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File: 09ff8a7847bdd13⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 4000x2670, 400:267, 09ff8a7847bdd13c39bb8d8ad6….jpg)


trumptards shrug


"The Financial Times reported on Tuesday that when Trump spoke with Vladimir Putin during the G-20 summit in November, no U.S. official was on hand to take notes. The only other two people present for the conversation, which lasted roughly 15 minutes, were First Lady Melania Trump and Putin’s translator. The group was reportedly “among the last to leave” their table. Though the White House had acknowledged that the two spoke informally while in Argentina, the conversation was “longer and more substantive” than had been implied previously. The White House also failed to note that no official was present as the two leaders spoke.

The news comes just weeks after the Washington Post reported that Trump went out of his way to hide details of his conversation with Putin at the 2017 G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. Though a U.S. translator was present at that meeting, Trump confiscated her notes and told her not to discuss what was said with any other administration officials (then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was also present). During a dinner that night, Trump sought out Putin for a second, informal meeting that lasted close to an hour. He didn’t tell advisers about this second meeting, and the White House didn’t confirm it took place until after it was reported on days later. While flying home to Washington, D.C., the next day, Trump dictated a false statement about Russian adoptions for Donald Trump, Jr. to give to the New York Times, which was seeking an explanation for why Trump’s eldest met with a delegation led by a Kremlin-connected lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya in Trump Tower the previous summer. It was later revealed that Trump, Jr., was attempting to obtain damaging information about Hillary Clinton from Veselnitskaya."



>wake up, still sick from drinking last night

>everything hurts

>look at yourself in the mirror, a fat, greasy, disgusting pile of shit

>start drinking again from the soul crushing weight of hating yourself and knowing Trump is president

>decide to go on /pol/ to vent some frustration

>make the same bait thread for the 12000th time

>0 replies

>go to discord to beg other crushed alcoholics to bump your thread

>can see it’s not working, drink more to drown out despair

>ignore the fact you've lost family and friends because of how repugnant you are

>despondent, discord tranny NPCs are your only source of social interaction

>cycle your proxy

>make same thread for 12001 time


>0 replies

>sigh drink more

>consider how pointless your life is

>sink deeper into depression

>know deep down in your heart that suicide is inevitable for you


File: eba91dce77d8647⋯.gif (130.29 KB, 265x260, 53:52, cohengif - Copy.gif)


real news


well this was slideden fast


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