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File: 12d718e3d6664de⋯.jpg (106.71 KB, 700x707, 100:101, Mob of Somali 'Migrants' A….jpg)


RELATED: >>>/related/14

This will not make mainstream media and is already in the process of being expunged

8 - 10 Somali teens attacked Minneapolis Metro riders with hammers and crowbars A mob of eight to 10 males wielding hammers descended upon bystanders at the East Bank Light Rail station on Friday night injuring several, according to recorded police dispatch audio.


The incident was apparently reported to 911 just before 10 p.m. on Friday according to the audio and other social media police scanner reports. A 9:48 p.m. Facebook post on 2nd Precinct Minneapolis Crime Watch page said that University of Minnesota (U of M) police were requesting assistance from Minneapolis police (MPD) and Metro Transit police for "a group of 8-10 males chasing people with hammers" and that some people were injured. A Facebook post a minute later on Minneapolis Scanner page said that the three police departments were responding to "multiple [911] calls" about "10-12 Somali teen males armed with hammers chasing people, " also with "several injuries reported." Both Facebook pages regularly post summaries of police scanner audio.

A person who claimed on social media to have been at the station when the incident occurred said that the group of males had "hammers and bars, " and that they seemed to be "attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white." The witness, who said he isn't white, said he didn't want to "[take] on a bunch of dudes with blunt objects, " and that he "hurried an older white lady away" and they walked a few blocks to catch a bus.

My comment: Let's see this make news. It won't. And the story SHOULD BE: Ungrateful "refugees" with ZERO class living on welfare attacked people in a country that "saved them" because the people who saved them were white, and because they were white, they did not need to be thanked after giving the somalis their free handout. FACT: You can throw a wild chimpanzee it's favorite treat and in the next second, if you are not careful and it gets ahold of you, it will rip your arm off. How much different from that was this incident in Minnesota? DEPORT THEM ALL.


The intent for treason is five-fold, to destabilize and destroy America by the following:

1. Allowing Foreign Murderers, Thugs, Gangs Into America: https:// archive.fo/6Tek0

2. Allowing Foreign Infiltrators Into The Nation, Including Russia and China: https:// archive.fo/2mdIf

3. Allowing Foreign Troops To Invade And Hold Us Hostage: https:// archive.fo/UoZ9h

4. To Import Terrorists And Drug Cartels Into America: https:// archive.fo/Zpi2M

5. To Import Disease Into America: https:// archive.fo/QhVFR


Anyone who thinks I'm joking that these third world inbreds are being sent here to destabilize America, wreck havok and turn us into a third world militarized police state better THINK AGAIN. Because this is the intention and it is happening.


have you considered simply joining a penpal club where you can correspond with female prison inmates in exchange for putting money on their books?

it seems like it would be much more effective than this technique that you're using.


File: 50e8c2b0312876d⋯.png (372.01 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-05-21-11-2….png)


Alternative To Your Loneliness And Begging To Be Noticed By Another Human:




RE: expunged

pretty obvious that you don't know the meaning of 'expunged'


File: 1de8a9a48303afd⋯.jpg (284.81 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 20190521_113415.jpg)


Alternative To Your Empty Existence:


Here's one who's dumb enough to believe in 'god'


File: 21896a93cdc609f⋯.png (548.8 KB, 1080x1970, 108:197, PicsArt_05-21-11.36.54.png)


Alternative To Begging To Be Noticed By 4 People:

see? she believes in your imaginary 'god', she's white, she's only fucked a relatively small number of blacks and Mexicans, and got unjustly railroaded on a murder charge.

She's almost as lonely as you.


If you put some money on her commissary account, she'll actually pay attention to whatever you have to say.


File: 38b67a23b04878a⋯.png (441.66 KB, 1784x932, 446:233, PicsArt_05-21-11.41.39.png)


Unfortunately for you, the only other inmate pen pals who believe in God are blacks and Mexicans

but who cares, right?

as long as they'll notice that you exist


File: 27428061fae9a54⋯.jpg (345.37 KB, 1048x1280, 131:160, 20190521_114650.jpg)


==GOOD LUCK !!!==I just found three more Christian female prison inmate pen pals who believe in God!

And one of them is white!!!



*communist disinfo agent detected*


File: 1678e15fae06a78⋯.png (499.92 KB, 2160x1080, 2:1, Screenshot_2019-05-21-11-5….png)


HOLA !!!!!!

