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File: 0c8b0cc33b14ea3⋯.jpg (239.32 KB, 395x350, 79:70, US Military Knocks Out Ira….jpg)


U.S. military cyber forces launched a strike against Iranian military computer systems on Thursday as President Donald Trump backed away from plans for a more conventional military strike in response to Iran’s downing of a U.S. surveillance drone, U.S. officials said Saturday.

Two officials told The Associated Press that the strikes were conducted with approval from Trump. A third official confirmed the broad outlines of the strike. All spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the operation.

The cyberattacks — a contingency plan developed over weeks amid escalating tensions — disabled Iranian computer systems that controlled its rocket and missile launchers, the officials said. Two of the officials said the attacks, which specifically targeted Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps computer system, were provided as options after Iranian forces blew up two oil tankers earlier this month.

The IRGC, which was designated a foreign terrorist group by the Trump administration earlier this year, is a branch of the Iranian military.

There was no immediate reaction Sunday morning in Iran to the U.S. claims. Iran has hardened and disconnected much of its infrastructure from the internet after the Stuxnet computer virus, a joint US-Israeli creation, disrupted thousands of Iranian centrifuges in the late 2000s.






See ?…….



Even further proof that no matter WHAT you do, the NSA have the very best programmers and computer engineers on earth.

If Iran couldn't thwart the NSA's STUXNET after already being hit before, and 'hardening & disconnecting' their infrastructure, then trust me, there's not a god damn thing YOU OR I can do either.


Personally, I've got zero reasons to believe iran had anything to do with attacking the tankers in The straits of Hormuz…….

I remember the day Colonel Colin Powell came out and presented the fake CIA 'evidence'….

That being said, I also have zero reasons NOT to believe it.

Either way, Iranians are gross as shit. I say nuke them.


ooops !!

I meant to say "I remember the day Colonel Colin Powell came out and presented the take the CIA evidence weapons of mass destruction"




weapons of mass destruction = WMD

not 'WOD'



pay attention:

this is exactly why all of your IP switching and NoScript techniques are wasted efforts.

trust me, bossman…………………..

they're already inside your computer and mine, and everybody else's. every time you connect to the internet, your computer sends the NSA every bit of pertinent information, including every IP you switch to.


A N N O U C E M E N T :

I would like to congratulate killcen for not making this thread a paranoid speculation of possible hypothetical doom and gloom.



>there's not a god damn thing YOU OR I can do either.

Yes there is, anons.



….he says, from a computer that's already embedded by NSA code, running a processor that's specially designed to send your info to the NSA…

Hahaha YOU'RE AN IDIOT, 'anon'

you don't know jack fucking shit



By the way……………………

If you were capable of 'OPSEC' or defeating NSA techniques, you would easily be able to tell me my IP right now.

You would be able to 'hack me' and shit me down

But you CAN'T…..

you can't do anything like that…..

because you can't do jack shit…….



You can't even explain ThinThread


I'm still waiting for you to explain the Apache Cordova Exploit……

Any 5th grade child can tell me how the Apache Cordova Exploit works…….


HINT: if you've ever connected to the internet

your computer has been botted

by the BRILLIANT teams

of young geniuses

at the NSA


There's not a single person on this entire website who is capable of hacking me.

The only person capable of telling me my IP address is the mod, and that's not because he's a computer genius. My IP address is right there in front of his face, but without having it supplied it to him, there's no way on Earth he could ever figure out my IP address.

Because the mod is no more of a computer engineer than any of you other fucking losers.

You're all just a bunch of fucking losers. You Don't know Jack fucking shit about computer technology, any more than the average nine year old child… Your expertise is limited to playing video games and watching anime.

Quite honestly… You're a bunch of fucking homosexuals… You're just a bunch of sissies do sit on your lazy ass with a computer that mommy bought for you oh, and just because you're in an image board you like to tell yourself that you are a computer genius.

