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Trump Says Nobody Warned Him About Flynn — But Obama Did


“It now seems the General Flynn was under investigation long before was common knowledge,” Trump tweeted on Friday morning. “It would have been impossible for me to know this but, if that was the case, and with me being one of two people who would become president, why was I not told so that I could make a change?”

This is a lie.

Less than 48 hours after the 2016 election, Obama spoke to Trump in the Oval Office. In that meeting, Obama advised Trump against hiring Flynn. At the time, the retired general was a part of Trump’s campaign and led a “lock her up chant” at the Republican convention earlier that summer.

“Flynn’s name kept popping up” in relation to the ongoing investigation into Russian election interference in the presidential election, a senior Obama administration source told CNN in 2017. This information helped to inform Obama’s opposition to his hiring.

The Trump White House admitted that Obama warned them.

“It’s true President Obama made it known he wasn’t exactly a fan of Gen. Flynn’s,” then-White House press secretary Sean Spicer said in 2017.

There were also other warnings Trump ignored about Flynn.

During the transition from Obama to Trump, the vetting team led by Mike Pence was told about Flynn’s financial ties to foreign governments. The team gave him a pass anyway.

In 2017, acting Attorney General Sally Yates told then-White House counsel Don McGahn that Flynn had been deceptive about his financial entanglements with Russia and that he was possibly compromised. Her warnings were ignored.

Despite all these red flags, Trump gave Flynn access to some of America’s most important military secrets. Later, he was removed from his position and became the first of many Trump-related figures to be convicted of federal criminal charges.

>Trump's entire method of governing is to simply do the opposite of whatever Obama did, executive order away everything Obama did, just take the opposite stance on anything. Is this any way to govern? Is this why Trump kept saying Obama's Iran deal was bad, simply because Obama signed on to it? Meanwhile Iran, by all accounts, was following all stipulations to the letter to develop nuclear power for energy and not for making nukes according to US and international investigators who were keeping tabs on them as part of the deal, but for whatever reason, Trump tore up a deal that was working and is now false-flagging the shit out stuff to start a war with Iran. (they need to drop warehouses full of bombs to make room for the new ones Trump bought thanks to his trillions of dollars increase in the Military industrial complex.)

>Obama says don't hire him, he's compromised by russia and turkey. Trump says "russia? GREAT, me and putin go way back, he's hired!"

>Either sheer incompetence, or just another example of trump trying to do right by his russian master who made inroads with Flynn.

>Obama opposites:

>-get rid of ACA, with no plan of his own, and leave tens of millions of americans without healthcare

>-getting rid of Dodd-Frank regulations that were brought in so that the banks couldn't plunge us into another financial crisis like in 2008

>-Iran nuclear deal that was ensuring Iran was not building nukes was rescinded by Trump (meaning Iran can do what it wants now. Is this part of Trump's false flag plan, so now he can start a war with Iran by claiming the US has no investigators that can prove Iran is NOT making nukes now, thanks to him?)

>-Obama wanted to save puppies, trump wrote an executive order demanding puppies be kicked to death


>Trump is not a stable man as it seems his only criteria for governing is to obsess over everything Obama did and try to do the opposite, all because Obama told a good joke about him at a white house dinner



>Obama spoke to Trump in the Oval Office. In that meeting…*blogfantasy*

Who's the credible source on this private meeting? Some other deepstate swampfaggot? Nothing makes an article like hearsay.



Every single news agency had that story and the video. Are you an idiot? Do you believe the earth is flat too?


His only criteria? Seems to have worked thus far! My life is a hell of a lot better!



well, while it's a reductionnist principle that may seem childish on first glance, it's nevertheless a smart move considering the players in the game.

leftists are consistently wrong on pretty much everything.

doesn't make you necesserally right, but it still yield far greater odds of favorable outcome.

in other words, with such a simple trick, a fucking oran utan will not simply outdo a leftie, he will outdo ANY leftie.



>Every single news agency had that story and the video

>went with the blogpost instead




Since Obama did hardly anthing thats not a bad idea.



also nigerian muslims rarely do anything useful, avoiding Obama's way is a step to right direction.. approximately speaking at least



>MSM is deepstate lies!

>wooow why are using a blog post, can't you pull up CNN?





so then you guys agree with getting rid of ACA with no replacement, not signing into the Iran deal so they are free to make nukes with no oversight, and removing regulations put in place so that banks couldn't do the shit that created the 2008 financial crisis? Got it.

In other words, trumptards really are as moronic as their leader.

Also, it seems the only reason trump keeps harping on iran is because he needs to start another unjustified war in the middle east. How's that swamp-draining, anti-globalist elite thing working out for you trumptards, btw?


>do the opposite of what worst american president did. untrue but that strategy would produce results


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