Wonder Wallace is available to notice you exist!!

HOLA !!!!

and she accepts payments directly onto her prison Jpay account


File: 39a1f3866866078⋯.png (998.48 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-05-21-11-5….png)


Admit it, dude…..

Wonder Wallace ain't half bad

(and she believes Jesus existed)


File: cd7f717b9b1bce2⋯.png (326.76 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-05-21-11-5….png)



here's how to send money to female prisoners

at least you'd still have your dignity afterwards

unlike what you're doing in here



I have plenty of dignity, and I don't have to pander to corrupted feeble minds to gain any more of it. Sorry.


File: 18e01acfbfb11f7⋯.jpg (279.59 KB, 1280x965, 256:193, 20190521_115900.jpg)


Noel is Asian, and convicted of armed robbery.

She doesn't believe in God, but who really cares?

The entire 'christian' thing is a bunch of bullshit anyway

Noel will be more than happy to read your incessant racist rants



File: a8a78fb520eada2⋯.jpg (300.62 KB, 1280x995, 256:199, 20190521_120257.jpg)


At least these prison inmates will pretend to read your nonsense.

That's more than you get in here

Sure, it'll cost you…. but it's worth it



What racist rants? These murdering third world scum do not belong here and that is the truth, I don't care what skin color they have or where they came from. They have no right to invade our country and beat innocent citizens up.

I hope on of these assholes ends up picking on the wrong person someday and they end up with a .44 blown through the center of their chest. Now that would be funny!!


File: 54ff4eb3af6dc63⋯.jpg (279.59 KB, 1280x1118, 640:559, 20190521_120936.jpg)


Imagine being able to honestly say you had a female who actually glanced at your thoughts

Instead of having to admit there are three men who never even bother reading anything you write

Wouldn't that be amazing?

Imagine the sense of satisfaction!!



100% HONESTY :

I quite literally have no idea what this thread is about. I didn't read a single word of it.

I didn't need to read a word of it, because I know it's just the exact same shit you always complain about….

It only took a split second to ascertain that it was another anti-immigration racist rants

And that was one split second of my life that I could have used on something interesting.

I'm not being mean. I'm just being completely candid with you… We don't read the threads. they're all the same thing over and over and over and over again.

We 'get it', alright ?… we 'get it'…..

You're afraid…..

We 'get it'…..


File: bf08b3cdbafc1a6⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-05-21-12-1….png)

unlike the other three people who come to /n/


at least she'll try




How is the weather in Tel Aviv?


File: f5cca0c952dfb74⋯.png (323.85 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-05-21-12-2….png)


A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies, poor or no sourcing to credible information, a complete lack of transparency and/or is fake news. Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for the purpose of profit or influence (Learn More). Sources listed in the Questionable Category may be very untrustworthy and should be fact checked on a per article basis. Please note sources on this list are not considered fake news unless specifically written in the reasoning section for that source. See all Questionable sources.

Overall, we rate Alpha News Questionable based on extreme right bias, poor sourcing of information, promotion of conspiracy theories and anti-Islamic propaganda, as well as a lack of transparency regarding ownership.


(that's why you won't find this story anywhere else online, because it never happened, and everything in your article is completely false)



How's the weather down in your basement?



You're doing god's work anon. Keep waking people up…. it is worth it if you wake up just one person each day. Ignore the shill posters… they are brainwashed stooges of the jews…. possibly living in white walled communities far from the ones targeted by obama for "enrichment".



lol bullshit

So that's your technique for validating stories that never happened?




Killcen, stop pretending like you are somebody else.

We all know it's you.

There are only two people in this thread right now, including you.



If by basement you mean "being happily married to a woman that hates niggers even more than I do, and have a full time job", then yeah, basement living is great. What about you, ham planet? Have they invented a razor strong enough to remove your forest of an unshaven neckbear (male) or underarm hair (female) yet? Oh btw… only 2 genders… deal with it, faggot.


I didn't bother reading YOUR words

but I looked at the url for your source article

and I instantly recognized you actually went to ALPHA NEWS for your idiotic content

ALPHA NEWS is a fake website



Lol sure, Killcen….



File: 0894835a9a99a7c⋯.jpg (113.79 KB, 1280x717, 1280:717, 20190521_123101.jpg)

It's too bad they didn't include 'completely fabricated content designed to appeal to gullible idiots', or I would've been able to cast a vote



You're a dumbass, anon. Have fun accusing everyone of being your "nemesis". Or do you call him your "mortal enemy"?



