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File: 6e0eabc9ec9f3e5⋯.png (167 KB, 500x525, 20:21, Migrant Repays Family Who ….png)


A migrant repaid a German family that offered him shelter by allegedly stabbing their 11-year-old child while repeatedly shouting “die, die, die!” according to German reports.

HLN (as translated by Google) reports: Refugee Abdulrahman M. (26) was kindly welcomed at the home of the German Tina K. (34). Yet he stabbed her son Paul (11) with a bread knife on July 25, 2018. The child was seriously injured and survived […] This week, the asylum seeker from Eritrea has to appear before the court of Passau (Bavaria) for attempted murder.

After his flight from Eritrea, Abdulrahman M. lived with other refugees in a multi-family home in Vilshofen. Tina K. (34) lived with her husband and two sons in the same house and took care of the refugees, German media write including Die Welt and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

According to the prosecutor, Abdulrahman M. lured his assistant’s son into ambush in the parental home. He was actually aiming at Paul’s mother, but she was shopping with the other refugees at the time.

The asylum seeker asked the boy where his mother was and pushed him into the living room. There he knocked him down and brought out a bread knife that he had kept hidden until then. M. would have called “die, die” when he stabbed the boy. Paul reacted fearlessly and defended himself during the knife attack.

The family dog ​​- a terrier – eventually saved his life. He bit the attacker. Then Paul was able to free himself and run out of the house. M. did not stop the chase until the boy could stop a car along the road. Paul was seriously injured in the neck and arms and legs. He had to undergo emergency surgery. He had a cut of 15 centimeters [6 inches] on the neck.

Ten months after the facts, the boy still has serious psychological problems and concentration problems, his father said. He has been going back to school for a few weeks after being admitted to a specialized clinic for months.





good! It's never too late for an abortion!

Now that delusional Christians are trying to change abortion laws, there will be millions of Americans willing to pay illegal immigrants to dispose of their children.



Ironically abortion works both ways, sometimes it does help prevent future crimes. Sometimes it prevents decent people from being born too. Its a double edged sword like many issues.



LOL good attempt at derailing, lefty.


poor little boy, the ape shoul be killed on the spot!


Part of the deliberate destabilization of Europe. The traitors desire to replace the Western World. They want to bring back feudalism and despotism.


>34 year old woman lets 26 year old man in her house

I wonder why?



>migrant is invited into home

>stabs child with knife



Using refitted predator drones to blow up these rapefugees in minecraft is an entirely justified act of retribution.


>The boy’s mother said, 'We always helped Abdulrahman. We do not understand why he did this to us'.

These people still don't understand why mass migration from third world countries is a bad idea. They won't understand until they're all dead I expect.


File: df3cc75650854ac⋯.jpg (71.56 KB, 313x286, 313:286, dog.jpg)

Based doggos don't get brainwashed by subversive propaganda.


It's a aure way to go back to the dark ages, since there won't be any more white men to maintain the modern tech, much less push progress forward. Look at how much of a shithole Africa became after the white men left (most of them can't even farm!) And even Israel crashes their moon lander like the low IQ inbreds they are.

Yeah, I can't say I'm hoping for whites to get wiped out, but either way we win in the end, because without us they're fucked.


get your hands off me, you damn dirty human



OP is a dirty subhuman



damn dirty human

destroyed the earth



make it mandatory for whenever one parent is non-white.

here, solved.


>only lefties support abortion

this is your brain on turbo christcuckery.

reminder that 92% of downies get aborted in the US, prooving that this whole "abortion" division is just for show.


File: 32ee9fe3c91355a⋯.jpg (142.41 KB, 900x1305, 20:29, 51AZKFHRDQL._SY445_.jpg)



there is another human on /n/ answering me?

I thought I was the omega man


Jimmy Nigturd here to remind my fellow 8channers that diversity is our strength. Shalom!



hello fellow human

what brings you to this desert?



I'm only in it for the shekels of course! 0.5 was just added to my account for this post. Praise Moloch!




You should be aborted. Nigger.



He explicitly calls for the abortion of shitskin babies. So I have coined a new term just for you, Hymie

Grammar Nigger


Man, i followed the sources until the German newspapers and there it says that this man had a nacked video in his phone, the mother "hacked" this phone and got a copy of this video (I suppose she found the unlock pattern or so) and spied his messages. As a revenge, the man tried to kill her son.

Yes, the thing he did is still barbaric and he should be imprisoned. But it isn't because they are savages that attack indiscriminately.

Source: https://www.welt.de/vermischtes/article193579917/Passau-26-Jaehriger-wegen-Messerangriff-auf-Elfjaehrigen-vor-Gericht.html



Foind the kike

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