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File: b1aa306ef4dcc33⋯.jpg (50.16 KB, 600x326, 300:163, Disease and Sickness Break….jpg)



U.S. border agents have temporarily stopped taking illegals into the primary facility for processing illegals in South Texas, a day after a 16-year-old diagnosed with the flu at the facility died. In a statement to CBS News late Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said a large number of detainees in its processing center in McAllen, Texas had high fevers and were displaying signs of a flu-related illness.

The agency said it was working to provide medical treatment to all of those who had fevers. To avoid the spread of the illness, the CBP said, intake operations were temporarily suspended at the facility and illegals who would have been brought there will be taken elsewhere until the situation is resolved.

The processing center is a converted warehouse that holds hundreds of parents and children at a time in large, fenced-in pens.

After being diagnosed with the flu on Sunday, Carlos Hernandez Vasquez was transferred to a smaller Border Patrol station, where he was found unresponsive Monday.

CBS News spoke to one of Hernandez's brothers, in New Jersey, who wants to know what happened.

"The hardest part about it all is what happened to him because we never thought this would happen in a place where he's supposed to be in a better place," he told CBS News through a translation.

"Supposed to be in a better place?" Who's telling them to come here one must ask!?




More reason we shouldn't be allowing them to flood in here but people will just ignore this, and start panicking as diseases break out all over the place.


How much more proof will there have to be to stop this utter insanity today? Must things get so out-of-control BAD before we ever learn?


Confirmed best current /n/ews board by the Foundation United Constitutional Kin Of Freedom Fighters.


this is very important thread about important news!


File: cedae00a5ac577e⋯.jpeg (53.66 KB, 680x454, 340:227, JPEG image 37.jpeg)

Import the third world, become the third world


>Must things get so out-of-control BAD before we ever learn?

We will never learn.


This is fake misconstrued news. It’s about a contagious flu that is nothing to do with immigration.

The flu can transfer from anybody, including custody officers.



It came from an illegal who recently died. Now everyone is getting it around the facility. We are bringing this like tuberculosis back into the country as well. But you open border shills don't care, do you? Better hope they don't come to a city near you.


File: e93098e7782def9⋯.png (815.48 KB, 720x912, 15:19, Screenshot_2018-10-19-16-0….png)

Imagine if people started shooting up these processing centers


stoopid trumptards think the flu is a mexican thing. I guess if trump tweeted it it must be true, right? (not even trumptards believe trump, tbh, they just put up with him because they think he's anti-swamp, even though he's the most pro-elitist president in US history)



>We will never learn.

Who is "we?" I've already learned, I just can't do anything about it. You expect me to bomb a government building or something? Even if I did do that, you'll be on /n/ the next day complaining about it just like all you faggots whined about Tarrant



No anon, I'm not calling for any violence. Relax. I just want people to know this is actually happening, so they can warn others and prepare for the crisis that is being set up. I really do think evil has taken this nation over and they want us dead.




Anyone on 8ch longer than a week already knows (((evil))) is running the show


File: 957fd5fb2e3bfa9⋯.png (338.25 KB, 656x435, 656:435, PNG image 20.png)


>I just can’t do anything about it

You’ve learned nothing



So you can do something, but choose not to? Lifting weights and reading books and raising a dozen cucks kills exactly zero jews.



>this projection

Pic related.


File: 89af047d35acfdc⋯.jpeg (63.89 KB, 620x465, 4:3, JPEG image 13.jpeg)


Well fuck



Killing only lands you in prison or dead after a stand off. Unless you are rich enough and have enough good connections. If you want to kill someone you hate, just know you are making a big life-altering sacrifice to do it.


>get told it's a better place

>don't realize that better places have laws

Well I feel sorry for them but they have to go back.



Why would they do that?

What choice do we have but to detain them if they refuse to go back willingly?


say, /killcen/, how does it feel to have no mod here now?

I post cock >>>/n/780102

and cunt >>>/n/780099

and shit >>>/n/780170 news and slide you

Andy is gone and the daddy lover and you are left



Not to sound hateful but when ever someone dies from the flu it's ALWAYS a spic, they don't have immunities from the rest of the world. If you went to their country you'd die of dysentery.



You wont do anything, you nigger.