Lol you're a complete fucking faggot



I'm partly doing it to vent off steam to be honest. I have a real, real bad and dangerous temper in real life, and could lead to a serious stroke. This is my healthy way of venting my frustration with the world today.

Other than that I'd be binge drinking again, punching holes in the walls till my knuckles bleed and picking fights at the local bar.



Real bad and dangerous temper

Dangerous to sheetrock maybe

I've never seen a badass who punched holes in walls

wouldn't it be more honest to Simply say you have absolutely no self-control and you can't even control your drug addiction?

Basically you remind me of an illegal immigrant junkie


You can't even source legitimate news articles

Because this incident never happened

It's completely fabricated nonsense


Q: what do you call somebody who can't control their drug addiction or anger?

A: weak


that's what I call them….



Q: what do you call somebody who actually goes to alpha news for their source content?

A: desperate to find fabricated news to validate their predetermined opinions


Q: what do you call somebody who can't control their addiction?



Q: what good does an addict have to offer society?

A: absolutely nothing


Q: where do addicts belong?

A: in a hospital or a jail


Q: who takes the advice of an addict?

A: nobody. Not even other addicts.


Q: what do addicts do when they lose control?

A: it's a trick question.

Addicts have no control whatsoever

They have no control over their addiction

They have no self-control

They have no control over their anger

They punch holes in walls

They destroy computer monitors

They make empty threats online

But that's because they don't have any self-control


You seriously need to check yourself into a hospital somewhere

You clearly represent a danger to yourself

You make threats to cause bodily harm against innocent people online

You have no self-control

You're in a downward spiral of addiction

There's nothing alluring or magnetic about your behavior that would make anybody else want to live the same way you do

You seriously need to check yourself into a hospital


Q: who keeps on talking to themself as debates are going on in other threads while I'm not even paying fucking attention?

A: Johnny Neptune, Soros chief executive comrade


You are at the rock bottom pit, the lowest possible point of an ongoing downward spiral

At this point, it has become self-evident that you are literally days away from committing suicide or possibly even worse

You have reached the lowest point possible

you need to drive yourself to the nearest hospital and admit yourself into inpatient rehab



Debates require more than one person

Nobody is debating anything in your threads

It's just you repeating the same incessant message to yourself



Your addiction has reached a monumental crisis point.


There's no difference between you and a common Street junkie laying in his own vomit injecting drugs into his arm


You need inpatient therapy immediately


Holy fucking shit, I haven't seen jew-shill activity like this since the week before the presidential election.

Somalis are fucking creatures on par with lemurs who have learned how to use a stick to beat other lemurs to death and rape their mates.


File: d30076070b011d2⋯.png (766.95 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-05-21-13-0….png)



>You need inpatient therapy immediately

This is my therapy, if only you knew.


File: 4cabecee9b7813d⋯.png (259.79 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-05-21-13-1….png)


There never was any group of somalis carrying hammers in Minnesota

It's a completely fabricated bullshit article

never happened


File: c948abf71eceec0⋯.png (174.82 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-05-21-13-1….png)


AGAIN: you have no control over your addiction

you're in the lowest point of a decades-long downward spiral

Your therapy isn't working

You need inpatient treatment immediately

I'm globally reporting you again for threatening elected officials back in March, and I'm doing it for your own good



YES, it did happen! Read the news about it!


I just realized what a threat you posed to society and to yourself because of your addiction to alcohol and your inability to control your anger

You threatened to kill elected officials back in March, and as a citizen of the United States of America I am obligated to globally report you one more time.



Nobody reads any of your bullshit

I'll be back in a minute I'm contacting law enforcement about your threats back in March


I'm going to law enforcement first and then I'm going to come back here and do the global report



Stop being such a dick, I didn't threated to kill anyone. I said 'those guilty of treason against the US should be killed'. But I promised Jim I won't say that anymore in my threads because it could be misconstrued as a threat, even though it wasn't.


Poor killcen having a nervous breakdown? Again?



Just got done filling out the report on the FBI website. as an American citizen I take it very seriously when somebody threatens the lives of United States public elected officials.

Which is exactly what you did back in March

I'm doing this for your own good…….

Hopefully they will help you get into a hospital somewhere, and after 10 years on intensive probation you might get your life back in order.

Who knows?… You might even earn your daughter's respect again…

Now if you'll forgive me I need to file a global report against you here on 8chan



Nope. Go fuck yourself. Report all you want, scumbag.



