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File: 7982a1f2fb2e441⋯.jpg (39.62 KB, 780x449, 780:449, Hollywood Insider Who Vowe….jpg)


Hollywood actor Isaac Kappy, who became well known for speaking up against Hollywood pedophilia and Satanic ritual abuse, has been found dead in Arizona. He was 42.

Before his death, Kappy leveled explosive allegations against Hollywood A-listers including Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Seth Green, accusing them of being abusive pedophiles.

After Kappy began speaking out about what he called “the culture of elite Hollywood ritual abuse and pedophilia“, the mainstream media began targeting him with hit pieces, destroying his reputation.

The body of Isaac Kappy, who had roles in Thor, Breaking Bad and Terminator: Salvation, was found in Bellemont, Arizona, according to local police, who claim he “forced himself” off a bridge and was struck by a car.

“On May 13, 2019 at 7:26 am, troopers were called to Interstate 40 eastbound at Transwestern Road (milepost 185) for a subject who forced himself off the Transwestern Rd bridge onto Interstate 40,” the official statement read.

It continued: “He was then struck by a passing car. The man has been identified as 42-year-old Isaac Kappy of Albuquerque, NM. Mr Kappy died on-scene.”

Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves added that Kappy’s death is being investigated as a “suicide.”

In recent years, Kappy took a break from acting and became a prominent figure on social media. In August 2018, Kappy attracted media attention when he accused director Steven Spielberg of sexually molesting him.

The day before his death, Kappy posted a lengthy statement to his Instagram page. Kappy began by saying that the had come for “some stark revelations” about his character.

Kappy said that he wanted to make America great, but neglected to make himself great. He remarks about one specific recent incident that caused him trauma but does not elaborate on what happened. Kappy said that the act “cost him everything.”

Was Kappy silenced for his views? As a successful and popular Hollywood insider with a social media following of millions of young people around the world, he was in a position to redpill the masses.

As the untimely deaths of a growing number of anti-pedophile activists proves, this type of work can be incredibly dangerous in today’s world.

Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and Avicii all spoke out about child abuse in the entertainment industry.

Are all of these deaths related, or is it all a big coincidence? Don't expect dirty cops to answer that.




Dirty fucking cops ruling another obvious murder "suicide" go figure. Can't touch the privileged class, can ya?


Never announce your actions before you take them. The Elite are just as mortal as anyone else, but for fuck sake we have all seen that they have no love for human life and will happily murder any man, woman, or child to get what they want.

The people going after these monsters are braver than I am, but even I can tell you painting a target on your back before acting is just stupid.





True. If these whistleblowers have any damning evidence the ONE thing NOT to do is talk about it. Just leak it, LEAK ALL OF IT AT ONCE. No hints. No clues. Just like Edward Snowden did, just do it and get it over with. Leak everything you got. That is how you succeed and become famous.


>Crazy person kills self after saying crazy things

Not news.



A murder is news and should be investigated. In any normal civilized society that is, which I am convinced we are no longer one.

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