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File: b1c111d01a268a4⋯.jpg (72.21 KB, 201x209, 201:209, XViS-23.jpg)

4380ec No.8471[Reply]

Greetings, /new/, if you haven't noticed yet, this board is under new management. This thread is to discuss where the board is headed and I will also be giving updates here when possible.

If you are wondering what's on the agenda at the moment, here's a couple of things:


>proper moderating AND transparency of moderation [ongoing]

>clear new rule set [planned]

>board advertising and growth [ongoing]

>new banners [planned]

>user resources (education, posting tips) [pending]

>applications open for board volunteers (see email)

If you have any questions or comments feel free to put them here. I will be following the consensus of the users so if you have a suggestion, pitch it, and if consensus says 'yes', then it will happen. For private concerns please use the email provided.


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26004a No.8865

anyone still here?

File: cd2a3375fffdc29⋯.jpg (99.37 KB, 807x605, 807:605, 1510929576346.jpg)

a33995 No.8748[Reply]

Post banners and flag suggestions in this thread

if you dont have the photoshop skills but still have an idea post it in the thread and other anons (including myself) can make it a reality

and for reference:

>Banners must not exceed 500 KB (that is, 512,000 bytes);

>Only the following file types are allowed:

> jpeg;

> jpg;

> png;

> gif.

>Banners must be exactly 300px wide and 100px high.

for flags

>Flags must be a maximum of 48KB and 11-20 x 11-16 pixels.


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adb00a No.8845

File: 3618b001c76d864⋯.jpg (450.68 KB, 748x498, 374:249, ww3.jpg)

ff1048 No.896[Reply]

This is a politically unbiased board where any political opinion is allowed. This will not be a hug box for any specific ideology and everybody is welcome to post here. Bans will not be given out like candy, and threads will not be deleted unless they violate the global rule, are spam, or are unrelated to [politics, current events, news]. Board volunteers will be required to stay unbiased in their actions or they will be removed swiftly.

/new/ is not meant as a replacement for /anarcho/, /leftypol/, /liberty/, /pol/ or any of the other politics board on 8chan. /new/ is meant to complement all of the aforementioned boards, and more, by providing a space to have discussion between many ideologies without fear of being censored. If you find a thread triggers you, please use the hide and filter features built into your browser to make it go away. If you want a board where your ideas are protected by moderation, then please look somewhere else.

/new/ will be an 8chan global board, and I will be the BO. I am going to be building a team of volunteers and will personally ensure the volunteers stay unbiased. If I notice or receive a complaint that a volunteer is taking biased actions towards any specific user because of their ideology, then that volunteer will be swiftly removed and replaced. Board logs will always remain enabled.

There will be one meta cyclical thread stickied for all comments about this board's meta. All other meta threads will be removed as spam.

Find the board rules here:


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8943ad No.8846


cause it didnt happen

File: 7fb4f095db3bb50⋯.jpg (82.47 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 1500205873674.jpg)

d0b696 No.8891[Reply]

hello /pol/,

just a reminder that the world elites are as smart or smarter than you. there are threats beyond your knowledge that must be dealt with.

consider this, but move along.

cde2d0 No.8892

wut? explain.

>move along

as in leave this board? your statements are rather broad

d0b696 No.8893


move along, continue as usual. but keep what i've said in mind.

d0b696 No.8894

File: 6fbdc696d301ff3⋯.jpg (100.8 KB, 920x689, 920:689, 11697507t.jpg)

Lets make something clear

World elites dont care about you, they dont need to care about controlling you. All they need is the city, the rural is unimportant.

The only reason they might care about rural folk is for one of two reason.

>You are influencing their city negatively.

>You are trying to build your own city

What is a city?

ac12db No.8905

File: 6ba618555cb34ed⋯.png (764.59 KB, 1000x601, 1000:601, tungsten.png)

Believe it or not you are closer than ever to becoming an elite when you are striking truth on /pol/

As long as you are not striking fools gold and as long as you act sensibly and rationally, they will welcome you.

File: fa7fba8c6ef6825⋯.png (2.27 KB, 160x375, 32:75, Pills.png)

6024ce No.3758[Reply]

Redpill me on x?

All I ever liked to do on boards like /new/ and /pol/ was drop pills but for the last couple months it's been completely non-functional in this respect. If I were to send random people who have /pol/-like mentalities that I find in person and send them over to /pol/ they'd just find a bunch of obscure shit about Trump and nothing else really. They wouldn't become any more redpilled, ironpilled, greenpilled, indigopilled, brownpilled, etc. and would probably leave in boredom. The mods there are just trying to use the board as a think tank for Trump and crushing any other kind of discussion by banning anyone. Now with proxies not working I simply can't post there at all. We have the most refined rhetoric because we used to constantly debate our enemies while they mostly just hugboxed themselves and had sperg-outs if anyone even hinted at being slightly pro-white around them, thus they are shit in every way at winning any actual debates.