CAREFUL !!! He's already threatened to punch holes in the wall



It's not really a matter of 'all I want'

It's much more a matter of my duty and my obligation as a law abiding citizen of the United States of America

I am morally obligated to report your threats



Do your sheetrock a favor and check yourself into a hospital before you punch any more holes in the wall

That way, the Mexican family that buys your house won't have to do quite as many repairs



brb the global report only takes a minute


Blah blah blah. I'm tired of it Johnny, why are you here if you hate reading REAL NEWS?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just being a good american



Lol @ reading

nobody read your thread



why you want to report me? I was just asking a simple question



I can assure you many have.


There's no need to waste any time actually reading the thread. Anybody can get the gist by just scanning your headline, quickly glancing at it.


I just found an article written by a Minneapolis Police Department Dispatcher who claims this incident never happened.



be careful what you write my friend…



That's all you ever do…..

You sit there trying to assure people of all kinds of bullshit

That's why none of us read it anymore

Your false assurances mean nothing



Britcigarette here.

Im guessing you cant carry a handgun in mineapolis?



AGAIN: this incident never occurred

There wasn't any gang of hammer-wielding Somalians in Minneapolis

It's completely false



I don't know, but the cities over in the US are getting more commie by the year, so it wouldn't surprise me if they abolished the right to self defense already.



I can assure you that you try to assure me that you're not simply trying to reassure yourself that you need reassurance because you have no validation in your life

You're a junkie



Yes it did, and there has been a MASSIVE COVER-UP! Yet again!!



as if YOU know anything about America



Lol @ 'massive cover up'

Dude, you are a fucking idiot



hes no idiot hes delusional…



I know where I live it ain't infested by commie bureaucrat gun grabbers. I don't know about those cities over here, just from what I've heard over the years!


killcen believs in Q



I started "Q" as satire and someone else took the whole thing over and ran with it, blowing it up into some kind of cult I'll have you know!



Like I said, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, anymore than Killcen knows the difference between legitimate news and a ridiculous alpha news conspiracy fabricated story


Killcen believes all kinds of bullshit

He believes people pay attention to him

He believes he's got control over his addiction

He believes that people consider him to be sane

He believes he's making a difference

He believes all kinds of bullshit


*taps on microphone*

"Killcen even believes there are more than 4 people who come to /n/"

(crowd of three men begin laughing)



I don't believe much of anything, only know that the world is becoming more chaotic and despotic, and they are deliberately destabilizing the Western world today. That I do know. And I know you are an asshole too.



i come here ONLY to laugh at killcen





I find it strange how he believes in 'jesus', but is still unable to find the inner strength to control his drug addiction



Go ahead and waste your time and breath. Meanwhile REAL NEWS continues!



(((real news)))


File: e237680f0218862⋯.jpg (40.16 KB, 680x382, 340:191, stream_img.jpg)






You're the only person I've ever seen waste their time or breath in here


killcen is a jewish plot for deliberately destabilizing america


I love how this "news" reads. A whole lot of unsubstantiated reports. Also, I love how they just know that some mob of dark-skinned people are "somali"

As fake as can be. Nice try OP, but you racists have to try better than that. Is it really that hard to post actual news of dark-skinned people committing crimes? Why make up shit like this that is really just geared to get your kind all riled up? Oh wait, I know why… so you can get the click-bucks on your website.



Thats a new one!


File: e6f1adde452df47⋯.jpg (36.55 KB, 680x382, 340:191, PicsArt_05-21-02.05.00.jpg)




My favorite part is how he begins the entire thing by claiming it's already being 'expunged', starting with the disclaimer that explains why nobody will be able to find anything about the story….



File: f3bd7d4eac07ffb⋯.jpg (39.22 KB, 640x315, 128:63, alanbarneswithkatiecutler.jpg)


I'm hoping your daughter will be able to talk you into checking yourself into a hospital and receiving treatment for your addiction



such s big hole? wow just wow


File: d1ac062364e24b6⋯.jpg (46.86 KB, 476x445, 476:445, PicsArt_05-21-02.09.20.jpg)


Don't talk about his daughter like that



shes really big…


File: 70bf0d5ec4f5c0f⋯.png (137.19 KB, 881x696, 881:696, NOT FAKE NEWS.png)


Keep on laughing…


File: b18d726e2bb99e0⋯.png (2.9 MB, 2391x1315, 2391:1315, PicsArt_05-21-02.13.02.png)


Is that really his daughter?




