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File: 046b33044b53a57⋯.png (465.05 KB, 599x600, 599:600, Screen-Shot-2013-12-24-at-….png)



>Fertility rates for white women were down in every US state in 2017 - below the rate needed for the population to replace itself, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals.

>However, among black and Hispanic women, fertility rates were up in 12 and 29 states, respectively.

>When researchers looked at fertility rates for women of all age groups and races, they found that the nationwide rate was 16 percent lower than what is considered the level for a population to replace itself.

>Experts say this is likely due to the fact that the large proportion of native-born women are having fewer children than before, while the much smaller proportion of immigrant-born women are having more children.

>Additionally, the US white population has been hit hard by the Great Recession of 08-09, and is aging.

>The overall fertility rate was only above the level in two states: South Dakota (with a boom in jobs for white Americans in the energy industry) and Utah (home to a high concentration of Mormons).

>Demographers and public policy experts say if the rate continues to decline, there will not be enough healthy, young workers to keep the economy going and replace an aging population.


What we need is to take back HR departments from those traitors and start to gain back terrain in the job market.

These traitors are entrenching themselves into HR and there is this unspoken rule of women hiring women as if there is no tomorrow, even if underqualified. Today you can't spot influence trafficking because here is IM apps and radfem nests all over the internet. Unless you are into a trade you are among he snakes.







File: d084c7d18accbcb⋯.png (947.78 KB, 1194x893, 1194:893, ponies of war.png)



The consensus is growing, women's rights was a mistake that needs to be remedied.

What is on the way to achieve it are the Overlords and their armed pawns. A proactive approach is needed if you know what I mean.


File: a36e2022761a3c5⋯.jpg (57.26 KB, 720x500, 36:25, IMG_1153.JPG)


> if the rate continues to decline, there will not be enough healthy, young workers to keep the economy going

But young socialist-minded liberals say not to worry - the govment will pay for everything. And when we run outta money, we just make more.

Its really that easy, anon


I have a brother who's 30 and married to a 29-year old who want to have kids but don't want to until they can be financially secure (However, by the time they have kids, they will probably sire retards, autists, and eyeless Eraserhead mutants) and I believe a lot of couples are in a situation similar to this. Therefore, I think monetary incentives should be given to married couples who want to have kids and raise families rather than single mother ghetto whores.


Maybe if ((they)) were not intent on destroying the white people, there would be more white babies. Only brown babies are subsidized in this country. The last few recession hit the white males hard. Higher housing and living expenses make it very expensive to raise children without being subsidized by the government. White men now are not able to get the jobs they once did and some are too drugged up on vidya to even try. They are actively being sabotaged or brain washed into wanting to be stay at home dads or not be dads at all.


File: ef34f70bab6e6f2⋯.jpg (205.35 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, o-HU.jpg)


You are cunt, no doubts. Only a woman can think 100% with her genitals.

To put it straight for you, women's promiscuity and low passions are unrelated to their duty to society.

And because women relinquished of their natural purpose, enforcement is needed.

The future will be about baby farming and women popping 7 to 10 children before being dismissed.



You can think what you want. I've seen to many legitimately good women with integrity. I've been paranoid in relationships and check social media account and phones. People try but she says no. Women like that exist.

stop trying to convince white men to hate white women




Lurk for at least five years more or get the fuck out forever


Why should a woman settle for a guy who sits on a computer all day posting on 8ch? What sets you apart from anyone else? Should she just simply love you because you exist? This is why so many here fall into anime. It's a one sided relationship where you put yourself on a pedestal vicariously through a 'waifu'.


File: f0086d18cfb8b44⋯.jpg (91.2 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, bf 1000x600.jpg)


Your womb, your responsibility.

Blame men or anyone you like, but you are wasting your time.

Results matter, your female descendants will do the job, and their input won't be needed.

Their future, purpose, and treatment, have been drawn by cunts like you. Think about it.


File: ef526d00c708d19⋯.jpg (652.64 KB, 1707x2560, 1707:2560, rich dad.jpg)


There are no longer any jobs that are worthwhile for white men to work at so the solution is for them to learn how to start, run, and automate businesses and invest in real estate to build up passive income so they can actually be stay at home dads.



>He fails because he fears failure

No, he doesn't even try so there is no danger of failure. He pretends he knows women are evil so he'll never have to try. His biggest fear is failure he hasn't had yet. Once he's had it it will solidify his negative opinion of himself.



