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File: 2801720508210ea⋯.webm (15.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Brenton_Tarrant_part1.webm)


40 people killed in shootings at New Zealand mosques, prime minister says

EDIT: Number is officially up to 50 after they found a dead body behind one of the mosques.


>About 40 people were killed when at least one shooter opened fire at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday.

>New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said that four people had been taken into custody, three men and one woman. As of 5:47 p.m. local time (12:47 a.m. ET), authorities said that a lock down of local schools had been lifted.

>Bush said several explosives had been attached to vehicles. He added that there is no assumption the attack was contained to Christchurch.

>“This is one of New Zealand’s darkest days,” said the country’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern. “Clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence.”

>She said during a news conference that authorities currently believe about 40 people had been killed in the attacks. More than 20 others were seriously injured, she added.

>Witnesses told media that a man dressed in a military-style, camouflage outfit, and carrying an automatic rifle had started randomly shooting people in the Al Noor mosque.

>One Malaysian was injured in the attack, and three Indonesians survived the shooting while three more are unaccounted for, according to reports.

/k/ thread can be found here: >>>/k/656439

Archive of the original /pol/ thread: https://archive.fo/gCLYh (shooter was the OP)

Archive of Mark being an informant for three letter agencies: https://archive.fo/9eSdX

Archive of his twatter: https://archive.fo/TuT4U

The Manifesto: >>>/k/657298

This thread will remain stickied and cyclical for the next 48 hours unless I'm removed from my post or there's reason to do so. Information will be edited in at the earliest convenience. Duplicate threads are allowed for the time being so long as anon doesn't spam them.

EDIT: Not sure if you're reddit niggers or just shitposters, but fuck off with reporting "graphic content" and "terrorist propaganda." Do you think this shit is fucking social media?

EDITEDIT: I'll be busy through today. I'm aware of the nigger-tier one-line spam thinking they're hiding information even though it's all in the OP. Thread is still set to cyclical. "Report" your posts (don't use global report you faggot) if you have information you think is relevant to the OP.

Post last edited at


I thought the Forbes article definitely qualified as worthy news, in particular because it was the first story to discuss 8chan's role


(lol @ anon suddenly doubting himself and cross-referencing the Brazilian school shooting)

Always glad to contribute !!



Forbes attempted to contact the founder of 8chan and admins for the site, but received no response

I love this line!

Mr Watkins must be scraping all that shit from his pants into the pig pen.

Freedom comes at a price Mr Watkins.

A lil poem

Jim gets all the blame

For Ron's 15 min of fame



That wasn't the mod Andy, that was me(sac) that posted that.

I'm gonna try posting it on a few more boards, see if more shit is scraped into the pig pen.


File: c77f9f89efec526⋯.png (436.73 KB, 970x745, 194:149, Untitleda.png)



It is from christchurch.


File: 3248021419fa35d⋯.png (310.07 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-03-16-22-0….png)

We always comply with US law and won't comment further on this incident so as not to disrupt the ongoing investigation

I tweeted Ron "why would US law enforcement be asking you to comply regarding an incident that occurred in New Zealand", and Ron deleted my tweet…..



File: ab19dce5743f0d5⋯.jpg (266.29 KB, 636x993, 212:331, Untitled.jpg)

This is another guy not in vid that was arrested.



Two more things on this:

1) He would have killed militants. The militants being killed in the Middle East are for the purpose of the Oded Yinon plan, and perhaps he should have been over there fighting for Zionism as a Zionist. But I don’t know much about Australia’s role in it, whether he could have been sent there.

2) He was a millennial. He is 40 years old, to my knowledge. That makes him Gen-X.



> the founder of 8chan?

I have another poem:

Don't pick on Mr Brennan

Colorful character though he be

it's Oliver Wendell Douglas

aka 'Jimbo' you wanna see.



Many websites

No, Facebook and 8ch.

I wonder who has the best lawyers?

And whom they will pick on?



You're a good man Mark.

Dank u wel



Dutch media calling out for 8chan: "Unregulated Breeding Ground For Terrorists and Security Services Are Very Worried About These Sites"


Oh Yeah: The Security Services Could Not Get Their Funds Fixed For The Next Years

Says 8chan Is Russian State Trolls



I am mark wiering.



According To New MSM Narrative in Netherlands You Sir Are The Terrorist Not the Muslim


Dutch media calling out for 8chan: "Unregulated Breeding Ground For Terrorists and Security Services Are Very Worried About These Sites"


Oh Yeah: The Security Services Could Not Get Their Funds Fixed For The Next Years

Says 8chan Is Russian State Trolls


File: 89bfd22d2dd16d8⋯.jpg (408.5 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, IMG_20181009_103627.jpg)


Ahhhhh I see…….

All of this talk about the New Zealand shooting remind me how little I feel like participating with the rest of the human race, how much I love the innocence of animals, and how much I love my cats in particular…

I am quite literally madly in love with Rocket

She is so sweet I think I'll die from diabetes. She is the sweetest God damn cat on earth…

Ever since Rocket was about a month old, I would tell her to give me a kiss, and I would tap my index finger against my lips… She would literally climb up on my chest and KISS ME….

And I'm not talking about just 'touching noses'

Rocket actually kisses me on the mouth, pulling my top lip with her lips… She still does it to this day. She is so loving and sweet, and she knows the 'kiss', because every time I tell her "come give daddy a kiss, Rocket" that's exactly what she does.

She purrs, and rubs on my face, and stares in my eyes, and kisses me right on the lips…

Every single night, she makes her way up to my shoulder when I'm laying in bed, turns in a circle, and curls up on my shoulder laying up against the side of my head.

Her long black fluffy hair smells so good !!… She's so happy to be with me, and she is the most personable 'up close' one-on-one lovey-dovey cat I've ever had, and I have had a lot of cats in my life…

I fucking hate the human race with a passion

I can't stand them… I think the human race is a worthless pile of shit, including myself…

And my hatred has nothing to do with politics or religion or color of people skin, because I hate the human race wholesale…

But I also am completely opposed to cowardice, like some sawed-off gaping rectum half-ass faggot piece of shit who opens fire on defenseless unarmed children women and men.

Animals don't do bulshit like that…

The human race is completely worthless…



>Nobody's going to remember him 7 days from now

14 days

>He was a millennial. He is 40 years old, to my knowledge. That makes him Gen-X.

He's 28, but I guess that seems old when you're 14.


File: 34e0dad46bdd7c9⋯.jpg (102.42 KB, 636x993, 212:331, PicsArt_03-16-10.19.32.jpg)


I'm the REAL Mark Wiering



Andy, I've known a few people who were much better humans than me, but were still tainted by human envy, etc.

When an animal gets above a certain level of sophisticated ideation (aka humans), it can't help being a dick.

I know a really mentally retarded guy and he pretty sweet, just not a great conversationalist.

He would make a great pet, but there would be too much care involved, as I treat my pets really well.


good damn !! Wendy made me a badass veggie dinner and the best part was definitely the CABBAGE !!! Steamed to perfection, with just the right amount of kosher salt, and plenty plenty plenty of delicious rice vinegar…


I fucking love cabbage when it's done correctly



This is either a very horrible statement, or a very perspicacious loving one.

I am confused



Exactly what the hell does that have to do with Mark Wiering ?

………oh…. now I get it……



It must have been a jew who said he was 40. You know how they lie.



Why does it have to be 'you got peanut butter on my chocolate' or 'you got your chocolate in my peanut butter'?

Why can't it just be chocolate flavored peanut butter?



It was a Jew who said that he looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome…. But I don't remember him mentioning anything about the faggot's age


ProTip: I've already grown so sick and tired of hearing about this guy.

