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You must be controlled.

The American public is dangerous.

You as an American citizen should not be trusted.

Anyone around you could be a terrorist. You could be a terrorist.

Everything we do needs to be monitored for terrorist activities.

This would be a great new law that would keep us safe.

Please contact your member of congress, to let them know you support this bill.

This Act may be cited as the "Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety Act of 2019."



The goal is to "collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and multi-jurisdictional behavioral threat assessment and management process on a Federal, State, local, and Tribal level complements the development of better methods for strategically preventing targeted violence in communities, including schools."

The term behavioral threat assessment and management means the systematic and evidence-based process of —

(A) identifying individuals who are exhibiting patterns of concerning behavior that indicate an interest, motive, intention, or capability of carrying out an act of violence;

(B) investigating and gathering information from multiple sources to assess whether an individual described in subparagraph (A) poses a threat, based on articulable facts; and

(C) the subsequent management of such a threat, if necessary.

This is not a police state.

This is a safer America.

Freedom is slavery.

War is peace.

Ignorance is strength.


The criminals in law enforcement and the DOJ are feeling competition.


Completely and utterly unconstitutional. If it gets passed there will be class actions against it, I won't be putting up with any of this bullshit.


How do we really strategically prevent targeted violence?

How about putting armed security guards around places where there is a risk?

How about funding mental health care, offering and, providing free therapy to people who are identified as suffering?

How about sponsoring free speech discussions and acceptance of radical opinions or support groups for people who have 'extreme' ideologies.

Solving problems like bullying in high school would help prevent a lot of school shooting tragedies but instead this is what the government is going to do:

Harass and arrest people who are already unhappy with the system and take away their liberty and gun rights. The vast majority of which will never do anything except say shit without actually doing anything illegal.


The government should be promoting the amendment rights of free speech and gun ownership and offering free courses for people to learn about firearm safety, and to discuss the issues in their community without resorting to violent methods because they feel no hope and have no local political representation.


The reason America has a problem with targeted violence is because everyone in power is either a cheapskate or hates poor people. It's not gibs if being poor as fucked them up mentally they aren't able to drag themselves out of the mess they are in or get addicted to drugs.

A lot of these problems are caused by shitty laws and inequal law enforcement.



Just give me back my bike, Jamal.



>How do we really strategically prevent targeted violence?

There is only so much you can do before it starts to violate constitutional rights like privacy rights. Freedom may not be perfect and sure people will do bad things, but it is far better having freedom than a total police state that tracks and micromanages citizens like cattle.

>How about putting armed security guards around places where there is a risk?

I'd have no problem with this, as long as they are in places that are well known targets, like schools and banks, even maybe churches should have some hired security guards. Thats rational and would inhibit criminals.

>How about funding mental health care, offering and, providing free therapy to people who are identified as suffering?

That should be voluntary, who is to say someone is suffering just because they might act a bit strange or odd? Who defines that? Where are the boundaries? Humans are not robots, many good people might act strange at times, thats just their unique personality, it does not necessarily mean they are violent. And vice versa too, some very violent serial killers act like total gentlemen, so you'd never know.

>How about sponsoring free speech discussions and acceptance of radical opinions or support groups for people who have 'extreme' ideologies.

That would be a great idea. A lot of times violence happens because people who are censored all the time get so disgruntled they flip out and express their anger in a very violent manner.



The libtards don't want to do any of that because its hard. They are lazy and too short sighted to anything but ban whatever puts a burr under their collective saddles for that particular day. It never occurs to them to trim the weeds.


Engineering a population that would be obedient and support any military action deemed necessary by the State? Who would have thought of that?



>implying burgerkikes deserve freedom

They only deserve fake freedom which is befitting given that they themselves are fake beings (lol golems)



Well this legislation was sponsored by a Republican, but I do agree with you, its easier to call for outright gun bans than to address the real problems and take action to defend yourself and family from criminals if need be. We don't need more government, what we need is more hired security guards and good citizens who are armed and trained to defend themselves and fellow patrons.



No matter how abusive or corrupt the US government is, we still have the Law of the Land, and that is the US Constitution. Just because the government likes to abuse their authority and overstep Constitutional boundaries does not mean the Constitution no longer exists. Remember: the courts still focus on whether or not the government abides the Constitution when they are challenged. Even the Supreme Court does that. Laws similar to this in the past have been challenged and deemed null and void because they undermine Constitutional freedoms. In the 90s we had a nationwide semi-auto ban, remember that? The US Supreme Court ruled it Unconstitutional and its now null and void. Same thing with the Stingray cell phone tracking issue if I recall. The Supreme Court ruled that police MUST have a warrant to collect that data last year.


total news



let me tell you right now. judges can do anything they want. they can ignore the constitution totally, and probably have done so already. lots of people are being harmed by the corrupt judges and DAs.



