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File: bbd68ac217258ca⋯.jpg (323.6 KB, 1200x1197, 400:399, trump time.jpg)



>President Donald Trump reportedly often spends up to five hours a day in unstructured 'executive time,' according to his private schedule.

>The private schedule, is different than the schedules the White House releases to the public, was first reported by Axios.

>The schedules show how Trump has spent his time since the November midterm elections. It adds up to almost 300 hours of executive time, compared to just 77 hours in official, scheduled meetings over that period.

>Despite waking up before 6 am, Trump's first official meetings —often an intelligence briefing — aren't held until 11 am, when he makes his way from the private White House residence to the Oval Office.

>Though the schedule shows Trump in the Oval Office between 8 am and 11 am, he is often in the White House residence watching TV, tweeting, reading the news, and making phone calls to various foreign leaders and political allies, sources told Axios.

>However, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, told Axios in a statement that Trump's unorthodox schedule allows for "a more creative environment that has helped make him the most productive President in modern history."

The Axios article: https://archive.fo/BpUus


File: 602019cc46d82ff⋯.jpg (53.5 KB, 759x553, 759:553, Dyf4zifXcAAlMrJ.jpg)


I think "Executive Time" is going to enter the lexicon the same way "Expletive Deleted" did.






they already removed the visitor log

so of course, you'd have to also add entries to the president's scedule, or just make it totally private, which is probably what will happen if people start making a fuss about it



>he is often in the White House residence … making phone calls to various foreign leaders and political allies,

Sounds like he's working.






What a lazy hypocritical piece of shit



I know. But we're not talking about Johnny.

We're talking about Trump..


>>737056 yes but at least johnny can spell






File: ca944c07b3040ba⋯.jpg (166.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 64131534334.jpg)

I humbly propose that we start calling news stories like this "Two Scoops journalism"



Fake news seems to work just fine.



This comes from the private schedule, which is different than the public ones that they release to the media.

Trump spends most of his time watching tv and tweeting.


>tweeting, reading the news, and making phone calls to various foreign leaders and political allies

That's a weasely way to say

>Communicating with the citizenry, informing himself on current events and developments, and undertaking diplomatic liasions with various foreign leaders and political allies.

I mean I'd rather he wasn't watching TV but it's not like a man in his 70s is going to use a less pozzed source of information anyway.

Come on guys there's plenty you could genuinely criticise him for, this isn't it.



And if he did ANYTHING productive, God forbid you leftists would be tearing your hair out over it.

So you should enjoy him doing nothing.


File: 525d00ac8688582⋯.png (427.59 KB, 749x591, 749:591, gorilla-channel.png)


>Trump doesn't make his time public

This is news why?



>Trump doesn't make his time public

>Because Trump spends most of his day fucking around instead of working



Okay great, so what would you like to see Trump do differently where it's lacking? Note that Trump doesn't write bills


Id get really bored spending that many hours meeting up with executives but Trump obviously thrives on it.








>obviously doesn't understand the role of an executive, due to having a school indoctrinated concept of work which involves roughly 70% obedience, 20% memory of bullshit and 10% limited thinking skills

For executive tier positions, learning and thinking, reviewing information, is a big part of the job. what do you expect to see him doing every fucking day, working as a brick layer on the wall? his work and your work are not the same bruh.


>trump does something


>trump doesn't do something



File: 64426b15b4130cd⋯.gif (338.01 KB, 500x379, 500:379, 1534828368513.gif)

A fat, disgusting New York slob is a lazy piece of shit that has people smarter and more capable than him run his business?

Wow! Who would have guessed?



Don't bother. Note his lack of response to the first reply to his post. He doesn't even know what he wants Trump to do differently. He just knows that orange man bad


>the White House press secretary said

yeah, 77 hours of actual work over 3 months, "most productive president in modern history" LOL



Name 3 things Obama did in 8 years. I'll start you off: "affordable" care act and find bin laden


>5 hours of me time

So? Imagine being a deranged commie that cares about this stuff.



> 77 hours of actual work over 3 months

Did you get that number from your schizophrenic delusions or CNN, communist?



How ever could you forget commie core?


…? The president is on call 24/7. A "work day" schedule doesn't really even apply to jobs like that. It works like a CEO job. You may be "there" for a certain period of time, but your job doesn't suddenly cease just because you aren't at the office.



The white house keeps what they call the tick-tock, a minute by minute tracking of the president's whereabouts and nonclassified details of his activities. The white house press corps is supposed to have access to this on request



Not sinking the economy.

Not starting trade wars with bigger countries.

Not giving North Korea whatever they want in exchange for empty promises.

Not throwing temper tantrums about a fucking wall that's never going to happen.

Not shutting down the government for a month due to petulance.

Not tweeting all day every day like a spoiled teenage girl.

Not cozying up to a communist dictator.