I've literally already forgotten he exists.



I’m far from exclusive to this board, let alonr this site. The only faggot jew I actually see posting things is…is you.



sure looks like a nigger to me


your Keen observation skills are legendary



I have absolutely ZERO interest in any of the other boards on 8chan. Nothing about them piques my curiosity whatsoever.

And the internet as a whole can suck my dick



Whatever, I love you anyway.



And no matter what you might think, I've actually got nothing but respect for you.

Just because I hate the human race doesn't mean I don't like people



I like the /tech/ board for advice on purchases.



>ProTip: I've already grown so sick and tired of hearing about this guy.

I'm just using this as a reason to annoy



I should probably cool it with the antisemitic remarks. Someone more insecure might take it wrong.


I've been bouncing back and forth intermittently, dosing with different hypnotic sedatives

Belsomra, Sonata, Ambien and Lunesta

I used to be prescribed chloral hydrate for sleep, believe it or not. I've masterfully malingered my way into everything from benzos to phenobarbital to everything in between.

but at this point in my life I'm trying to stay away from benzodiazepines and anything 'heavy', so I'm juggling around these nonsense medications, some of which work better than others.



TECH ADVICE: don't waste your money



Yet /pol is still there




I enjoy anti-semitic remarks…..

I hate kikeroaches, and I am one



Well they always tell me to just buy whatever new iThings there are and I’ll always have the best. I still ask thm about encryption though, because, you know. A boi’s gotta have some secrets. :D


rolling for Mark Wiering and Johnny Neptune just getting a fucking room already and gtfo of here!



I respect them, but I’m living a lot worse life because of their mafia. I’m absolutely certain of it.


They're never going to take 8chan down, and they're not going to shut /pol/ down…

At least not over a New Zealand shooting or an American school shooting or a Nigerian BB gun incident…

What's going to happen to 8chan is fairly easy to predict… Jim will sell this worthless shithole to some sucker who's too stupid to realize it's never turned a profit… And that guy we'll sell it to somebody else, and eventually the owners will realize it's not worth losing money to keep this piece of shit open….

And much like a really disgusting stinky fart, although initially it seemed to be life threatening, it will fade away into the wind, to be quickly forgotten




76 Trombones Led the Big Parade!



The predetermined planned obsolescence of computers is 6 months. The entire business model of computer manufacturers is to release a much better version every 6 months…

I've never seen technology that didn't become laughably obsolete, and it usually doesn't take very long, especially not these days.

My best advice is to get yourself an abacus, a crystal radio, two styrofoam cups and a very long piece of kite string….



That's really unfair of you….

Mark Wiering blows a mean trombone



RE: spect

I've always said respect is an imaginary concept, something demanded by insecure people.


Dear Mark Wiering,

I hope you're good with the tuba



Every day I have a stronger urge to give going offline and actually dismantling my computer and storing it across town a chance for as long as I can stand it. But my fear is I’ll quickly get even dumber, to the point where it’s impossible to turn it around, without pdfs and social media.


I couldn't give any less of a fuck if anybody 'respects' me or not, because I don't acknowledge respect as being a legitimate thing.


Andy, change your Ip more often.

When the envious control freak /n/ancy mod gets an itch to do a board wide ban of you, it makes it harder.

I can switch to a new IP in 30 seconds, so it's a little tedious posting, but I shit posted 20X last week this way and the mod must have got her tampon in a twist trying to delete all those different ips, so she just gave up.

Sometime I want to reply to one of your comments and all I see it the greened out reply to your ghosted comment



I’ll be dead soon. I just wish I didn’t have to die an asshole and have nobody destroy their life and never recover over me. Like, why couldn’t I be Gary Ridgway, or Dr. John Money. My life is so meaningless, and I go to bed exhausted.



Mr Watkins needs to rent some servers and advertise a vpn service on every page



The lil Dutch boy can stick his finger in my dyke


How sick could you all be to enjoy the killing of people — those people have lives, families, kids, feelings, etc. All of you suprimicet cunts are losers. All of you have no jobs, no future and probably living on welfare, and sit your fat asses behind your computers to fantasize about killing others, just to give your fucked up lives any meaning.

You are low, and you will remain low, scums of the earth. And that goes to any terrorist or killer (White, black, Arabic, Muslim, Jew, Christian) whomever harm others and enjoy harming others, is a scum that deserves a big spit on their face.



Don’t forget to file your taxes this year.


File: 20fbb95d94f9940⋯.jpg (73.08 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 1237836.jpg)


> I'm the REAL Mark Wiering



I've never pretended to be a computer genius, and I'm not a programmer (real hackers never call themselves 'hackers', at least not the genius programmers that I have known in my life)

I'm a creative type, and I've always used computers as an extension of my creative drive

That being said, I used to be a huge 'computer guy'''

But several years ago, I reached a burnout stage.

At the time, I had six laptops in my 'office' creative studio. Imagine eating banana-flavored popsicles all day everyday, breakfast lunch & dinner, and every time you wanted a quick snack it was another banana popsicle…

I simply reached burnout….

I saw people with smartphones, and instantly realized I did not have any desire to become one of those douchebags, walking around with my nose in Facebook, telling people about my new tennis shoes or whatever the fuck they were doing.

One day I was at my apartment doing an 8-ball of Meth, and one of my friends came over with some other creepy dude, and the creepy dude offered to sell me a Samsung Galaxy S3 for $40

Because I didn't really care, I offered him $10, and he said yes, because it was obviously stolen

I must admit that I was slightly impressed… With my background in computers, I was fascinated by the prospects of a less powerful handheld model.

I had no interested doing any Facebook bullshit, and was instead curious about the limitations or capabilities of smartphones regarding graphic image creation, video and animation creation and editing, and sequencing of music…

So I began an ongoing experiment, testing out the different possibilities… While much more limited than a computer, I was still able to determine which software (I hate trendy catch phrases like 'app', because it's software, god damn it) was the best for doing creative projects…

But I definitely reached the burnout stage with my ongoing experiment regarding smartphones.

Right now there's a somebody in my family who's not doing very well, and at this point in time in my life, I absolutely must have a phone at my side at all times, because one of these days, hopefully not tomorrow, but one of these days soon enough, I'm going to get a call that I have been fearing for many years…

But when that event finally occurs, that's it…

I'm going to be done with it….

When that day finally arrives, I'm completely disconnecting from the entire goddamn thing, no smartphone, no computer, no anything….


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Maybe you should get off this site and call your special girl?



>How sick could you all be to enjoy the killing of people

You're thinking of >>>/pol/

Enjoy and post you're outrage there.

I only want to kick mudslimes(in the butt, out of my nation), not shoot them.



I have thousands and thousands of IP addresses at my fingertip… I can switch IPs just as fast as anybody else…

I have no problem being banned or deleted

I didn't 'just start behaving this way' in 8chan. I've been doing this for a very long time, all over the internet, in every kind of different possible setting.

And I've always known that if I'm not hated, and if there's not somebody who decides 'they are going to get rid of me once and for all', if there's not some self-entitled hero who decides he's going to save the day by getting rid of me, if I'm not being banned or deleted or whatever… Then obviously I'm doing something wrong.



He's going to get a busy signal, because I've been Butthole Skyping her all night long.


File: 917b586279d6959⋯.jpg (277.26 KB, 636x993, 212:331, 701j3g400p2d7600.jpg)


lol, who is you?



