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File: 89a3daa61e3dfc3⋯.jpg (924.86 KB, 3964x2236, 991:559, US Withdrawal From Syria B….jpg)


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Contrary to assurances from Trump's National Security Advisor, neocon John Bolton, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who suggested earlier this week that US troops would remain in Syria for at least a little while longer, the Associated Press reported on Friday that the US has begun the process of removing the 2,000 soldiers based in northeastern Syria.

Citing information provided by activists with the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the withdrawal officially began Thursday night local time. A convoy of about 10 armored vehicles and some trucks left the town of Rmeilan into drove into Iraq. Col. Sean Ryan, spokesman for the coalition fighting the Islamic State group, later confirmed that the US has started "the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria."

Trump's abrupt decision last month to order US troops out of Syria angered former Defense Secretary James Mattis, who resigned over the decision, and stoked fears that Trump was abandoning the Kurds to a massacre by Turkish forces, who have vowed to pick up the slack in Syria when it comes to fighting ISIS.

"These have been folks that have fought with us and it’s important that we do everything we can to ensure that those folks that fought with us are protected," Pompeo said of the Kurds while visiting Irbil, the capital of Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, after talks in Baghdad.

Last night, the Wall Street Journal reported that the withdrawal would begin immediately.

Scores of ground troops are headed toward Syria to help move troops out, and a group of naval vessels headed by the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge is headed to the region to back up troops at the vulnerable moment they are leaving the country, the officials said. The Kearsarge carries hundreds of Marines, helicopters and other aircraft.

"Nothing has changed," one defense official said. "We don’t take orders from Bolton."

To account for shifts in plans, the military will stage the personnel and equipment needed for a possible withdrawal, rather than move the U.S. forces out. Troops tasked to help with the eventual withdrawal already are in the area, in places like Kuwait and al-Asad air base in western Iraq.

After expressing his immense displeasure with the US's walk-back of its withdrawal plans, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan - who recently resorted to threatening the US over their plans to linger in Syria - will no doubt be glad to hear about this.



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He any relation to Michael Bolton? I wonder if he likes his music.



I don't know. I just think he'd be better off listening to Michael Bolton in his mansion retiring early then what he is doing now. We're sick of his kind and his Zionist ilk.


As an American who loves my country I'll proudly say that Assad has my support. Before ZOG and the MIC got involved and destabilized Syria, Syrians lived in peace without these terrorist running all over the country. When we got involved all things went to hell in a hand basket and that was NOT Assad's fault. We have no right to be there, and nor does Israel of any country that is interfering without Syria's permission.


File: 1f8dd793c82281f⋯.jpg (194.51 KB, 812x560, 29:20, Assad.jpg)



Well, until the next (((gas attack)))



Lol, that could be absolutely true, there could be another false flag and we need to keep our eyes out for another staged event. They're desperate right now so it could be in the works soon!




I think I remember that movie, when I actually used to watch movies at the theaters. I don't watch any of those newer movies today because they all suck now riddled with commie propaganda too.

Most of my favorite films came out during the 70s and 80s and even some during the early 90s. Anything newer I tend to avoid unless I hear its really worth watching.



The one good film that is pretty new, came out a couple years ago, is an independent film called Desolation and that was worth watching.




100% correct! all legacy media is a form multiplication.



99% of the DVD movies I own are from the 40s up to 90s era. Very few are newer or older. I actually love the older films. Today its all about special effects and as much propaganda they can get away with pushing and that doesn't make movies any good. Good acting and great story narratives does.



Ever her of PLEX? You would like my media setup.



Nope, what is plex? Is it similar to beta and VHS tapes? (I have some of those too).



Plex is a Media Server. check out plex.tv. I use this on a virtural server which connects to a NAS and share out basically my on TV network in a sense. If your into downloading and controlling your own media I can give you a high level overview of how it works and point you in the right direction for a basic setup.



Sounds interesting but if it requires cable TV then I can't do it because I canceled TV service a long time ago. I'm also a bit wary of plugging my TV into the internet knowing how that could be used to eavesdrop. Perhaps if only connected online while watching something I'd be more open to.



No sir, just an internet connection. A private internet access account for safe downloading and a computer and somthing like a roku or an amazon fire stick if you don't have a smart TV with integrated abilities. PIA cost like 4 bucks a month and you won't get nasty letters from you ISP and the roku cost around 30. Everything else is free and I assume you already own.

Understandable about the TV though. The roku stick is a small device which connects to the HDMI port on your TV, this gives you smart tv abilites and is the most trustworthy of the easy options unless you you want to use your TV as a second monitor for your PC



But on that note if your using windows then you got bigger issues then a smart tv spying on you ;)



>US is withdrawing from Syria

what have you been doing there in the first place?

Also: expect federal reserve to hike rates and destroy the stock market (the benchmark that trump uses for his success)



I don't have Amazon services or a "smart" TV either. I do have an older Plasma with HDMI (however I don't use it, I only use the RCA for my DVD/VCR combo player). I do pirate A LOT of older movies and sitcoms and rip them to DVD, only my ISP never complains because I have a private encrypted VPN service which doesn't really reveal what the hell I'm up to.



Well shit! That vpn is exactly what the private internet access would provide you cover for.

So this is all quite simple then. Sign up for a free plex.tv account then install the plex media server on the PC with all your movies. This is all very simple and user friendly. During setup it will ask you where your TV shows are and your movies are. This creates two categories so keep them separate. TV shows need to follow and S01E01 format and plex will take care of the rest.

You need to make a firewall rule if you want to watch your media outside of your house otherwise your good to go there.

Go to wallmart and get a roku stick or find a used one somewhere. Install the Plex app on the roku and sign in with the same account you used on your PC. Do you have wifi?

Enjoy watching your media on your TV with your



We helped fund/arm ISIS in attempts to destabilize Assad's administration and boot him from power, to no success.

And as far as the Fed, you are right about that. I've warned about this too. Was going to post a /realnews/ link but most seem to be 404'd (((wonder why that could be!!)))



Maybe sometime I'll look into that, but I would want to use another isolated computer for this, don't want to compromise the OPSEC I use for this computer I use here. And I would make sure that I could log in/out and be able to unplug my connection physically when not in use too.



Well said.


File: f9fd526e027308e⋯.png (1.39 MB, 648x822, 108:137, image.png)


of course we need to help our russian friends!



ZOG doesn't want the US to withdrawal from Syria though, they want Assad out just like our (((establishment))) does. So leaving Syria to the Russians would anger the Zionists. Thats the whole ironic part about the "Russian conspiracy" bs.



Exactly - will probably gas someone on MLK day. They love murdering on holidays.


This is explicitly what I wanted from trump when I voted for him. I'm sick of us dropping bombs on white Christians for Jewish supremacy





Why pirate movies and put them on dvd?

Android media boxes which don't have to connect to the wifi can be had for under a $100.

Put the movies on a usb stick or a hard drive and plug it into the media box and the box into your tv

Or just hook your pc directly to the tv

Yo can't stream from your pc or media box, since your tv dosen't have wifi.

I have a cheap $300 wifi 53'' tv but it can't connect to the internet unless I give it the router PW

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