You ain't shit

Hack me, faggots….




i think your technique of pasting the same url twice (separated by the archived link) is gay


you're the type of guys who think proxies, VPNs and Tor make you untraceable………

because you're not as intelligent as you think



>they're already inside your computer and mine, and everybody else's. every time you connect to the internet, your computer sends the NSA every bit of pertinent information, including every IP you switch to.

Sure, I believe that to be true, but thats a whole mess of spoofed data they have to rummage through, and a shit ton of VPN IPs to keep track of. I'd fucking hate having a job like that where they had to keep track of someone like me online, that would SUCK.



I see.

Has the US declared war on iran, or is this just american international terrorism as usual.

Fucking dregs. With luck, the US of zog will be nuked right in the centre of its largest city.



>Even further proof that no matter WHAT you do, the NSA have the very best programmers and computer engineers on earth.

>muh hackers

except when the chinese hackers fuck the nsa and cia and steals f35 and f22 files lol



>iran downs a drone worth 500 million

>(((US))) responds by knocking out a few win xp machines in an barracks library



I never said anything like that, and have always said there is many many different techniques you have to take to better secure your data. You are just a sperg who doesn't read what I post and assumes you already know what I think.

I mean fuck, I had to remove a shit load of third party bullshit (including webGL and webRTC) using about:config, I had to install privacy add-ons, I have Noscript re-configured to block ALL scripts including Javascript and pretty much everything else (rarely do I temporarily allow JS to run, only when 100% needed for selected sites)…. I use a self-configured Bleachbit to 35x gutmann bleach all sqlite files associated with web history/cookies/caching…. I have a private VPN + Tor, I use more than one computer for different activities (all wired connections, each with a different private VPN service)… I keep my personal info OFF the computers I use to shitpost on forums or pirate media encase those are ever hacked…. The Operating Systems I use are sandboxed before even used and all nefarious bullshit is removed including any third party software, mic removed, camera removed, wifi card removed, whatever side channel that could be vulnerable with that computer/laptop….. so whatever.





>Inexplicable rage and wall of text over 4 words

You doing ok brah? You seem a bit more ornery than usual.



Bootlick much, Johnny? I realize they are smarter than me, but fuck, they couldn't catch Snowden or prevent numerous cyber attacks that have hit multiple different agencies over the years. Yes, they may be smart and hack us from time to time, but they are not immune from mistakes or being out-smarted by other smart people (especially by groups of smart people that work together to probe surveillance issues). You make it seem like there is nothing we can do and thats total BS. You glow in the mother fucking dark, Johnny.


Bullshit! This place is full of hackers. They tried hacking me the first week I came on this board 4 or 5 years ago, and I had to physically unplug my modem (which is not abnormal for me either). There are hackers here and I'm wise to them.



You seem to think they have human beings sitting there manually 'rummaging' through every file


classic !!

You also seem to think 'rummaging through thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, or even millions, or even hundreds of millions, or even billions of VPN IPs or any other files or data' is a 'problem' for their mega servers in Utah and elsewhere….


(That's exactly why they built them)


so, in other words… You don't have a goddamn clue what you're talking about?

Got it 👍



>This place is full of hackers


People who can actually hack DO NOT call themselves 'hackers'

My IP address is


b u l l s h i t !


My IP address is


My IP address is


My IP address is



A G A I N : H A C K M E ! ! !

My IP address is


'A G A I N : H A C K M E ! ! !''

My IP address is


A G A I N : H A C K M E ! ! !

My IP address is


'A G A I N : H A C K M E ! ! !''

My IP address is



oh no !!! My internet connection just went haywire and my operating system is crashing

I GOT HACKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!




You must be a fucking idiot Johnny. 99% of what the NSA does is simply AUTOMATED STORAGE…. they collect and store, and make sure everything is functional. Only about 1% of the NSA is actually HUMINT workers! Meaning high-demand hackers and probers who are designated to rummage through that massive collection of data they have from all the ISPs to investigate something nefarious! And guess what? When you spoof data on your node (such as browser metadata) and it goes directly TO the ISP, thats the metadata the NSA get…. not true with VPN or Tor because those you have to connect through the internet (and the ISP does see your original IP for a brief period of time), but you can always set your default IP to and do other DNS spoofing and even spoofing the MAC address is a thing too (which could really become difficult to trace under the right circumstances)…..