I’m still teaching, and I feel obligated to do things like check email and read a little when I’m stuck in places I don’t want to be and gave downtime. But I swear, and it’s been this way for twenty years, if I get online for five minutes it turns into 10 hours. There is no, everything but social media, no more downloading, empty my drives and refuse to store data. None of it works. I simply would rather live online than off. And I of course still have to use computers on campus, which is easier because none of the things I do are doable at work. But at home it is almost like a drug addiction. I want out, but I can’t buy books that are on the naughty list, and I get bothered quite a lot through email in my off hours. Maybe I’ll stop teaching for my sanity. Doesn’t pay shit anyway.



I second this comment.

Unfortunately, I happen to know the VPN that Andy uses, and I use the same one. The unfortunate facts are that Andy is a flaming phonefag who has no REAL excuse for not changing IPs whenever he damn well feels like it, which is never, but he could do it willy nilly rather than play with his willy, or do both, like you; the other fact being that the particular VPN service we both use does not have a Linux client, making it somewhat of a serious pain in the ass to change IPs for me, but thanks for asking about me!

and yes, Jim Watkins does business with this VPN



I don’t know if it’s worse to be considered depraved but have greater understanding, or innocent as a little lamb and make a fool of myself showing how stunted my mind is.


File: 62568866af550be⋯.png (1.33 MB, 678x1024, 339:512, download.png)


>I'm completely disconnecting from the entire goddamn thing, no smartphone, no computer, no anything…


File: f9097eafa1fcc15⋯.png (4.83 MB, 1330x2364, 665:1182, PicsArt_03-16-11.14.49.png)


but… but…


Hahahahahaha sweet


After reloading the page, I suddenly couldn't find the comment any more in which I introduced myself, so I will do it again.

My name is Mark Wiering. I am a 21-years-old Computer Science student from the Netherlands, and I am against censorship. Due to YouTube's, Facebook's and the media's desperate attempts to hide the 17-minute footage of the mosque shooting in New Zealand, I am sharing the footage with you.

On this web page of mine, you have the complete footage, together with a download link to download the video AND a download link to the manifest in which the perpetrator explains this motive.

Download the video and the manifest and keep sharing it. Don't let the media permanently erase this useful information.

Since I posted this on my own website, the chance of it getting removed is next to 0. However, several government agencies might put some pressure on the server that my websites is hosted on to still remove it. That is why I consider it to be important to download everything on the page and share it again on multiple other places.

Here is my website: http://markwiering.nl/newzealandshooting.html

Together with this, I also put an explanation on https://vk.com/antileftfront?w=wall-149479534_374 how I managed to retrieve both the manifesto and the footage.



I have enough ebooks and learning videos and web pages saved (and movies)to last me a life time.

I could live offline with just my computer and HDs



That is me (Mark Wiering) with the Serbian flag in my hands!

I love Serbia! Serbia the most peaceful nation on Earth.

Never in its whole history has Serbia attacked another nation. All wars that Serbia was in, was solely because Serbia was being attacked by another power. Serbia also never had a history of colonialism.

Despite of being peaceful, Serbs do fight very hard for their freedom while being attacked. If you look at the First World War, Serbia lost 60% of its male population in that war. Despite of that, Serbia refused to surrender and fought on, and eventually won that war!

I have tremendous respect for Serbia! :-D



This edited photographs made me laugh! As I were being arrested here. x-D

Very well done. You are very creative. I like that. ;-)



I do too. Well over 1.5tb pdf. But…I’m not alone in this house, and I can crack thw wep, or string a cable across the house, or whatever it takes if I conjure so much as the most flimsy of justifications. Then I’m grabbing a 200gb torrent or catching up on jtubes or whatever it is. Within a week I’m bleary-eyed from it. 20 years!



This is not the REAL Mark Wiering.

This post is trying to lead anons to FBI honeypots.

The REAL Mark Wiering would not do that.



With the… tuba? What do you mean by that?


File: ea0c3d94fd9f4a3⋯.webm (551.63 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 802210834.webm)



The good news is it keeps me from killing people. You aren’t going to explode if you’re busy tinkering with inane pointless shit.



If you really wonder what the "REAL" Mark Wiering would do (by the way, I am Mark Wiering), why don't you ask "him" (me) on vk.com/markwiering ?

Because I really am the real Mark Wiering. I admit that some people here are making jokes about me by pretending to be me, but that doesn't mean that I am not here.

If you really need clarification, contact me on either markwiering@gmail.com or vk.com/markwiering and ask me which posts here are posted by me and which ones are impostors. ;-)


File: a6e5e57c8b0c430⋯.jpg (2.62 MB, 1607x9234, 1607:9234, 1.jpg)


Here is a screenshot of Mark's home page

in 2 parts as it's to big for 8ch to handle


File: b7f2a9307468ea6⋯.png (981.8 KB, 678x1024, 339:512, PicsArt_03-16-11.26.56.png)


I don't really see the humour in this one. It's just me, standing behind someone else.

Is there a hidden message that I am missing here?


File: 2d58fc91fd41536⋯.jpg (2.14 MB, 1581x8383, 1581:8383, 2.JPG)


File: 5d2d252785b2acc⋯.png (582.96 KB, 1607x1060, 1607:1060, Screenshot_2019-03-16 Chri….png)



>mark wiering

No, you are not. You are not even applying proper punctuation. I would NEVER write my name like that. I always start names (including my own) with upper case letters: Mark Wiering.





No, spank you.


File: 9580873002ba582⋯.png (980.42 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, PicsArt_03-16-11.33.04.png)


no, I dont



I'm just as aware of Google's nefarious malice as You Are……

But I still use Gmail….

And nothing has happened to me, because nothing is going to happen to me, at least not due to my use of Gmail….



Actually I do not always use upper and lowercase when writing my name



The beginning of that page was written by my father, many many years ago.

The part that stops being about me and starts being about games (beginning with Sherwoord Dungeon), was written by me… when I was 10 years old.

Because of that, the layout is simple and you can find many punctuation and grammar mistakes. Due to the nostalgia of those texts, since I wrote them many years ago, I decided to leave them unchanged.



Ben jij een blanke nationalist Mark?

Neem contact met mij op blankenationalistendiegloeien@protonmail.com


Poor Jet getting tedpilled.



Jullie zijn zulke grappenmakers hier!



That is my web page on http://markwiering.nl/newzealandshooting.html

I posted this to bypass censorship. Out of frustration that the 17-minute footage of the perpetrator kept being removed from any website imaginable, I thought: "Then I will just put it on my own website. Nobody can censor that!"

I did this because I am against censorship. I believe that people should be able to decide for themselves whether they want to watch the shocking video rather than having media outlets decide that for them.



Reported for posting notices about your notices, spamming your website incessantly, and for not being Mark Wiering.


rotflmgfao & so is gf! Also, You better not be Mark Wiering!






Ja en nee.

Ja, ik ben blank.

Nee, ik ben geen nationalist.

Ik ben een patriot.

Er zit een verschil tussen het zijn van een patriot en een nationalist. In landen als Nederland kennen wij het verschil niet tussen beide woorden omdat in Nederland van nature maar één enkel volk leeft. In landen als Rusland, waarin heel veel volkeren leven, is het verschil duidelijker.

Patriottisme is vaderlandslievendheid, terwijl bij nationalisme jouw liefde zich beperkt tot het specifieke volk waar jij toe behoort in één land. Als dat land één volk heeft, betekenen nationalisme en patriottisme bijna hetzelfde. Als jouw volk meerdere volkeren heeft, zit er een verschil tussen beide woorden.



Google translation:

Yes and no.

Yes, I am white.

No, I am not a nationalist.

I'm a patriot.

There is a difference between being a patriot and a nationalist. In countries such as the Netherlands, we do not know the difference between the two words, because in the Netherlands only one single people lives by nature. In countries such as Russia, in which many peoples live, the difference is clearer.

