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File: faa79ca88fac6bb⋯.jpg (73.62 KB, 540x359, 540:359, American Industry Has Been….jpg)


Is there anything left in this country that has not been deeply tainted by corruption?

By now you have probably heard that dozens of people have been arrested for participating in a multi-million dollar college admissions scam. Enormous amounts of money were paid out in order to ensure that children from very wealthy families were able to get into top schools such as Yale University, Stanford University, the University of Texas and the University of Southern California. And as The Economic Collapse blog's Michael Snyder writes, we should certainly be disgusted by these revelations, but we shouldn’t be surprised. Such corruption happens every single day on every single level of society in America. At this point our nation is so far gone that it is shocking when you run into someone that actually still has some integrity.

The “mastermind” behind this college admissions scam was a con man named William Rick Singer. He had been successfully getting the kids of wealthy people into top colleges for years using “side doors”, and he probably thought that he would never get caught.

But he did.

There were four basic methods that Singer used to get children from wealthy families into elite schools. The first two methods involved bribes…

Bribing college entrance exam administrators to allow a third party to facilitate cheating on college entrance exams, in some cases by posing as actual students,’ is the first.

ribing university athletic coaches and administrators to designate applicants as purported athletic recruits – regardless of their athletic abilities, and in some cases, even though they did not play the sport,’ is the second.

Because many of these kids didn’t even play the sports they were being “recruited” for, in some cases Photoshop was used to paste their faces on to the bodies of real athletes…

In order to get non-athletic kids admitted to college as athletes, Singer often had to create fake profiles for them. Sometimes this involved fabricating resumes that listed them having played on elite club teams, but to finish the illusion Singer and his team would also use Photoshop to combine photos of the kids with actual athletes in the sport.

A number of college coaches became exceedingly wealthy from taking bribes to “recruit” kids that would never play once they got to school, but now a lot of those same coaches are probably going to prison.

Of course the main thing that the media is focusing on is the fact that some celebrities are among those being charged in this case, and that includes Lori Loughlin from “Full House”…

As bad as this scandal is, can we really say that it is much worse than what is going on around the rest of the country every single day?

Of course not.

We are a very sick nation, and we are getting sicker by the day.

What we are is deeply corrupt, and America will not survive if we keep going down this path.





Do you know why the Chinese cheat in academia? It's because the Chinese education system is a joke. Now the west is doing it because college education really has become a joke.

Think about it. These stupid rich boomer fucks are overpaying six to seven figures for a worthless useless libshit degree for their children along with a leftist indoctrination agenda. All because of the dumb outdated belief that not going to college will ALWAYS EQUAL poverty for life. I'm glad they are being arrested for this stupid belief.



Me too. Oh boy, I also enrage them by telling the younger generations to check out the trades instead (you can actually earn pretty decent income in some of the trade jobs that are still in demand today) and that freaks these commies out like it was the end of the world! Its sad to see so many younger people getting suckered into the student loan rackets and the "liberal arts" bullshit as well.

College is fine, as long as you earn a degree for an actual profession that will pay for itself, as long as you are sure you can make it in that career and pay those loans off. Thats only about 25% of the working class today that actually truly need a college degree. The rest should be in the trades, flipping burgers or driving trucks around, etc.



>Alt+F "usury"

>Alt+F "debt"

>Alt+F "jews"

>No results found

You're not even trying.



I worked in an Intel factory for several years. They’re coming here with engineering degrees, not the kind of degrees you’re demonizing as “libshit”.



Why should someone have to work in the trades if they didn’t get placed in university for a “useful” track by 16-18? Ever hear of a late bloomer? Ever hear of the problem of credentialism? I disagree with your post, big time.

Instead, apprenticeships in the medieval, indentured servant style, professional training absent gov funding for law, medicine, and a free for all concerning most everything else. Internet is undergrad college and lifelong learning access, so we don’t need theold infrastructure.



Many of the people busted were Jews if you look into it. That was already concluded a few days ago, this just being a follow-up report. Should have linked to the previous report about the bust, you'd see it there.



>Internet is undergrad college and lifelong learning access, so we don’t need the old infrastructure.

Yes actually you do need infrastructure, even the old. You can't just let infrastructure go and not be maintained or upgraded for decades or you start having serious problems with services and basic equipment that the internet still relies heavily on today. Remember: the internet itself is still all wired undersea cables, its still ALL wired from the backbone ISP hubs, and about 60% of all internet connections (nodes around the globe, still wired modem connections). Yes, the old infrastructure MATTERS.



No, we need the libraries to protect paper books from being disappeared by Google. We need laboratories for practical experience, though hobbyists/inventors and businesses might rightly supply these to the young in exchange for labor/partnership.

We don’t need professional instructors and tenured profs, don’t need minority outreach, don’t need gigantic brick buildings and millions in infrastructure, real estate, and upkeep all in one location that removes students from their communities.

When I said internet I meant cyberspace, whether that be cables, mesh, or something hitherto unconceived.

I’m otherwise unpersuaded by your comment.



