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File: 4f4860abe5a5401⋯.png (383.59 KB, 800x473, 800:473, Google Executive Caught On….png)


Project Veritas has released a new report on Google which includes undercover video of a Senior Google Executive, leaked documents, and testimony from a Google insider. The report appears to show Google’s plans to affect the outcome of the 2020 elections and “prevent” the next “Trump situation.”


[this video is backed up & mirrored elsewhere]

The report includes undercover footage of longtime Google employee and Head of Responsible Innovation, Jen Gennai saying:

“Elizabeth Warren is saying we should break up Google. And like, I love her but she’s very misguided, like that will not make it better it will make it worse, because all these smaller companies who don’t have the same resources that we do will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation, it’s like a small company cannot do that.”

Said Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe:

“This is the third tech insider who has bravely stepped forward to expose the secrets of Silicon Valley. These new documents, supported by undercover video, raise questions of Google’s neutrality and the role they see themselves fulfilling in the 2020 elections.”

Jen Gennai is the head of “Responsible Innovation” for Google, a sector that monitors and evaluates the responsible implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. In the video, Gennai says Google has been working diligently to “prevent” the results of the 2016 election from repeating in 2020:

“We all got screwed over in 2016, again it wasn’t just us, it was, the people got screwed over, the news media got screwed over, like, everybody got screwed over so we’re rapidly been like, what happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again.”

“We’re also training our algorithms, like, if 2016 happened again, would we have, would the outcome be different?”

“The reason we launched our A.I. principles is because people were not putting that line in the sand, that they were not saying what’s fair and what’s equitable so we’re like, well we are a big company, we’re going to say it.” – Jen Gennai, Head Of Responsible Innovation, Google

The Google insider explained the impact of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Fairness:

“They’re going to redefine a reality based on what they think is fair and based upon what they want, and what and is part of their agenda.”





Is this actually /n/ews?



It's the closest thing to real news I've seen on /n/ in two years, so no, this really isn't suitable to /n/, which deserves crab and propane posts. Put this on /pol/ and maybe /tech/, although /tech/ is a dumpster fire.



Yes, it just got leaked and its headlined on Drudge Report.




Considering this effects a whole national election in America, which concerns 300,000,000+ citizens and their right to voice opinions and debate over an upcoming election, and malice/collusion on the behalf of a major corrupted Big Tech conglomerate…. which is now physically documented…. pending potential Anti-trust crackdowns…. I'd say YES, this would be pretty damn news worthy. Only total morons would ignore it.


I don't see the issue here. This article is implying that google is somehow doing something nefarious. All I see is a company trying to make sure russian bots don't hack our websites again to get Putin's official sexy redheaded cocksucker in the white house again.



The Russia collusion conspiracy is now a proven hoax. The only ones colluding are those trying to interfere with American elections which all evidence points to Big Tech firms at this point constantly censoring conservative voices. This is why alternatives are popping up everywhere and growing, such as Bitchute and Dlive.tv


How do we (The corporation Google) use our financial assets and huge number of employees to prevent that (the election of a presidential candidate we disagree with) from occurring again (in the next democratic election).

Seems like this is what they meant. There's no problem with this, Google is just a monopoly that needs to broken up.



It's only nefarious because they control so many people's access to information. What if public libraries all agreed to ban any books containing right-wing political views. Or if all the billboard companies refused to advertise right wing political candidates or all the news media TV and radio stations refused to run conservate campaign ads?

Do you see the problem now?

Google and the other tech monopolies need to be broken up.

The government shouldn't be relying on private companies to enforce authoritarian policies on the sly. They can legislate using the law in full public view with the democratic means available.


File: 1050832dbb3e455⋯.png (516.95 KB, 520x1219, 520:1219, cedd8aac861faeada9dbe7eed6….png)



> like

> like

> like

> like

For Christ's sake, this person is a corporate executive?


File: 109aa455a8d4d5e⋯.jpg (89.97 KB, 463x463, 1:1, bored.jpg)

Why do jews want to control the election so much anyway? It's readily apparent that Trump is for all intents and purposes their subservient lapdog. Is it about the principle of the matter?


File: d16c43440e668bb⋯.jpg (80.88 KB, 1270x358, 635:179, ERROR The request could n….jpg)

seems like a dead link for me

here's the archive



Seems like what they are talking about is preventing Russian meddling in the election. Shouldn't American companies stop illegal Russian meddling in a US election? That's not rigging the election, its protecting it from foreign rigging.