Patriotism is patriotism, while with nationalism your love is limited to the specific people you belong to in one country. If that country has one people, nationalism and patriotism mean almost the same thing. If your people have multiple peoples, there is a difference between both words.

>because in the Netherlands only one single people lives by nature.

So, do you consider large numbers of Muslim immigrants to the Netherlands as one single people lives by nature


File: 180ed3131ce8009⋯.jpg (83.89 KB, 375x373, 375:373, GAY.jpg)



The only reason I posted a notice about by notice is because I couldn't find the old notice, so I just reposted what I had originally written to keep that information accessible.

I am not spamming my website. I am just providing you with the 17-minute footage of the livestream of the New Zealand mosque shooter, something that this topic was created for! Since this footage is not to be found anywhere, I decided to help you out by sharing the footage with you on a website without restrictions, catchpa's, passwords or other bullshit.

That same web page also provides you with the manifest of the shooter, which is also being censored by the media.

Saying that you are reporting me for not being Mark Wiering, is kind of… strange… because I am Mark Wiering.

If you don't believe me, enter my name in the search engine of Google and interrogate me wherever to find me. Google will give you vk.com/markwiering and ask.fm/destoereouwemannekerelisterug

I can confirm on those platforms that I really am Mark Wiering.



Not at all, because they are intruders that don't belong here. Real patriots should reject mass immigration, especially if the immigrants are violent criminals who seek to destroy your civilisation and culture.


File: 21fda59217a06f7⋯.jpg (99.96 KB, 853x1282, 853:1282, PicsArt_03-16-11.45.18.jpg)

Ahhhhh, you might be king of the world now Mark

But these Glory days won't last forever…..

you'll see


File: 1ff572c5be9c75f⋯.jpg (111.56 KB, 853x1334, 853:1334, PicsArt_03-16-11.48.58.jpg)


File: b0c2aa932af482c⋯.jpg (108.64 KB, 853x1297, 853:1297, PicsArt_03-16-11.50.08.jpg)



Although I find this creativity amusing, I still need to stress that I am NOT a homosexual.

I am only interested in women. I especially like it when women have strong, muscular legs. :-D



>confirmed for not knowing the REAL Mark Wiering.



And I thought I already told you all about my strong muscular middle leg…

And how much you're going to enjoy it O:-)



I knew Mark Wiering, sir…

And you are NO Mark Wiering



Mark, You are being trolled by A character named Johnny Neptune aka Andrew McGovern.

An Ephebophilic washed up kitsch boomer artist(nothing wrong with that as Andy warhol got rich creating shit) who spends many hours on the internets as he is old and lonely



Don't be disgusting!

I am only interested in beautiful women with a beautiful smile, long hair, feminine body language, muscular legs, beautiful natural feet (without nail polish) and a black belt in judo… you know… for fun… while wrestling them! :-D


Who the actual FUCK is Mark Wiering



Harsh indictment.


File: d54ced3bdc0df1a⋯.jpg (48.17 KB, 480x640, 3:4, marklacht.jpg)


I am Mark Wiering.

This is me when I was four years old.






You didn't answer my question son.

Are you affiliated, or have you ever been affiliated with any white nationalist group?

I'm just asking out of curiosity

contact me iamglowingcurious@protonmail.com



I can understand that trolling on the Internet can be an interesting form of entertainment, but… If that is your only leisure, I think you would still be bored very quickly.

I, for example, hate it to go to bed knowing that I haven't done anything useful that day. Trolling a bit on the Internet is fun, but I still want to be productive, for example by programming, or acquiring some other skills.

That man needs to find more hobbies than just trolling the Internet. Otherwise, he will never leave the vicious circle of psychological loneliness.


File: 2589a5726b8ff84⋯.jpg (99.32 KB, 748x1146, 374:573, PicsArt_03-17-12.02.21.jpg)



No, I am not.






So you're a Blood or a Crip?


File: 4be8205d914703d⋯.jpg (335.78 KB, 1280x1565, 256:313, f378b94c86c3350819b07dd38e….jpg)


December 22, 2014 by Neal Umphred

warhol elvis worth eighty million?

THE ANDY WARHOL 1963 painting of Elvis sold for more than $82,000,000, astounding the art world by fetching millions more than its estimate.


File: 3f527e33fc75835⋯.jpg (403.26 KB, 851x1400, 851:1400, 1258461481.jpg)


File: 852e0c0d55b9e1d⋯.jpeg (5.33 MB, 3689x3700, 3689:3700, 37b2891c-7831-4493-b514-3….Jpeg)


$50 tops



I don't understand the question.



Not even him but I'm crying laughing



Hey, you are really talented! I saved this picture on my hard drive, because I like it so much! :-D


File: d3de767299194bc⋯.jpg (770.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, monty laughs.jpg)


>That man needs to find more hobbies than just trolling the Internet. Otherwise, he will never leave the vicious circle of psychological loneliness.

Out of the mouth of babes, Andy



They were laundering money.



retard alert


File: bade5cacc639609⋯.jpg (16.47 KB, 300x300, 1:1, PicsArt_03-17-12.07.14.jpg)



no it's not. there's a reason for innocent until proven guilty. what evidence is there of criminality among those killed? you're being quite a poor devil's advocate. there's over a billion muslims in the world, and tens of millions going to mosques in non-muslim countries. if even a fraction of 1% of them started committing terrorist attacks, you'd have muslim terror attacks in those countries every single day. but it's not happening. do you know why? no you don't, because you're an idiot who thinks killing innocent people is somehow justifiable.

instead, most terrorist attacks in the western world in the last several years have actually been committed by white men.


so im pretty new to this cool website can I get ayoot



Well done! But, the previous picture edit, with me as a 4-year-old with a beard, was still more impressive than this.



Do you want to understand his reasoning and the white nationalist worldview or pedantically lord over everyone else the mistaken idea that your ignorant prejudices are the objective truth? I couldn’t care any less what you think on the subject of right and wrong.



if he's 40, well then his terrorist act sure looked like something a lazy, entitled millenial would do. I expect his mother to come his defense any day now.



Nice meeting you Mark. but I have to go as it is 5 hrs earlier where I am on the east coast of America than In the Netherlands(after midnight here)



Another poster proved he was 28 already.



Good night! :-D

I need to go to bed as well.


File: f603082dc58bc7e⋯.png (77.89 KB, 260x249, 260:249, Untitle445d.png)



"Mar 15, 2019 · What we know about Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old man from Australia who has been charged in the shooting of 49 people at mosques in New Zealand. "





Thanks a lot for that link!

I can't believe the whole unedited video is still on YouTube!




Your link refers to a YouTube video that was uploaded in 2013, while the mosque shooting happened a few days ago.

You are deliberately spreading misinformation. Shame on you!



I feel honoured that people take so much interest in my photographs. It seems like I am more handsome than I thought! :-D


File: c2831f50e2f910a⋯.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, C698C059-AB62-4A61-9ACE-5….jpeg)

Someone has an agenda, big surprise.



I understand his reasoning. It's greatly flawed and inconsistent even in his own beliefs. He's an idiot, a coward, and has the inflated ego typical of the diseased type of millenial. Not all of them are bad, but the ones that are, suffer from that same affliction that comes from a life full of "too dumb to fail" and participation ribbons.

If you're trying to ascribe something more to him than what is superficially evident, then you're right there along with him. How old are you?




Such as?

>idiot, coward

Nice ad hominem attack, sodomite.

