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Mr Watkins,the white nationalist owner of the white nationalist image board 8ch, also known as the toxic pit of the internet, mentions nazis and brown shirts 22 times in the video that he posted on his youtube channel

His home was visited by award winning Vice reporter Elle Reeve, known for Vice’s documentary about the Charlottesville alt-right tiki torch march

She was invited into Mr watkin' house by a confused filipino boy in a dress, while Mr Watkins was in his bedroom with his other kids

She was trying to get the scoop on 8chan after the recent postings by alt right terrorists who admire Mr Watkins for making a platform for them to express their views.

He references his baseball bat that he was tempted to use to smash the skull of MS Reeves and her Jewish producer.

There may have been some live streaming of the event inside the home that may be illegal to use on the Vice web site



File: 11eeccea8b88943⋯.jpg (138.16 KB, 960x674, 480:337, watkins titties.jpg)

I've cut back the soy, because of this



>Nazi persecution of Jews

Oh fuck you, Jim. I'm so tired of this trope. You never hear about Communist persecutions, always muh Nazis, muh Joos.


I've seen the video. Rather odd hyperbole, but it was rude (and criminal) of them to break and enter into his home. They are very very lucky Jim doesn't have my level of paranoid vigilance or nearby access to firearms. They would have quickly been blasted away if that were the case. As far as the Jews, those were labor camps, not gas chambers. Most perished during the end of the war when Germany lost the ability to re-supply those labor camps. This had nothing to do with hauling Jim's sexy fat ass off, sorry Jim.


He’s not a racist, he just hits all of the racist stereotypes and says race-braindead things and does racist accents.

Trying to maintain a no-holds-barred free speech site might not be a bad thing (perhaps even laudable), but that anarchy will always devolve by driving out those who don’t want to deal with bad actors until only the bad actors remain. Then your free speech site is reliant on bad actors to maintain engagement, as is any money you might make off of it. At some point you hit a cross-roads where either you acquiesce to the bad actors on some subject or the site implodes (recognizing and attempting to curtail “freeze peach” at that point will drive away all the bad actors, leaving the site with nothing.) All of this means that, even if you start out nominally a good person, you will become a bad actor yourself.

It’s almost the cliche “Die a hero or live long enough to become a villain”



>you will become a bad actor yourself.

So Jim has become a racist by devolution



I literally can't stop laughing



I'm admittedly jealous of people like you

you're so much better with words than I am

my brain works with imagery quite well

but not so much with eloquent articulation like you



File: 860f4dc41c29883⋯.jpg (75.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190523_174219_3967.jpg)

The local Fox News anchor here is HOT AS SHIT !!!

I'm actually contemplating jacking off just watching her report the local news.

I'd eat her shit

just to see the hole it slid out of

God damn, she's so hot


File: 06e9cd8665a6f31⋯.jpg (100.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190523_174219_6030.jpg)



File: 9a6e0454c55265d⋯.jpg (376.6 KB, 786x1280, 393:640, 20190523_154531.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

you'll probably be hearing about this dam failing soon


we are becoming a third world country, our country is being invaded and destroyed within, we are about to lose the global reserve currency status, likely to be hit with a wave of civil war and another global war with Russia/China Oh My God what have we done there is just no turning back from this we are so fucking screwed I am getting off very soon I need a break from all this calamity



I've heard all that same nonsense ever since I was a teen, and it's always been the same argument about how 'now it's really about to happen'….

but it hasn't happened.

I got tired of boys crying wolf.

more importantly, I grew tired of BEING a boy who cried wolf.



NBC just reported that we're all about to die.



our country ain't shit. never has been. never will be

it's been a cesspool since day one



Our country was the first, and might possibly become the last, to experience real freedom, prosperity, innovation and industrial renaissance! Without America, humanity would have still been ruled by a bunch of monarchs and would have never ever had any say otherwise!



>humanity would be ruled by a bunch of monarchs

i wish



how easily brainwashed you were. congratulations


He's a jew. Right?

Every affront to his life, property or business is literally the holocaust.



Our Founding Fathers fought against the central banking cabal, they were against all the tyrannies previous generations had to live under. And because of our Founding Fathers we had a century or so without being ruled by an oligarchy or banking cartel. Unfortunately it didn't last that way for too long. Corruption set in over the years, subversion and infiltration until the central bankers hijacked our entire system by 1913. And here we are today.


>live streaming that may be illegal for vice to use

That’s rich considering how 8chan handled the Christchurch shooting steam.

Free speech, niggas. You’re either for it or against it.



>lose the global reserve currency status

<muh shekels

Remember when England lost their status and disappeared as a first world nation as a result? Yeah neither do I.



>disappeared as a first world nation

well, they're turning into third world muslim nation, so there's that


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: e4f9c8a2f3995e7⋯.png (431.07 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, katie thurber.png)




my autism is in high gear right now


File: 0c563d5c674d373⋯.png (278.01 KB, 782x668, 391:334, katie thurber jerk off con….png)



>Anonymous Internet Racists Responsible for Christchurch Mass Murder Make Lewd Threats About Local Reporter





her buck teeth are really kawaii =^_^=



looks jewish tbh and with a last name ending with "er" only strengthens this



hello stupid


I think everybody wants 8ch.net to fail. I do.



He needs to get those man tits fixed



It may have just been some subtle shitposting?

>jews break into your house

>pull the ol switcheroo

>accuse jews of being nazis

>jew minds implode from absurdity




File: 1f62ed6fc29ab54⋯.jpg (59.61 KB, 963x963, 1:1, 47692279_597653897346317_5….jpg)



Jim is not a nazi. He is pro jew and pro free speech. Nevertheless lock up the animals on /POL if they break the law.


File: d9f9d30c92f5578⋯.png (143.65 KB, 256x256, 1:1, rxd5E5XH.png)

jew is a nazi claims other jew. i'm not telling lies to infiltrate your ranks claims jew. now let him in or you're all jews claims jew.


just pull the plug jim, it's for the best



Lol, she's really not that attractive.


No need to compare. Hitler was a Liberal, Nazis were far left socialists just like the ones rioting in the streets. They project that everyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi because they themselves are Nazis. Modern leftist arguments are all projections of their own bullshit that they do everyday.



this. I took it as irl shitposting



what a faggot





lol what


File: d7e0711609f100c⋯.png (17.36 KB, 300x250, 6:5, xTr8XRf86Z-14.png)

Jews are becoming Nazis!



Stop making excuses for VICE you arsehole. Jim should have gotten his baseball bat and smashed that VICE bitch's face in.



She might really like you. You will never know until you try to contact you. Find her on Twitter, and send her some messages.. Maybe even a few pictures. Don't send dick pics, but something in briefs. Okay maybe. She might just be lonely and happy to meet you. You will never know until you try.





The difference is the people who recorded the christchurch shooting are in jail

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