>russia collusion is a hoax

LOL, you believe trump? okay, maybe he didn't personally order it, but that's how he runs things. he makes suggestions that makes it clear what he wants without saying it. do you forget him shouting at a campaign rally that he hopes the russians can hack hilary's emails? and his son was just plain setting up meetings with russians to take down a fellow american citizen. the trump's are scum and anyone that hitches their wagon to his disgusting being deserves everything that comes their way.

I like how you think american corps are the problem, when 19 intelligence agencies told you russians were hacking the elections, but you just choose not to believe it. GTFO of this country you traitor.


File: 6185b9a8b682fe5⋯.jpg (44.21 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, half an ai press.jpg)


>stopping Zion Don's reelection

Wouldn't that put Jewgle at odds with Lockheeb, AIPAC and Netanyahu?

Brunf has made lots of (((friends))) during his chaos presidency after all.

>mfw kikes accidentally the civil war by trying to outkike each other so hard Antifa goes after Republican-aligned Jews, which cry anti-semite and mobilize forces to stop the leftists but then the left cries capitalist burgeousie oppression and mobilizes forces to seize the means of production but then the alt-right joins in and promptly disintegrates into a confusing mess of pro-Israel traitors, "anti-SJWs are just bad"-tier moderates and neutral individualists, muslims start Ackbaring everyone and everything at some point which prompts /pol/ to go all out as kikes no longer have the means to arrest them for shooting up mosques used to coordinate terrorist attacks on synagogues, all while streloks take down electrical infrastructure leading to widespread nuclear contamination following the meltdowns of local NPPs in giant clusterfuck battles of 50+ factions all trying to seize a single plant at the same time to recharge their phones

>mfw this was Zognald`s grand 1488D chess plan all along



>the first president in US history to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's rightful capital

>a traitor

What did he mean by this?



Total lies and BS. DNC funded all the opposition research, its already been exposed numerous times. No, I do not believe the lying sack of shit bias corporate mainstream media, to tell you the truth, I don't exactly beleive Trump on many issues either because he caves too much, I thought when I voted for him he'd have the balls to mass deport the invaders and end all these stupid wars for ZOG. As well bring back industry….. but I don't expect anyone to fix anything anymore. I expect collapse and am prepared for it.


This is bigger news than you think, watch the video if you didn't.



>thinking that a multi-millionaire is anti-zog


>Plans To Rig 2020 Election

Influencing people is not rigging anything

This is hamming it up for the outrage



It doesn’t matter if trump cheated. Russia meddled in our election. Granted they succeeded to whatever degree they did mostly because voters are morons and let’s be honest, the popular vote is a sham in this country anyway, and again voters are morons because they actually believe voting for president has an effect….

… but all that aside we know that Russian baloney mills influenced our voters’ decision in our sham pretend presidential election and “trump situation” is as good a name as any.


How can we prevent women and SJW from conquering everything others have build up? They are so infectious.



total lies? Please point out which of these is not true

-trump asked foreign powers to hack another american

-his son arranged a meeting to conspire against an american presidential candidate

-19 intelligence agencies confirmed that russia perpetrated cyberwarfare to influence our election

-trump sucks putin's dick on the regular

i dare you to show how any of these are untrue.






Google Palo Alto and server centers-great places to drive truck bombs two.


wow real news




Hey everybody, looks like we have a real comedian here.



So what, Google is a liberal corp. and can use it's money to influence, as long as it don't use it's monopolized search results



>“We all got screwed over in 2016, again it wasn’t just us, it was, the people got screwed over, the news media got screwed over, like, everybody got screwed over so we’re rapidly been like, what happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again.”\

So true!

Gotta fight dirty like Traitor TRump!




If we want to beat deplorables like the scum OP, all is fair in war

We gotta get their money and guns with taxes and propaganda and lies and cheating, Just like he did




Another couple of comedians join the fray! Keep it up, I might just laugh myself to death!


>because all these smaller companies who don’t have the same resources that we do will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation

You are a fucking tech company, and those smaller companies are also tech companies. You're not "Presidential Prevention" companies. Corporations were a mistake.



>I might just laugh myself to death!

You are humorless

Dumb people usually are

Why is this?

Do you find the 3 stooges funny?

I get that you don't understand the humor in satire, but even you gotta laff at curly



If she had talked about the Russia situation, social engineering, or trolls, I would agree with you. She did not, she clearly stated that Trump voters do not fit her definition of fair, and that Google wanted to prevent the TRUMP situation.


The MSM already do the same for outliers and prevent other than the mains from gaining.


Its just making using google fucking annoying.

You are trying to search for some objective information and you get bombarded with left wing news articles from the legacy media about muh drumpf.



Its only the commie leftists who fight dirty, you guys are the REAL election meddlers and always have been. From Day 1.