>diseased, by the environment he was raised in

It’s your world, scumbag, we’re all just living in it

>if, then

Who made you the arbiter of everyone’s value system? Haha

>what is your age

What is your Social Security number?



I would feel more ashamed were I less cognizant of the true nature of time. Since, however, I am Mark Wiering, I was able to post precognitively. I am slightly ashamed of being Mark Wiering today though, especially after my precog-posting of that video.


File: bc0ad6fb28b3d4d⋯.jpg (135.4 KB, 520x338, 20:13, lol.jpg)


you missed this one I think>>756559


I just want to have sex with farm animals. Why do people treat me like a criminal when there are people shooting up mosques and bombing cities? Seriously what is wrong with people?


File: ed8367470ee13cd⋯.png (81.26 KB, 195x228, 65:76, Mark W.png)



Nothing is wrong.

You and Mark Wiering are welcome to stay here and bang farm animals to your hearts' content. As for Johnny Neptune, even he probably has better things to do. I know I do, and I don't really care to stick around now that this guy and Mark Wiering are going to start getting sexually intimate with farm animals.




I wasn't really joking. People in NJ won't let me have sex with their farm animals. I know 8ch is a joke board but I don't have anywhere else to post because NJ is making people into criminals for fucking farm animals.


File: 4de16dde41b2723⋯.png (686.16 KB, 762x800, 381:400, caraculo.png)

Maybe now New Zealand brings back capital punishment for the shooter. That smile he gave is why they blurred his face out everywhere. This guy will probably get put in his own cell and kept away from people for his own protection. How ironic.



File: 99c348ddd0e7d5a⋯.jpg (270.54 KB, 2074x1120, 1037:560, PicsArt_03-17-01.18.31.jpg)

I like Andy Warhol's portrait of Mark Wiering the best


File: db1ef65fcedf396⋯.jpg (64.96 KB, 962x721, 962:721, 11076990-6816827-A_new_pho….jpg)

new pic


This video is the best argument as to why everywhere needs armed guards. This guy fucking SUCKS, and yet because he is the only one armed, people can't do shit about it. He just walks in balls out, no 2nd thoughts, and tears the place up. If 2 or 3 guards had guns in this situation, such a moronic plan would not have worked.


How can it be the end of 8chan, just back up the website and put it back up with over9000 chan or something.

Just because someone makes a post and commits mass harm doesn't mean anyone knew they were going to do anything, and only that user should be held responsible.

Plus the Censorship of the videos is insane that I've downloaded everything I can find on the incident, and archived them on my personal PC because censorship shouldn't happen on this scale.



They are going after people that post shit now >>756513


File: 4fac191b8855713⋯.jpg (101.36 KB, 600x407, 600:407, oh shit!!!.jpg)


This shit was being passed around by Q-tards

with a date of March 11

I wonder if this has something to do with it. Take down 8chan replace with GHIDRA



Accomplished nothing.

He’s going to end up like Bryant, isolation for 23 hours a day and trading biscuits for blowjobs when he’s eventually allowed to socialise. Not sure if any group of inmates will ever accept him, child killers don’t go so well in the NZ prisons.


File: 7df56e0ec9820a5⋯.jpeg (2.57 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, FCCF175C-3168-49BE-8EC0-4….jpeg)


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


he probably gonna end up like this >>756596 with Michael Moore doing the interview and living rent free in perfect comfort.

i embed vid


File: 57d08f9cd62d594⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1003.61 KB, 3456x4608, 3:4, dong.jpg)


>they are just afraid of rejection and terrified that a girl will compare their penis to other men's penises, because they are riddled with fear about having a tiny little dick.

Just wanted to point out this is wrong, and most of us here probably have a bigger dick than you, pic related. Actually, most of this shit you wrote just sounds like stuff you are insecure about and thought others will also be insecure about. Deep down, you know that roasties are disgusting and all that shit you wrote is just lies you tell yourself. lol cuck.


File: 9f5a5c7c422a3d0⋯.jpg (107.81 KB, 617x951, 617:951, the-great-replacement-e280….jpg)


A real-prized cunt to shoot a bunch of unarmed people. Seriously. What a fuckwit.


He called it a "firefight" lol


File: e6279ab643b5985⋯.png (299.53 KB, 640x360, 16:9, FURYROAD.png)


File: b4f334e5fccc7c8⋯.jpg (270.9 KB, 1600x1466, 800:733, IMG_20181226_184641_904.JPG)

Origin of the 14 Words…

"We have to fight to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and people, the sustenance of our children, the purity of our blood, and the freedom and independence of the Fatherland. Only then may our people fulfill the mission assigned to them by the creator of the universe.

All ideas and ideals, all teaching and all knowledge, must serve these ends. Everything must be examined from this viewpoint and turned to practical uses, or else discarded."

- Hitler, Adolf; Mein Kampf, Vol. I, Ch. VIII, p.409 (A New Dual English-German Translation by Dr. Thomas Dalton, Ph.D., May 2017, Clemens and Blair, LLC, 690 pages). [Source: Dalton translation: Mein Kampf, vol. 1: A Reckoning, ch. 8: The Beginning of My Political Activity, subsection 8.5 Fight Against International Finance Capital (German-English translation, Clements & Blair, LLC.; p. 409, copyright Dr. Thomas Dalton, Ph.D., 2017).]

Hitler's Mein Kampf: The ONLY Translation You Will Want!




stop spamming the thread



>he's never come home to see the wife mounted by his labrador when he was just about to complain to the cat about the shitty dope she sold him



I love you


A bunch of dumb niggas can create a caliphate (under US direction) and create worldwide terror. Well a white guy decided he wanted to have a crack. Why let niggas have all the fun?



Sorry, I was trying to reply to someone whom asked about the 14 words. He had 14 penned on his gun.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is where we are at in today's world. The final duel between the three faiths.



What the….

Why would I (Mark Wiering) have sex with animals? That is disgusting! I am only attracted to humans… More specifically, female humans, with strong legs! :-D



Indeed. Nice done! I really like this one.

I have saved this picture as well on my hard drive. I might use on Tinder. ;-)


Dear white people,

Your low birth rates are going to lead you to extinction. It's just a matter of time.

Don't blame other ethnicities for that. They're just occupying the places that you should be if you got your job properly done and fucked your white whores.


Podesta and Deep State


Bad news, guys. I was just visited by two police officers who strongly advised me to remove the whole footage from my website, saying that I could become subject to a thorough investigation of the AIVD (Dutch intelligence agency), with them following me around anywhere I go, dozens of interrogations and limitation in taking flights, public transportation and multiple other attempts to make my life miserable.

I feel ashamed of this, but… http://markwiering.nl/newzealandshooting.html is now stripped down to just the manifest, and a link to this page, since this 8chan page contains multiple links to the 17-minute footage.


File: 68e6c82e16f60c1⋯.jpg (40.99 KB, 480x360, 4:3, nz remove kebab meme.jpg)

Some spice…from Serbia


Do you have a link so that I can download the manuscrit, Thank you. N. Z +



Hahaha see? I'm not reading all that bullshit, but right off the bat, he admits that he could barely get a passing grade in School, had no interest in education, and didn't want to go to college.

I don't doubt that he had no desire to go to college, because he's stupid, barely being able to make it through elementary school and High School…

My point has been proven.



No wonder you can't get any pussy. Your penis is skinny, like a pencil. The ruler is wider than your penis.







That thing is pitifully skinny. All you could do with that is go harpooning.


File: df06db7259c9737⋯.jpeg (80.98 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 24F4838C-F228-4746-920A-1….jpeg)




Sheeeit, dis nigga scooped me.


