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File: a34cbdf1bbe9b02⋯.jpg (285.25 KB, 1280x1063, 1280:1063, 20190520_175254.jpg)


FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - A woman from Arkansas now will spend time behind bars after she posed as a California sheriff to get her boyfriend out of jail.

Maxine Feldstein has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after she pleaded guilty to forgery, third-degree escape and second-degree criminal impersonation, KFSM reported.

Feldstein gave fake paperwork to Washington County Detention Center last July. Jailers thought the paperwork was real and released Nicholas Lowe.

Lowe, according to court documents, told Feldstein to pretend she was a deputy from Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, KFSM reported.

He told Feldstein to tell Washington County officials California was “having issues with overcrowding and all low-priority extraditions have been suspended,” court documents stated.

Feldstein, who had bonded out of jail hours before, called the Washington County Jail, saying she was Ventura County Deputy L. Kershaw, KFSM reported.

Officials realized two days later they had been duped when a real Ventura County deputy called to pick up Lowe.

Law enforcement arrested the couple about a month later.

Lowe also pleaded guilty to third-degree escape and was sentenced to one year in prison, but was given credit for 167 days served. He will have a five-year suspended sentence once he’s released by the Arkansas Department of Corrections.



i wish i had a gf who'd do this for me


I'm actually impressed.




Pretty much.


Looks like a trap




Yo she jewish bro?



Yes she is a good woman, which is the real reason she is being locked up.



…..clever. The playbook's right outta the LCS.



So hes in prison for anothre 200 days and shes going to prison for 15 years?



In california she would have gotten 5 years with half time. Iv straight ran from a cop, got caught by the dog and only did 3 weeks and 3yrs probation. Slap on the wrist. Lol deputy kershaw like the knife


Also no conspiracy charge? Prosecutor got his degree online.



It's a German name you stupid yank, you yanks all believe whatever kikes say.


Bullshit sentence, they set the absolute maximum because she humiliated the pathetic fuckers. Would be nice if she escapes.


She's a woman so they'll give her two weeks community service



oi bloody cunt m8 don't bring that bollocks o'er 'ere or i'll knock ya!


File: 239e33f6325eb03⋯.jpg (81.73 KB, 728x721, 104:103, SAMVqHm.jpg)


most women look a bit boy-ish when you strip back the (((make up))). should be illegal as its dysgenic and one of main reason we have so many ugly people around.



File: 1c0e0cfd56f784e⋯.png (110.58 KB, 255x264, 85:88, Angery.png)


Worst part is, that's the maximum punishment they get.



In the UK a woman cant be sent to prison for comitting a non violent crime.

Thats because we live in a matriachy.


feldstein helping a lowe and its in the united states jews confirmed delusional kraut you think every rosenberg is still german? every schwartz?



> "its a german name therefore they are german"

t. stupid jew




Women don't cause as much trouble as us guys. It's just a fact. Women murder at a quarter the rate men do. Women are more likely to murder men than other women too though.


You say 15 years, but she'll get out as soon as someone else passes some fake papers to whichever clowns run the jails.

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