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File: 0b9ef89e16ce59a⋯.jpg (110.38 KB, 878x675, 878:675, Effeminate Males Are the R….jpg)


RELATED: >>>/realnews/1444 | https://archive.fo/ylFdm

The photo associated with the video below captures the essence of how America has lost its toughness. From boot camp drill instructors, the classroom teachers, they are unified on one point. America has become a sissy nation. Here is the complete story…


Dave… in my neck of the woods on the CT shoreline, I see college aged young men wearing girls skinny jean's and talking like valley girls. This is what they have become in order to be acceptable to make most young women around here feeling safe. The colleges have drilled into young women's minds that all men are evil. Even during my younger years Dr. JOYCE BROTHERS said that whenever something goes wrong in a relationship, it is always the man's fault. This brainwashing has been going on since the early seventies and is taking a very big toll on how young boys are growing up. Parents who have become too self indulgent and lusting for money have caused this as well as educators.

I recently looked up that Dr. Brothers (ha ha) video clip just to make sure I heard it right. Young amerikan women have become too entitled, too over indugent, and too selfish to ever deserve a good man.I figure it may take upwards of three generations to undo the harm feminism has done to our boys. One of my best friends has a son that has given up on trying to better his life. He tells me that since he was little whenever he raised his hand in class he was never chosen, but says girls always got all the attention. Sadly he dropped out of college for the exact same reasons, and now has manias about ever attending school again. His dad is heartsick over this conspiracy.

College is mostly useless except for engineering, medical , computer science/programming and afew other fields. Many useless degrees end up working retail. Men: like others I know, can be successful in a trade (aircraft mech, HVAC, electrical, auto repair, etc) some later on have their own business. Men can and do marry Mexican women as they are not materialistic spoiled brats.

Top it all off with the fact that many young men have become self destructive because of this overreaching effect feminism has had on boys and young men. Many boys and young men have given up on dating girls because of the abuse they endure with these pampered, entitled female monsters that can never have enuf of anything. So, they have become isolated, lonely, and totally disoriented as to who and what part they play in our society. Can anyone blame them? Amerika needs some serious introspection and women need to become more of the solution instead of promoting the problem. Enuf said, you know the rollcall.

US Corporation gave them a lobotomy and taught them to not know which bathroom to use. Conquered the slaves right where they stand. That's why their wives are chasing my truck on foot down the street and they're fast too making me speed in a 25 MPH zone to out run them. They're even fast going up hill so you know they are frustrated.

As one trying to restore the milita in my area of Missouri, I have found that almost none, of the very few that recognize the need to restore the milita, have the slightest clue about the Constitution or any of our founding principles. We might as well have North Korean men in the local milita. Both groups would are equally clueless as to what their job and purpose is as a state militia.

Pocket Constitutions are sold online for cheap and they fit nicely into cargo pockets. Might I suggest a study group, testing?

Thanks for the insight, Dave! I go pee pee and poo poo in the potty. I want a 7'6" woman to step on me and doo doo on me and hold. Great journalism as always from a hardworking American male who is sick of lefty BS.




Transgender Air Force personnel can skip physical fitness tests


Air Force mandates diversity quotas for key positions


Air Force allows trannies


USMC won't have enough ships until 2028 due to budget


Pentagon cancels funds to refuel nuclear aircraft carrier


Pentagon removes ban on trannies in all services


Green Beret forcibly discharged for standing up to Afghan who raped a 12 year old boy


Navy has mandatory education on "combating male privilege"


Eliminating the "macho male" culture of the army


Navy ships breaking down due to lack of maintenance


SEALS don't have enough rifles for everyone


Army has mandatory course on white privilege


10% of USMC discharged in 2014, again in 2015


Obama appoints black woman as commander of naval forces in Europe/Africa, despite her having never served on a ship or seen combat


Obama appoints stuttering, nervous woman as commander of US forces defending America itself


DoD to pay for transgender surgery


Following Army's cue of eliminating ranks with gender in the name, such as rifleman or seaman, Navy does the same


Now look up a list of all the generals Obama fired. Notice how he kept replacing them with women, niggers, and Jews? He fired the general in charge of our nuclear arsenal for playing in a poker game and replaced him with a kike.


