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File: 58c88d1ab84a51b⋯.jpg (895.15 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 20190623_105403.jpg)


Killcen has been missing in action lately.

(sac) has tried picking up the slack, and creating extra threads in Killcen's absence, but even that is beginning to wear thin.

Early Sunday morning, (sac) held an impromptu press conference, where he said, "it's refreshing to think that killcen might have suffered a massive stroke or even killed himself, but I don't want to be the only person in /n/, so there's a part of me that actually hopes killcen is still alive. If he's dead, that means I'm the only person left in /n/."

Recent rumors have circulated that killcen suffered a massive aneurysm, and is languishing on life support in an unnamed hospital.

Other rumors have been floated that killcen doused himself with kerosene and set himself ablaze.

Recent reports indicate killcen might actually still be alive, but is receiving involuntary inpatient treatment in a psychiatric institution, due to his daughter finally signing the papers and having her father hospitalized for evaluation.

"I can only keep this going so far before I have a nervous breakdown," said (sac)"I've even tried creating some threads that looked like they might have been created by killcen, but doing that made me want to douse myself with kerosene as well."




that's NOT a photograph of killcen's computer. He has an old 15" Dell monitor from 2004, not a nice new widescreen.


File: 7ed94387af4a221⋯.png (696.8 KB, 1280x890, 128:89, 20190623_111421.png)


Here's the monitor killcen uses. no wonder his daughter isn't interested in 'inheriting' any of his stuff.


I like /n/ a lot better without schitso fagget



Killcen wasn't all that bad. he helped me 4 years ago when I was 16 and come here for the first time. He offered to determine whether or not I had Peyronie's Disease by examining photographs of my erection.

It turns out I don't have it.


He never did explain what Peyronie's Disease is, but whatever it is, I'm really happy I don't have it.



My home is NOT yuppy looking like that OP!

I got black mold on my fucking walls, concrete slab floors and cob webs everywhere. Give me some fucking credit bitch!



That makes sense. I didn't see a single rusty old toaster anywhere in the photograph.



Nothing of mine is rusty, besides a few old tools I still have, but most my tools are only 20 to 30 years old. The only tools I have that are rusty are the ones 80 to 90 years old now, which I inherited from dead relatives.


it's obvious that >>786772 isn't really killcen



everyone knows it's been (sac) who's been playing the role of killcen, and when I say 'everyone', I mean (sac) because he's the only one in here. now (sac) is pretending to be killcen in this thread, but it's so easy to tell that's not really him.



how I know you're not really killcen:

it's been 20 minutes since you made that post, and I've yet to yawn



This board would die without me helping contribute. Remember that. I could cut the life out of this board any time I desire to. I'm not an asshole so I would not do that. I will continue to contribute, however, I am not very happy with my threads being slidden and being ridiculed 24/7 for simply posting legit news on a news board.

Honestly I'll say this right now: 8chan stinks of glowing niggers today. Absolutely wreaks of pro-establishment propagandists. And that is very likely why the attacks are so vile today.






smell strongly and unpleasantly; stink.


-a foul smell






-cause (a large amount of damage or harm).



>This board would die without me helping contribute.

Your contributions are exactly what killed this board.

>Remember that.

There's nobody left to remember anything because you drove them all away.

>I could cut the life out of this board any time I desire to.

Apparently, you desired to cut the life out of this board when you decided to come back after leaving for a long time, and there were actually some people that started to come back here. It didn't take long for those people to leave, and you have literally turned this into the most dead board on the entire site.



Much to your surprise, there are some words in the English language that sound the same, yet they are spelled completely differently, and have completely different meanings.

words like reek and wreak

words like your and you're

there, their and they're

to, too and two



/n/ was abused by SPAMMERS who were not posting news. I'm not here to spam like they were, I'm here for NEWS.



What ever you say, Johnny. Unlike you, I'm not as good spelling. I come from a small rural town and never needed to have a very good education to make a decent living. And THANK GOD for that too! Modern America sucks.


>alex jones clone gone missing because he hasn't made a post in a while, says facebook.8ch.net





He likes to here his alias, but Like all shy paranoiacs, he gets scared when it's over done

He's lurking, and I aint even him



>He likes to here his alias,

jeeze 1st time in along time i did the here typo for here



I got by on grade 10 HS at the Caterpillar plant, and then they closed it in '95

But my then, i had enough joo gold saved for the end of the world

Buried my wife in the bush after she mouthed off once too much

Told the neighbors she done run off to her faggot brother in Commifornia

So no alimony

My daughter was ok with this, as more for her



yoy rite



>to 90 years old now, which I inherited from dead relatives.

i have a 100 yr old scredriver

Your tool's about 73, aint it /killcen/



>/n/ was abused by SPAMMERS

A spammer to /killcen/ is

1. anyone posting on n who isnt him

If you do post conspiracy news, he gets envious and bumps it off the front page

I think envy may be the 2nd worse mortal sin, after murder



I dip-a my meata-ball in-a the sauce now


File: a8525287cea8351⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 337x450, 337:450, 00c0c_e1iz1GjZ4fV_600x450.jpg)




The few times someone DOES post real news, I will bump it too. Unfortunately, that is not very often, because most people choose not to post real news, and I am forced to keep the news flowing.