SAT is a scam, college is a scam, msm is fake, elections are fucking corrupted shit.. should I even bother to any longer?



(((Engineering degree)))



OK, maybe I misunderstood you. Point taken.



College should only be for engineering and other useful professions, which is why technical colleges will ALWAYS be superior than a university that offers libshit degrees.

Have you even seen the kids of these rich parents? They are not STEM material and are artists. They aren't going to those universities for engineering degrees like you think they are. And if they got an "engineering" degree, it's most likely a Psychology (((B.S.))) degree. A libshit degree should NEVER HAVE B.S. at the end of it EVER.



Haha. Technical colleges are diploma mill scams. Holy shit.



It's like this guy doesn't know there are scientific and medical frauds right alongside psychologists who create new illnesses. That mental illnesses like schizophrenia are real and the field of psychology, though it suffers from its dependence on statistics, isn't any better or worse than any other field, and for that matter doesn't attract any more or less shylocks and charlatans.


I got an engineering degree and it served me well. Still, when I attended some of the people there were being supported by their parent(s) and only wanted to "get by" since they had a senior position waiting for them when they completed their studies. I agree with the original poster to the extent that an advanced education has less career potential and significance than it did 30+ years ago.



You do what is right for you and stop listening to what society wants you to do. Get ahead on your own terms and tell the faggots to fuck off back to libshit land.

Yes, the SAT is a scam. It is no different than the Gaokao in China that decides how your life will end up. It will determine what college you can get into period. No ifs, ands, or buts and those colleges accept only a certain number of people in a certain province depending on the exam results. The MSM even said this flat out on TV and this is the main reason why the Chinese cheat in their country is because their ENTIRE education system is a joke. They spend all of K-12 preparing for this joke of an exam. No time for dating, being a kid, extracurricular activities, part time job, etc. You study for this test, pass so you can get into the uni that is great, then go to uni and cheat again there and once you get your fucking degree, then you can relax and enjoy your life because you are now working and making fucking money to get what you want out of life while HELPING your FAMILY, which is another reason why they cheat. Doing shit the honest way is a weakness in their culture and they have a saying there that you don't demonize someone you see cheating because they could be your future boss.

I can guarantee you these rich parents did this because they know deep down that college in the USA is joke. Look what academia is producing today. It is producing a shit ton of faggots that want to turn the US into a communist country and most of them HAVE libshit degrees. And why do they think applying to college is a part time job? Jesus Christ!



Wrong. What is wrong being a blue collar worker like an electrician or a plumber? They keep civilization running while you work a paper pushing desk job.


I do know about them and I include them with the cesspool of libshit degree holders. Do you not cringe when you see a (((Studies B.S.))) degree in a liberal arts college?


You're a retard if you think every discipline of study but STEM is "libshit".

Sure, say they've attracted relativistic profs and that the fields are being perverted by muh social justice agenda in the present. But try and understand that doesn't make the fields "libshit" through and through.


What's wrong with being a blue collar worker like an electrician or a plumber is that it's a waste of one's natural talent on the one hand, if someone is gifted at something and it didn't get discovered during their k-12 years for whatever reason, and on the other because NOT EVERYONE CAN BE AN ELECTRICIAN OR PLUMBER IF ELECTRICIANS AND PLUMBERS EXPECT TO EARN A LIVING.

But I don't work at a desk, so go fuck yourself for being so goddamned dishonest that you would make the claim.

I don't cringe when I see whatever it is you think you're explaining because I've actually gone through university. I know better than to believe that what's happening now is what's always and forever been the case with "psychology" or literature, philosophy, history, whatever.

You can bitch and moan all you want to about "studies," i.e. women's studies, chicano studies, fart porn studies, or whatever you want. But not every discipline that awards a BA is a "libshit" degree, you fucking ignorant asshole.



>What is wrong being a blue collar worker like an electrician or a plumber?

>They keep civilization running while you work a paper pushing desk job.

'EGG ZACK LEE' as JN would say. And better yet they get paid a lot more than the average graduate that ends up with two or three part time jobs. I know a man in his early 60s already retired who was an electrician for 30-some years. Owns his home, retired and has a family at the age of 62, that ain't bad folks, that ain't bad at all. He went to a trade school when he was young and got set up with a job at a local power company and 30+ years later he's living a decent life in a middle class neighborhood.


You ever stop to think that some of us find you so-called successful people who beat the STEM meme like a dead horse to be real suspicious, and at the end of the day not all that clever on close inspection?

Think about it. I want a STEM degree, right? So I can participate in the economy, or work for the government. Well, what do those two entities produce, mostly, nowadays? The digital panopticon, the weapons industry or MIC, the outsourcing of IP and factories to Eurasia, and on and on.

That shit makes blue collar types look pretty saintly. But the blue collar guys are so miffed about the niggers lowering their wages and pushing them out of their positions that they see the housenigger engineers as who they wish they had become, because those are the people getting the bribe now that computers have come along.

And of course you hate academics because they only ones you ever come into contact with are the activist scumbags on twitter who want to destroy you because they're racists, and inferior and afraid of you because of it.