Crytocunt detected.



He is right, you are kind of an idiot. That's Johnny Neptune. He formats his posts that way because he's using a bad speech-to-text program.


File: 8cae3ed05fc6d67⋯.jpg (67.53 KB, 538x754, 269:377, 1535802751336.jpg)



It is a vagina typing.

Ad hominem attacks to divert attention from the issue at hand is women's psychology 101.



>monetary incentives should be given to married couples who want to have kids

Its called alimony and child support



>stop trying to convince white men to hate white women

convince me not to hate women tbh



>I've seen to many legitimately good women with integrity.

You didn't watch them long enough. Every woman is, was, or will be a whore.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




wtf is this shit nigger





>>725318 so much salt. someone's angry over being rejected his whole life.


File: 19fa47a5ba49089⋯.jpg (47.08 KB, 501x500, 501:500, 19fa47a5ba49089fb1cffd20ef….jpg)


I can't change your mind. You brainwashed yourself with cherry picked examples of what you need to beleve in order to be able to tell yourself women are evil so you can justify not even trying. The reason is ego. If you try and fail youll have to admit there is somthing wrong with you, not them. This whole garbage you cooked up in your head is just a defense mechanism. Grow up sweetie.


I’ve never met a woman who is smart, isn’t lazy, isn’t selfish. I used to have dreams about such girls, but then I woke up…and I was living in reality.

Eventually you may long for death like me.



How many women have you gotten to know well enough to make that judgement for sure? Even if every woman you have ever met is a similar way it doesn't mean the rest of the billions are. Nigger, move somewhere else if you don't like the culture where you are.



It’s probably not even them. It’s more that I can’t find any interesting friends either. I’ve grown so cynical that putting in effort isn’t an option. But it took about twenty years of experience to get this way.

I miss my friend who killed himself. Maybe I can’t let go of my jealousy.



Sounds like the same problem everyone in the states seems to have.



I am in the States, so maybe.




Maybe you shouldn't have raised yourself on Marxist imageboards that pushed critical theory for the express purpose of taking all the joy out of your adult life.

You taught yourself to break things down into what you don't like, thus overshadowing what you do like so you end up losing interest.



>cherry picked examples

my mom, grandmas, aunts, female classmates, female coworkers, ex girlfriends

>not even trying

I was engaged twice

>admit there is somthing wrong with you, not them

I didn't lie about who my brothers dad is. I didn't divorce my dad. I don't have five ex husbands. I didn't cheat on anyone. I didn't have any abortions. i didnt falsely accuse anyone of rape. That was all done by women. My fault was asking my ex not to get drunk or smoke weed because I believed drunk/high girls cheat. Guess what, I was proven right

>just lift frame




I never even found 4cuck til I was, like, 30. Nonsense. I didn’t get like this from the internet. I got this way having to live with one worthless braindead cunt after another between my shifts at the semiconductor factory.



>How many women have you gotten to know well enough to make that judgement for sure?

How many cocks did you suck before realizing you're a faggot?



>Two wives and the women in my family

That's it? That's what you base it all on? You weren't even a cop or therapist or social worker? You have so little experience with people outside your personal sphere and you think you know? Nigger step back and look at the world, you are looking through a microscope.



I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Sorry.



On the other hand school did force me to always focus on problens and what’s wrong. But so did the news, and other people. A decent human bean is so few and far between that it’s like living alone in a desert. I kept seeing things as banal, low effort, dishonest. It’s a life’s work finding something authentic. Even the serial rapists and killers are full of shit. You’d think tgey have no shame and every bit of decency, of raw humanity to them. Nope. Same goddamned lost pissrat people.



Answer the question tbh


Convenient of you to ignore that I wrote coworkers and classmates



It’s of no consequence though. Life is disappointing yet mysterious. Reality exists outside of us but we can’t know much about it. It is already over for me, and I can’t care. It’s all so redundant.



>Two wives

I said I was engaged. Is English your second language?




I just skimmed what you wrote, missed that bit. Are you really so stupid that you interpret an obvious accidental omission as intentional? What am I going to trick you into forgetting what you said? Jesus.



Look I know I hurt you which is why you are on the attack but I'm sorry anon. I truly am.


Oo, I still have Kozyshak pudding!


I got a bite. I'm about to spend the next hour reeling in a fish



So how did you fuck up your relationship?


