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File: 4ccee6f64339e17⋯.jpeg (13.15 KB, 262x192, 131:96, index.jpeg)


We’ve had a good run, but at this point I’m ready for the End Times.

Old and tropical diseases are making a comeback all across Southern areas of the United States. This is probably due to relative poverty and an inefficient healthcare system, besides global warming.

A Los Angeles Police Department detective has been diagnosed with typhoid fever, and at least five other officers are showing symptoms, according to the Associated Press.

All six officers work in the Central Division Station, the same place fined for unsanitary working conditions earlier this month.

The division polices downtown L.A., including Skid Row, where hundreds of homeless people camp on the streets.

The LAPD says the division is being disinfected, and officials are reviewing the state's report that found health violations at the station.



As corrupt as the Republicans are, I got to hand it to the Democrats because wherever they have control, things are 100x worse. Some sanctuary they have over there! I bet most places in Mexico are not as bad as LA has become.



maybe they should build something around slums to prevent diseases spreading, what could that be..



We are doing fine where I'm at, but LA just has so many fucking homeless people.



Commies don't build anything, they let existing infrastructures decay as they malinvest in other projects that end up going no where, like their $10 Billion "high speed rail" that leads to nowhere at all! Then they'll bailout the malinvestments made by insolvent companies with taxpayer money, having to increase taxes and they repeat the process over and over again!


Are they so badly funded they can't even afford a janitor?


There's a vaccine for tyhoid fever. The jews are importing diseased spics to contaminate white people and spread autism.


File: d2055d32559b7cc⋯.jpg (151.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


The problem is not funding. California has some of the highest taxation in the US. The problem is incompetence, corruption and malinvestments made by the State of California. They'll pay Billions $$$ per year for benefits of illegal aliens for example, and fund "high speed rails" that are never completed and lead to nowhere. Thats the funding problem. They don't use the taxpayer money for good, they waste it. Then they kvetch up a storm screaming for higher taxes, and the same damn thing happens over and over and over again.



It's a shame because a wall is one of the few times where brutalist Commie blocks would make sense



Since there are no commies anywhere near US, i would say you project your flaws big time.


How not to get typhoid:

Wash your hands and boil your water for at least three minutes. It's that fucking easy.



Read a book, leftypol. Learn some history an-

Oh wait, that'll get you executed by firing squad for hatespeech.



Said some moron that thinks capitalist right wing gov is commies.



Anon, our government is full of flaming communists today. Officials 60 or 70 years ago would of hung their heads in shame, and so would our Founding Fathers.




>still not knowing who a communist is

I don't see politicians nationalising everything.


External perspective here, from Ger: Even we get to read articles about the "Californian tax flight" to middle class is subjected to. I remember reading at least two German articles about typical middle class family (2 children, decent education / work / income) moving beyond state border to Oregon. Reminds me of Berlin becoming a cesspit of failed immigration and finance policies, whereas other states have to pay for their deficits… Regarding the high speed rail: I mean, come on, the US due to its size and availabilty of individual transportation never really was "railroad country", maybe except for some historical episodes (the expansion towards the West or the "old" north-eastern region). So why not invest that money somewhere else? To boil it down, I think immigration is like salt put into water: A certain amount can be absorbed and dissolved, but there´s a limit to it.



They WANT to completely destabilize America, this is a deliberate attack on our country by traitors and despots who seek to plunge the US into the third world, so they can exploit us for resources and slave labor. Never forget that your country is under deliberate destabilization. This is an attack against America right now. Bigger than Pearl Harbor or 9/11 ever was and its being covered-up by the state-run mainstream media.

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