Again: I'm still waiting for you to explain the Apache Cordova exploit….

In 2014, I quite literally learned about the Apache Cordova exploit from a 15 year old kid, who explained it with such thorough expertise, that he could run circles and circles and circles around you.




News flash :

You don't have any fucking idea what the fuck the NSA does

You just read second and third-hand information on your paranoid websites

You're completely unaware of the logistics of their analysts protocol



Ooops !!!

Did I say second and third-hand information?

that was incorrect

By the time you copy and paste it, it's 47th and 48th hand information



Nah, the only ones that would hack you are those that hate you here. I don't and neither does the NSA. In fact, those spooks are probably to busy trying to figure out other vulnerabilities they can slip into my old OS, that is, better ways to collect the little I feed them from time to time.


That 15 year old kid is now 20 years old, and he knows 10,000 times more than you ever will



My IP address is


My IP address is


My IP address is


My IP address is


My IP address is


My IP address is




Boundless Informant

Ant Catalog



Blind Date

Stellar Wind




Somehow I highly fucking doubt it, at least not 99.9% of the kids these days, maybe the pencil neck geeks sure!



C O R R E C T I O N :

I'm making a 'slap across the face challenge' to anybody in here who thinks that they are a hacker

I'm quite literally bitch slapping them


I have made this same challenge online for years in many many different websites…

The reason nobody has ever accepted my challenge is because THEY CANT DO A SIMPLE HACK

you can't…..

I can't……….

they can't…..

Nobody in here can hack their way out of their computer chair and go outside in the real world

And if you (or they) can't do a simple hack, even after I have supplied my IP address (that really is my IP address) then you (or they) obviously don't have any knowledge required to understand what the NSA does or how they do it…

If a simple hack (even with the supplied IP address) isn't a possibility, then there's absolutely no way you can prevent the NSA from monitoring and botting your operating systems


File: 6f2fd3922b5652f⋯.jpg (30.28 KB, 650x365, 130:73, ten-questions-you-always-w….jpg)






By the way Johnny, some years ago I was informed by someone I knew who was an ex-hacker in his 40s about a shit load of the vulnerabilities over the internet. He introduced me to Linux and a whole lot of other stuff and measures I could take. Why? Because I was very interested and even compensated him for him helping me. Glad I know the kid, because if it were not for him, I would have likely ended up v& by spooks by now or God knows what.



actually, Jaron is so intelligent and skilled, you'd hide your head in the sand if you heard him start explaining the subjects that you consider yourself to be an expert in…..

And no, he's not a pencil neck… He's actually gained a lot of weight… At age 15 he already knew 10000 times more than you will ever know in your entire life…..

And I'm not exaggerating



They won't hack you unless they really fucking hate your guts. In this case, I think they hate ME more than they do YOU. Trust me when I say that.



Some years ago we ALL knew skilled advanced programmers….


big deal

(And if he called himself a 'hacker', that means he WASNT one)



At this point you're just making yourself look ridiculous



Every time you connect to the internet packets are delivered without your knowledge and their database on you continues to grow

You are clueless



(Most) packets that could also be easily be thwarted by strict firewall settings / closing ports. And packets of data in which much of that data could literally be spoofed GARBAGE too!


One day it's 10,000 invisible imaginary lurkers

The next day it's an invisible imaginary God

The next day it's an invisible imaginary Jesus

The next day it's an invisible code of conduct where anyone who copies and pastes pre-existing news articles is called 'a reporter'

And today you're telling me that you speak for all 'hackers' (anybody who calls themself a hacker is not a real hacker) and tell me an invisible imaginary code of ethics

Dude… Do you have anything that's not imaginary and invisible?



I was joking about the lurkers and codes of conducts.