While the authorities say Tarrant posted his treatise on 8chan — a relatively obscure web forum that attracts trolls, hackers and hardcore white supremacists — the ideas in the document are also circulating on many of the world’s most popular social media platforms.

Over the past four months, for instance, a YouTube user known as Third Positionist posted over 100 videos espousing extremist ideas that closely resemble what the authorities have identified as Tarrant’s writings. The user’s videos — full of racist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic views — have attracted more than a half-million views.

YouTube said on Friday that it had terminated the Third Positionist account after being alerted to it by ProPublica and HuffPost. It said it had found no evidence that the account belonged to the accused New Zealand gunman.




>that attracts trolls, hackers and hardcore white supremacists

I plead guilty to the 1st

/n/ mod is a virgin 22 yr old who is envious of Johnny Neptune's pussy riots



They are on totalitarian overdrive because the hammer is coming down on them and they need power. That what this is all about. This is a fucking false flag. The dust has not settle and big authoritarian moves are being made, we lost our countries. It's over.



File: 52a07acb73a95ab⋯.jpg (137.03 KB, 1600x1045, 320:209, Fotor_153985425238052 (1).jpg)

Do you think he read Siege by James Mason?




join the discussion with owner of Liveleak and his reasons why he wont allow the video to be hosted on his site.

Christchurch Shooting Video

We've received no small number of complaints regarding the fact we will not carry the video filmed by the psychopath who murdered 49 innocent people in New Zealand, streaming the event live on Facebook. As a result we decided we'd put out a statement explaining why we have taken this stance.

Previously we have risked the ire of viewers by refusing to show the glossy promo videos for ISIS. The ones shot on DSLR's, with depth of field, careful framing, and murders stage managed for the camera. Whilst we may carry media showing the most terrible of events we don't want to be a vehicle of choice for those who carry these events out. This is a very important distinction for us.

The Christchurch shooter wasn't just some random “nutcase”. He planned not just the murders but also the chaos he would sow with his manifesto which reads like the fevered dream of a fully fledged “shitposter”. Currently, judging by media coverage and reactions online, he's getting almost exactly what he wanted. We don't intend to indulge him further.

We've never had a “show everything” policy and we'll continue to review certain items on a case by case basis. We fully understand some people will be very unhappy with this decision but, as with previous decisions, we will stand by it all the same.

We hope you can understand our position on this even if you disagree. We aren't campaigning to prevent other sites carrying the video, we aren't suggesting nobody should be allowed to view it should they choose to, but we are saying we don't want it on our platform and we will continue to remove it whenever it is discovered.


Here is the video they want censored:


I'm not condoning anything by posting this, however this should not be censored. People have the right to see what happened.


File: 3f254211deb6918⋯.png (1.57 MB, 833x1652, 119:236, 73ad13881c8e15ea5980b6c8dc….png)


The thread will now be unstickied. It will remain cyclical throughout the week in relation to its content. The duplicate thread exceptions and cycle on this thread will both be removed at the end of the month.


Where can the video be seen?



When there's a lot of deaths in a very short time, the police tend to arrest anyone even slightly suspicious. What happened was the police released a statement saying they had arrested four suspects (because they probably found 4 people with long guns in their vehicles), and then there was media silence when they realized what had happened, so the media was in the dark and the police were still questioning the others even though they only considered the one guy a true suspect. Basically being paranoid so they don't have a repeat incident.


File: ec45ad9043d8ed6⋯.png (136.08 KB, 1130x900, 113:90, ec45ad9043d8ed625c6e32f8c2….png)


>Where can I see it?

>Where can I see it?

It's in the OP you newfags. If you want the second half, go to /k/. Thanks for reminding me that normalfaggots are fucking retarded, should probably start banning you types for the next several days.


Government agencies from around the world and none of them spot this–yeah, right. It's just another false flag for them to come after our guns, rights and freedoms.


File: d0ad0ac87192e43⋯.jpg (35.04 KB, 240x240, 1:1, Aldo.jpg)


Yup, these chans are run by them anyways it's all a ruse. This guy was getting some serious funding and even the NZ President said "they have never seen guns like this in NZ". The guy had been to North Korea, Pakistan, Turkey…all over the place.

He was like a character in a Bond movie. Who knows who he had contact with traveling to all those places. Lots of investigating to do. I think we know a lot more here though then we still know about the Vegas shooter Paddock. That is some fucked up shit by the way.


File: 3f254211deb6918⋯.png (1.57 MB, 833x1652, 119:236, newsbot2000 bigot scum.png)



Just another piece of bigot scum

As I assumed



You are an illiterate – another one who failed to understand why Islam is most popular belief and faith…

The foundation pillar of Islam has been the Justice, Compassion, Forgiveness and Love.

This makes Islam the most attractive since it gives individual a chance to fairness…

Tell me what have you got in Western societies.. ? its all greed, capitalism, wine… and parties and devil work and now this junkies blaming this on Muslims??

You have failed in your own backgarden… and blaming the immigrants ? fools ! fools! with this approach you have no chance to win any crusades !!!



Doesn’t mention the jew/illuminati/bankers/draco/satan so immediately shows he is not really one of us. Also the small stature is evidence of non Aryan blood just like the jew Tommy Robinson.

Fascinating read though and for anyone saying this man was stupid, it reads better than anything coming out of your nearest university.

Reads like someone who has a pretty solid grip on the basics of the Kalergi plan, minus the advanced illuminati/draco/satan stuff.

Deep knowledge of history for a highschool dropout/odd job type aka yolk of the volk.

These are comments from the web page posted, not my views, glow worms, as I am not using a vpn….


Anyone make a GMod map of this yet?


File: e22bf02b9019a9d⋯.png (728.91 KB, 881x602, 881:602, nz guy.png)


This guy was a pagan by the way. Look at his symbol.


Another link/version of the same video:



File: c4d3ea44d0fdbe5⋯.jpg (15.96 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1003049228.jpg)


You will be hunted down like a dog now.

This is what they are going to do to you >>756657 and this >>756513


File: 68846fe82191dab⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1100x1000, 11:10, 68846fe82191dabc088d5cc111….png)

Someone's really upset about this thread's existence, aren't they?


This lunatic has accomplished very little by what he did except pissing off allot of people and for what cause. Doesn't he realize the true enemy at fault for all the Muslims being in Europe are other white people that bleeding hart left-wing crazy, they are the ones that welcomed all the Muslims to Europe. The Muslims won't assimilate into western culture because it's not compatible with there way of life and they will only replace it.



This terrorist have nothing but a complex from his childhood that he is trying to cover under the name of " fighting for white people"

well guess what


this is the most stupid shit I ever saw. may he die in hell.


Why he kill random ppl on the streets? He could kill a non-muslim lol.


For any of you who have seen the video. Did you happen to see any blood spatter or bullet holes?

How about the fact that the shooter walked passed a couple of people on the street, who saw him carrying and now one called the cops.

Why did it take the police over 36 minutes to respond?

Why didn’t the windshield crack or shatter when he shot his shotgun through it?


Chaners are cock smokers.

Mmmmmmmm yummy cummy


In reality it's not about identity, religion or politics. It's about good and evil. Right and wrong. People are being misguided and corrupted through media communications. Lots of temptation, incitement, subliminal messaging and propaganda.

Every person in this world is an individual. In every individual there is good and evil determined by the choices they make and the consequences that proceed. In some people there is more good than evil. In others more evil than good. Life experience can rebalance peoples alignments. When someone like the NZ guy commits such an atrocity, they are responsible for the choices that they made. In this case like in many, he was captured alive. All can clearly see his malignation. There is nothing this man can do now to be redeemed. He has committed capital evil by slaughtering innocent civilians in a place of worship and shows absolutely no remorse or sign of mental illness. The terrorist was completely calm and in control. Very calculating and chilling. Not normal to do what he did and not be scared or emotional. He seems to have some level of training to operate those different weapons so well. He planned this and he saw it through to the end. Shame on him and condemnation.


