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An off-duty Detroit police officer's vehicle was recovered shortly after a man stole it Monday evening on the city's east side.

The officer accidentally left the marked police department Dodge Charger running when she went inside a business on the 7400 block of Gratiot, said Detroit Police Officer Holly Lowe. Lowe said the officer had the key fob in her pocket.

Lowe did not identify the location, but other media outlets, including WWJ News Radio 950, reported that it was a Boost Mobile store.

The theft happened at about 6:30 p.m. Lowe said the officer reported what happened over her police radio. Officers found the vehicle stopped at a red light at Kercheval and Van Dyke, and then boxed it in so they could arrest the 35-year-old man behind the wheel.

The suspect was taken to a hospital to be checked out.

"He did appear to be under the influence of something unknown," Lowe said.

The vehicle was not damaged.

Lowe said she couldn't discuss whether the officer was facing discipline for leaving the running vehicle unattended.



>when she

Stopped reading there. That's all you need to know.



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