One of the lamest conspiracy theory fake news websites online

Only a fucking idiot would believe anything published on alpha news


File: cbd85767fe61901⋯.png (2.36 MB, 2391x1315, 2391:1315, PicsArt_05-21-02.19.40.png)


Well, that conclusively proved the story's validity!!!




You might be interested in this website:



Lol @ the first sentence suggesting that there's a 'massive cover-up' so you won't be able to verify anything



File: 97203b714d33815⋯.jpg (141.59 KB, 615x707, 615:707, CnscOMDW8AADbnf.jpg)


File: 6bcde465ea6704e⋯.jpg (87.05 KB, 614x932, 307:466, 159c257a14678025984fe355ce….jpg)


is killcen being paid to do this shit or is he just mentally ill?


File: a877b92833a272d⋯.jpg (97.9 KB, 630x354, 105:59, clinton-alien630x354.jpg)

Don't you just hate those massive cover-ups?



He has a pronounced case of hypomania, and he refuses to comply with psychotropic medication, and it's exacerbated by his uncontrolled addiction to alcohol.



To say that he's 'mentally ill' wouldn't be technically correct.

The correct terminology is 'unmedicated organic psychiatric disorder exacerbated by self-medication with alcohol'


hey killcen do you hear voices in your head telling you to do this shit?



Wrong! I do not get depression, I am not bi-polar. I am completely normal, but sometimes I do have a lot of energy and feel the need to get things done.


The only voice I hear is from our Lord Jesus! Typically when I'm praying when I take a long hot shower, He gives me ideas to better myself!


File: b0d526e1f09f0f9⋯.jpg (108.59 KB, 614x932, 307:466, PicsArt_05-21-02.40.12.jpg)


File: 69fdf3df79fac4c⋯.png (238.01 KB, 1917x450, 213:50, PicsArt_05-21-02.41.39.png)




RE: our Lord

lol @ 'our'



The liquor may be a little bit of a problem - sometimes. But, I am doing my best not to overdue the drinking. I do not need more chaotic episodes in my life.



lol @ I'm doing my best

hahahaha wow



hearing voice of a non existent entity is schizophrenia, contact your probation officer and tell him about it now!



I was once a horrible binge drinker who only made it because I had a caring family and loving wife! I know what its like to quite full turkey! I've done it before and it was HELL!! And dangerous. I've been slowly weening myself down over the years! I know damn well what I'm doing! I cannot physically handle full blown cold turkey withdrawals anymore, I'm too old for that and prone from stroke or heart failure today!! So I am working on it the best I can!






plz stop drinking, take your meds and go to sleep…


File: c055da66d570c02⋯.jpg (83.3 KB, 526x675, 526:675, PicsArt_05-21-02.51.40.jpg)


File: 175ff581f2ffd2c⋯.jpg (43.06 KB, 659x439, 659:439, BN-LJ636_1123hj_H_20151120….jpg)





File: c57655a2a9fa679⋯.jpg (65.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, PicsArt_05-21-02.56.16.jpg)

Go Tell it to your sponsor


File: b5e21f62e677703⋯.png (615.87 KB, 598x624, 23:24, PicsArt_05-21-02.58.39.png)



Is this the man beneath the tinfoil?

The large cranium indicates an excess of neurons

Too bad alcohol has damaged so many of them


best thread on /n/ since a long time


File: c77af9d6fe174ce⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, PicsArt_05-21-03.02.16.png)


File: f0a70c6fdb3826d⋯.jpg (377.16 KB, 1820x1214, 910:607, PicsArt_05-21-03.08.44.jpg)


The wicked shall perish in the fires of HELL!

Beware defiant Ungodly serpents of disinformation!






Recovering alcoholic here

The only way is to quit completely

An alcoholic who only drinks a little is like a woman who is only a little pregnant.