But you don't know shit. You spout off whatever memes you pick up and never look any further. All you are is a fucking parrot to me, an insignificant little bird who's about to fall out of the sky and eat shit.



>But the blue collar guys are so miffed about the niggers lowering their wages and pushing them out of their positions that they see the housenigger engineers as who they wish they had become, because those are the people getting the bribe now that computers have come along.

The foreigners that are taking trade jobs typically go for construction jobs these days. Electric, plumbing, engine repair, HVAC technicians and welding is still pretty safe for most average folks today. However, with the storm of new illegals coming into the US - if not prevented - that could change within a decade or two and then Americans would be fucked.



Oh, goodie. There's still a safe haven for the cowards to retreat to. We can all live in the paradise of John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath and get paid to drive the tractor now that we can't work our own farms.

Too bad bitcoin mining is all but dead. That's another fun casino game to play. Sure beats neetdom.

Look, I get what you're saying. There's still a chance to eek out a life that is honorable for an ordinary American and, more importantly, legal. But I'm still of a mind that this is consistent with letting those fuckers brown America and turn your progeny into coffee colored slaves. It's survival, not living.



Of course not everyone can be a blue collar worker. But you are wrong that technical colleges are diploma mills when unis are doing it more often these days and on a massive scale. There has to be standards combined with apprenticeship for anything blue collar. You don't want a building wired 3rd world style do you?

I went to uni myself and I saw a lot more than you honestly because I stayed there for 10+ years doing useless crap I never used. You should know the reason they put B.S. at the end of every liberal arts degree so now they have two versions of the same degree. I'm not ignorant either, I'm a realist and what I saw is what I'm telling you whether you like it or not. You can get a BA degree but don't complain why you won't get a job right out of college or why you aren't using 100% or even 0.1% of what you learned.

And about that "gifted" thing. How long are people going to wait to find their "gift?" Until they are 50, 60, 70, 80 years old? Some people don't have that luxury of time because we have more important things to do like help those who are dependent because they got dealt a bad hand in life. If you ever came from a 3rd world country like I did, you don't have time to fuck around like that. You need to grow up fast and work to survive, which is something the 1st world forgot about and why you see it in their children these days.



First sentence is unconvincing because this government is forgiving loans on those superior Technical Colleges as we speak. Not so for even the state universities.

Second paragraph. The first thing I noticed is that you said you stayed there for 10+ years, but you didn't say what degree you walked away with. I was there only 7, but I walked away with a PhD in the history of science with a focus in the history of medicine. The only people I ever saw who were there after ten years were niggers who couldn't eek out a bachelors and kept dropping out or attending part time, and grad students who weren't smart enough to lay down a dissertation. As for putting a BS at the end of every liberal arts degree "so they have two versions of the same degree," you're showing your retardation. All the BS means is you took 4 science classes and 2 math classes, one of which is Math 111. For the BA, you take one math class over Math 105, two years, which is six courses, of a foreign language. That is the ONLY difference between the two degrees when concerning a liberal arts discipline. If you're in the liberal arts SCHOOL, you have additional school-related coursework, in addition to your bacc-requirements for the COLLEGE, and then the major itself, which is anywhere from 52-56 credits, on average, in a quarter system. As for getting a job, that isn't even relevant to what you started talking about in your paragraph, but I assure you that getting a job because you have a specific degree relates more to what the HR cunts want in specific industries than what the job requires. Lots and lots of people take a bachelors in whatever, get hired bottom level by a corporation, and work up to whatever their talents, skills, and social acumen allows them to achieve. You simply don't know what the fuck you're talking about, old man.

Third. Waiting to find your gift is not the point, it's investing in a credential or being invested in just because, as a kid, you were super obedient or you never had any problems at home, or the library in your town was really good, or your father used to rape you so you hung out at the library, etc. It's not about letting people live on the dole until they're 50 and decide they'd probably make good sculptors. Stop going after low hanging fruit.

My vision would put everyone to work as soon as was necessary but would grant them the mobility to learn and do whatever the fuck they want. You've only indicated that you would typify them and then ram them into predestination to live on their knees forever.



Sorry, in my second paragraph comment I was going to add that the BA degree requires three lab science courses instead of 4. So, for the BA you do one math, six language, and three science. For the BS, you do two math, four science, and that's it because the rest is part of your program itself.



I didn't walk away with any degree. I wasted 8 years of my life listening to people like you saying "find your gift/passion/whatever" or "just get any degree and you will succeed." The other 2 years, I worked part time doing inventory there then I quit and did an apprenticeship at an electronics company and became a computer technician.

You think you're smart but you don't know shit. Your PhD means nothing to me and you didn't even say why they added the B.S. at the end of liberal arts degrees. Well let me educate you.

The real reason they added B.S. at the end of liberal arts degrees is because they wanted to save students time while milking more money from them. "Sorry you dropped out of STEM, maybe a liberal arts degree will be suited for you." So instead of starting over, you were half way to finishing a liberal arts degree provided you completed all your generals already. They do the same thing with generals too. A student does great at science, for example, but they make him take an english class or a culture class where he gets a low grade so now he has to take that class again in order to graduate or they will hold his degree. My academic counselor even told me this when I told him to cut the bullshit and explain to me why it's like this.

