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File: 9a6039147eaa1bf⋯.jpg (76.51 KB, 930x520, 93:52, The Polar Silk Road Comes ….jpg)


Speaking at China’s second Belt and Road conference in Beijing featuring 37 heads of state, Russia President Vladimir Putin unveiled the intention to unite Russia’s Northern Sea Route with China’s Maritime Silk Road. This announcement should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the close strategic friendship between both countries since the 2015 announcement of an alliance between the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union and Belt and Road Initiative. This extension of the Maritime Silk Road represents a powerful force to transform the last unexplored frontier on the Earth, converting the Arctic from a geopolitical zone of conflict towards a new paradigm of mutual cooperation and development.

Putin gave a speech at the BRI forum on April 26 stating:

“the Great Eurasian Partnership and Belt and Road concepts are both rooted in the principles and values that everyone understands: the natural aspiration of nations to live in peace and harmony, benefit from free access to the latest scientific achievements and innovative development, while preserving their culture and unique spiritual identity. In other words, we are united by our strategic, long-term interests.”

Weeks before this speech Russia unveiled a bold plan for Arctic development during the conference Arctic: Territory of Dialogue on April 9-10. This bold plan ties to the “Great Eurasian Partnership”, not only extending roads, rail and new cities into the Far East, but also extending science and civilization into a terrain long thought totally inhospitable. At this Arctic conference, China and Russia signed the first scientific cooperation agreement together setting up the “China-Russia Arctic Research Center” as a part of the Polar Silk Road.

The Belt and Road Initiative has already won over much of Africa as BRI-connected rail, ports, and other infrastructure are providing a breath of fresh air to nations long held hostage by IMF/World Bank conditionalities. Pakistan and much of Southwest Asia are also increasingly on board the BRI through the growing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Seventeen Arab states consolidated 8 massive BRI infrastructure projects between April 15-16 and much of Latin America has also joined with hundreds of billions of dollars of infrastructure projects. Italy embraced this new BRI framework on March 23, and Greece joined the Central and Eastern European nations of the 16+1 alliance on April 9th. The Eurasian Economic Union is now in the final stages of a long planned economic treaty between China and the Russian-led economic block. Although America has been invited to the BRI on many occasions since its 2013 inception, no positive response has been permitted by the NATO-Deep State power structures manipulating the west.

While China’s activity in the Arctic is only manifesting now, its Arctic Strategy began many years ago.

China deployed their first Arctic research expedition in 1999, followed by the establishment of their first Arctic research station in Svalbard, Norway in 2004. After years of effort, China achieved a permanent observer seat at the Arctic Council in 2011, and began building icebreakers soon thereafter surpassing Canada and nearly surpassing the USA whose two out-dated ice breakers have passed their shelf life by many years.




File: d0ba01f8b00e596⋯.png (24.42 KB, 549x465, 183:155, reserve-currency.png)

I say this as a disgruntled American: the US will one day come to harsh terms with an unwanted reality that we no longer call the shots around the globe, and that other superpowers have surpassed us and worse, they won't have any need or use for us anymore, or our global reserve currency!

Time to stop playing war hawking Empire, Uncle Sam! We need to protect our borders, we need to re-industrialize our nation, we need to incentivize American families and we need to get rid of all the corrupt actors and traitors within. Or we will fall and fall hard!




We have about 2600 more nukes than the next country in line. Unless russia wants the ruble (lol) to be the next reserve currency, im pretty sure were set for at least the next 200 years



That would be mutually assured destruction at best. The moment the US takes the offensive the entire world will come down on us and hard.


Blackpill bullshitting shills all over this thread.


u better stay the fuck outta Canad's back yard you ivan chos

we got nukes, even if they on loan from our masters, the USA



This sea lane is why China wants global warming, not just "climate change." Shipping to Europe would be thousands of kilometers shorter.


This slide thread is pathetic. You're pathetic!



First step is to stop identifying as (((American))).

This country was never about you, White man.

Name one country on earth that explicitly represents the interests of the Aryan race? There has only been one and America bombed them to oblivion.





Russia and China are joining alliances for a REASON, among with other nations that are fed up with US petrodollar. They're slowly dumping (liquidating) US treasury holdings and investing in hard assets, commodities and industrial projects. Also military resources too. This is not a full-blown "takeover", but a slow acquisition of wealth, resources and land by stealth. The sad part is most Western countries actually think they have the upper hand, when in reality all we have is debts today and not enough industry to compete. And when the USD loses global reserve currency status (meaning many countries are no longer willing to trade in USD/US Treasury bonds) all that DEBT we own will destroy our currency and leave us in third world isolation. I do have sources and these sources tell me "get out now, invest in rural property, become totally self-sufficient and prepare for massive collapse and martial law at some point, in the US." I don't know how this is all going down or when, but slowly we are seeing a massive pivot of influence, wealth and power transfer from West to the East…….. and its all been planned in advance. These people know our kind will suffer in the end.