>Iran has hardened and disconnected much of its infrastructure from the internet after the Stuxnet computer virus, a joint US-Israeli creation

Its not enough to simply air-gap the computers, these computers need to be checked for physical backdoors as well, and have very basic operating systems which are reverse engineered for their own specific purposes…. but even then, if connected to the national electric grid this also could be susceptible to advanced military cyber attacks. What they should also focus on is having a 100% isolated energy source to power those computers and operating systems / C2 equipment as well… having an isolated source of energy makes it much much more difficult to sabotage because then it would require physical access from within, actual HUMINT infiltration (which produces serious risks for your enemies).

Also, areas of sensitive operations should also be heavily faraday caged (and preferably underground). The reason is the existence of electromagnetic warfare which was being tested since the 1950s. If your enemy holds advanced electromagnetic weaponry it can be used to disrupt isolated computer systems / basic electronics remotely from a certain distance. Proper faraday caging sensitive areas will mitigate those threats.



>Not Joking About Believing In a NonExistent God & Jesus




Then you can call half the world schizophrenic I guess.


File: 5968a0231817659⋯.jpg (968.65 KB, 1563x1920, 521:640, 20190624_132615.jpg)



The entire human race is a tiny spec on the world

and only 20% of humans believe in God

Meaning 20% of a tiny insignificant spec are stupid and gullible



Thats just your opinion. Everyone has a right to believe what they desire.




No they DON'T, actually……



Sorry Johnny, we don't live under Communist China! We live in AMERICA. And we have a God-given right to say or believe just about anything we want, as long as we don't physically harm people! 1st Amendment mother fucker!



lol @ you thinking this is still America

I'm guessing you didn't get the memo 45 years ago?


your STUXNET thread SUXDIK



be honest with me…..

you think the videos from the international space station are fake, don't you?


seriously…. admit it…..

you think the videos of the astronauts on the international space station are faked, don't you ?



Yes, this is still America no matter how much you communists would like to see it irradicated from the face of the Earth. When SHTF, you'll see just how much AMERICA this country really still IS. Count on it!


Those sandniggers asked for it. One drone's artificial life is worth more than that nation of goat fuckers.



US can't even fire back after being cucked and their drone roasted.



good luck with your archaic delusion






It's called a gun… or destroying their buildings. Just pointing out that they are not "unstoppable" just because they can jack your computer info.



You represent a force that is anti-white, which by proxy makes you anti-white. I hope that you are at least a nigger or something to be supporting the Jewnited States.




wouldn't "I'm a lonely miserable wretch with no real life friends" have been easier to type?



actually, he represents NOBODY

Nobody wants or needs him on their side


>>Colonel Colin Powell came out and presented the fake CIA 'evidence'….

trumptard just wants to take every opportunity to talk down about our own hard-working, most patriotic citizens in intelligence, just because trump told him he should. The cia didn't come out with the fake evidence. The source for that was ONE "witness" who's evidence was taken by a separate private "intelligence" circle Bush and Cheney created. Basically to look for/make up reasons to invade iraq. get your facts straight, trumptard.

Also, I love how the mods here are so beholden to the alt-righters they delete threads where I destroyed trump and his arguments against iran.

now trump is saying he wants to make peace and wants to make iran great again. So why did he pull out of the nuclear deal that iran was following to the letter, that was preventing them from making nukes? I'll tell you why, because obama signed on to it. That's the only reason. The stable genius tears up the deal that iran was following, and instead puts sanctions on them, now ENCOURAGING them to ignore the deal and make all the nukes they want. Then he stages some false-flag attacks to try to get a war started because after pouring trillions more into the military industrial complex for no good reason, the warehouses need to drop a few thousand bombs to make space for the new batch coming in. Of course his lapdog bolton is all for this, especially if it means pleasing israel.

did I get that about right?



>The cia didn't come out with the fake evidence. The source for that was ONE "witness" who's evidence was taken by a separate private "intelligence" circle Bush and Cheney created.