All or nothing

All the prepping and healthy eating won't undo the damage the alcohol has done to your body

the harsh reality that comes with thinking about quitting alcohol. They say there’s only three options: You go insane, you die, or you quit.




there is no god its all a jewish plot


File: eb642d832e97824⋯.jpg (241.82 KB, 1532x1021, 1532:1021, PicsArt_05-21-03.16.40.jpg)


you'll fall for ANYTHING, won't you?



santa is not real? NOOOOOO


File: b29f3cae1818840⋯.jpg (41.96 KB, 640x481, 640:481, PicsArt_05-21-03.19.51.jpg)


File: 405b7fbaf11936d⋯.jpg (203.46 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, PicsArt_05-21-03.24.10.jpg)

you know who else punches holes in walls?

angry powerless frustrated prepubescents


HINT: I'm not sure that throwing temper tantrums over your powerlessness is something you should be bragging about


File: c36105e5a355131⋯.jpg (210.24 KB, 1799x1199, 1799:1199, PicsArt_05-21-03.35.06.jpg)



I've punched a lot more than just drywall in my lifetime of anger issues. When I get angry, sometimes I feel like cracking jaws. Just the way I ALWAYS used to be. Not so much today because I manage my anger better. I'm here now, venting. And I could give a shit what losers like you think of me.



poot little killcen…



Its not me who has to suffer from this mass destabilization fuck heads, all you city dwellers will have to put up with it! Enjoy being replaced and destroyed, because THAT is what is happening right now!


File: 9d8f01e1aad436d⋯.jpg (244.92 KB, 1799x1199, 1799:1199, PicsArt_05-21-03.45.19.jpg)



pic related


poot was correct



No poor you, for wasting your all your time bitching about news on a fucking news board! Too bad! NEWS will continue! Watch!


The fuck is this shit? All of you need to get a life and so do I for reading any of this.



i have no life just like you…


File: f2282803d5181d8⋯.jpg (279.09 KB, 1799x1199, 1799:1199, PicsArt_05-21-03.50.37.jpg)

lol @ I manage my anger better

like you're managing your inability to control your addiction to alcohol and fear?


hint: a lack of self control is the opposite of 'managing' anything



I simply like posting news here. Doesn't mean I have no life, but God damn the harassment I get can get annoying. I'll take your advice from now on: I won't respond to the trolls anymore. In fact, I should just bump the news, post more news and immediate get the fuck off this shitty board. Maybe I'll consider doing that.


File: bab69c14053b00f⋯.jpeg (73.87 KB, 500x375, 4:3, cirrhosis.jpeg)


Are you managing your cirrhosis better?



dont leave us, we love you killcen


File: 1b861d27c75c146⋯.jpg (77.72 KB, 500x375, 4:3, PicsArt_05-21-04.03.51.jpg)


fucking lighten up…… wow

go pour a nice refreshing drink and relax


File: e5cc8c6f75e5a81⋯.jpg (32.05 KB, 722x406, 361:203, Cirrhosis-of-the-Liver-722….jpg)

First Round's On Me, Big Guy


File: 7fde861faf5f65f⋯.jpg (249.94 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, PicsArt_05-21-04.11.51.jpg)



you know it comes to my mind that actually it would be a good idea for all white citizens of the us of a to immigrate into europe

it would be a total success

the white birthrates would explode, just imagine all the promiscuity between eurowhites and ameriwhites

also by taking all the cool stuff with them they could improve europe to its intended glory while at the same time purifying it

and then when all the whites left the usa and are creating a new empire, the remaining would have the opportunity to show the rest of the world of how capable they are…

then some time later the new empire would take some aircraft carriers and sail back to render some ebola blankets to the local populace , this time cleanincg the yard before setting up shop..



My eyesight is bad because of advanced glaucoma. I wasn't able to clearly read anything you just typed. would you mind typing it again, more clearly?





I was in a really negative mood earlier, but your thread made things a little bit better.


nothing you said or did had anything to do with my better mood.

I simply enjoyed calling you an idiot.

Have a good day.



you could say your thread was my metaphoric drywall



Your draconian governments would be the only deterrent, then again its not as if we have a much better one. The two things the US has advantage of is lots of spread out land and lots of guns in the hands of the citizenry. Those two give us a fighting chance in the future to save our skins.



has anybody ever told you how boring you are?


that's too bad



hmmm maybe if all the remaining euros come to the us of a

your arguments sound good and actually provide the means

it will be a laborious task but may be more successful then european torches and pitchforks



File: b2b3eed378baf75⋯.png (371.13 KB, 620x363, 620:363, Screenshot-537-620x363.png)

They're "properly" burying this news, because they don't want public scrutiny and questions over how these 'migrant' thugs were allowed into the country.


Not the same article or story, but interesting nonetheless!

