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File: c9d0ca5c4b93a62⋯.jpg (17.79 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Dw-xFD2W0AAWLTc.jpg)



"A former Marine Corps sergeant has filed a $1 million federal lawsuit, claiming her civil rights were violated in 2017 when sheriff's deputies from an Illinois county strip-searched her.

An attorney for Zandrea Askew, 28, said Tuesday that three female deputies from LaSalle County stripped his client as she lay face down on the floor of a holding cell screaming loudly, according to reports.

“Why do you need to take someone’s clothes off if they’re not cooperating with you?” attorney Terry Ekl said. “This was not a strip-search where they were looking for contraband. This was a form of punishment.”

"Askew was arrested after deputies reported finding her “very disoriented and confused” in her car on the side of a road. Court records show misdemeanor DUI and resisting arrest charges were later dropped after it was determined authorities lacked sufficient evidence to make the traffic arrest.

Ekl said Askew pulled her car over because she was ill, adding that his client did not break any traffic laws and cooperated with the deputies’ instructions. Askew also told deputies she had taken prescription medication, according to the arresting deputy’s incident report."




Also a bot that had drugged itself up and then drove anyway.


File: 6f0e2962f30a7ab⋯.jpg (53.05 KB, 494x368, 247:184, 1257909509169.jpg)









File: dbce654f2d77f0b⋯.jpg (26.24 KB, 600x400, 3:2, pjimage-10-2-600x400.jpg)


> nudes?

Worth it


File: 6bb87890e59e605⋯.jpg (25.69 KB, 670x429, 670:429, walking-dead-michonne_510-….jpg)


bitch gonna go all blak womyn ramboess




Please die you stupid fuck.


>Marine Corps sergeant

>it's a wook

>it's a nigger

>it's a piece of garbage with no self-control

Math checks out.





What happened to being a strong women whos comfortable in her body and has been sexually liberated?


literally who cares, just a greedy cunt


you forgot consent :^) only their consent of course



You forget, that only applies when there isn't something to be gained by being a weak and feeble woman who desperately needs the men to protect/work for her.







sage negated

niggers getting their just desserts is always good! news


But it's not demeaning to shoot people for oil. Right . Reap what you sow jar nigger. I masturbate to those deformed Marines every day.


The only marine I ever met in real life tried to suck my dick. Literal faggots trying to look hard. Also dumb as fucking shit since they risk their life so some other dude can be rich .


I hope all the diversity programs were worth it.


A Chinese woman committed some crime during the Great Leap Forward, probably speaking ill of their govt., and she was stripped naked and made to work out in the freezing weather. This led to her death from exposure.

Being stripped by people who are angry with you is no fun, kids. You are vulnerable and exposed, like a caged animal, unable to stop the assault. Yes, ASSAULT.

WTF is wrong with you people? This is not about the woman. It’s about the fucking cops. Stay focused ya assholes. This very well could be you one day. It’s happened to people far better than you.



>Marine Corps sergeant



I didn't know the marines had affirmative action policies.



Not only that, the whole US armed services are cucked from the very top (Pentagon and its generals) pushing faggotry among the ranks.

Politically correct policies are rampant and used against the ranks that are not agreeable to degeneracy or feminist accommodations.

It is a remarkable fact that the leadership has not been shot or fragged. Perhaps because of the cuckery is strong and it has already permeated the ranks.


bumping actual news



Cry more bitch



>Marine files $1M suit over strip search

>A woman

>A niggress

And here we go again to get the money and goodies from whitey.

Does anybody consider to send these beasts back to Africa?



Marines don't wear leather uniforms silly.


Didn't cooperate by her own admission and was searched by other women , this complaint is pathetic.



>Literal property of the U.S. Government.

>Complaining about demeaning and degrading violations against it.

I don't know if I should laugh at the serf which thinks the U.S. Government was ever for freedom for all, or shake my head at the serf who refuses to know the U.S. Government was never for freedom for all. In government, there are masters, and then there are the master's slaves, and then the slaves of slaves. That's kind of how any government works, regardless of this or that specific power structure.





fuck this gay planet




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