Is this how ZOG's empire dies?


Empires rise. Empires fall.



Yes we're already aware that numales can't fight in a war.



Constitution means nothing. Gets trampled on all the time.



Its still the de-facto Law of the Land and every court battle where new laws are challenged always leads to debates about constitutional interpretation. Just because some jackboots love to abuse their authority and some control freak politicians spit on the foundation that made America great, doesn't mean its not the law of the land and is still debated in the Judicial system every day. Unconstitutional laws get passed almost as much as older unconstitutional laws get revoked by SCOTUS.



>thinking boots on ground still win wars

Remove conventional rules of engagement and we will just bomb the fuck out of whatever shithole thinks we need to fight a face to face war with them. America has only ever 'lost' the war of politeness.

None of that matters; however, israel can start fighting their own wars and suffer the consequences to their dirty sandnigger hovel.



Lol @ America has only lost the war of politeness

hahaha we lost in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc etc


Doesn’t take much toughness to drop bombs. The nature of war has changed deal with it faggot. A tranny with a drone is worth hundreds of buff men with guns.


America hasn't won a war since WWII

(which we didn't win. Russia did)

so we haven't won a war ever


People won't let me have sex with farm animals because these fags elderly parents are trying to make me gay to take the effeminate trash off their hands.

Then they accuse me of "not contributing" to society all because I would rather have sex with animals than burden myself with a fagpet.



>women, niggers, and Jews

and you denied being a racist the other day

you're racist, misogynistic, homophobic and alone



Never even heard of the revolutionary war? The real problem in America is a lack of education which clearly OP is a victim of and is encouraging.



Please commit suicide



I think it's a matter of opinion who 'won' the revolutionary war

but I know who LOST: the native American Indians

we were the original INVASION INCOMING



OP is a bigoted, delusional, schizophrenic drunk



OP is a sadly misinformed addict



Do it yourself freeloader.


File: 5e01cda77e38acc⋯.jpg (45.96 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 2c00b06fa6c1c74ff39d8da308….jpg)

OP likes young men in skirts






This has nothing to do with crabs.



I prefer my crabs with a sage-glaze.



I prefer your crabs with a sage-glaze also.

In fact, we'd like a double order – me and my downgoat.


File: 038a44a790fc8db⋯.png (667.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, df9444fe6c1d9c3110cfb6aa54….png)

Because you retarded americans put soy in literally everything.

>Inb4:Soy is harmless

Women who are attempting to transition to male are told to avoid soy at all costs. Really gets the noggin joggin.




It’s not a matter of opinion retard the revolution was successful and Britain was btfo then in 1812 they were btfo again



I will kill you myself if I see you trying to fuck farm animals


File: db80a6c7c41350b⋯.jpg (41.9 KB, 537x720, 179:240, ba44af2b4d0386435d38ee9771….jpg)


i prefer my crabs young, male and in a dress



Revolutionary War

War of 1812

The North won the Civil War

Spanish American War

Jamal's gangs war on your moms 3 holes while your dad watches



>He fired the general in charge of our nuclear arsenal for playing in a poker game


Same generalissimo have anything to do with that alleged flight of (live?) ordinance mister dumper?


>ordered to take down all sexist pictures of sexy ladys in a "warzone"

cucked to the max



1990 gulf war, but only because Saddam's army was a sad joke.



the brits and frnch and russians and just about every european has seen bombs and mass slaughter up close

americans cry over a little blood letting like 9/11




i live in Chicago in my hood and i seen action



I would just straight up kill you.

You stupid parasite needs a free excuse to kill me, but I don't think you could get out of your basement to see me fucking farm animals without an excuse neither. Stupid lazy ineffective pornfag.



Dumb whore. What you need an excuse to do it right? What would you do for an ear of corn piggy?


I dunno. I’ve seen some boys that are cute enough I’d be motivated to fight harder for to keep em safe and free.


Is there a way to stop this???

I mean there has to be a cause. Men don't just stratify their problems.



There is a way to stop this. Kill anyone who doesn't believe in free sex.

Any man who doesn't believe in free sex is not a man at all, because they believe men should hand over their property to hand over their penis to the effeminate whores who take everything laying on their back.



