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A major terrorist base training camps was discovered in Alabama by the FBI. The MSM is silent! Why? Maybe the MSM does not want the public to ponder how this many terrorists got to Alabama undetected. Did they all buy bus tickets? Did they parachute in? Did they simply walk across America's southern border? This is the story of the month and crickets are chirping. Here is the story…


The FBI have reportedly discovered a “makeshift military-style obstacle course” and the remains of a dead child at an abandoned dump owned by Siraj Ibh Wahhaj in Alabama.

Law enforcement agents arrested Wahhaj two sisters, and several others last year after searching a similar compound in New Mexico, where they found three-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj dead and evidence of a plot to stage jihadist attacks in America.

Breitbart.com reports:


In March, authorities charged Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, believed to own the compound; sisters Hujrah and Subhanah Wahhaj; Jany Leveille; and Lucas Morton with conspiracy to provide material support for terrorist attacks. A judge dropped charges against some in the group in the case of the younger Wahhaj’s death for child abuse in August.

Authorities believe the adults in the New Mexico compound were training children to commit terrorist attacks and tried to “exorcise” Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj to cure his hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, a severe neurological condition requiring advanced medical treatment.

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and his two sisters are the children of prominent Brooklyn imam Siraj Wahhaj. Authorities believe 9 of the 11 children found in the New Mexico compound are the imam’s grandchildren.

Sinclair Media revealed Friday that Siraj Ibh Wahhaj owned a property near Tuskegee, Alabama, found to contain what an FBI search warrant described as a “makeshift military-style obstacle course” and a dead child “believed to belong to Wahhaj,” prompting a child kidnapping charge following the dismissal of the child abuse charges in the New Mexico case. Police reportedly believe the terrorist training camp was designed for children’s use, not the adults in the compound.

Local news station WPMI visited the compound in early May, broadcasting footage of the scene that showed gas masks, children’s toys, and makeshift shacks built and tossed around the area. Before Sinclair’s report this weekend, police had apparently not yet revealed discovering child remains at the site, but the FBI’s search warrant provided significant detail on the area, describing it as “surrounded with hundreds of vehicle tires, assorted trash,” and adding that “both structures have wooden pallets with clear plastic tarps draped over them.”



Forgot to add: the terrorists are from the alt-right and are white Christians



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The same thread already exists


>>777973 just reported you again for threatening people's lives back in March.


Even jihadis have it better than we slaves of coastal elites. I couldn’t move to the south now even if I got myself diagnosed with the itis.




People don't come here to be 'cool' jackass. I lived my life already, and before I die I wish to tell everyone I can that this country has gone to SHIT and nothing is 'cool' about it anymore.



If they wanted to kill me they would have done it by now. I prepared for one hell of a fight just to sit around for weeks on end, sleeping next to my loaded shotgun for absolutely no fucking reason. Fuck them and fuck you too.



Alternatives To Your Existence:



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ok, Uncle Gubsy. You tell ‘em.



>thinks that 'being cool' is something people do occasionally


I never got to live my life. I just get tortured.



Anti-bestiality terrorists. They hate when people practice their freedom to have sex with farm animals.


Murcia far cry 5 irl


>sinclair media

stopped reading. as fake as can be.



>The same thread already exists

like threads interwoven in a shocking pink blouse, these are the days of our lives



there are jihadi camps everywhere. another notable one i can remember is the one in red house virginia.



Hey FBI, their main bases of operations are in israel, Saudi Arabia, London, Washington and the Vatican. Now off you go.


I was talking to an anon over p2p, he lives somewhere in Europe, he says this kind of stuff is going on all the time over there. Many Europeans are now a minority, when they go out they see more towel heads and blacks walking around then they see Europeans. Deliberate destabilization has had a nasty impact because crime rates and radicalism is also extremely high. Leftists like to CLAIM that "diversity is great" and it brings "peace on Earth" but nothing can be further from the truth. The guns were 'confiscated' long ago in Europe but the fact is, most were not really confiscated door-to-door…. most Europeans (mistakingly) gave up their firearms voluntarily without any resistance. To this very day, this very liberal man who is a socialist regrets it.

Remember this, America.



Nice try, but nothing in your post is true.



Thats what I got out of the conversation we had on SLSK. Maybe I should take a few screenshots, edit out our aliases & remove the metadata to prove it.



> Disturbing Discovery In Alabama

OP's daughter is his wife and sister?



haha..hee i get it

darn hillbilly trailoer park white trash always incestuing

you ever fuck fam OP?


File: de6663f611ffc16⋯.png (204.38 KB, 624x404, 156:101, Global-distribution-of-con….png)


i know youre just having a giggle m8 but you shouldnt spread such retarded and jewish memes. white people are probably the most genetically diverse and least inbred of all races, its pakis and negroes that fuck their sisters and cousins because they literally think all western science is devil magic so they dont believe us when we tell them that doing so will fuck up your genetics


invasion is here

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