That is completely up to them, they can do what they want. I'm not trying to piss anyone off here, here's the thing: all I am trying to do is contribute some news and input on my "paranoid" perspective of whats going on. I'm not trying to drive anyone away, but if they don't like real news I'd say leaving may be the best solution. This is OK. I've had this happen before, not on here mind you, but other news boards. Some can handle these topics, some cannot. Some like them, for a while, and then they get tired of them and finally leave. Thats not my problem really. All I'm doing is posting whats going on in this world and am happy to give my take on these things. I don't hate anyone here. I don't hate you. I am trying to cut my bad drinking habit and am trying to curb my anger problem as well. So hopefully, others will find this board, and join in sometime. They always do. Others will come and follow. There will be other "Johnny's" out there too. You'll see. I've seen people come and go all the time from other undisclosed image boards. More lurk then participate too.



Good luck with the drinking

The Johnnys of the world lose interest when there isn't enough anons to interact with

I'm one of these Johnnys.

The only person that's been longer here than me,(sac) is you,although you have left for months at a time, and so have I

So you win

This board is yours

I don't share your views, except for one, the most important one.

Your Freedom to express those that I disagree with

The occasional refugee from /pol/ or /b/ will wander in here and foul up the place with views that I think even you find abhorent

You're welcome to them.

As for those that attack(ed) you(me included),it was done in the spirit of good natured shit trolling(on my part at least)

Now some of the nastier anons see and saw you as an object of derision

A paranoid anon only worthy of mocking….but here you still are

So kudos to your tenacious craziness

Maybe you were'nt so cray after all

Best regards (sac)

PS:I was going to say that you should actually add /killcen/ tomyour posts, but since they all have that ripe aroma, it's not needed

I may post a main thread about this in the coming weeks



Why does everyone act like I'm the only one who can post news threads here? If you want to better the place, you can't rely on just one person to contribute everything. I contribute a lot yes, but thats because I LIKE to do it.



BTW, Johnny is now shitposting on /newsplus/, I sometimes go over there to comment once in a while, and I see the same shit everywhere over there. He hasn't "left", he just switched news boards.



A shit lover like him follows the aroma



>I LIKE to do it.

eggZACTly ˢʰᶦᵗᵐᵃʳᵏ



>Johnny is now shitposting on /newsplus/

It's my fault(sac)

I wasn't here enough for him

I never met a man who liked brown showers like him



>BTW, Johnny is now shitposting on /newsplus/

Which explains the increase in that boards user rates

I don't take our lords name in vain very often, but lord tunderin' Jesus

The sheer tenacity of paranoid shit posting of /killcen/ and the shit shit posting of andy

Forget Tenacious D

This duo otta be known as Tenacious Shit



Honestly I didn't mind Johnny being over here, but he did change from at least respecting me as a human being to absolutely hating my guts for some strange reason and I don't even know why. Or its a fake Johnny poser, either or can't really tell.



It was the Andy aper

He likes old man cock, and you wont show him yours, where as Andy has,(sac)so he hates you



I forget the name Andy has for him, but it's some sort of hybrid ape mask that he uses for an image

He created the fake banner contest



Maybe I should become the board owner here? How would I apply for the job? Or could I without the original?


>a 16-year-old diagnosed with the flu at the facility died

Trump literally murdered her



>Maybe I should become the board owner

I don't think you can become the board owner here

But you could become the mod

But the job may drive you bats

Try Ron's twitter account

Post your resume. the boards you own, and how long you have posted here, and your dedication to the board



I had A conversation once with the previous /n/ mod who just left, and he said that he was frequent poster here and

that he grew tired of the bad stuff psted here;animal trtre,gore,porn and non news items

He said that he contacted Ron,I'm asuming through his /sudo/ board or his twitter acco the situaunt

Explain the situation, how the mod abandoned ship because he grew bored with slow pace here and anything goes now

TEll about your dedication to this board and your years of posting to it.

Keep posting till you hear something

To be honest, you'd have to be crazy to be a dedicated board mod here, but you fit the bill(gentle poke in the shoulder)

You'd have to be unbiased and fair and let real recent news items be posted and stand, even if you disagree with them

Copy/paste this post as a start



I would be 100% dedicated as a mod, but the one issue I'd admit I'd have would be political bias (I tend to be conservative on most issues) so that might disqualify me to be honest. I likely would end up anchoring crab/propane threads too. I'd be focused on making sure no gore/porn/CP was posted either.