All I can say about credentials is that not all of them work for everyone. Like you said, not everyone can be electricians or plumbers or get a STEM PhD degree. Your definition of "talent" is shortsighted.

Your vision…hah! What are you some kind of king? Man, your vision would make everyone lazy. People need to struggle or else they will get lazy. That is how nature works. You need to make hard decisions in a limited amount of time. You see this is your problem because you think there is all this time in the world when there isn't. How are you going to put them to work anyway when everything is fucked as it is right now? You can't do whatever you want when times are hard. You need to do what you have to do. That's called sacrifice. That's what your ancestors did which is why you live comfortably today. If you think shit like that is over, think again. That will always be around no matter what stupid vision you have.



"You think you're smart, but…" <snore>

"…you didn't even say why they added…" Yes, I did, faggot.

I'm not reading further into your bullshit. You're a fucking retard. Die.



No you didn't. My answer I gave you is the real answer otherwise the student would have to start over and that situation itself would discourage the student from pursuing another degree.

What is wrong with the government forgiving loans to technical colleges? That makes them better than unis in my opinion. You can't do that with a liberal arts degree but if I went for an electrician, I could pay that off easily with the money I make loans or not.



You have to be the dumbest motherfucker on this board.


File: fee291530b2464e⋯.jpg (38.74 KB, 435x600, 29:40, Baby-Crying-435x600.jpg)

Alright. Dunno why, but I want in on this conversation. Probably because I know EVERYONE will hate me after this, and that's when I'm at my happiest, so I'll just say 'Fuck You All' ahead of time so I get


All I can offer is my personal experience on the subject of Guaranteed Student Loans and how it has affected my life. I'm in my 50s now, so we can get that out of the way first.

When I was a teen I graduated from high school, went straight to work in a wharehouse for a year, then got talked into the college meme for a year, no major, general studies, decided, hey fuck this, I can learn shit on my own and went back to work. Hard physical labor type jobs. A couple years later, mid-80s, I think I'd rather be sitting at a desk so I borrow $2,500 Guaranteed Student Loan to go to a Business School that said they would teach me Excel, and a bunch of computer / business bullshit that they never taught because it was just a mill for making money off the system by getting stupid niggers to get loans to go there to learn nothing. I knew more than the teachers, I was the only white guy, and I still feel like the dumbest nigger in the world for making that decision. But let me tell you how much WORSE that decision could get when compounded by a lifetime of bad decisions!

>Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; all mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome raths outgrabe..

OK, so I didn't want to pay the bill. I ignored it. Went back to work. Focused on wine, women and song on the weekends at first. Then it was sex, drugs and rock-n-roll every night, get up and do it again, even harder on the weekend, work hard, play hard, no worries about tomorrow, young, wild and free. Years go by. Never bought anything with credit. Still don't believe in it. Fuck 'em. Ever tried travelling anywhere without a credit card nowadays? Worked at hard physical labor jobs, couldn't hold tools anymore, doctor says I'm fucked and always was. Should never have worked those physically demanding jobs. Had just gotten a wiman pregnant. Mid-thirties. Get on disability. Raise kids all by myself on that pittance. Still am. Wife left a month after second kid, many years ago. Never heard from her. Want something better but cannot make a single penny more than what I make now, which is less than one-quarter of the poverty level, else the Guaranteed Student Loans will garnish more than they do now and more than it is worth to work above table.

WHY??? Well, let me tell you. You see, that original $2,500 loan was up to almost $19,000 with added interest by the time I went on Disability in 1999. Outrageous! And for a school that taught me nothing! That ain't shit! You think that is "proof" the system is corrupt? It gets worse. 20 years more worse. You see, Guaranteed Student Loans don't go away – EVER. There's a law saying that if you have a Disability that is debilitating and will last a lifetime and will kill you that you can get out of your Studebt Loans. It's called a Disability Deferment, the paperwork is awful, your doctor charges you $50 every time, and the same thing happened to me every time I did it, 20 times since 1999. The company holding my GSL debt would get the paperwork that absolved me of said debt and they would quickly sell my debt to another company. I would hear nothing, thinking that was good, until the new company started fucking with me, wanting the money, and I'd have to go through it all over again, and now the debt is up to $47,000 and they are garnishing so much out of my Disability check that I have been raising two children by myself on $600 per month and cannot make any extra money except under the table, but I'm literally disabled so can barely move, hurt like hell, was given 6 weeks to live more than 18 years ago, the doctors still think I'm on death's door, fuck them too!, so hate the world just as much as it hates me, and I'm done whining now, but..

JeezusFuckingChrist!!!!! Let this be a lesson to you! These bankster charlatans are tricksters and will control your life through debt if you let them, and ANY debt is a way in. And they'll use it. You will serve the master then, and the master will be your own mountain of debt.





