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File: b1e29eb753f9477⋯.jpg (109.44 KB, 1355x597, 1355:597, Capture.JPG)


U.S. Sen. Rand Paul's attorneys say in a court filing that he plans to undergo hernia surgery in Canada because of injuries he suffered when a neighbor attacked Paul while he was doing yard work at his Kentucky home.

The filing in Paul's lawsuit against Rene Boucher says the senator will travel to Ontario, Canada, for outpatient surgery scheduled later this month.

The document says the surgery is related to the 2017 attack. Boucher pleaded guilty to assaulting a member of Congress and was sentenced to 30 days in prison. Federal prosecutors are appealing the sentence.

A Paul spokeswoman didn't immediately explain why Paul is having the surgery in Canada, where medical care is publicly funded and universally provided. Paul touts private-market approaches for U.S. health care problems.



This is where Rand Paul will have the surgery; Shouldice Center in Toronto.


It is world renown and opened in 1945. It’s a little like the resort in The Shining; all the nurses have been there since it opened J

I have had my hernia operation there in 2008, and there were many Americans, from the Amish to executives. The center does about 7,000 procedures per year and the success rate is extremely high.

The cost is about $US 7,000 unless you’re Canadian, than it’s free. You stay three nights and its’s like summer camp for adults except everyone is walking around a little gently.

I expect Mr. Paul will have the procedure and head out to somewhere more private as its reported he's having a day surgery.


7k procedures per year, average cost $7k

$49M doesn’t seem like enough to support a hospital like that. Not in the US at least.

But they get Ontario Gov OHIP funding

They also charge international patients, who make up a significant portion of such a specialized hospital's clients, much more.

The hospital has 10 surgeons and maybe 100 support/admin staff? Surgeons possibly on something like $350k a year, so $3.5 mill to them. Staff probably on an average $100k a year, so $10 mill to them. Cost to run the place likely a few more million - lets say at least $5 million. Still only looking at around $20-30 million to run the place, even allowing for major additional costs that I didn't account for above. So still likely making at minimum 5-10 million profit a year.

The US medical system is just a massive mess of overcharging


7k for three nights if you're not a citizen.FREE if you're Canadian.?! My hospital stay after amputation was like 50,000 a night IIRC. Fuck, how does ANYONE defend the US's horrific system?!

I will gladly continue to pay taxes to fund a medical system that helps people like this.

Ask Rank Paul. He's voted against affordable health care numerous times.



It's amazing what having 98 fewer middle men can do for the price of things



>where medical care is publicly funded and universally provided.

There is goycare and then there is actual medical care in Canada. They never tell Americans this, because they want to demonize our healthcare industry. Go research Canada's "superhospitals" which only service rich people.



>Canada's "superhospitals" which only service rich people.

All USA is "superhospitals" which only service rich people.



>I will gladly continue to pay taxes

As if you have a choice, slave.



Wrong. I've known people who got millions in medical care pro bono.



So basically Paul is cucking Canadians in to paying for his medical care?

We all know the Canadian phrase: If you pay for your enemies medical care, you win.


ignorant douche canoes there are only 6 private hospitals left in that province due to Canadian law . he is going to one of them paying out of pocket for an expert in hernias to operate .hernias are one of the most botched operations.,going to the expert. bye felicia



No, he's going to one of their superhospitals and paying $$$.



From what people have been saying ITT hes paying some $$$ and the Canadian taxpayer is putting in the rest of the $$$.

Im not Canadian so I dont know the complete arrangement.


>30 days in prison for assaulting a senator

What the hell



>affordable health care

there's nothing affordable about the affordable care act, the premiums and costs actually went drastically up since it was introduced by Obongo.



No, there is a separate hospital system which is entirely private. Canadian gov't pays for the goy hospitals where you wait 12 hours for a checkup at a DMV-style facility.



I was going off these two posts:



7k if your not a Canadian citizen wouldnt actually pay for everything.

So someone is putting in the remainder of the money. I dont see who else it would be but the Canadian taxpayer?

Im from the UK. We do this crap all the time. Because healthcare is seen as free its viewed as something without value that you can freely give away. Its simple psychology. When you're spending strangers money on strangers you tend not to care too much about the value you're getting.



> Shouldice Center

The hernia procedure is estimated to cost $5,000 to $8,000 (U.S.), the court document said




Im presuming that it cost Mr Paul 7k. But the total cost for the facilities and procedure would be a lot more. So the Canadaian taxpayers were paying the difference.

Im not from Canadia. But I have to presume the same bullshit goes on over there as does here in the UK.


>Randlet to be assassinated for calling out zionism in the US and israel



That was my first thought on reading the headline. Maybe that's why he's gone to leafland. They might still have some goy doctors.



It does sound like a punishment.

>You better be a good goy or else we will send you for hernia surgery in Canada.



>$49M doesn’t seem like enough to support a hospital like that. Not in the US at least.

You're grossly underestimating how much can be accomplished with $49,000,000. Additionally, that's not the only surgery they perform.



that clown looks nice despite his sadness though



i live in canada and i have never heard of this. i can't even find it anywhere online, only stuff about the montreal hospital merger. im not by any means rich, nor is my family, but my grandfather got to go to one of the best hospitals in the country when he had cancer and they saved his life.



oh and sorry, i forgot to mention that it there was no direct cost. in fact, the amount he payed in taxes his whole life that went towards healthcare probably would never measure up to the cost of his treatment, let alone the treatment he got for all of his various other ailments.