How Minneapolis' Somali community became the terrorist recruitment capital of the US


"For over a decade, Islamist terror groups have been able to recruit from Minnesota. This is, in part, because Minnesota has a large Muslim population compared to other parts of the U.S,” said Robin Simcox, a terrorism and national security expert at The Heritage Foundation. “However, it is also because there have been small segments of the Somali community there that have struggled to integrate into the U.S. Al-Shabaab and ISIS have exploited this – upon religious, political cultural and identity issues to offer a compelling alternative to Western democracy.”

So who's bringing them in here in the first place!?


I just realized something. You are not the real Johnny Neptune, because I remember the REAL Johnny Neptune and he was always respectful and kind to me. Whoever is recently posting as Johnny has been a FRAUD all along.

The last time I really remember talking to the REAL Johnny Neptune was when he said he was leaving for a while, to go to a commune with Wendy and that he quite working for Jim too. Thats the last time I remember the REAL Johnny. The man who was very respectful, a man who was much like I am. Then….. suddenly 'he' came back, and the attitude changed…. he is not the same anymore…. because he is not the same Johnny as before, its someone mocking him. Using it against me. Feeding off me. Trying to rile me up. Make me mad. Make me bitter. Thats whats going on!




take your meds killcen and go to sleep



I'd be shocked if this wasn't something that happens all the time with niggers.



how can a cat own old ladies? has anyone got a link?





Johnny neptune has no control, he just can't help shitposting all day long when he doesn't get the cunny.


>Search Minneapolis news for the story

> See headline "First Somali-American immigrant to lead Minneapolis public housing board"

I want off this ride



Rotherham never happened either right rabbi ?


uh oh it just made Minnesota's biggest newspaper …..


The NEW 'Johnny Neptune' is a fake. The old Johnny is no longer here but at a commune.



Its being reported elsewhere now, it is confirmed.


File: f6dfe9d734b038b⋯.jpg (187.24 KB, 900x762, 150:127, PicsArt_05-22-07.16.32.jpg)

I've tried telling you guys all along that Jim, Johnny & Killcen are all the same person, but none of you will listen. In fact, the only people who will believe me, despite all my postings of REAL News, are Johnny Neptune, Jim Watkins and Killcen! but in Killcen's defense, he'll believe anything!

In other news… I am one of the 4 regulars on /n/, although I've been a bit irregular lately; so, I'll probably lay a load on you all soon – but suffice it to say that I have, on exceptionally good authority, the Very REAL knowledge of EXACTLY where the REAL Johnny Neptune and the REAL Killcen are right now and what they're REALLY up to! REALLY!

They've both asked me not to let you ignorant faggots on /n/ know where I found them yet, because they're afraid the fake Killcen and the fake Johnny Neptune will follow them there and turn their new playground into the litterbox this playground has become, thanks to all the FAKE News and FAKE 'Reporters' around here. I think I'll go back to where they're at today, but may drop in to give you glorious faggots a hint tomorrow, since I think it would be funny to watch / n/'s posts per hour drop to nil after the 4 posters and 10,000 lurkers lol all bail on this board for a few while checking out what the REAL Johnny Neptune & REAL Killcen are doing! I'll give you a hint.

The mod knows EXACTLY what I'm babbling on about, because the mod's recent 'banner contest' was actually in direct response to what the REAL Johnny and the REAL Killcen were up to elsewhere. Where? You may ask, but I gave them my word I wouldn't tell you yet. They know how the FAKE Killcen and FAKE Johnny like to ruin everything and paint feces everywhere. They just need time to set up the litterboxes. Then, they will happy to welcome any cool cats like Johnny and the REAL Killcen into their humble abode.

What does this have to do with the REAL Mark Wiering? Absolutely Nothing.

Sage, because only the FAKE Killcen is bothered by it.



You must work for an intelligence agency then.


File: 1203a6a80ed4d49⋯.jpg (210.7 KB, 1280x1213, 1280:1213, PicsArt_05-22-06.14.28.jpg)


If what you mean by that is that I'm not a dumbass and know how to utilize my own intelligence, you would be correct. As for 'agency', even science is catching on to what every 'enlightened master', including Jesus, have been saying all along – the very idea of "agency" is an illusion.


It's all a lot more fluidic than you thought.


Johnny Neptune is such a fucking hypercuck holy shit. Retard jewish tool.



So you plan on doxxing /n/ users? Why exactly?



I don't think thats the REAL Johnny, the one I remember was always ranting, yes, but he was polite, he did not have so much hate and resentment like the one that is posting now.