>first post is my blog




In my opinion loans should not be forgiven at all, unless the feds have the balls to bust and break up the banks and universities for racketeering: shilling fraudulent degrees like "liberal arts" among excessively overpricing other legitimate degrees. The second preferable to the first, however taxpayers should not have to pay the costs for insolvency and corruption.

The reason for government SHOULD BE to make sure this kind of shit never happens in the first place.



That says a lot about you responding to me like that. If you can't handle the truth, stop posting and leave. I would rather the government forgive loans on people who do real work than those who don't. Like I said, they keep civilization running. You call them when your pipes leak or when your power goes out. They go out in -30F weather just to fix that shit for people like you. Seriously, get real. At least your PhD degrees are good enough for teaching children just don't brainwash them like the commies do.


I agree. The problem with loans is that people are naive when taking them out just to get that 4-year degree.



My Hitler trips trump your cynicism.



>the truth

There is no truth. You would know that if you had gone to university and actually learned something.




yresgdmfw & you know it.



If you're the one who wrote the blog post, I actually did read through it. I have compassion for you as that is almost exactly my own situation. But I didn't see a conclusion besides "Fuck you all." Is there any advice you can give besides "don't take the loans and then ignore the costs in your youth because usury is a real motherfucker and they WILL have their pound of flesh"?



Sorry that happened to you. The only time school taught me about debt was in an accounting class. I am grateful though my parents told me debt was a bad thing during my early years. They told me to pay shit off while it was low. No need to tell me to fuck off though.




Well, I'm in a bit of a mood today because I spent 2 hours on the phone with the Dept. Of Education this morning, so I'm still a bit freshly raw on the subject. I also gotta clean house a bit before my dad shows up. He's taking my 18 yr old out to look at cars! How quick they grow up! Soon I'll be on my own again! But I'll go get a bit more positive then come back and see if I can wind up the blogpost with a bit more finesse than, "I give up, I'm pissed, and Fuck You!" Lel! We've all been there before though, amirite?

he goes to clean house, spies live resin.. Hmm.. Fuck 'em all! Nah. I'll come back..



I bet you had the option to choosing work over some alternative like student loans though, you cunt. Some of us were reeling from 911 and everyone being unwilling to hire us. An entire decade+ of skeleton crews and stagnant wages. A game of musical chairs. If you were sitting at the end of the song, life went on as if nothing too bad had happened. If not, you were fucking dead.

You actually believe parental advice means something in a changing world. What an idiot.



I did learn something at uni even if I didn't leave with a piece of paper you idiot. What I told you through out this whole thread is the truth of my experience there.



Have a good one. Maybe see you then.



When are you going to understand that your experience is worth fuckall?

Why do young men rebel against their parents? Their parents don't inhabit the world their children live in. Figure it out, goddamned preening shitbag.



Not him, but

>experience is worth fuckall?

You must be young, inexperienced, or both. My guess is the latter.



Your guess is based on bias and nothing more. Your bias turns into the sort of mentality that writes the post you're defending. Enjoy being irrelevant and resting on your laurels, you nigger.



My parents and I helped pay for my tuition along with a few loans. We payed off ~$136,000 five years after I quit uni.


My experience is worth fuckall huh? Then repeat history and keep making the same mistakes. What I said is a microcosm of the problems the US is facing today. And I did not rebel against my parents, I went to uni like a good fucking boy was supposed to because everyone did it and "if you don't have a degree, you're going to fail" mentality. Rebelling against parents is taboo where I come from. My family helps people who are dependent so it is a logical choice that I went to uni to get a degree to get a high-paying job. It didn't work out but I ended up with a nice substitution for that and still get paid well.



>These bankster charlatans are tricksters and will control your life through debt if you let them, and ANY debt is a way in. And they'll use it. You will serve the master then, and the master will be your own mountain of debt.

Yep. This is why I stay the hell away from loans today. The only loans I took were for my mortgage and to purchase a new truck many years ago. And I worked my ass off to pay it back off with interest, later saying to myself 'that is it, no more taking anymore of these damn loans.' Never went to college (never needed to fortunately) because back in the day there were plenty of jobs you could get right out of high school. So I thank my lucky ass I never had to deal with anything like student loan debts. Still I knew the system was a scam and I started realizing it back in the 90s how much they were fucking everyone over with outsourcing and getting people into unpayable debts. This is the way usury really works, its not typical merchants that are bad, its the loan sharks (including the banks and their inter-locked corporate-institutional interests) that shill predatory loans to insolvent individuals and/or incompetent families, creating this impoverished slave class that must work to pay off their debts the rest of their lives. And now that government bails out and subsidizes all this bullshit, it just gets worse and worse and even more corrupt as time goes on.

You know what we'd see if there were real Justice in America. Bankster kikes being lynched on live TV and corrupt institutions being RICO'd left and fucking right. Then we could get our "socialism" aka REAL debt forgiveness.



Too wicked to rest.

Too unwilling to be relevant to anything to be relevant to anyone.



I will also add that this is another problem with you westerners. You FAIL to take care of even your FAMILY and instead put them in home to forget about or have someone else teach your children. No fucking wonder you guys are going to shit. You need to wake up or get fucked.