Here's the thing. Because of my paranoia tendencies, I have never used Twitter. I don't know how. I don't trust Twitter either. Nor would I trust giving anyone any personal info, including a real email account. No HTML5 like protonmail that won't even load in my old bricked browser either. It would have to be a temp disposable from cock.li or a similar service with standard HTML.



>including a real email account

A real email account created through you with a vpn wouldn't give out any personal info

A friend's small business once got attacked through google reviews by an fired disgruntled employee

I used my vpn to create about 10 gmail accounts to cast positive reviews to raise his review score



oh well, /killcen/ will never come out of his bunker, and the ones who want it are usually the ones that give mods a bad name.

It as fun here before /newsplus/ and even then, during the Trump election campaign

Cool hand Andy, a natural-born world shaker and shit disturber livened it up for awhile

Imagine the constant onslaught of his shit posting that caused Watkins to remove the name fields from /n/ and /newsplus/

But, in the end, he realized the sheer mediocrity of the quality of the interaction of anons here when I wasn't around to ostracize him




DELIBERATE DESTABILIZATION: https://archive.fo/znu4m

INVASION INCOMING PART 1: https://archive.fo/UzxgQ

INVASION INCOMING PART 2: https://archive.fo/kaKFf

INVASION INCOMING PART 3: https://archive.fo/kklDV

INVASION INCOMING PART 4: https://archive.fo/JP12t

INVASION INCOMING PART 5: https://archive.fo/RxTnl

INVASION INCOMING PART 6: https://archive.fo/2QVef

INVASION INCOMING PART 7: https://archive.fo/2zRJx

INVASION INCOMING PART 8: https://archive.fo/9JHcJ

INVASION INCOMING PART 9: https://archive.fo/aomtB

INVASION INCOMING PART 10: https://archive.fo/WFhti

INVASION INCOMING PART 11: https://archive.fo/jsvr7

INVASION INCOMING PART 12: https://archive.fo/cwtfG

INVASION INCOMING PART 13: https://archive.fo/sXiT1

INVASION INCOMING PART 14: https://archive.fo/it6cc

INVASION INCOMING PART 15: https://archive.fo/UAa3p

INVASION INCOMING PART 16: https://archive.fo/eHOcO

INVASION INCOMING PART 17: https://archive.fo/sHIAQ

INVASION INCOMING PART 18: https://archive.fo/OI0zF

INVASION INCOMING PART 19: https://archive.fo/2kA1Z

INVASION INCOMING PART 20: https://archive.fo/VveJk

Immigration Loophole Allows Foreign Murderers, Thugs, Gangs Into America: https://archive.fo/6Tek0

The Drug Cartel Takeover of Local American Communities: https://archive.fo/C9OJN

Chinese and Russians Also Coming Right Through Our Open Borders: https://archive.fo/2mdIf

Guatemala Minister: Migrant 'Caravans' Are Well-Planned Invasions: https://archive.fo/Wj8pu

Cartel Ambushes Mexican Soldiers Near Texas Border: https://archive.fo/PjUYO

25 Dangerous MS-13 Gang Members Caught Travelling in Migrant Caravan: https://archive.fo/Zpi2M

Migrant Invaders Bringing Mumps And Other Diseases Into The US: https://archive.fo/QhVFR | https://archive.fo/CXIun | https://archive.fo/6Yvkw

Mexican Troops Hold American Troops Hostage On US Soil: https://archive.fo/UoZ9h

MORE TREASON: https://archive.fo/rxIs5 | https://archive.fo/ROCvG | https://archive.fo/uc4vx | https://archive.fo/9Dv1w


real news



Good fucking riddance. To the both of you. You guys rarely contribute much news anyway. Andy will go back to trolling more blogs and likely pissing off conservative forums, or other image boards. You can do what you feel is best. I did not do anything to make you guys leave, that was your own choice. And hell NO, I'm never 'leaving my bunker', I like reporting news and that is what I will always continue to do while I'm here. /n/ stands for /n/ews and /n/ews is what we deserve.


We could prevent more sickness if Republicans hadn't repeatedly cut funding for the FDA and USDA.

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