>I got black mold on my fucking walls, concrete slab floors and cob webs everywhere.

haha..hee my room

and i aint even lyin'



Well I spend much of my time underground in my basement these days because I want to avoid 5G so yes, thats what its like down here, damn and dark, but at least I'm not going to be blasted with microwave radiation!


File: 42a76876041cb2c⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 957.12 KB, 320x240, 4:3, tumblr_mzstgoiZM41toamj8o1….gif)


>most people choose not to post real news,

In your opinion

The arrogance of assuming you are the arbiter of what qualifies as news here on /n/ and what should be slid!

Envy and Pride!!!

You are headed down, not up when the rapture comes




I only got a little mold behind thr wallboards and i keep the dehumidifier running when it rains and windows open when its dry



>underground in my basement

How to test your home for radon gas, an odourless substance linked to cancer

Janet Whitehead has never smoked a cigarette. So when she was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2010, the news came as a shock.

After some research, Whitehead eventually learned that her former home had high levels of radon gas, an odourless, colourless substance that can rise from the ground and leach into basements, increasing homeowners’ risk of lung cancer.




Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs when the uranium contained in rocks and soil breaks down. When released outdoors, the gas is diluted and doesn’t pose a threat. However, radon can become a health threat if it seeps into an enclosed space, like a house, school or basement.

If inhaled for long periods of time, doctors say the gas can increase the likelihood of developing lung cancer.



I would never allow anyone to take me away without a fight to the death, nor kill myself willingly. If I die it would likely be from a stroke, heart attack or just old age. My daughter loves me and I love her, she knows never to fuck with me or she loses all chances of wealth inheritance (and I married into my wealth more than I actually made myself anyway)…. and since my wife is gone I got everything things work just the way I want them to and I have (((legal experts))) to make sure there are stipulations in the wills: one thing I had them put down is anyone who tries to undermine my lifestyle by removing me from my presence will be CUT OFF completely from inheritance. So it would be the best thing for my daughter to shut the fuck up, leave me be to die naturally and inherit the wealth…. and she knows it…. because I done told her how it works.




I take curcumin, eat plenty of garlic and drink Cod Liver Oil. I'll be just fine.



>This board would die without me helping contribute. Remember that. I could cut the life out of this board any time I desire to


yor hooked



> curcumin

is a maybe anti-dementia drug…maybe

Not gonna save yor lungs

Garlic is no problem for you, since you see 3 people a yr in person, But i tried it and people turned thier heads awy, yes, the low odor pills



>since my wife is gone

Did your daughter help dispose of the evidence for a cut?

Not that there's anything wrong with that if she was an evil harpy who tried to steal yor bread every time you sat down for a meal(see Greek mythology)

There's a few people I'd like to send to the cornfield(see classic Twilight Zone episode "It's a Good Life")


don't you fucking mock me!



Curcumin has been proven effective for slowing down cancer cell growth, so if you have lung cancer, or any kind of cancer, this is a safe alternative to chemotherapy. It won't completely rid of the cancer mind you, neither does chemo for that matter, it just slows down and stunts cancerous growth significantly.



I do not murder family members, my wife died of diabetes because she chose to have a bad unhealthy diet, and always drank diet soda. I even told her it was not good for her, she didn't care. She figured that if I consumed alcohol she had the right to do what she wanted. Well ok, fare. She died for that philosophy. Once again proving my theory that soda is much more toxic than alcohol is!



I apologize for suggesting in a rude and insensitive attempt at humor that you murdered your wife and your daughter abetted you.

There is an anon here who goes by the fag-name of just-kiss-it, and he is a bad influence on me and others here.

His attempts at black aka gallows humor show signs of psychopathic hebism and suggest not interacting with him

He's the one always posting news items with titles like

REJOICE: Tinder Chad's Use of Dating App Lets Him Avoid Jail Time After Hot Sex With 11y/o Girl


Alex Jones sent child porn to Sandy Hook families say Lawyers


Badass Gym Teacher Takes Control, Gets Oral Sex From 28 First Grade Girls, Molests an Additional 88

Notice a pattern here?

Anyway, keep up the good work sir!

(sac)rificialy Yors

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