I wish this post was not so underrated.




Who the fuck cares? Due to minority quotas and affirmative action like policies thousands of deserving whites and asians dont get into schools. So 30 rich parents cheated. I dont care at all.



>my parents helped me

So you're not one of the victims. Shut the fuck up, because you don't know what it's like.

>repeat history

History doesn't repeat. Have you ever heard of "anachronism"? Anachronism is a notion taught in history departments, because history doesn't repeat.

Let's imagine you're telling the truth here, for a moment. Okay? You got fucked, no doubt. There is much that you can contribute on the subject of university education being a sham, and I think we both agree that university education, as funded by loans, is so harmful that it negates any advancement touted by its supporters. Fine. But, regardless, you're not speaking for everyone, only yourself.

I didn't say you were rebelling, but I do find it curious that you think I'm going to believe you wracked up 136k without so much as a bachelor's degree. It is virtually impossible to do so, in this day and age, without maybe being at an ivy. But an ivy is likely to have kicked your ass to the curb long before now. So, whatever is the honest truth, I don't believe you're telling it. I think you're a liar, okay?



Not pajeet. Just a chink who is redpilled and is mad he has to experience communism ONCE AGAIN where ever his family goes.



Communication involves intentional statements. The idea is that you don't want to wax poetic to potential readers but say something cogent and inviting to the person it's addressed to.

Go forth and succeed!



I grew up in SEA and never came to America until I was 15. I know exactly what you mean. I mean, other than that I'm white.



My uni is $17,000/year. I stayed there 8 fucking years and attempted 4 majors throughout that whole fiasco. Do the math. I'm not a liar. I got Cs and barely held on to the minimum GPA even though I got academic probation twice in between 2 years and one suspension.

Anachronism sounds like a joke word invented by leftists. History DOES REPEAT. Look at what happened with previous countries. The same symptoms leading to the same shit, collapse of civilization.


Thank you for your understanding. Some people don't want to listen to some redpilled foreigner telling the truth about their country.



Let me add also that you have no idea how lenient academic probation and suspension is even long ago. They want to keep you in to milk more money from you simple as that.



Earlier you said you were there for 10+ years, liar. So which is it? It's a mouth full of narcissism, that's what.

>Anachronism sounds like…

Only someone who's never actually seen the inside of a classroom would say something like that, you fraud.



>you have no idea

Based on what? What falsifiable evidence can you present to me that demonstrates "I don't know."

Take your time, idiot nigger. I'll wait.


>pretending different schools don't have different policies, different governments don't have different laws, different financial aid packages don't have different guidelines, different students don't have different justifiable circumstances

My god, it's like babysitting.



8 years doing classes, 2 years doing inventory work for the uni.

I don't believe that word dumbass. That word is a product of overthinking, which is a symptom you whites have. Analysis paralysis. History does repeat. I have read the history of the west multiple times.


Academic probation happens when you go below a cumulative GPA of 2.0. There is also a term GPA which means the GPA of the semester. If your term AND cumulative GPA go below 2.0, you are suspended for a year. When you get back from suspension, you need to talk with your advisor and take an "academic success" class.


Fall semester: 3.0

Spring semester: 2.0

Cumulative GPA: 2.5

I got below that twice because of some generals and STEM classes.



Doing inventory work for the university is not university enrollment. Taking classes and earning a degree is. But you know that, lying fuck.

You don't believe the word "anachronism," that people get into a bad habit of judging the past according to present value judgments? Well, that's intriguing! Say, what do you think is actually happening when someone tries to argue that Plato was a Communist? As before, I'll wait for as long as it takes you to come up with something. But bear in mind, you still owe me an explanation for that last Whopper you tried to get by.

>academic probation happens when

Why are you explaining how academic probation works to a PhD graduate? Knock know, hello? Hello, moronic fuck?

>I got below that twice…

You wrap it up this way as though I care that you came to university having no idea whatsoever what your talents and weaknesses were. So what?

Are you going to call it quits anytime soon? I'm kind of getting tired of dealing with you.



Knock knock*




You are tired because you refuse to listen to some chink telling you the truth about your country. I'm not the liar here since liars usually have a higher IQ and are manipulative.

Anachronism means an error in chronology, a person or a thing that is chronologically out of place

Why is history repeating itself out of place? Sorry, a leftist today saying Plato was a communist doesn't count. You are denying what is happening in America happened to all the other superpower countries before it. That is history repeating itself no matter what you dig up from your indoctrination camp.

I also already explained to you so I don't owe you shit. So what if I worked for them. It still counts because word in uni spreads like office politics. You can't get away with that anywhere.



I called it quits on uni a long time ago and I suggest you do the same. You are better off in the private sector than in an environment where your soul will be sucked out of you the older you get. There is more to life than uni will ever offer you.



Whomever it is I've been responding to is amorphous in racial or national terms. I respond to whatever someone is saying to me rather organize in little bins according to ideology.

I note your move to utilize a different definition of the term "anachronism" as a pathetic ploy to regain control of the debate. It's not exactly an expert move, so I'll give a nod to your initial admission that you're low iq.

