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File: c656b2526537b62⋯.png (620.39 KB, 800x695, 160:139, ClipboardImage.png)



Two days after the Thursday arrest of Julian Assange at Ecuador’s London embassy, several government websites were hacked; including Ecuador’s official website, the Central Bank of Ecuador, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ecuadorian Assembly in the UK, according to Gateway Pundit‘s Cassandra Fairbanks, who was in London last week and documented the run-up to Assange’s arrest.

Concurrent with the breach, a hacking group operating under the name “AL1NE3737” released a database containing the full names and passwords for what appear to be 728 Ecuadorian government employees.



le russian hackers in




media spin activate


File: 9d00f1b56166046⋯.gif (102.88 KB, 511x512, 511:512, 31178ba3a60512d30121171880….gif)

Did they at least leave a "honk honk" message?


I'm sure they pissed off a LOT of people arresting this man.






The Thread So BORING That You Created It Twice

…..but still, nobody responded…..

because it's boring

so boring

that you created it



So those niggers just hacked some spic shithole websites, is not really that impressive given their usual spic security requirements you know. even an assasin using nothing but whatsapp to net clients could take literal years for them to catch, this is the extend of their incompetence.



dumb (((kike)))

Gas all the (((jews))) now.



>The boomer So BORING That it has to validate itsself among young peeps


So Assange was killed in 2016, right? And this is Leo Szilard in costume? There have been reports that this “Julian” refuses to flush his toilet, do any cleaning, or drain the water out of his tub.


legit news, thanks OP



Nope. I created one that was similar to this, only because I did not see this thread before posting. OP came here first.



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