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File: 0b0b123e07d4313⋯.png (732.17 KB, 980x551, 980:551, ClipboardImage.png)



Following a massive outcry by parents, Parkfield Community School has announced it will be indefinitely suspending its LGBT rights curriculum until an agreement is reached with protesting families.

Under the schools ‘No Outsider’ program, students as young as four were being taught about same sex marriage and transgender lifestyle in an effort to fight discrimination at an early age. In spite of its name, the program alienated and incensed a large number of parents in the predominantly Muslim area who opposed it both on religious grounds, and due to the young age of the students involved.

While the school initially said the lessons would go on as planned after scheduled talks in Easter, weekly protests by the parents, including some 600 pupils being pulled from classes earlier in the month, seem to have changed the administration’s mind. Many parents also signed a petition opposing the program.

Parents, educators and the Excelsior Multi Academy Trust (the group that runs Parkfield) sat down for talks over the issue Wednesday ahead of schedule. The same day, the school administration announced the lessons would be suspended “until a resolution has been reached.”

“Nothing is more important than ensuring our children’s education continues uninterrupted,” the school said in a statement, adding that they hope the decision prevents parents from keeping their kids out of school. The board plans to continue discussions in the coming weeks in order to look for a compromise.

The lessons were heavily promoted by assistant head teacher Andrew Moffat, who is himself a gay man. The city council seemed to tacitly agree with his outlook, even warning the parents, mostly Muslim, that their protests were inciting “division and hate,” while Moffat claimed that he had received personal threats online.



Friendly reminder if they weren't sand niggers, child protective services would have been called and arrests would have been made.



CPS is run by sandniggers






Finally someone stood up to the disgusting propaganda that is being inflicted on children by zog.

>98% muslim

Homosexuality propaganda is only destined for europeans to brainwash them into not reproducing.



>Homosexuality propaganda is only destined for europeans to brainwash them into not reproducing.

No they just haven't been cracked open yet they will be eventually. Degeneracy is rife in Muslim communities they just keep quiet about it like Christians used to.


Funny how the MSM doesn't really know what narrative to push on this one; 'protect muh sodomites!' or 'protect muh islamists!'



Not for 600 pupils. Local Authorities in the UK also have the power to issue 'fixed penality notices' for absent pupils (it's why parents get fined hundreds of pounds when they take their kids on holiday). Basically, if parents don't send their kids to school, the government takes money directly out of their bank account until they capitulate. However, to reiterate, I doubt they would use these powers on the families of 600 pupils, the UK education system after 20 years of no child left behind type policies is in such a fragile state that they could end up with empty classrooms all over the country.



Good! Communist subversion should be banned. Immoral to brainwash children like this.

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