Boohoo girls are mean.


White women are confused but they are good at acting otherwise.



I already answered that


Yeah but how many dicks did you suck?


>Are you really so stupid

no u, unironically



Did I really make you so angry that even an apology won't calm you down?

I see what it is now. You have anger problems. No wonder you are alone. Shame you blame others for your overreaction to small things.



thats right, im a racist (aka white) rapist (aka male) and i just hate pedokike niggerfaggot trannies like you. I am really angry, you better watch out before I Colombine you


congratulations on the 'not being sexually attracted to women and pretending that you're simply overly discriminating instead of just admitting that you are actually a faggot' thing


File: cbd43d60068d6be⋯.jpg (31.44 KB, 300x600, 1:2, you're a faggot.jpg)



congratulations on the 'bringing 4chan/r9k/ into 8chan and demonstrating your sexual inferiority' ccomplishment



I never said you were a racist so that came from you. All I can see is you are angry period. This is why you are alone.



Just stop paying attention if it makes you this mad. Turn your computer off



so… you never managed to resolve your childhood molestation?



this is the only correct answer, women are not 'strong and independent', and we should stop pretending so



>White women

>they are good at acting

lol you're funny

these bitches can't do anything right


I hope op is successful is convincing the niggers and Asians here not to want to breed with white women.



>I hope op is successful is convincing the niggers […] here not to want to breed with white women.

>"hey everybody! I live under a rock!"

the fuck do you think niggers do with white women?



odd perspective, considering how you've spent the entirety of your pathetic existence riding on your mother's back.

now it's time for you to go play another video game


File: 755edd23e1cfec7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 235.53 KB, 670x503, 670:503, aom.jpg)

forgit those wite bitches, you fellas need some Boong



>women are not 'strong and independent', and we should stop pretending so


Then when we begin to send them back to the kitchen?



>what do you think they do with them

Try to fuck them, which is why I said I hope op is successful. You must be one of the non whites on this site since I had to explain something so obvious to you.


File: f8875247139e4d5⋯.jpg (146.2 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Savage.jpg)


>true….. just not for YOU….

>… making your holes not available…

You never got tired?

How long until you finally realize no one wants your holes?

Seriously, you need to wake up; thread after thread here in this board and at multiple forums thousands of men are saying they don't want you neither your sisters.

Your nature have been revealed as poison and most men DO NOT WANT YOU, your value is now almost 0 (zero).



Why to spoil that image?

Animals and beasts' sexual parts are not considered lewd.








>Only cops and therapists can know anything!

>You disagree with me make you retarded



Stop trying to help it understand, you're only wasting your time.


>fertility rates

>women still getting their periods exactly as before

it's not a fertility issue or a sperm count issue. it's a lack of trust issue. only a retard would trust a woman.


File: 87f788c5953295e⋯.jpg (650.68 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, our civilization.jpg)


>Stop trying to help it understand, you're only wasting your time.

You are right 100%.


File: ea60ce723745a95⋯.jpg (127.16 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1slnjv.jpg)

hell is full of hot white chicks.



Nigger quit being an idiot. You know I didn't exclusively mean those professions. My point, which you are unable to see, is that he has no real experience outside of the small example in his personal life. Why do you choose to be thick?


whatever you do do not have kids or you are a cuck and a slave to a woman


Don't ever get with a woman, date traps instead.


File: 913e9059f0ae8e0⋯.png (83.82 KB, 639x530, 639:530, 42_O.png)


>date traps instead

Deviants and degenerates get the gas.


When white women breed with blacks, you don't get white or black babies, you get zebras. Zebras are half white half black, a very light brown. And if the zebras breed with whites they get even lighter skin, or if they are breeding with niggers more browner skin. Its very simple, zebras are going to be popping up everywhere in America soon, its like the spics are traveling to a zoo.



One way to solve the problem of spoiled sluts is allow a slut to totally mess up her life, find her on the street, then provide temporary shelter, food, clothing and a warm bath. Get to know her, tell her you'll provide for her for a while as long as she reforms, but throw her out if she doesn't. This way you get to meet her, take her out, sleep with her and maybe you'll end up liking her enough to live with her longer. Considering she already lived like hell on the streets, she likely won't want that to happen to her again and be afraid enough to start conforming.



inb4 "just beat her"

That works too, but if you get caught doing it, you could end up in jail. So I left that option out. This is not the 50s where we could still get away with that.