Here's the CENSORED video Youtube banned, ban #500,000(?) this month so far? https://www.bitchute.com/video/re9Xp6cdkro/




The locations of Google's various data centers are as follows:

United States:

Berkeley County, South Carolina (33°03′50.8″N 80°02′36.1″W) — since 2007, expanded in 2013, 150 employees

Council Bluffs, Iowa (41°13′17.7″N 95°51′49.92″W) — announced 2007, first phase completed 2009, expanded 2013 and 2014, 130 employees

Douglas County, Georgia (33°44′59.04″N 84°35′5.33″W) — since 2003, 350 employees

Jackson County, Alabama[3]

Lenoir, North Carolina (35°53′54.78″N 81°32′50.58″W) — announced 2007, completed 2009, over 110 employees

Montgomery County, Tennessee (36°37′37.7″N 87°15′27.7″W) — announced 2015

Mayes County, Oklahoma at MidAmerica Industrial Park (36°14′28.1″N 95°19′48.22″W) — announced 2007, expanded 2012, over 400 employees[4]

The Dalles, Oregon (45°37′57.04″N 121°12′8.16″W) — since 2006, 80 full-time employees

Henderson, Nevada — announced in 2018 : 1,210 acres of land bought in 2017 in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center;[5] project approved by the state of Nevada in November 2018[6]

South America:

Quilicura, Chile (33°21′30.5″S 70°41′50.4″W) — announced 2012, online since 2015, up to 20 employees expected. A $140 million investment plan to increase capacity at Quilicura was announced in 2018.[7]


Saint-Ghislain, Belgium (50°28′09.6″N 3°51′55.7″E) — announced 2007, completed 2010, 12 employees

Hamina, Finland (60°32′11.68″N 27°7′1.21″E) — announced 2009, first phase completed 2011, expanded 2012, 90 employees

Dublin, Ireland (53°19′12.39″N 6°26′31.43″W) — announced 2011, completed 2012, 150 employees[8]

Eemshaven, Netherlands (53.425659°N 6.8593522°E) — announced 2014, completed 2016, 200 employees

Fredericia, Denmark — announced 2018, planned completion in 2021[9]


Jurong West, Singapore (1°21′04.8″N 103°42′35.2″E) — announced 2011, completed 2013

Changhua County, Taiwan (24°08′18.6″N 120°25′32.6″E) — announced 2011, completed 2013, 60 employees

GCP Google Data Center, India – announced 2017, completed 2019

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_data_centers

Archive: http://archive.fo/NmOEZ


Google Data Center Graphics (pic provided)

Source: https://www.google.com/about/datacenters/inside/locations/index.html

Archive: http://archive.is/D9bwo


Article: Google Unveils $13 Billion in New Data Center Construction for 2019

Link: https://datacenterfrontier.com/google-unveils-13-billion-in-new-data-center-construction-for-2019/

Archive: http://archive.fo/jRzhd


Article: Google to Spend $1.1 Billion on New Data Centers in Netherlands

Link: https://www.itprotoday.com/data-center/google-spend-11-billion-new-data-centers-netherlands

Archive: http://archive.fo/c8CRY




search it on google and you'll find all the videos and mueller reports you need.



Anons, wake up…this is all staged. Every meaningful corporation is downsizing or maybe even shutting down their industries in the west. These suicide propaganda moves or alleged scandals are all designed to give them the excuse to kick the workforce onto the street. They are all collaborating with the jewish mafia, because they know that the economy is going to end with a massive bang. You think when Bezos makes a statement about amazon may not having a future, that this is a slip of tongue? These beasts are participating in the destruction of the west for their jewish overlords.



A proven hoax with dozens of Russian military officers unable to ever fly anywhere in the world or cross a border since they're indicted by the US for performing the hacks, with a Russian spy who worked with the NRA and GOP in prison already, Paul Manafort (who worked for Ukraine's puppet government after a long history of working for brutal African and SE Asian dictators until he was Trump's campaign manager) in prison, and even individual states confirming Russian election interference?

Sure. Sounds like a hoax. Just like 9/11. That never happened right?

You're a fucking fool.



Well, the good news as they'll never get YOU. I mean, it's obviously been years, if ever, since a woman has so much as looked at you, amiright? And all of those great jobs with college degree requirements, they're just keeping them out of your reach of your barely passed out of HS ass because they're liberal, right?


More leaks 'a comin' and there ain't no stopin' it!!!!



