724840 have you ever noticed how the chasm left after the mod deletes jhonnys posts make the threads completely dissociated and discombobulated, where there is no sequential flow, and it's impossible to read or follow the thread anymore.


Mods not respecting freedom is what kills a board. This board gets bigger the more Johnny shitposts.


Bro. The wall is a fucking METAPHOR. There's no purpose to it if it locks 40+ million illegals in this country already with an inept law enforcement to solving the issue. Eisenhower deported 2 million spics with 700 personnel in under 2 years. It can be done if the will to do it is there and the authority is granted to those in-charge to take WHATEVER measures are necessary to get rid of them.

Authority and Will is all that's needed. A wall is fucking pointless at this point. By the time its finished those inside the country will already be twice the population they were before it started.


File: 48765fe4676c8d3⋯.jpg (54.65 KB, 436x360, 109:90, Thanks to the MODS.jpg)



This is true, and I am glad someone, besides me, is finally saying it. The mod admitted night before last that alcohol has played a large part in his modding activities since the New Year. Not liking Johnny really isn't the best reason to delete his posts. Mine are constantly deleted now too, I am constantly permabanned, and the reason given is JN. No wonder he acts like an asshole! I'm doing it when I find the time now too, and I encourage others to join me. I will shitpost like Johnny (without being an insufferable leddit spacing cunt like him), and I will run most of my images through PicsArt before posting just to annoy everyone with my PicsArt filenames. I will repost every post deleted, following each deletion with ten more shitty PicsArt images. I will post pics of all my bans. I will make fun of Jim and everyone stupid enough to work for him, and I will mock video game playing sissies and anime lovers because, well, they are worthy of mocking. at least they are finally worthy of something!

This is not a threat. It's a fucking promise. I encourage others to join me. Fuck Jim, his ladyboys, the mods and anyone else who pretends to believe in free speech, but in practice is a whiny little entitled bitch who can't control their own behavior, so they seek to control others'.


And you WILL be punished if you keep acting that way. Don't make me sic Johnny on you!

See? Now you have me acting that way now too!



File: 819b45a44796b0a⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1396x2319, 1396:2319, Capture _2019-01-12-08-50-….png)


Following through on my promise to post my bans..

Here's one I just ran into just now, for a post I made yesterday, after I started coming 'round to this way of thinking.

The world needs more Johnnies. Not less. This pig-forsaken site sure as hell could use a few more Johnnies..


File: 7fac29658794c3a⋯.jpg (301.41 KB, 1851x1043, 1851:1043, PicsArt_01-11-02.47.50.jpg)



Also, range banning entire countries and pretty much completely blocking an extremely popular paid VPN that actually advertises on your shitty site is just bad business practice!

Jim, I call for you to fire this alcoholic mod.

Mod? Settle down. You have no power. Keep playing this dangerous game and instead of having a couple shitposters, you will make hordes of dedicated enemies. Again, not a threat.



File: 88653d43e7c0245⋯.jpg (155.97 KB, 675x1158, 225:386, PicsArt_01-12-09.26.34.jpg)






In the very spirit of..


>pig-forsaken site



OP here.

I kind of liked that one.

Collecting the toaster images like I collect old toasters. Could you repost it please?


File: c599dd6093f0796⋯.png (4.57 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, PicsArt_01-11-12.20.37.png)


Sure. I got a few more too..


File: 2a11517ae41d002⋯.jpg (209.73 KB, 1000x764, 250:191, Examine Me Jim!.jpg)


File: c637187bd53a6c0⋯.jpg (182.9 KB, 1000x764, 250:191, Git.Thee.Behind.Me.Jim.jpg)



Post moar pleeze!


File: fdd8d6c16f1e8eb⋯.jpg (382.8 KB, 1851x1043, 1851:1043, PicsArt_01-12-10.07.48.jpg)


At least I toasted the buns!


File: ec793360892dfab⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 2325x2255, 465:451, PicsArt_01-12-10.17.50.jpg)


File: 5d680224c1a084f⋯.jpg (39.06 KB, 800x582, 400:291, Morphy-Richards-redefine-t….jpg)


You're so transparent.


File: 18bff7d6cea37b0⋯.jpg (33.95 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Russel-Hobbs-glass-toaster….jpg)


So are (You).


File: 9f5cd5db1cee67a⋯.jpg (40.84 KB, 800x512, 25:16, 10-transparent-toasters-to….jpg)


(You) too.





All very hackable.

Would not own.


Oh great, now the military is going to buy up all the 16000$ screwdrivers and 25000$ hammers.

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