History only repeats itself if the universe is probabilistic and those events which fall outside of probabilistic predictions are insignificant and memory-holed or otherwise rendered irrelevant. But I say history doesn't repeat itself because although there are patterns, there are nevertheless anomalies, twists and turns, novelties. These outliers give substance to history as well as provide food for thought that becomes the very justification for looking at, in this case, an empire springing up later than that of the Ancient Greeks. Of course, I have to explain this to you, because you have at least 3 years on me, right, although no degree to speak of…


>explained to you

Explained what to me?

>"So what if I worked for them. It still counts…"

Show me the section on your transcript where your job counted as college credits applicable toward a degree. Furthermore, explain why it so happens that these were "earned" toward the very end of your study as well as why you discuss said "college courses" as a job rather than classes? OR STOP LYING



My god, these people are worthy of the mass death that is coming

I don't have to "call it quits" on university because I GRADUATED. Understand? If you graduate, you didn't quit. Do you understand now? Finally?

>the private sector doesn't suck your soul, only uni does

Anyone else in here want to explain outsourcing to the megapleb? How about sensitivity training? Cubicles, insurance premiums, diversity quotas, and the like?

Kill yourself. You're done like dinner.


The amount of shit-flinging in this thread is ridiculous. I'll come back when you've all calmed down; so I can stir you all back up again!



I'm low IQ to you because I'm not a PhD holder and I don't really care because people like you live in your own weird world and are not down to earth.

You didn't have to explain that to me. I already know that and it is irrelevant because you know the explanation but don't learn from the past. If you ignore history because you think it doesn't repeat itself, you are going to make the same mistakes over and over again. Have you ever thought what happened before this present time is permanent? You act as if you're living in another timeline and you can change history when you're stuck in this one with a permanent history that has already been written that you foolishly choose to ignore.

Sorry, I'm not going to show you my shitty transcript.


You are more worthy of mass death than I am for obvious reasons.

I assumed you still worked at uni since you have a PhD since that is your "industry." But like I care where you people go after uni. And sorry, my job can't be outsourced like any blue collar job. What are you going to do? Send your car to China, have them repair it, then send it back?



I forgot to say, can't a uni hire people who AREN'T STUDENTS? This does happen you know.



>iq is a symbol on paper

No, you're low IQ because you're stupid. No one has posted a pic of their degrees.

We all live in our own weird worlds. Whatever shared reality there is is interpreted in myriad distorted ways by the individual brain and all its experience with living. Down to earth only suggests to me that you think I'm not being friendly, or that I don't share your values. It's true, I don't like or respect you based on how you've discussed this topic. I think you're one of the dumb people who are so stupid that they don't even know they're stupid.


Explain WHAT? And while you're at it, cut out the "I; You" language. I'm not your spouse. You don't have to blame me for all you endured from your parents as a child. Ignoring history and history repeating itself are mutually exclusive. Lots of people ignore history. It's cool to ignore history. Frances Fukuyama thinks it's literally the END of history, and it's something he would like to see because history was too racist toward uppity low iq chinks like him. History doesn't repeat, retard. It doesn't. We are locked in a linguistic matrix and tend to view the world as writers and journalists have inadequately depicted it, but firstly the writers and journalists never get it right and secondly, no one but a memebrained niggerfaggot would do exactly the thing he read about somewhere as a strategy to win. He would try to adapt it to the present context and his intended goals.You're not persuasive, and it's pathetic that you continue nevertheless to drone on about what you believe. Your beliefs, like you, are dogshit.

You don't have to post your transcript. I honestly wouldn't expect you to do it. But know that I know you're lying about everything you claimed re: university study. Those of us who have been can tell when someone is lying about being one of us. It's the same as with a gang, or a soldier, or someone who works in Hollywood. You're not one of us, alright? It's obvious.

>you, not me–obviously

You must be the chink. You just said your job can't be outsourced like a "blue collar job," as if it's the blue collar jobs that get outsourced in America. Administrators lose their jobs, engineers loose their jobs, not garbage men or construction workers. Get it, chink? Those two guys have to stay close to where the garbage is, and the building materials. What a revelation!




>Can't I earn a degree by being the janitor? Why don't you agree lol ur stupid #$%Q#$%#$


File: 8d753005954b1dc⋯.jpg (376.97 KB, 1620x2430, 2:3, beavisbutthead.jpg)

If you have ever read into the posts at phys.org you will see countless god awful fake science reports full of total trash where they don't even use the proper science terms in the papers that they write. The universities that are doing this are total frauds and it's gotten totally out of control.


America is so fucked. On one hand you have ridiculous student loan racketeering that predatory loaning to students who can't possibly pay all that debt back off, and scamming "liberal arts" degrees worth absolute dog shit……. and on the other hand, trade jobs are being taken by foreigners or completely outsourced out of the country.

And everyone is bitching about how the grass is greener on the other side. Wake up, our country has been screwed inside, outside, over and out.



I'm lost. How did you get from "this website" to "the universities"?



