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File: 3212f04ffa3977f⋯.jpg (327.41 KB, 1189x1280, 1189:1280, 20190517_100533.jpg)


The famed kitty first found internet fame in 2012, and went on to become a household name with everything from plush toys and books to her own movie

Here’s something to be grumpy about: Grumpy Cat, the furry feline who started as an Internet meme sensation before becoming a household name, has died. She was 7.

Grumpy’s caretakers — Tabatha Bundesen, her brother Bryan Bundesen and her daughter Crystal Bundesen, all of Morristown, Arizona — announced the news on Friday morning in a touching message to the cat’s more than 12.4 million followers across social media.



File: 00071a3549df0ad⋯.jpg (310.82 KB, 950x1280, 95:128, 20190517_101457.jpg)


File: b46204bfaa1a311⋯.jpg (134.72 KB, 1189x1280, 1189:1280, PicsArt_05-17-01.12.14.jpg)


Let's hope a Jew dies next



you really 'showed 'em', huh?


Im inside your house johnny



execute killcen now!



Made up BS. I never abused any animal. A cat ran inside my house when my door was open while I was getting the mail and talking to my neighbor. I simply removed it when I found it sitting on my food storage stockpile.






I simply removed a stray outdoor cat from my home after it snuck in, uninvited. Cry me a fucking river.

Meanwhile, actual evil: >>778827



You are pure evil, poor little kitten, how could you?



You think I want to risk getting fleas?

And how would I feed it? I have no cat food. Where would it use the bathroom without a litterbox? These are things cat lovers may forget some people don't have.




Just give it some whiskey.



That would be REAL animal abuse.


Rest in peace, friend. You made me happy.


It's sad that the owners exploited the cat's - I think it was a genetic disorder? - for free kikebook upboats. But at least she now knows peace.


This cat gave me several- no. Perhaps dozens of seconds of mild laughter over the years. It will be missed.



> to the cat’s more than 12.4 million followers across social media.

Society is really moving forwards these days.


Tragic loss for the world.



Grumpy cat is more popular than kikes. You will be be missed dearly,


Maybe this is a sign we should stop frowning so much. Smiling is healthier.


How inept were the owners at taking care of their cash cow kitty. Seven years is alley cat lifespan. We need to investigate for the lulz, but also the facts and probably more lulz.



You've all got off track, we were talking how glorious it would be if Jews die



was grumpy cat jewish?



You deranged anti semites can’t think of anything besides Jews. Rent free



No these sad people are just obsessed with Jews because they fell for Nazi propaganda



What if the jews created the nazi's and holocausted themselves? TOP CONSPIRACY THEORY.


very sad news for all catlovers :(


File: 3248b982c4a6912⋯.jpg (59.87 KB, 673x461, 673:461, 1513226958001.jpg)


File: 5fe185adfc39c44⋯.png (821.33 KB, 780x1577, 780:1577, 0d055fd55a1d6cf2b0af8607ef….png)


ok moishe, now fuck off.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Separated at birth………..



It was a bit more than likes, about 100M$ more in fact.


Good night sweet prince. You have had an impact few cats ever could. May you forever frollick in the catnip.


>dead meme cat is dead

Life imitates art.










killing cats is BASED and REDPILLED. anyone who disagrees is an urbanite soyboy pod-person

t. cat killa



Goodnight sweet prince, F


Im inside your house nigturd


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.




This. Cats are an invasive species pose a danger to native wildlife in places like Australia and the Americas.



edgy teenboys make me cringe




File: 0e409c041b2974c⋯.png (929.21 KB, 969x1000, 969:1000, ClipboardImage.png)


That is why air rifles are so awesome.



You think this cat would have had been required to see a veterinarian monthly to maintain business insurance compliance.


A Jew died today (yeah)



was it your dad?


Feels bad man



try a bow and arrow for added challenge.


R.I.P our beloved Grumpy Cat


File: 23fde1b40c600cd⋯.jpg (729.1 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, PET-SEMATARY-Review.jpg)

where exactly is the grave so I can desecrate it?







Gave my dog whisky and she died.



not even bismuth…


quit acting like you care about grumpy cat. it was a 4chan thing. not watered down 8chan.

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