This, combined with the alt left interracial agenda, has completely cucked white men!



Relax. I'm talking to those young guys that are very desperate. Of-course this would be a "last option" if your desperate for a relationship or to procreate with your race. Niggers do this crap all the time, and guess what? They're flinging little apes out all over the hood!







>NE1 WHO DISAGREE IS A NIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A much better solution is to mock it, repeatedly. They're driven primarily by emotional reaction so getting it to associate its current position with 'badfeel' can be very effective.



Not all Asians want to breed with white women. Primarily it’s Indians. The Muslim Indians do it as part of a love jihad. Yes, they have an agenda when pursuing white women.


Good! glow in the rosties BTFO!


File: 54bce2cced8d677⋯.jpg (68.66 KB, 728x546, 4:3, brave-new-world-technology….jpg)

Using white women as a derogatory term and convincing men to hate them not only furthers the precedent that it is okay to have double standards on racism against people of European decent; but also is a way to turn white men to other races or against women. MGTOW and other similar things are essentially male feminism. You are propagating an agenda that wishes to divide the sexes. This is combined with other things such as porn, single motherhood's prevalence, lgbt and any form of non reproductive sex being brought into the norm. The method not only to both destroy the family unit and homogenize the masses, but also to separate the ideas of sexual intercourse and reproduction in our minds. The endgame I theorize, is similar to the hatchery and conditioning center in Brave New World. They want to eventually creates batches of test tube babies possibly in large sets of identical twins, then the state will raise them. Specific groups will serve different purposes in society, thus a construction laborer would have different genes and conditioning than a doctor.


>muh population dying

this was never about population stability

it has always been about:

>old farts shitting their pants when nobody is there to fund their pensions

>politicos shitting their pants when nobody is there to pay tax for their war games

they don't give a fuck about us



lol they are literally working poor. what a shame

but I understand them. There was a couple in my cousins company. He was swiss and she was malaysian. They were both earning upper middle class incomes but complained they cannot start a family.

Last year they sold everything they had, liquidated their pension funds and moved to Malaysia. I bet they are big capitalists there when in the west you can only be a little corporate slave your entire life. I also hope the swiss guy fucks her brains out and creates many little supreme gentlemen :^)




Something, something…vaccines kill humans.



typical commie thinking

>hey, let's subsidize affordable children having

instead of

>hey guys, let's reduce government and govt intervention so everything gets cheaper again and people can actually afford a family again

your "solution" will only produce more white trash

even if they are white. trash is trash



>tfw won in the bitcoin lottery

>tfw no ambitions to do anything

>tfw nothing is worthwhile on this planet

>piss away day after day arguing with strangers over mundane shit

living the dream



what is there even to do in life? what am I supposed to do now even?


What white person wants to bring more white people into this jew-owned Marxist hellhole? Raise a daugther for her to slut around, have abortions and vote for women supremacy, communism and antifa supporters? How beautiful. Love and support a wife only to have her divorce rape you. Lovely.



White women in the current year are fucking awful, though. There have never been a group of women in the entirety of human history that made worse wifes and partners than the current crop of white roasties. Near 100% cheat rate. They're likely to divorce you and treat you like trash in the family court proceedings. You won't find one that have had less than 10 dicks by the time they're 20, so none of them are able to pairbond anymore.



Find something you are incapable of doing, and learn how to do it. Draw, sing, write, etc.

also gibs me some of that money



Oh, and invest in gold and silver. The dollar is gonna crash in the next 10ish years and you want to keep some of your wealth in highly liquid non-dollar assets.



The males they are with are far less manly too. My point stands, it is the behavior of these women that is really in question. The fact they are white has nothing to do with it.


File: 5b5ce675b4a5845⋯.jpg (30.54 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 51sO7LmGsuL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)


Pic related is superior



>"Look at me anons! I know little to absolutely nothing about how black people function in society!"

Yeah, that was already obvious and so was your reading comprehension


>glow in the rosties



lack of reading comprehension*


Jews are evil


Stop purposefully ruining white women with your fucking vaccines



because its gross.



yes, WHITE women are the problem.

I much prefer 50iq, morbidly obese subhuman negresses.

I much prefer moustached arabs that turn into monsters at 30 and waddle around thereafter.

best of all are the asian insects that poison your food a year after marriage, then import their entire hive to live in your now vacant property.

nothing at all to do with JUDEN though

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