>So what, Google is a liberal corp. and can use it's money to influence, as long as it don't use it's monopolized search results

It uses it's search engine for this purpose


File: 9048240b7f4f6bc⋯.jpg (99.38 KB, 481x479, 481:479, redanon.jpg)

The site this video is posted on and the video itself look like something out of a "zionist, builderberg group" conspiracy site. How can we be sure this is legit? Most people know Google censors everything to fit pro-left search results. Taking this with a massive shaker of salt.



You could try the searches.

I think the Google exec took too many Irish penises and now has a problem. I bet she was assfucked and had semen put in her ear and hair. I'm so glad Google supports the Jews and Roasties.

>>787290 They like clean energy for their special servers. I'd bet Iowa and Nevada are where the bulk of the enterprise now is.



Fake news


boom! news



This post just wow…

Yes trump tells people to do things. What does this have to do with conspiring with the Russians? Are you seriously arguing that he did it and we just can't prosecute him because there isn't evidence? I thought we established that "the absence of evidence isn't the evidence of absence" argument was bullshit after we started a war with Iraq over it. On top of that you are referring to a meeting between trump's son and a non governmental individual who happens to be Russian as evidence that the Russian government was conspiring with trump. Not only are you conflating being russian with being a member of the Russian government, you are ignoring the context of the time. Remember this meeting happened after Obama famously said to Romney "the cold war called and they want their foreign policy back". Why would it be improper for trump to meet with representatives of a friendly state, let alone his son meet with a civilian from that state? Finally 0 intelligence agencies have said Russia "hacked" the election. Several have stated that the Russian government bought $50,000 of ads (a ridiculously small amount) and a private troll farm memed about the election in order to garner more followers so that they could grow their business. Literally none of this was out of the ordinary or in any way special, you just didn't know about it before because you have your head up your ass.

I hate trumpets, but fuck are libtards retarded. You will literally believe any spin that is said with sat words because acting smug and superior gets you off.



>It's not because Hillary ran a garbage campaign and was so unpalatable that she lost to a reality TV star.

Obviously it's because of a giant secret conspiracy that no one knew was happening and there is little to no evidence exists.


They're trying their best to slide this, I wonder why!?


Unbelievable… they just act like this doesn't even exist and never happened….. the gull. The utter fucking gull of these fucking tyrants.

See the censored video here:





what do the share holders think about all this? was this voted on at the last shareholder's meeting? will this action erode share holder value?


File: 94ddaf359ee94b8⋯.jpg (275.33 KB, 2160x1198, 1080:599, a picture for giants.jpg)


doesn't she know trump and bibi are best buds?


How many of them said there were WMD in Iraq? If you cry wolf too many times…


Boycott ALL Big Tech bullshit, don't give them a cent and use privacy addons like Noscript to block their datamining scripts. Use Tor and private VPNs too. Spoof all your browser data. Don't give them a cent worth of your personal information. Boycott ALL their 'smart' crap!





With the stock market being completely rigged by high freuqency trades and insider trading, and "plunge protection teams" serving investors 8balls of coke and false hopes and propaganda…. I'd say monolies like Google will be propped up. And if they go bust, the US government will quickly turn to socialism again and provide them bailouts at the expense of taxpayers, because after all, this country is not the traditional America many people grew up in anymore.


true news




your post is full of bs, it seems YOU have your head up your ass. 19 intelligence agencies confirmed russian interference. And it was a hell of a lot more than 50,000 dollars. I guess you didn't hear that the NRA contributed about 30 million dollars to the trump campaign (the most they've ever given to anyone), coincidentally, after receiving about 30 million from russia. (why is russia donating to the NRA hm? I'll let you work on that one)

and regarding trump jr. meeting, again, you're completely clueless


>The lawyer who offered up Hillary dirt to the Trump campaign totally swears she doesn’t work for the Russian government. Her client list suggests otherwise.

the mueller report only outlined what evidence they did find. also remember that one of those white house advisors that trump eventually screwed over said that when they were subpoenaed to present all their campaign-related stuff, she said trump destroyed boxes of the stuff because they only handed over a couple boxes of the stuff when she knew there was a lot more. Wonder why?

Why did trump have a good laugh with a russian politician the day after firing comey and saying he wouldn't be an issue anymore? etc.



from siding with foreign powers, against his own intelligence agencies, demonizing the FBI and the media (which he hates, because they have traditionally played the role of unofficial branch that keeps the executive in check) to being a racist shit, a rapist (of women and 13 year old girls) trump is easily the most unpatriotic, most unamerican and general slimey piece of shit in the country. The fact that he was elected also shows that his penchant for lying has made him good enough to fool anyone.


Can you sense whats here? Can you feel it like I do?

Its real news…….. and there will be more, but much less talk from now on!


true news is back again! surprise!



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