Anyone done a transcript of what Brenton Tarrant said in the 17 minute video?





Why do you people always have to cry foul play? You know, the world is a hellish place, and bad writing like yours is destroying the quality of our suffering.


It's on everyone's mind.

The inevitable conclusion.

The sign of the times.

The true meaning of the end times.

Everyone was in it together.

We all had the same thought.

Every calculation, every rationale,

Every single datapoint lead to the same thought.

We all sang with a smile, as we loaded our guns.

We took the shovels off the handles and replaced them with knives.

We took our belts off and tied on little razors,

We replaced our sanity with murder, and finally the killing had begun.

And we all went on together for the conclusion of humanity.

The governments all lied, and the religions did too.

The society was a lie, and at this point, everyone knew.

So the one conclusion we were drawn to began to sap our sanity.

It was finally time.

Finally time. Finally time!

Finally time to just start killing everyone! EVERYONE!

I won't be the first. And it won't even be you. There's no one to blame.

We'll see it start to escalate, slowly at first, the military does this as their job, you know, so it's not like it's out of place.

And then more and more and more will come, everyone's in it together now, and we're all going insane!

A concerned mother will look at all the bodies, and go to the police,

She'll ask meekly, "Sir, what will you do with these?"

And the policeman will smile nicely, pulling out his gun,

But his laughter did not stop, as he shot her again and again, simply for fun.

The prime minister of our land, and even the queen as well,

Asked simply for order, for us all to line up nicely.

But the face she had on was amusing, as her eyebrows went too high,

Her smile was pulled tight as she started to massacre the people, hundreds at a time.

But she wasn't alone, no one was, because everyone was dying.

And better yet: Everyone was killing, and it was the truest joy.

Nobody was spared the lust, not men, not women, not children,

The little children would pick up the tiniest knives, and stab stab stab!

The most simple conclusion, the one thing we all had to do.

All at the same time in unison, we knew the day had arrived.

Yes, it all happened in just a single day, that wonderful conclusion,

Perhaps a year or three from now, no one truly knows the date,

However when it happens, we know it would never again abate.

But it all happened at once. Everyone looked around and decided:

The day is finally here. Killing day has finally dawned.

The smile was on everyone's face as they were coming home from work.

They thought simply: "I think I'm done working now, as there's nothing left to do."

"We've poisoned the land, the air, the water, the trees, and there is no future. It's time to simply end this, before we suffer more."

They looked around, and realized everyone was thinking the same thing.

Everyone had a special sparkle in their eyes, a smile on their face.

Everyone saw each other and began to rush home with delight.

They had to prepare their weapons, for the coming of the night.

The greatest minds of the century pondered what to do.

These wise scientists suddenly knew what to do.

They built a machine, a killing machine,

A robot that has a gun. The robot began to move, and then went door to door, bringing everyone a weapon. A special weapon for each person, delightfully unique, each person was armed now, and filled with deranged glee.

People looked around, and all they saw were enemies.

The inevitable conclusion of the 21st century had finally been reached.

Not Mars, not Venus, certainly not happiness,

The one single conclusion was simple: Everyone is an enemy, and they all have to die.

Yes, everyone is an enemy, and everyone has to die.



It's about time. It got boring before it ever began.



God damn. That was SO stupid and childish.






Now maybe we can move on, and get some more 'trees falling on carports' articles?


When I see white people….I don’t know what to think🤔



that reminded me of something a 4th grade girl would write for the school's 'talent show'



here's a suggestion:

Look at the photo of the guy with the hypodermic needle for a penis

and you'll understand why I thank God I'm jewish


I will avoid white people from now on. You got your wish. I don’t think I can even eat dinner in a restaurant next to a white person. You folks can keep your country.



I am literally copying and pasting your pathetic 'poem' and showing it to my wife.

she's going to laugh so hard



HINT: white people don't have a 'country'



here's the punchline:

White people are called Caucasian because everybody was originally black, and certain black people migrated to the Caucasus mountains, where they slowly mutated over hundreds of thousands of years, losing the melanin in their skin, and becoming much weaker.

White people are nothing more than inferior mutated blacks


File: 8789410c3780b93⋯.jpg (186.46 KB, 866x1390, 433:695, little-girl-with-fake-must….jpg)


lol @ how amateurish and effeminate

your little sissyboy 'poem' was



white men are weak and inept, having dwindled in numbers because their women aren't interested in fucking them anymore, so instead of sex, white men are relegated to playing video games and watching effeminate Asian cartoons.


LOL @ that white sissy having such little self-awareness that he posted a photo of his pencil dick.




fact: everybody on this planet is a variation of a mutation on a black person




Wendy was about to get in the shower, so I went into the bathroom and read your little 'poem' to her

guess what?

she said 'you deserve a pink ribbon in your hair and a brand new Barbie doll for the creative writing entry'


fucking CLASSIC



While you’re at it, grow your own food and teach yourselves medicine.



ALL VERY GOOD QUESTIONS. Yes I've seen the video and do not recall any of that happening, come to think about it….. no blood either (not from what I saw). I'll re-look.

YAH. No shit they want this banned. I smell a false flag to ban online free speech and guns at the same time. Combo kikery.



Anon, mass migration schemes are not good for ANYONE. Thats the reason I say "Deliberate Destabilization." How is it 'racist' saying that people should stay with their own kind? Why does that offend people so much? I don't personally care if you are different, but no one has the right to intrude in eachothers' backyards unwanted. I know the US does this a lot today and so does Israel and thats just as wrong. People have the right to stay with their own kind, and enjoy their own culture. If others want to see what thats like, they can get a Visa and travel as a tourist on a temporary trip.


Tarrant fired his lawyer Richard Peters and wants to represent himself. Richard Peters said Tarrant expressed no condolences or regrets, but quoting from Tarrant's manifesto:

Do you feel any remorse for the attack?

No, I only wish I could have killed more invaders, and more traitors as well.


A man going pro se in a murder trial has a fool for a lawyer.


well the original clip lasted 17:xx minutes, he went out the entrance turning right , left flanked the building , re entering it from the rear, exec. a few rounds more before leaving it the way he came, thru the entrance front, turning left walks to his car, grabs fuel tank and fresh clips, ah yes when returning to his car he shoots a peeping woman…then executes her by headshot

close up before re entering his car.



You are all going to jail.



It's really not surprising that a sheltered, inexperienced, childish little boy who 'expects to see lots of blood like in the movies or a video game' (there was blood, sissyboy) would also apply his equally as unrealistic 'false flag conspiracy theory' to it…

guess what, little man?……


go play another video game like a little bitch

and allow the adults to talk…..




I'm STILL laughing at how stupid your sissy assed faggot poem is… lmmfgdao !!!

that's embarrassing as shit !!!

the funniest part is imagining you as you typed it out, actually thinking that you were demonstrating some kind of sophisticated talent, and monumental poetic insight….

Hahahahahahahaha !!!!



it sucks SO bad, dude…

you're such a little bitch





Boil some water. Get out a green tea bag. Put one scoop of organic honey in the cup. Half a spoonful of Kyolic aged garlic extract. Peel and chop up some ginger root and throw it in there. Add a few drops of Infowar's Silver Bullet (colloidal silver) and nascent iodine… then add the tea bag in there and pour in the hot water! DONE.