>the US will one day come to harsh terms with an unwanted reality that we no longer call the shots around the globe

>we no longer call the shots


Who's we? I never called any shots. You must be a jew or something


File: af85b5e6dc6c523⋯.png (356.06 KB, 690x950, 69:95, af85b5e6dc6c523577115b7ee7….png)


>It's another RIDF/CIDF thread

>It's another "he thinks we can't tell he's talking to himself" thread

>It's another "superpower" thread about two countries with large starving populations and just as much debt as the muhUSA boogeyman

Nice chink propaganda mate, how's that trade war going?



It does not matter what side you pick and choose. What matters is this is an event taking place, you may have concerns or anger over it, or even find it funny, but when it comes down to it, its a big issue and it is newsworthy. We are seeing geo-political shifts between the East and the West.


File: bdfaa7283b65ab7⋯.gif (622.04 KB, 320x218, 160:109, Bad_Writing.gif)


Nah, what we're seeing is the same old Cold War posturing from two second-world nations. You don't have facts. You don't have economic outlooks. You have propaganda straight out of the Kremlin's ass to your mouth.

Please do tell us, other than posting the same tired infograph that you retards post in every one of these "I SWEAR I'M BEING OBJECTIVE WITH XI'S COCK IN MY MOUTH" tl;dr pile of garbage threads, how Russia or China's economic situation possibly indicates that they're independent of the rest of the world?

How piles of sanctions and non-cooperation between anyone other than local puppet states could indicate the world is leaning toward a literal communist black-bag state and an even worse oligarchy than America?



Its not propaganda is this is happening. I get this slack every fucking time too. Its news, whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, whether you agree with it or not. Bumping real news.



Where's your proof you fucking nigger? Back up these outrageous claims you're pulling from zerohedge or get used to being told you sound like a gook robot.



Zerohedge links to sources, and I really don't give a flying rats ass what you call me. This is a news board and here, you are going to get news, like it or not.



Yeah, sources. How about you tell us what those sources are instead of trying to farm clicks for shithedge?

Nobody buys the "I'm such a martyr, fighting the good fight!" bullshit.


File: 063de41d8278054⋯.png (170.14 KB, 500x375, 4:3, a84ed48d31f39468a61d99cc1c….png)


You also haven't backed up any of the other absolute bullshit claims you've made throughout the thread. It's not all in that article.

Why do you think Russia and China's objectively awful economic situations, supported by hightening sanctions from the rest of the producing world and the tanking Chinese stocks as a result of being unable to keep up with the American trade war indicate that either country is capable of divorcing itself from objectively necessary global commerce? What makes you think that their reliance on importing the West's goods/resources indicates that they're economically and industrially independent?



It's "US PROTECTIONISM BAD… but Xi and Putin know best, Chinese/Russian protectionism will lead people to new grorious age!"

I shouldn't need to point out how utterly stupid this sounds and how unsupported by historical precedent it actually is.



>There has only been one and America bombed them to oblivion.

Yeah, that was totally America that did that. Definitely not the (((anglos))) and (((commies))) that did that.


>These people know our kind will suffer in the end.

In the end everyone is going to suffer, it's actually better to have a collapse now than to persist in clown world.


File: c633b5dd75a0830⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x950, 192:95, 0wo is that a carrier or a….jpg)


wow, 3 carriers total between them and that is stretching the idea of a carrier. americans watch out…



I'm not picking sides here, in fact I would like the US to be re-industrialized. But the truth is this: China holds a lot of industry, resources, precious metals and US Treasury bonds. The US outsourced industry to China, and has a lot of resources and debt. But if our debt bubble bursts, along with China, who is going to be in worse position? The one with strong allies and industry, or the one holding most of the debt and not too much else? I don't see this kind of debt insolvency good for any nation, but industry is the only thing that can keep civilization afloat from falling back into third world feudalism!



Interesting how corrupt governments turn around and blame entire nations for the actions of a few soulless creetons.


The world may be better off being multi-polar. The real threat is when one nation becomes a superpower. Hopefully Russia and China don't try taking over the world, like the ZOG and the US has tried to do.



>The real threat is when one nation becomes a superpower.

I meant becomes an *Empire. The real threat is Empires.

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