Effeminate men don't believe in free sex. This is why a pussy is called a "snatch" because effeminate men don't believe in making love they believe in using their bodies to take it. A true effeminate man does not believe in free sex because they believe sex is a waste of time unless they're getting more of something undeserved from it.

These objects are the waste and they should be treated accordingly.



They're not free and its not freedom if they're making you work to have sex.

Every problem in society has stemmed from people's behavior regarding sex. If they won't let you have sex for free then this is more likely to reflect on how they would make you work for nothing. These people are not worth protecting when you could have better. Why risk your time and life on a bottomless asshole, when you could be having sex free guaranteed?



>Russia did

Without US aid Russia would have fallen over like a wet noodle. You think they were just shipping hardware to Russia to put on display?




Guys it’s not that difficult to get laid. With a gurl even.

First step is closing the browser window and taking a shower and going outside.



I don't like having sex with easy. I like having sex with farm animals, but people won't let me do it because it offends the easy people who want me to be easy.

They're basically lonely easy people threatening to punish me because they don't agree with my freedom to pursue happiness. They want me to be enslaved to their impression of easy, when the responsible thing for them to do is just find someone easy for themselves.

Doing freedom isn't easy and doing people because it's easy isn't fun. Easy isn't everything they would do, but they're selfish people and they don't know any better.



I can't just have sex when schizophrenics are harassing me with an implied difficulty level. Life isn't a game and sick fucks want me to give up sex with farm animals because they didn't think the difficulty level was good enough.


This too has become a problem…



I lost my respect for Dave Hodges because he's essentially a one man haggman and haggman show and they're all run in the same cucked circles of speculation, bullshit and blind naivety while jewing dumbasses with their non-stop ads and constant snakeoil specials.




I think you’re really confused.

There’s several issues here. One is that you think women (or men, whatever you like) are unreasonably coy or otherwise making it difficult for you to have physical relationships with. Or maybe you resent the concept that sex is cheap and meaningless and unless you can find your Disney princess it’s just empty boffing and not “making love” or “connecting on a deep level.”

The plight of the incel, basically.

Another issue is the farm animal thing. I guess. If you want to climax without fucking another human being then whether you use your hand or a chicken or a blowup doll, that’s not related to “I can’t get laid.”

And finally there’s the topic of the thread. That we’re all pussies and can’t win a war. My drill sergeant screamed at me that we were all pussies. I screamed it at my own junior enlisted when I was a DS. (To the extent that the regulations permitted anyway.) It’s a cliche.

And when I came in and made a joke about how some boys are pretty enough to keep a photo and write home to it somehow prompted you to make it this whole weird thing about banging farm animals.

People SHOULD make their partners earn their affection. It’s how we show off our qualities and remain strong as a species. I mean hey, we’re talking about being tough and winning wars right? Some male birds have to make big fancy nests to win the approval of a female. Guys should have to groom themselves, get good jobs and nice cars, and represent themselves in their communities to get the hottest girls.



Faggot; the student that raises their hand first, most frequently, thats sits in the center of front row, while making exaggerated facial expressions and direct eye contact is the most likely to be chosen.

Even if the teacher does not pick the student if he is a male it will disuade other students from answering questions in the future once they notice their peers borderline obsession with knowledge; most likely the class will just let this student answer and ask questions first and find a way to normalize the behavior.

Anything else is an excuse made by sissy faggots that want to be able to explain why they didn't have the character to raise their fucking hand like a moron in love.

Not enough passionate youths. OPs speaking truth about our faggot culture though.

Not enough old-school education; about what is a gay and what you do to it.

Not enough real fathering; about what is a man and what he does with it.

Not enough mothering; about what is a woman and what she does with it.

Too much asking why and explanations; it's not the path to understanding or teaching humanity.

Too much shame and grief; our humanity is warped. There is nothing degenerate about sex between a man and woman.


You smoke crack yes? Probably a holohoaxer as well.

Even during the war most of the citizens didn't see any action. Not to mention 99% of everyone alive during a great war is dead af.

This anon has probably seen more "action" then most of everyone you know just living in the hood


Also this guy should be a role model on how to beta; would rather there be traditional groups of brotherly goatfuckers rather then all the faggot sex cults and boygirls. Also better for the economy…

Should be a slogan; don't want to wait until marriage to have sex? But don't want to be known as easy? Fuck a goat!