You just described yourself right here. All this text you typed up for what? No one will care about what you said or the worthless PhDs you received.

Everything I've said has been the truth take it or leave it. I don't lie because I don't want to be another troll, which is a major problem on the internet when you want to get to the bottom of things. After I dropped out, I worked for 2 years at my uni because I was referred by a friend. They had a program where if you referred someone who is a good worker, you and the referral both get a $200 bonus. How hard is that to comprehend? They didn't care if I was a student or not because no one would take the job. Private sector jobs do this all the time. You need to remember that uni is a business.

If you think Asians don't work blue collar jobs, think again. I'm not an administrator or some engineer like the stereotypical Asian stupid people like you think about. People like you are the reason this country is going to hell.

ANALYSIS PARALYSIS!!! You think too much instead of doing too much. I'm not one of you because I'm not white, that's true. But you really need to listen to what I'm saying since you can't even say shit to those ruining your country. You can't even tell I'm telling the truth because you are so used to being around liars all the time.



Full circle. You can beat people half to death with information and they will pause and continue saying what they were saying an hour ago. Sad.



I don't care to speak to you because you're a filthy bugman. Now that I know, I won't respond to any more of your posts.



Every race has its niggers and you are one of them. I am ashamed that whites can do things better than other races but produce shit every once in a while like you. Good luck in life PhD burn out, sorry you are pissed off at me for telling the truth.


Yang shills everywhere.



Don't get me started about Yang please. You whites are making a big mistake if you elect him this coming 2020. America will be a laughing stock if a Chinese man is the president.


Cockroach gooks coming out of the woodwork all over the place. Yang Bang is even being streamed on the JF show today.



If it makes you happy, I'm going to leave now. After arguing with this crazy PhD guy for a few hours, it reminds me time and time again debates are tempting but useless and tiring unless the person truly has an open mind and is willing to learn.

But like I said, you are making a big mistake electing him. While I know what the memes mean, I don't care for them. He will make $1,000 the new $100 and you won't be able to buy shit with it except a week's worth of groceries for a 5-person family.



I'll break my rule and respond since you're leaving.

The fact you said "willing to learn" means you're only interested in pedantically preaching to someone, or persuading them to your view like some sophist, rather than getting at the truth. Perhaps that is why no one's meeting your expectations.

Two, Yang is not even on the radar despite his campaign raiding the imageboards. Why take a grand from some ugly insect that reeks of microwaved carrots when Americans can vote for Bernie, have all their debts forgiven, take a pound of flesh off the oligarchs, and prepare for war? You're simply not part of the American consciousness if you think for a second that "whites," or even Americans, will do otherwise.



>He will make $1,000 the new $100 and you won't be able to buy shit with it except a week's worth of groceries for a 5-person family.

Not him but thats going to happen eventually regardless whether a libshit or a cuckservative is president. The US economy is screwed. We already have way way too much debt and the second the US loses its reserve currency status, is the second we start seeing third world hyperinflation because no one will want the dollar to trade goods.

And all those of you who claim you can't wait for this to happen, well you best be prepared. Or be prepared to face a painful third world reality as you starve to death or die rioting in the streets looting for your next meal.



You are a fool to believe that. I was telling the truth the whole thread. You just choose to twist whatever I say into whatever you believe because let's face it you're mentally ill as with all "high IQ" people. I'm not your stereotypical Asian man dipshit. The fact that you got your credentials too shows how fucked your education system is. You should have never gotten that far.



The truth in zipperhead land maybe, but not here in America.


Ok, so let me ask, if you have millions of dollars, why would anyone pay a large chunk of it to a university for an education that is useless?



Wrong again, kid.



Uh huh.



Because the only thing more valuable than dollars is political power. The latter begins with cultivating an image.


File: b8a9b4b4aba95d2⋯.jpeg (85.59 KB, 720x1081, 720:1081, 988102f0edf93a1ad88e871e7….jpeg)


If hes so insignificant why do you reply, eh?


Never go to college, it's a waste of time and money



Not him. Because deep down he is right. Memes are made to make fun of the dire situation at hand. In the case of the STEM meme, that is somewhat true because you have fabricated studies and some leftist infiltration.

In the case of blue collar jobs being taken by foreigners, what foreigners, what niggers? Every blue collar person I came across were whites. People flock to the trades because you don't waste so much time in uni and you can get to work right away. Time is really more important than money because you can never get wasted time back.

We are not anti-academic. Just anti-academic corruption and we want the leftist bullshit to end.



>College Admissions Scam A Perfect Example Of How Deeply Corrupt America Has Become

How else can the goyim get ahead in a jewish dominated university system?


File: 541407d76b6d175⋯.jpg (305.51 KB, 1440x2162, 720:1081, PicsArt_03-14-05.10.49.jpg)



OK. I want in. The wheels are turning, but nobody's home. Not enough schoolin', I s'pose..



Shit OP.



Trades are excellent no doubt! but also anything in technology is good too, learning programming language and/or computer science will keep you gainfully employed- staying up to date with the latest in computer and technological advances.


Fucking broken record.

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