>lots of people are being harmed by the corrupt judges and DAs

it's probably illegal to say this



No doubt that does happen from time to time. But I don't think it happens 24/7, it also doesn't hurt to present yourself right, be kind, and get a decent lawyer too rather than a public defendant. I was caught drunk driving years ago with some coke in my dash board, and with a decent lawyer and some pleading (admitting my guilt, but with a plead) the judge let me go with probation and routine drug testing, also on the condition that I quite drinking for a while too (which really sucked cause I was a binge drinker at the time and had horrible withdrawals). But the way I figure it, it could have been a lot worse, I could have ended up in prison with a lifetime felony on my record. So in a way the Judge gave me a second chance. I'm very careful not to drive too drunk these days, if I have over a few shots I won't get in my truck anymore.






>get a decent lawyer too rather than a public defendant.

that's part of the corruption, there is institutional professional bias.



>No doubt that does happen from time to time

More than from "time to time". Most reports of police murders alone are buried. How many thousands go unreported. You only here about the reported ones.





DOTR is coming to the judicial system, no question about it.



Thats got to do with corruption and collusion of the press to cover-up wrongdoing than corrupt judicial systems.


true newss


Any laws that allow agencies to share information automatically sounds like a good idea but in reality it's horrible. People will share outright lies about people. They were hide information that might protect you or present your innocence. It will abused by the power mad and petty tyrants at all levels. You will be discriminated against because of your faith, ethnicity and political beliefs. You won't even know why people you just met suddenly flip their opinions of you 180 degrees because of some shit they read on a shared information system.

The systems and departments of government are separated for a reason.



Sounds like the justice system actually helped you, which is amazing.



Anon, back in those days, America was a completely different country. People were not soulless evil despots eager to tear your fucking head off because of your politics, or because you came from a rural area, or because you were religious.

The America I see today has devolved into a rotten cesspit of despotism and tyranny. Today I'd stand NO chance, and I'm well aware of it. USSA.



So it is a thought police to punish the people for having wrongthink.



I some cases, and in some places, the US is getting that damn bad where 'thought crime' is actually a thing, yes. Certainly not everywhere in America (luckily we have a huge, vast country and many options available for us to move to the better areas)…. but overall America is becoming a massive police state with no end in sight. A lot of it I blame government for, but its also mindless consumers who put up with this BS a lot too.



It’s so odd. When USA is created and there is a lot of freedoms back then. Now it’s opposite. How did this happen? Would it make a huge difference if jews are forbidden in USA in the very early day?



Maybe, I don't know. Ever since the Federal Reserve was founded the Jews had full control over the country's monetary system and inevitably foreign policy, they tried two other times to subjugate the US before that, but failed and their central banks busted up. The Federal Reserve is the third central bank we've had to live under, and the longest period of time we have lived under a central bank (since 1913).



USA is dying so hopefully the yanks do not bring federal reserve and jews back again.



>USA is dying

so is western yuorope, should I move to China, or eastern Europe then?



If you move, I'd recommend a conservative state with low taxes and more rural, away from the major cities. Its the cities that have become total cesspools of corruption…. and are control freak magnets too.

But if you want out, I'd say find a country where you can live very cheaply and be welcome in, although you might have to learn another language and it might not have as much access to goods and services like we do. You'd be forced to be more self-sufficient and maybe start your own small business to provide for yourself. Whether growing gardens and making and selling your own pesto and tomato sauce or providing a small mechanical repair shop. Or raising chickens, and selling eggs and meat.


>target and eliminate threats

How threatening you are to the state is the measure of your physical and moral worth. If you aren't directly attacked by government employees and officials, you have no value as a person.



I guess so, in hellish police states that may be the case.

The issue as this should N E V E R be allowed or even considered to be rolled out in America. This is the very polar opposite of what our Constitution protects us from. This is Anti-American and Anti-Constitutional tyranny run Amok.

Anyone who supports this, shame on you. This is NOT how America was intended or supposed to behave.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

future scenario

>so now it's impossible to get credit for anything i invent or try to produce intellectually because the fuckers in espionage spy on everyone and just steal it all while acting like heros trying to save us. i get mad for getting screwed over which causes them to view me as a threat which triggers a perpetuating system of behavior management to attempt my enslavement and pacification. the mass migration has started, the country robbed and its people as well they decide to escape and i go with them and give up on this fake country.

this bill combined with the patriot act will push the american people to the breaking point. imagine paying taxes into a system to spy on you and take you for all your worth.


Can we start busting in these people's windows and kicking the ever loving shit out of them or what


These people are a danger to what it means to be human




this V

fake news aka devil lies

real news:

i'm hooked on eating shit


my anus hurts


paint dries


Do like Andy, just-kiss-it, fuck off for good


god appreciates the truth



Found the nigger / millenial / socialist

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