Didn't mean to call OP a holohoaxer; wasn't intended for




>>Another issue is the farm animal thing. I guess. If you want to climax without fucking another human being then whether you use your hand or a chicken or a blowup doll, that’s not related to “I can’t get laid.”<<

So what you're saying is that I'm not human enough to make choices and that I should objectify myself by associating with sex toys?

Is this about the abortion thing?..because I stopped caring about women's rights when they proposed i should dehumanize myself by disassociating with human sexuality.


File: 93c288924ae412d⋯.jpg (153.13 KB, 1777x1754, 1777:1754, 17ct4981t24g9c1t4172461c82….jpg)



>random blogger on youtube

>having the historical hindsight of a gopnik

Let's play a game /n/, propaganda or retardation?



I’m saying that if you want to have sex you should go out and find someone to have sex with, and also that if you want to jerk off or use a sex toy or fuck a dog or fuck your vacuum cleaner or espresso maker then knock yourself out.

But don’t confuse the two and try to convince me that you’re forced to fuck a goat because society has applied some kind of aspect to sex that you don’t agree with. Sex is a mutual act between two (or more) consenting individuals. Fucking inanimate objects or animals is something entirely different.

At least within the confines of the law, anyway. If you wanted to argue that your 11-year-old girlfriend should be entitled to have sex with you if she wanted to, that’s another story. Society HAS decided that that’s unacceptable and some people ARE forced to resist their natural urges if they want to stay out of prison.



<being a furfag



Uhm. I want to have sex with farm animals and I'm not interested in having sex with people who won't let me have sex with farm animals. I'm not really interested in associating with those kinds of people because they apparently have a bad habit of defaulting on my rights, and I suspect that would be true about everything else I'd have the displeasure of doing with them.

Sex with animals is sex. I'm not obligated to follow special consent rules that don't exist for animals. Never said I'm being forced to do it but people are obligated to comply with my rights to free practice.

I don't see where your angle is because denying me my human and constitutional rights to choose to have sex with animals is objectifying me. You clearly don't respect my adult consent, this is not mutual and you no longer have a valid position.

How can you associate my actions to the actions of a person who dates 11 year olds, when you're statements are the shared beliefs of 11 year olds? I don't agree with 11 year olds about sex because they don't know as much as I do about people's sexual rights and rights to have sex with animals.

You see how people get in trouble for having sex with 11 year olds?… because they believed the 11 year olds interpretation of sex.

There's only one thing to believe about having sex with adult animals is that I'm an adult who wants to have sex with adult animals. I am right and you are following directions from children who are wrong. Plain and simple.



If society is obsessed with it's children then society is more than likely unknowingly betting on childish ideas. Children are not mature enough for sex and we can reflect on this by a parallel observation of societies attitudes towards sex.

Society is pedophilic in it's attempts to impress children.


File: 374f3835418ec38⋯.jpg (12 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 374f3835418ec38b786c35835f….jpg)

People are way too brainwashed by the internet. All these betta faggots are largley on the coasts, the middle of the US is still pretty based with a few exceptions



Yeah the coasts are full of retards who want everyone to spend their time and money seeing doctor's because they would rather give people drugs than let them have sex with farm animals. Everyone has to pitch and pay to give some faggot the life they won't afford to let anyone else have for free.

Apparently it's not normal to be tired or to keep our hard earned work when faggots deserve to opportunity to take it all from us.



The Continental Army won only a single engagement in the whole contest. Ambitious politicians in Britain sabotaged the unpopular war effort to unseat their ruling opponents. And plenty of American militiamen fought alongside the redcoats and not against them.




Good! (((America))) has been a dead-man walking for a long time. Let the people who want to die on drugs and faggotry do so, and the people who want to live will survive and flourish


t. retarded boomer



bombs dont work that well against sandniggers dug into mountains or underground bunkers. and when the ZOGbot troops are sent in they get fucked over by the "terrorists".


shut up kike


What does the revolutionary war have to do with education you negroidally-descended retard? There were no (((public-schools))) then.


me too UwU



Chaim if I personally knew who you were you'd be lying face down in a ditch somewhere

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