Don't forget the "Slap Yor Mammy Harder Cajun Tea Spice"


Super heartbreaking seeing an innocent 4yr old murdered by this sicko bastard. May he be raped in jail. He will get tortured there thats for sure


File: 25890203fee421d⋯.jpg (54.13 KB, 688x960, 43:60, IMG-20190318-WA0001.jpg)




-take one 8-ball of meth

-crush the shards into tiny crystals w credit card

-snort a huge ass rail


it's allgood



It's been SIX HOURS & TEN MINUTES since you created your stupid 'poetry'

and I'm STILL laughing at you





watching you wax indignant is just as

bad as watching other people revel in it


File: ac1e0eea4743f3a⋯.png (42.18 KB, 921x291, 307:97, logo-for-facebook.png)


>What you’ll do when the evangelicals die off will be interesting to see.

Are you joking me bro? The left is arguably more under our control than the right. (((We))) control both sides. Always have. Always will.


I am only twee years old and even I can the epic failure of the NZ intelligence apartatus. Sack them all!


can someone gib video link


If I was there I could kill him in 1 punch no joke, it looks like airsoft though, maybe this is propaganda 🍗🍟



This is definitely the lamest thing I've ever read.


File: 2d2a92e552182fa⋯.jpg (304.68 KB, 1191x1078, 1191:1078, [Coalgirls]_The_Idolmaster….jpg)


>rhymed "thought" with "thought"

>rhymed "gun" with "begun"


File: c11c029c4416580⋯.jpg (8.76 KB, 220x148, 55:37, 220px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_10….jpg)



File: a86410df5059f40⋯.jpg (151.17 KB, 934x674, 467:337, Hitler-and-Haj-Amin-al-Hus….jpg)

Muslims should be banned just like nazis … Dont be a tratior to your race embrace white pride never bow to muslim invader,


File: c11c029c4416580⋯.jpg (8.76 KB, 220x148, 55:37, 220px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_10….jpg)

Ban the muslim is something these faggots cant do the dick is too far up their politicaly crossed ass you jew bashers just love to get fucked, kicking the baby when the beast is the one shiting on your floor



What's up with Hitler's huge pants? I din't know he listened to rap.


File: 74f12b51ef0b0b6⋯.jpg (59.1 KB, 607x1080, 607:1080, IMG-20190319-WA0005.jpg)


File: b684f4220fafe22⋯.jpg (61.34 KB, 607x1080, 607:1080, IMG-20190319-WA0003.jpg)



Gathering at some party to get out of your house for awhile doesn't make you a muslim.



Look at that motherfucker, he's just thinking about haw much he's going to rape this girl.



Nobody has any say in where they are born, and if they decide that they lost the lottery being born in a "shithole" country and want to move someplace else where they've heard they can make themselves a better living for themselves and family, then what's wrong with that? As long as they abide by that country's laws, nothing.

Just imagine you were born in Syria. You move to New Zealand, because it's a beautiful country, accepting of refugees. You've started a new life where you and your family have a chance, and then some motherfucker coward comes along and kills you because he thinks whatever the birth lottery gave you is what you should be restricted to.


Anyone have the live stream video


File: e70741e28a7abdd⋯.jpg (36.13 KB, 600x465, 40:31, Bosnian ghillie.jpg)

i SOSO much wann RAPE n KILL these comments..well a few at least…self inflated kb jockeys


how bout ill make a new video, featuring YOU and you FAM?>>757766



wer zu spät kommt, den straft das LEBEN!!!



>350 people accepted Islam

Fucking NPCs.



The only people worthy of being refugees are the ones fighting to save their homeland. The people fleeing the country are by definition the scum that don't deserve refugee status. Most of them aren't even actually from Syria, nigger.


File: 8f277909315bf30⋯.jpg (59.44 KB, 773x747, 773:747, Mason_Anders_Behring_Breiv….jpg)


Supposedly he was a part of the same organization as Breivik.


So basically it's a white pussy crying and bitching about how white people are treated and being replaced by non whites. This fucker basically describes in his manifestó what white people have done to the world how they invade nation and steel resources he bitches how white people are mistreated haha what a fucken joke fuck your race mother fucker fuck whites




>m-muh dicks thiccer tho…

Hows it feel to know the only thing that makes you "better" than a white man is a lie?



i concur, fellow white man



yor taxes paid for the bomb that killed my child

why dont you do something about it coward scum?


File: 062a21e47955634⋯.png (973.63 KB, 958x718, 479:359, 1546830944021.png)


Hey, stud, how many bitches you fuck? Because I fuck God!



wrong, oldest human remains discovered so far are from Europe, recent discoveries - plus, look up multiple-origins



Two Men Killed In 2013 Drone Strike Were “Radicalized” At Christchurch Mosque Where shooting took place


OR http://archive.is/H5Rm2

Australian killed in Yemen: family demands answers on Islamic convert Chris Havard's death in US drone strike


OR http://archive.is/1Ant4

Australians killed in Yemen: DFAT says two men killed during counter-terrorism operation


OR http://archive.is/M1wpw



My taxes were stolen from me. If a person steals money to buy a gun, there is no blood on the person stolen from.


https:// 8ch.net/delicious/res/31837.html#q33192

https:// 8ch.net/delicious/res/31837.html#q34154

We rape young white girls for allah in UK

Ha ha Kafir, we can anal rape your children every day and you can not do anything. They cry for mum as I shoot my sperm into them for Allah!



an't get any pussy would fixate on masturbating to pornographic videos, obsessed by the concept of 'watching somebody else fuck their woman', even though they can't get a woman to save their lives.

It reminds me of a starving Ethio


le are treated and being replaced by non whites. This fucker basically describes in his manifestó what white people have done to the world how they invade nation and steel resources he bitches how white people are mistreated haha what a fucken joke fuck your race mother fucker fuck whites


o far are from Europe, recent discoveries - plus, loo


ove to New Zealand, because it's a beautiful country, accepting of refugees. You've started a new life where you and your family have a chance, and then some motherfucker



Taxation is theft, nigger.


File: 07084f12c7b15fe⋯.jpg (17.39 KB, 480x480, 1:1, b291bdf2-cfff-485a-9435-df….jpg)


They may rape children but only girls and no anal at all, at least when following islam



what you wrote makes no sense. What level of schooling did you finish? Because your sense of reason is non-existent.



yes, but back then europeans were also "black"



The story that they were radicalized is fake. They were part of an undercover op that went wrong for them. The story that they were radicalized at the same mosque involved in the shooting is a complete fabrication that you believed because you want to believe.



>He thinks he can hide me



Got myself one of those fancy pieces of paper from them there four year institutions. Probably explains the lack of reason.






Just figured I'd make the suggestion while you were in the mood!




Furthermore if you're talking about those threads, you can go through them individually like I did and notice that they all contain news stories that are more than a month old or they're opinion pieces.


File: 52147dd7232e0b0⋯.png (632.36 KB, 1511x727, 1511:727, Hue_mod.png)

>When anon keeps bumping old-ass news that was supposed to fall off the board naturally, so you ensure the death cycle isn't disturbed






How's the alcoholism working out for you this week?


File: f98e3fad5c58565⋯.png (2.95 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, PicsArt_03-24-02.08.19.png)


>when faggot mod with overblown ego does what he was manipulated into and still believes it was his idea

which was the plan all along!


File: 2d5557c3840a148⋯.jpg (39.77 KB, 696x462, 116:77, 0ccd32ba4a78756b367e127f73….jpg)


>When faggot mod doesn't give a fuck


File: e71474024798abf⋯.png (306.85 KB, 581x514, 581:514, PicsArt_03-24-09.07.40.png)


At least you got the 'faggot' part correct

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