Wew lad! That's some premium grade paranoia you've got going on there! Did anyone, besides you, ever mention 'doffing anyone?



*doxxing, doffing, whatever..



Honestly I expected you guys were in my computer this whole time and were grabbing my real IP address and back-tracing it.


8chan is a honeypot of spooks and hackers, right?


I've seen the emails Killcen.

I Know who the REAL Killcen is.

The question is, DO YOU?



There were only two, and I never disclosed anything. However, I am not an elitist hacker like you and the recent "Johnny" are, so you may have found some loopholes into my OS. Oddly I do disconnect my modem a lot though, and routinely change VPN IPs….. so how you remain in here I don't know exactly. Must be a stuxnet-like electronic worm code.



Top Lel!

I wasn't talking about the emails you wrote to Jimbo, you dork!

I'm talking about the emails the REAL Killcen wrote to the people he and Johnny Neptune are working with to help disseminate REAL News.

The REAL Killcen was unafraid to go down DAT rabbit-hole. Dis one may have been. DAT's how I KNOW Dis Killcen is DA Fake Killcen.



Do I have a little problem with paranoia?



>Must be a stuxnet-like electronic worm code.

Much more likely to be outdated and compromised old hardware, ancient software, archaic OS's and completely worthless browsers that you have personally made completely open to absolutely everybody.

Fuck! How often do you change your OS?

Do you ever completely start over with a new Firefox? Ever change your about:config tweaks? Do you even know what why and who about any of the 'advice' you give?

On an unrelated note, have you tried the newest version of MXLinux?



I always completely wipe out the sqlite data from my browser that stores browser history and cookies, stuff like that. Routinely. Before and after switching IPs too. And I don't access any personal emails on this computer or connection either. Any emails I do on this computer are temporary disposable anonymous ones. If someone is already in my system I guess there is not much I can do, even when I unplug the connection?


File: 25a654f67656b36⋯.png (420.19 KB, 1430x2292, 715:1146, Capture _2019-05-22-08-41-….png)




I am genuinely concerned. I work in the trades, am on lunch. One of the 10,000 lurkers, and yes, I use a smartphone to access 8chan, especially on the job. I know. I know.

But they aren't really hiding inside my devices, are they? Now you've got me worried! How many of them are in my phone? What percentage of the 10,000?

Are they really inside my computers now?



>He still didn't get DAT reference



They could be, if you are being targeted or high profile like Johnny and Killcen are. As long as you lay low, (((they))) likely won't try to sting you.



Nice try, FBI.





IP change and Johnny incoming…




File: 7c2ce20336ad2a8⋯.jpg (99.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PicsArt_05-22-12.12.48.jpg)

What's going on in this thread?


Hey Johnny. I'm going to try to quite drinking soon. I think I got gall stones again, getting a sharp stinging pain near my stomache again, so I'm going to ween off it, maybe start drinking beer instead…. have to wait and see if I can handle life without whiskey for a while.


File: e1a7f5f035c2588⋯.jpg (116.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PicsArt_05-22-12.17.46.jpg)


it's so obvious that you're Jim. you can't even hide it well.



>oh vey, why dont these ebil nazis plz dox themselves already!



He was asking me because I told him that I moved my bedroom and attire into the basement over the 5G kill grid they plan to install everywhere to microwave our brains and invasively spy on us. And yes, I enjoy myself down here, even have my computer and internet wired up down here, its nice.

And Johnny, you better stop logging key words in my /.mozilla/ directory! Don't think I don't notice when persdict.dat shows up! I keep having to flush your hacking spying crap off my computer almost every God damn day!


This is terrorism only instead of a few extremists we have gangs of enraged third worlders who's numbers are continuing to swell.

The violence will only get worse, this is the cost of uncontrolled legal and illegal mass migration and a weak judicial system.


tfw used to post on /new/ on 4cuck and 4chon

come here and see this

Feels bad man.



Its going to get bad and the cities will be hit the hardest of all. Just never ever give up the guns, never give up your God-given right to self-defense. Hang in there, arm yourself, be prepared. If you can, I'd recommend re-locating to a more rural area (smaller towns) away from the border states. Look for states with lower taxes (typically conservative areas) and for Gods sake never vote for a commie.






>shitting out photoshop turds quoting the anon you're replying to

OHHHHH, sick burn bro, you sure showed him…….

I'll call 911 'cause I don't think he's EVER going to recover from that…..

Nah, I was being sarcastic

You suck at this……….

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