File: e21142692504138⋯.jpg (20.88 KB, 480x240, 2:1, landscape-1495719831-gianf….jpg)


Yhea, based chad Gianforte would've body slammed his ass.



Ok i'll bite. Rand is no super athlete but he does look fitter that your average politician. And that douche is no Brock Lesnar and is old to boot but if i walked in to hostile group of average people, he would be one of the more worrying ones. Paul may have had weak guts but a lot of shit can happen when you take a blow and are completely suprised by it. Of course you are all lefty or fasc subversives so whatev.



7k period


File: a8b8d36932921c1⋯.jpg (49.51 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 60c4710f675893f31224b9dd2d….jpg)


he is pretty


Looks like Bruce Jenner

Note the 70's heman chest hair

I'm transition, but I'm too old

Jenner was too old.

He woulda been hot if he had done it in his 20's.

I want to transition because like him, i am a lesbian in a man's body

Andy wants to, because he likes cock



>I'm transition

wtf, I aint even drunk

I'd like too transition





<i live in canada and i have never heard of this. i can't even find it anywhere online

Are you telling me you entered "canada superhospitals" in a search engine and got no results?



Affordable health care can't work in america

It has too many niggers, same reason gun control won't work

You see this in the UK where the NHS is failing due to niggers abusing it

If america wants a medicare it needs to kill its non whites



That and the economics of it doesn't work at all.


What a cuck.



Seems very unlikely that some murrican elite would have bargain basement surgery. It would cost more than that in a third world country.




These are not the doctors and medical staff our grandparents had. The medical community has been captured by the globalists. If you need medical care, take a witness with you and demand they stay with you at all times. Dentists and veterinarians - same thing. George Carlin told us and it is true - they own everything, run everything and they keep a list, unlike us, whose countries they infiltrated and exploited for financial gain and now ruin. The new doctors are handing out pain pills by the millions to people who have no pain, they abort our babies eagerly, make it as easy as possible, until many millions go unborn, like a war on the reproduction of Americans, both black and white.

We have a common enemy and with NSA et al, we can find them and drive them into the light, and that is what I hope this govt shutdown does.

I saw a doctor last month and he gave me a 90 pill prescription for pain pills I did not ask for. Take care of your health right now. This is a bad time to need medical care.



>after amputation

Is this what they're calling SRS now?



>I saw a doctor last month and he gave me a 90 pill prescription for pain pills I did not ask for. Take care of your health right now.

Save that for SHTF, if in dire need.


File: b6dac788422a997⋯.jpg (150.94 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, rand paul.jpg)


>Prefers to have hernia surgery in a country known for it's socialized medicine

<I'm not going for free healthcare! I'm paying out of pocket!

>in a country where medical treatment is cheaper due to socialized medicine

<Well I'm seeing a specialist!

>Kentucky has hernia specialists through-out the state

<I ain't letting those hillbillies cut me open!



>These are not the doctors and medical staff our grandparents had.

In the US, and maybe Canada, no, they are not. Why? Because our grandparents did not have to deal with AA hire niggers fucking things up. He probably picked a reasonably priced hospital with a good reputation with as few niggers as possible.

>The new doctors are handing out pain pills by the millions to people who have no pain

USA or Canada? From what I'm told be acquaintances, actually effective pain pills are nearly impossible to get anymore, I know people being given 800mg ibuprofen for pain after major fucking surgery.





oh know you mean the plan GOP fought tooth and nail to gimp and prevent from being a healthcare system everyone pays into ended up being more expensive than one that's actually payed for by everyone. colour me shocked that americans are this dumb to believe the propaganda fed to them


File: e57a0d434965ce3⋯.jpg (342.8 KB, 800x600, 4:3, dscn3075.jpg)


Someone post the pic of him kissing that wall in Israel to make these npcs feel even dumber



Vets let my dog die. Literally. It was attacked and they had everything to save him but wanted 10k to move their jewish fingers. And Im supposed to call an attack on a synagogue hate?



What's up with the Foxler pic?



Just really sexy is all.



I mean when you let the insurance companies write your laws for you you're going to get laws for insurance companies


legit news


bumping real news


File: f6514ba691fc5ea⋯.jpg (86.09 KB, 500x646, 250:323, 1525555616874.jpg)


>Still falling for the Republican/Democrat false dichotomy

Nazbol revolution or bust



Why do you write like a faggot?



He's from reddit.


Dubs that he catches pneumonia


Being shoved onto the ground does not cause a hernia. Physical injury of any kind does not cause a hernia because it is caused by muscle weakness over time, not muscle tearing all of a sudden. This is plain medical fact.

I fucking guarantee that he's had this hernia for years and has just never gotten around to fixing it because it's only a minor concern, and now that this happened he smells money and blamed it on the guy who attacked him so he can pocket a bazillion dollars in the lawsuit.

Reminds me of something I did when I was a teenager: chipped a tooth doing some stupid shit on an ATV, and then a few days later by chance was in a car that got hit from the side in a minor accident. Got the brainy idea to basically just smack my face onto the door right after it happened (enough to raise a bruise and cut my lip) and then told the cops when they came to file a report that my tooth got chipped right then, too. Along with paying to fix the car, the other driver also had to pay to fix my tooth. A simple scam, but oh so reliable.

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