WRONG !!!!

the CIA provided tons of fake evidence. they supplied Colonel Colin Powell with fake 'satellite images' and other fabricated nonsense.

the CIA was also instrumental in providing a fake story about 'premature babies being torn out of their incubators', as well as a teenage Iraqi girl to give a false eyewitness testimony before Congress about these alleged premature babies being yanked from incubators….



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You seem to be forgetting that George Bush's father was the director of the CIA at one time


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm beginning to think you might have sustained a head injury in your teenage years


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A serious head injury is the only thing that would explain your inability to perceive reality


actual news



No, that was all the stuff Bush/Cheney's personally assembled "intelligence team" curated.

Now trump has personally assembled his own band of family members, son-in-law and yes-men who have no qualifications and constantly are red-flagged as having security issues as his harem of advisors. The results have already been showing for the past couple years, and it will only get even worse.


Op is-a a meatbal-l

I wil-l ad-d some sauce to tis trrread and spice it oop




do you ave some actooal meat

bal-ls in yourrr boonkoi



No "GO FUCK YOURSELF" would have been the easiest to type


File: 974c22714ef8906⋯.gif (1008.11 KB, 220x252, 55:63, tenor (37).gif)

you broke my remote controlled plane so now i broke your video game system.


File: f153ad6da473bbd⋯.png (778.3 KB, 1080x1839, 360:613, PicsArt_06-25-04.12.14.png)


File: d76bb7621f287b7⋯.png (902.81 KB, 1000x972, 250:243, feds.png)




Looks like the feds are trying to get an intruder into their system so they can screech about 'domestic terrorist hackers' and get gibs while pretending to be traps online.


Virtual machine within a virtual machine to an android emulator emulating an application to form a part of thy desktop in Jawa platform to run another virtual machine within… Spoof the structure to location, time zones and especially live weather widget, okay pumpkin… step the system up in order for any fucken clever cunt to go as far to step it down. There is a very unique binary that steps each machine up in advance. While connecting them all so amazing system, remove virtual RAM within seconds of booting. Bridge networks to download from one and file share execution files in other formats, once transferred reverse the connection to jump a bridge and RMD


RMD stands for rate my dick BTW… (Bitches that wank).


>after Iranian forces WERE ACCUSED OF blowing up two oil tankers earlier this month.




Stuxnet went after Seimens SCADA controllers and it's been mitigated for ALL SCADA controllers now. This was a garden variety stupid user getting phished.



I like his pedo-raper posts the best, though



> H A C K M E

What's the password on your phone?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

(sac)'s buisness{sic}

When I was a wee teen, I was riding my bicycle and got a flat.

A charming middle aged man(looking like a 50ish lean Elvis) pulled up beside me in his catilac[sic],

and said to me, "Son, you look like you could use a ride, stressing the ride word…strange I thought at the time.

Now, my momma had told me to never accept rides' from strangers, and I said this to him.

He said, "son, you got hair on them legs and fuzz on your face and it's about time you started thinking for yorself".

Well, I reckon he had me there and he said that I could put my bike in the back seat as it was a clean bike and I could sit up front with him.

Now this was a classic caddie with the one long front seat and I got in and…well… he taught me all about buisness[sic].

I met him many times after this and got a masters in buisness[sic] from him, he became my mental.

Now that i am a middle aged man who looks a little like Elvis, I drive the streets and when I see a teen pushing his bike, or even just walking, I say, "Son, you look like you could use a ride, stressing the ride word…

And when they inevitably say to me, "My momma told me to never accept rides' from strangers,

I say, "son, you got hair on them legs and fuzz on your face and it's about time you started thinking for yorself".

And so I pass down the buisness's {sic} practices that was taught me.

This tradition has been going on even before there was automobiles, as I was told that my grandfather had been taught the buisness{sic} by a passing farmer in a wagon, although he married grandma as was expected in those days, he always practiced his buisness{sic}


THis is how buisness{sic} men are created, of which I am a proud practicioner of this ancient and hallowed buisness{sic}

I shall post this in various threads as /killcen/ does. so that all may know of this venerable buisness{sic}

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