Not giving massive tax breaks to the extremely wealthy.

Not putting completely unqualified rich retards in every cabinet position.

Not destroying the EPA.

Not making anti-science memes and conspiracy theories real policy.

Not destroying every strategic and friendly alliance the USA has with foreign countries.

Look, mate. It's the CONSERVATIVE mindset, not the liberal one, that posits that America is a perfect golden country that can succeed just fine so long as its left the fuck alone. That its citizens are capable of making a powerful economy and incredible progress and discoveries with a minimum of government interference. They just need to be protected, not directed. You have to realize that the job of maintaining a complex machine is just as difficult as changing it. Because of this, the news that Obama "did nothing", but America hummed along just fine for eight years tells you that he did the job that was required of him just fine.

Compare this to Trump, who instead has made it a personal goal to stand next to the fine perfect machinery of America and just throw wrenches into it all the time. Oh sure, there's an off chance that one of those might actually end up improving the machine, but it's very unlikely. And most of that is still just a desperate and pathetic belief (a la "4D Chess") that things are getting horribly worse and then will suddenly and magically get better.

It's going to take at least the next, and possible a few more, Presidents their entire term just to fix this fucking mess.


The dude is probably the most competent operator we've had in the White House in our lifetime. They should be reporting this with reverence, and a mind to glean knowledge from his ways.



This just in, he eats chicken with a knife and fork!



>Not sinking the economy.

So you don't know about all the outsourcing going on since the 1980s? You don't know how the bankers re-finance bad debts and pass the burden onto us so they can make fraudulent profits? You blaming the economy on one single president? You know nothing about economics.

>Not starting trade wars with bigger countries.

What else can we do now that most of American industry has been shafted by you establishment faggots? Due to the regulations and outsourcing millions of Americans lost jobs over the last 20+ years and we created a fraudulent mindless consumer economy based on bad, insolvent debts.

>Not shutting down the government for a month due to petulance.

The only thing Trump did wrong was cave in, and reopened it. He should not have. He should have made you fuckers squirm.

>Not cozying up to a communist dictator.

He never has. And its ironic you commies call capitalist conservatives "communist" when you guys are pushing for socialism and communism in your universities. Take a hike commie.

>Not destroying the EPA.

>Not making anti-science memes and conspiracy theories real policy.

He did no such thing. The only conspiracy is the one blaming him of such a conspiracy.

>Not destroying every strategic and friendly alliance the USA has with foreign countries.

Holy fucking shit you don't know history either. The US government has been creating and overthrowing democratic governments for over 50 years now. Sometimes even working hand-in-hand with dictators. Not only do you not know economics, you don't know about America's corrupt past either.



Don't bother with him. He's clearly stating things that did not happen



What I'm trying to say is their worst nightmare, Donald Trump's election in 2016, was a RESULT of horrible horrible corruption and policies of so many past presidents over many many decades.

Finally we had an egotist who had the nerve to speak the truth during the election and demolish and ridicule the establishment, and THAT is why he was elected.

Its actually too bad he's been cucking out on so much. I'd like to see him go full Hitler and purge all the kikery we see in this corrupt piece of shit government we have today.



Donald is following the tracks of his predecessors, and you've just been dog whisled into believing the contrary.




Trump's restroom policies and practices proves he is politically plyist.




>watching tv

>implying not watching anime while he hugs his waifu pillow

my only question is why are you americans not Simply lining the retards opposing the construction of the wall against any wall and gun them down?

they're simply traitorous, you know it, i know it, they know it.

cut corners and do what has to be done.



Trump still does far more work then Obama ever did so who cares




bailed out the banks when he should have purchased the debt for 1% (in fairness, this was set up under Dubya's regime, but he should have killed it)

committed a war crime by staying in Libya for longer than 60 days without a congressional enactment of a state of war

reversed public perception of the concept of net neutrality, enabling the fun police to destroy it


The us presidents is a puppet for pr reasons. Studying this is as useful as breaking down episodes of Game Of Thrones. The decisions are made behind the scenes and involve elites from every country. Stop spending years on obvious distractions like a fucking moron.



>Not starting trade wars with bigger countries.

But it's okay to start actual wars with smaller countries. Good job lefty, your love of might makes right shines through once again. Like it or not Trumps the only President in nearly twenty fucking years now that hasn't hurled troops into a new god damned back water shit hole to fight people that are basically just handling shit in their own country which we really don't have a fucking stake in morally.

Avoiding stupid wars and waging more clever trade ones is a hell of a lot better than throwing people into a meat grinder.


File: 71ee0b06efcf7f0⋯.jpg (38.37 KB, 593x839, 593:839, 71ee0b06efcf7f016e3a85e1f9….jpg)


File: fc9bd1e2019b54b⋯.jpg (58.87 KB, 500x500, 1:1, fuckit.jpg)

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