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File: 48c5bd7e3d7edd2⋯.jpg (129.42 KB, 878x489, 878:489, Russian Foreign Minister L….jpg)


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared today that the Western, liberal model of society is dying, and a new world order is taking its place. Lavrov made the comments at his annual meeting with students and professors at the Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

“The Western liberal model of development, which particularly stipulates a partial loss of national sovereignty – this is what our Western colleagues aimed at when they invented what they called globalization – is losing its attractiveness and is no more viewed as a perfect model for all. Moreover, many people in the very western countries are skeptical about it,” Lavrov said.

According to him, global development is guided “by processes aimed at boosting multipolarity and what we call a polycentric world order.”

“Clearly, multipolarity and the emergence of new centers of power in every way requires efforts to maintain global stability and search for a balance of interests and compromises, so diplomacy should play a leading role here,” Lavrov went on to say. “Particularly because there are a lot of issues that require generally acceptable solutions. These include regional conflicts, international terrorism, food security and environmental protection. This is why we believe that only diplomacy can help make agreements and reach sustainable decisions that will be accepted by all.

“The US and its allies are trying to impose their approaches on others,” Lavrov noted. “They are guided by a clear desire to preserve their centuries-long dominance in global affairs although from the economic and financial standpoint, the US – alone or with its allies – can no longer resolve all global economic and political issues,” he said.

“In order to preserve their dominance and recover their indisputable authority, they use blackmail and pressure. They don’t hesitate to blatantly interfere in the affairs of sovereign states.”




File: e0ab2467deee436⋯.jpg (111.15 KB, 625x438, 625:438, mw2Va2F1Qv60qPxuz7S8lo.jpg)

Lavrov was trolling America, this "New World Order" that George H. W. Bush coined was all about globalization which Lavrov is clearly bashing. Glad the world is waking up to the fact playing global empire is not really a good idea. However with a regime as totalitarian as the Chinese have I could see them easily following the same mistakes as the American Empire has.


Hahahaha!!! Idiot spilled the beans…

The left can’t create memes. They copy paste EVERYTHING!

>otherwise they would never be retarded enough to be a Leftists in the first place…



I copy/pasted this article. Does that make me a leftist? I'm just reporting whats been said, thats all.


I think some competition on the global stage is only healthy. Empire is basically another term for Global Monopoly, and monopolies suck ass because they don't give anyone any options, they dictate what is and what is not and that is not healthy for the world. I would much rather embrace a multi-polar world with national sovereignty than a one world unipolar government.


Why is this being slid so hard?




lol no, in the end, all the rich people are in the same side


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>something of big

Hmm, generic typo? Or have we finally found an actual Russian hacker on 8chan?



>guy who lied about invading ukraine lies some more.


true news



Basically this. Lavrov was trolling the originators of the "New World Order" idea, by using the term to describe a new multi-polar world where national sovereignty is respected. He just got done poking neo-cons like Bush, Cheney, Soros, Obama, Trump, Clinton, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Brzezinski et al all in the eyes like a Three Stooges skit.

But you know what? I'm actually glad to see a nation like Russia standing up for themselves (and others). Its long overdue nations stand up to bullies. Honestly I don't see why the US govt needs to act like a bunch of bullies. We shouldn't be playing Empire because the No. 1 consequence of ALL Empires is….. they always inevitably FALL. Every. Single. Time. So why play Empire when you are the one that will lose in the end?




I really feel sorry for you being so scared about a country that you're going to have to come to deal with for a very long time, Russia is just a part of our world and like China they aren't going anywhere.

If you really want to protect yourself from the Russian boogeyman then you would realize national sovereignty is the way you safeguard your nation. Not endless wars or endless interventionist policies that keep wasting taxpayer money.

Word of advice for every nation: deal with your own problems and stop sticking your noses into other nations' affairs, unless that is you WANT real boogeymen to challenge you. The reason globalization has failed is because it adopted interventionism into others' affairs.




No one is safe from banks. You can’t safeguard anything if there are external connections.



Originally globalization was meant for trade between nations. Nothing else but innocent, mutual trade relations. Because there was a global reserve currency status, one government in particular used that as an advantage to bully other governments into complying with their geo-political dictates. Thats how we got here today. Hopefully one day we can get back to utilizing what globalization was really intended for and nothing else?






from Italy idiots


No country should hold a reserve currency because that allows a nation to create monopolies and Empire. If we want a truly free, capitalistic world we need to have national currencies backed by either gold or silver, or by some kind of other hard physical commodity and abolish central banking control. That doesn't mean we can't have banks at all, but we don't need centralized tools that create monopolies such as the central banks do.

If China and Russia ever figure this out, and embrace a world without centralized control or seeking to create Empires, then I would be all for it. Till then, Russia and China will end up in the same rut America is in today.


anything that counterweights globohomo is good news



It might not be good news for our economy, but it is good news that other nations are standing up to an Empire and notorious bully on the global stage. So I'd say this is healthy and constructive. Again, no nation should have an ability to create an Empire and bully the rest of the world. We should have buried that along with all the horrors of the 20th Century.


true news









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