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File: 8a8d1979c312688⋯.jpg (168.97 KB, 854x1196, 427:598, France Getting Worse and W….jpg)



A "yellow vest" demonstrator lost his hand during clashes with police outside the main parliament building in Paris on Saturday, witnesses told AFP, during a 13th weekend of anti-government protests across France.

Clashes broke out outside the National Assembly building in Paris after a march from the Champs-Elysees avenue arrived there.

While many demonstrators marched peacefully, some masked activists tried to break down barriers outside the parliament while others urinated nearby.

Masked men threw projectiles at police, police responded with tear gas and grenades: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zafCdE9f1rE

As the march continued, vandals burned rubbish bins as well as cars – mainly luxury models – vandalising bus shelters, cash machines and shop windows along the route.



Volunteer medics at the National Assembly told AFP that a man had had his hand ripped off during the clashes between police and protesters.

One witness who filmed the incident, 21-year-old Cyprien Royer, said the victim was a yellow jacket photographer taking pictures of people trying to break down the barriers protecting the entrance to the National Assembly.

He said he was hit in the calf by a type of stun grenade as the cops attempted to disperse people.

"He wanted to bat it away so it didn't explode by his leg – and it went off when he touched it," he added.

Paris police said the man had lost four fingers.

Officers had arrested 39 people and 21 were being held in custody, they added on Saturday night.




bumping back to the top


France was warned what would happen if they elected a kike banker. Of course your going to get screwed! Duh!


government of the banks, government for the banks


> noone gets guillotined

Meh. Waste of time, oligarchs will just wait it out.


Daily reminder that you will always have to analyze these events on your own.

"Order through chaos."

The most likely scenario is there are legit people in government who would strike down Macrons bullshit. It would have taken time but his dumb shit would be declared illegal and in the process the sheep would be educated on how evil these people are. So they split the people into two groups. One blows off steam , the other goes pffft fucking dumb violent niggers. Exact same thing happened in the us with Trump, things were actually going in the right direction so they divided and conquered .

How do you fags call out every regime change as glow in the dark then you miss this one? Nobody has power to just organize shit within a fraud society unless they run it.

Fucking thousands of authors philosophers artist etc have identified that there are masters and slaves. Every single one of them said that education on the subject is the answer, not dumb fuck violence. None of these acts of violence ever target politicians , police, bankers, lawyers, judges, so who benefits from it? Order through chaos . Holy fucking shit I cringe at how you losers eat up the script every time.


figures this was sliden



We need to just GET OUT of this system and abandon it then. Never give up your guns, if you have to fight to keep them, do so. Prepare for inevitable war and chaos as they wreck the country in which they now occupy.


Well ONE thing good will come out of all of this, Macron and his leftists will be OUT come next election.

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