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File: c821706720dddd2⋯.jpg (196.41 KB, 1024x665, 1024:665, 20russiameeting-jumbo-v2 -….jpg)



And this high-level sniping is taking place as some Republicans in Congress seem to be more openly challenging the president, at least on foreign policy.

The New York Times framed the conflict yesterday, and much of the media following its lead:

"They think pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan would be a debacle. They think North Korea cannot be trusted. They think the Islamic State is still a threat to America. They think Russia is bad and NATO is good.

"The trouble is their president does not agree."

And here is how he expressed his disagreement:

"The Intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran. They are wrong! They are testing Rockets (last week) and more, and are coming very close to the edge. There [sic] economy is now crashing, which is the only thing holding them back. Be careful of Iran."

The kicker: "Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!"



>his own intel chiefs

No, they are the MIC's intel chiefs


>They think pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan would be a debacle

Indeed, it would! Imagine what would happen to Lockheeb Martin and Halliburton stock if there weren't any more wars! And poor multinational profits means no more bribes campaign contributions to the political class! My god, our entire system would collapse! Truly, we need more foreign wars.


These the same intel agencies that claimed Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.


It was literally Bush's own personal "intelligence" group who fabricated it based on the testimony of a single "eye witness" who lied to get american favors.



It's like if say Jared Kushner as Trump's personal aide on all things intelligence told Trump that he needs to give lots of money to Israel because somebody told him Israel needs it or else terror will take over the mideast, and Trump does it, ignoring all the intelligence agencies who tell him otherwise.



it'd 4d chess though, Trump is completely lying because he is the alliance leader and he's completely ineffctive because it only looks that way, it will look like Trump fucked up until one day after you die

Besides, maybe Zero Hedge is right and the Military Industrial Comples doesn't even need there to be a war to survive anymore



Murica Intelligence is shit. Trump is right, no one should trust them. Do you remember the guy who was labeled crazy because he said there was dozens of KGB agents inside CIA?



>as some Republicans in Congress seem to be more openly challenging the president

Well they did so fucking much when they had the majority, I don't see how this is in the same universe as news


The same intel agencies that fund terrorist regimes to overthrow governments they don't like to install dictators?

The same intel agencies that get us into endless wars?

The same intel agencies that lie to us, and spy on us, all the fucking time, and often target their political dissidents?

Well then, Good! on Trump for not trusting these snotty assholes!


Trump knows the intelligence agencies are shit because they composed a dossier on him and he knows the veracity of that. No wonder he's questioning them in whatever they say.



They perform domestic spyops to herd the public into not resisting when Congress want to pass oppressive laws.



D. Trump works for Intel??? AMD has massively overtaken them in terms of speed and efficiency, not to mention price. Yet people claim he has business sense. What a joke.



oh hai russkie, go back to putin, he needs his dick sucked.



but that just proves that the intelligence agencies are right. trump only attacks those who piss him off when they point out facts. then he cries "fake news!" he does this every time something comes out that he doesn't like, ESPECIALLY when its true. even as a trumptard, you know that.

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