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File: 37d8e1e9b749106⋯.jpg (81.37 KB, 900x598, 450:299, 818AEF8.jpg)


May 22 (UPI) – The mayor of a French town is aiming to combat the decline in the local population by offering couples free Viagra.

Montereau Mayor Jean Debouzy signed a municipal decree stating he is willing to distribute Viagra to local couples in a bid to boost birth rates and stop local schools from being shut down due to under-population.

"The pills will be distributed to couples between the ages of 18 and 40 in order to give them the chance of conception and thus preserve the schools of the two villages," the decree states.

"A village without children is a village that dies," Debouzy told The Local.

Debouzy said he is waiting to see how many requests come in from the public before he creates a stockpile of the pills.

Some critics have questioned whether Debouzy's plan is even legal, as Viagra can only be obtained in France with a doctor's prescription.



amazing picture…


>Modern women are such disgusting and vile creatures that no sane man wants to breed them by the time they have taken in 10 miles of STD ridden darkmeat are starting to age like milk are ready to settle down

> "Obviously men need to be medicated"

The absolute state



with pleasure!

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