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File: fc7c9d0ae09ff1e⋯.jpg (45.53 KB, 760x463, 760:463, China Controls Most Fentan….jpg)



In 2017, Islamic insurgents in Niger ambushed and killed a four-man US Special Forces team. It was front-page news and considered a catastrophe.

That same year, over 28,000 Americans died of overdoses involving the synthetic drug, fentanyl. Yet, it seemed less of an attention-getter in Washington – and still does – even as the death toll mounts.

The fentanyl mostly comes from the People’s Republic of China – although the media usually downplays or ignores this point – seemingly afraid to mention the ‘C’ word.

The Washington Post did recently publish an article by well-regarded reporter and China expert, John Pomfret, explaining why the Chinese government does not stop the fentanyl flow – despite promising the U.S .Government it would do so.

However, Post editors may have taken a hacksaw to the piece, as it reads like an uncritical listing of PRC (People’s Republic of China) talking points.

Readers might be left thinking Beijing can either do nothing about fentanyl or is justified in turning a blind eye owing to Western mistreatment of China in the 19th century or America’s failure to extradite Chinese citizens sought by the PRC.

A couple sentences noting the Chinese government can stop the fentanyl flow anytime it wants, and that China has no excuses, might have been left on the newsroom floor.

Mr. Pomfret accurately notes that Chinese local governments won’t stop fentanyl production; they want tax revenues and employment – and are also thoroughly corrupt. True enough. But local officials are also frightened of being caught crossing Beijing. Thus, one presumes CCP (Chinese Communist Party) leadership has no objections.

Then it’s noted the PRC government is in a legal bind as fentanyl producers keep jiggering the formula to avoid the ‘illegal list’ – and therefore the producers are always one-step ahead of the government that can’t revise laws fast enough – try as it might.

The article does note the PRC could simply ban all fentanyl related products – regardless of composition. That’s true, but also irrelevant. In China, the law is what Xi Xinping and the Communist Party say it is. If they want to shut down fentanyl producers the ‘law’ is no obstacle – as it would be in the United States. The fact the PRC doesn’t ban fentanyl ‘of any chemical composition’ – much less go after producers the way it goes after Uighurs, Christians, and Falun Gong – once again suggests the CCP is glad America is awash in fentanyl.

Then we are told that Chinese cops have a different approach to policing. That may be true – but it also makes it easier to target illegal drugs – if the CCP desires. In other words, the PRC police can do whatever they want. ‘Disappear’ people, arrest starlets, kidnap billionaires and booksellers….no problem. The only restraints come from Zhongnanhai.

As for arguments that Chinese authorities can’t locate the illegal drug producers: The CCP is creating a surveillance state Orwell couldn’t have imagined. Deface a poster of President Xi and see how long it takes to be arrested and imprisoned or inside a mental hospital.

China’s behavior is better characterized as homicidal revenge. Instead of schadenfraude it’s more like an arsonist gloating while watching the fire trucks and ambulances heading to his latest fire to pick up the corpses.

And it is causing carnage – throughout all parts of American society – even in ‘good’ neighborhoods. And about half of the deaths attributed to fentanyl are young people of military age. As one former government official notes, this is the equivalent of removing two or three divisions of Army or Marines off the rolls every year. And don’t forget the ‘battlefield casualties’ who survive but can’t function as productive members of society, and the burden and expense of caring for them.

From China’s perspective, what’s not to like? And even better, the PRC makes a lot of money from the drug trade – and convertible currency as well.




>it's China's fault I'm a degenerate junkie


This is revenge for the opium wars. I don't see anything wrong with junkies dying.



Never said that. Its the junkie's faults for getting addicted, and it's the government's fault for not stopping this and addressing it as a national security threat.



Good point made, if a lot of the junkies died it would make crime go way, way down. The problem is almost every American family would know some family member who lost their life over it. 1/5 Americans are addicted to drugs today.


China makes everything cheap and affordable.

Including the lives of junkie thieves.


On other drugs The People suffer from a lifetime of low-level crimes (robberies) plus high level offenses (murders when the roberries don't go according to planned), per drug addict.

On fentanyl The People suffer a few months per drug addict.

China, for some reason, has decided to do this favor.

It's inhumane, but it's also efficient, and a product of the addicts' choice.

Remeber: the addicts are normal americans: they just want to steal from you and make sure you never get to marry a cute young girl. China has decided to deal with the Normal American.



How though? All it does is separate the bad from the good very quickly and kill off the bad while leaving the good. These people would be a plague upon you for _DECADES_ otherwise, with fentanyl they're dead in months after they embark on that path.

It's a path they choose and once they choose it there is no recuperation of the costs they inflict upon you, with other drugs they're torturing their family for 10s of years (30 often). With fentynal: they're gone in months.

It's like complaining that China makes it possible for everyone to have computers at a reasonable price and thus contribute to opensource programming. Damn them, those chinese, for supplying us with inexpensive tooling..



if you're so fine with a foreign government making the choice for you of how your fellow citizens are treated, then why do you even believe in your own opinion mattering in the first place



>Could Wipe America's Junkies Off

yes please


No secret here, the Chinese are happy to make gobs of money off of US (and world) citizens' suffering.



Most of my fellow citizens are feminists that oppose men marrying cute young girls.

Since they are my enemy, why do I care if the more theft-and-murder loving ones die?

They aren't /my people/.

YHWH explicitly allows men to marry girl children (Na'ar, Padia, Puella : Devarim chapter 22, verse 28, :Hebrew, Greek, Latin).

Americans do not. It is good when white fucks are killed by china.


So. How long until all that gets dumped into the water supplies of major cities? How long until it gets collected up and spread into Syria's?



This is why I distill my own water before drinking, not that I live in a city but all public water municipalities are State-run and deliberately poison the water supply.


The lesson is this: drugs are used as a weapon towards subjugation. If you want to remain free, you must remain free from hard drugs.



Why would you spend all that time and energy when you could just collect water from natural sources and filter it?



Sometimes filtering is not enough depending where you get it from natural sources. Rain water perhaps yes. And I do have some rain water storage barrels for SHTF with methods for filtering if need be. But typically I just use tap and then distill it which removes EVERYTHING from the water (including any fluoride). I also have access to well water from an old pump which extracts water from underground aquifers. I typically only use that so I can pump water into a bucket and water my plants in my garden, but that too I could use if SHTF.


I sympathize with people who are addicted to drugs but if you're not taking steps to cure yourself of addiction then death via overdose really is a better alternative for you.

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