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File: 4ce80c990388c13⋯.jpg (99.11 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 01dd5027340b6b48bcd6d4b5b1….jpg)


>it centered around 2 accusers

>they detailed his methodical grooming process

>they both had sexual relations with him on a regular basis

>the sexual activity included masturbation, blowjobs, and attempted penetration. They both said he tried but stopped because it was hurting them too much.

>this went on for years as they were able to keep it a secret

>the youngest age it started for one of the accusers was 7. He was giving Jackson BJs at the at the age of 7

>one of his favorite things to do was have them bend over and spread their ass, and he would lick their buttholes while he fapped.

A statue of Michael Jackson has been removed from Britain's National Football Museum in the wake of fresh allegations of sexual abuse that continue to surround the pop superstar's legacy.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck accused Jackson of sexually abusing them over a period of several years when they were children in a four-hour documentary "Leaving Neverland," the first part of which aired in the UK on Wednesday.

Jackson's family has pushed back against the film, calling it a "public lynching." The musician's estate is suing HBO, which co-produced the documentary. HBO shares its parent company, WarnerMedia, with CNN.

Robson, now 36, first met Jackson when he was about five years old in his native Australia. He said he stayed with Jackson at his Neverland Ranch in California on several occasions.

Safechuck, now 41, appeared in a Pepsi commercial as a child with Jackson and said he was also a frequent visitor to the singer's home.



File: 29c7c6e9b931cda⋯.jpg (92.83 KB, 503x539, 503:539, mm.JPG)

now that two of his previous supporters have come forward and given details about sucking his dick, i'd say case closed

a chef at the Neverland ranch said he had witnessed Jackson put his hands down Culkin's trousers.

Macaulay Culkin says no

He's normal



they literally said he never fucked them get it right

he never put it in




This showed thoughtfulness in his defence.


>Michael was black

>not called a pedo

>Michael became white

>called a pedo

Seems like they hate whites tbh


Obama raped me. Somebody ruin his reputation. Why would I say he raped me if he didn't rape me? Fucking faggot ass gay nigger. Fuck your disgusting kike universe you parasite faggot. Yiddish cunt. E celeb E celeb famous name brand company wow so cool wow this script works wow it's such a grwat xsfipr hoykdb fucked my name is XIEIEIEKSKSKSKKSKSKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKKAMAMAMAMAMAOOAOAOAKKAJENDJDNIGGER NGKFKEKKSKSKFJEKWNIGGERNJDKSKKSJEWNIGGERJSKSKJSNJWEJEWNGGERKAKSKKS WOW OOPS FEL ON MY KEYBOAR



The vultures are circling around what's left of the Jackson estate.




I believe there is a sizeable population of actual for-real mentally ill posters on 8ch (and 4ch)(OP included) that will do anything to gain attention and affirmation for their paranoid delusions



I believe there is a sizeable population of actual for-real mentally ill posters on 8ch (and 4ch)(OP included) that will do anything to gain attention and affirmation for their paranoid delusions

Your universe is so fucking gay. Re read what you just posted and cringe faggot. Your universe is poiosn and there is nothing of value to you. Gross faggot. I run reality bitch slave. Go die little chicken nigger which. Chicken nugget butch. Over react to words hahahahahahahahah you get so triggered omg like wheres the down vote button omg like I can't even I need to like maoe it go away like uow do I do this omg hes not following orders make it stop mommy?


Imagine trying to feel superior for the first time in your life and dropping the word sizeable which reveals you are a try hard faggot with an inferiority complex

Oh wait it happens in poison universe

I believe there is a sizeable population of actual for-real mentally ill posters

I believe there is a sizeable population of actual for-real mentally ill posters

I believe

Omg yo believe like Jo way omg really guys this guy has an opinion like omg


If you start a sentence with I believe you are trying to trick people into thinking anyone gives a fuck. You are delusional.

Projector! Faggot projector! Projecting his faults onto others hahahahahahahahah fucking transparant whiney bitches kike? Stupid kike nigga birjdjsjsjajajwjwjwjajajajjwajjajajajajwkrkrkririirueueue omg I broke the script omg im mentally ill omg you said tow words omg you control ke now you control me because you casted magic the gathering bzuzwor omgmgmgmgmfmtmt buzzword


You are




Beeeeeeee you are not a bee you are a REEEEEEEEEEEE


Rzzzzs omg watch this I'm gonna sting this person with my words omg buzzword omg omg omg omg based feds omg based controlled opposition omg based opinions given to me by Joe Rogan omg based 59999 UPVOTE post on the donald that confirms the fact that I am right


More like..'

Michael Jacksoff on your son


Why do normies think Michael Jackson was a bad person? He helped kids all over the world



Helped them out of their clothes


Gay prison universe



Mj- jews are evil, I'm gonna help these kids these pedowood faggot kikes raped

Two seconds later

Kike: omg mj is the one who raped them not us!

Hmmm, hmmm. Wheres dick Tracy? Wheres Columbo? Wheres L? We need everyone we can get so we can get to the bottom of this difficult case!




Gross faggot kike prison world


The real pedo was Joe Jackson, poor jackson kids couldnt do anything or say what was really happening because of all the times he'd either beat the shit out of them or threaten to just kill them all.


Leaving Neverland was a hatchet-job presenting evidence LAUGHED OUT OF COURT as fact.

I hope the Jackson estate gets these kikes for enough to buy back the Beatles catalogue


>Will me, thrill me. You can never kill me. Jew me, sue me. Everybody do me. Kick me, kike me. Don't you black or white me.

It comes as complete surprise to me, why would someone say bad things about this person.



boyvids v4



That is what I heard also.


File: 3d719607a234ed3⋯.jpg (723.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dead.jpg)

if they dig this guy up and and it ends up it's just a bunch of greedy assholes who thought they could b.s. though a dna test so they could rob his dead ass then we can just kiss trusting anyone ever again goodbye.

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