So I'm going to just drop all my pills here on this new incarnation of /new/ and I encourage the rest of you to do the same. I will also be keeping all the pills here: https://8ch.net/looshfront/pills.html

Doesn't matter how many time's it has been said before or if everyone already knows it, if it's not listed already, repost your pills in here so they can be added to this great work of pill ideology.

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fce624 No.8750


what should they be called instead then?

d7301c No.8859

File: 07d12e448d4887d⋯.png (464.61 KB, 1899x647, 1899:647, gun control can stop a pol….png)

File: cdbc32f6051e0ab⋯.png (450.88 KB, 1907x2074, 1907:2074, 1471805631694.png)

File: 394b03d12114b46⋯.png (119.89 KB, 736x778, 368:389, 1472899052416.png)

File: 78c8d2b066f7058⋯.png (105.2 KB, 1146x550, 573:275, 1472823535257.png)

File: 55d148ed539930a⋯.jpg (2.49 MB, 1570x6466, 785:3233, the war on drugs, oxytocin….jpg)

Initiating Dump

Havent checked all the content in the images, i think its mostly good though.

d7301c No.8860

File: de57d410757f0ca⋯.png (293.02 KB, 1212x1502, 606:751, bilderberg thing.png)

File: 94404e205efa798⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 1257x4361, 1257:4361, 94404e205efa798832a24b8a57….jpg)

File: e7c0c04d285dfc8⋯.jpg (419.27 KB, 1536x817, 1536:817, There will be no collapse ….jpg)

File: ff9c35f3d41822d⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1469x4950, 1469:4950, economics gold standard fi….png)

File: 1bc0da49d9a61ed⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1144x5146, 572:2573, The Destruction of Words a….png)



ba03e1 No.8878

Redpill me on neets and robots.

if you can't,redpill me on niggers

e9da33 No.8903

File: 8fa63be487e0a7d⋯.png (43.01 KB, 1834x284, 917:142, The one thing they can't t….png)



Think of all the intelligent men in history, every inventor, every general, every decente politician and nobility.

Those where the robots, the master breed of the master race, the creators of civilization, and the biggest targets of the kikes. You should check their board, in a few threads they are posting proof that the nazis where robots for the shills.


Not all robots are neets, but m8, why would you provide for a society that hates you and provides for shit-skins and women? There is no reason to be a wagecuck, to work for the (((system))) so to speak.

Make society like it was again and robots will work, after all why woun't they? The society would serve them on top of being a meritocracy.


See >>>/polarchive/

File: 90939e1c0b4ac25⋯.jpg (66.77 KB, 560x441, 80:63, image.jpg)

63553d No.8898[Reply]

Why do so many people have allergies these days? I cant imagine it is natural.

I have heard allergies are a result of overly-hygienic living, which means the immune system never develops properly and become hyperactive.

How do we counter allergies and other ailments of these sorts?

df3282 No.8902


See how Spartans raised their children. Serious, that's how whites should do, that's how we used to do.

Sure, it will cull the weak, that's a good thing.

File: 00d01a4bdc49801⋯.png (123.1 KB, 832x832, 1:1, ccseal.png)

796270 No.8900[Reply]

ITT Create redpill/art/comedy/miscellaneous content for 8chan or imageboards in general.

Share ideas, give advice, critique others, and hone your own skills.

Videos, gifs and images, text, and all other formats welcome.

Please do not post content in this thread that you did not make.

OC doesnt have to be fresh, if you made it a while ago and want to share, feel free.

File: bf58545ca46f8fd⋯.jpg (10.85 KB, 255x143, 255:143, fag.jpg)

f5c6bf No.8790[Reply]


The first one on Hitler's sexuality was deleted becayse it triggered him. In fact all of the first page of articles here are deleted. What gives him the right to control the news?

d7ac38 No.8806

File: 6316731a5633153⋯.jpg (71.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, aboutyou.jpg)

>I'm kike against Hitler so I run and cry to 8chan :(

Nobody gives a shit about your board drama when you're obviously trying to start shit. Not your personal army, faggot.

716b80 No.8849

>Hitler's sexuality

gossip tier irrelevant bullshit tbh, deserved to get deleted. cant imagine any important revelations that could come from that.

206195 No.8896


It's like end/pol/'s BO is everywhere at anytime.

be068d No.8897


how do you know its him?

File: 331cf79b4f4f111⋯.jpg (23 KB, 504x504, 1:1, a9fb2fc113a3ad6f1e5ae0b40e….jpg)

c08aec No.8685[Reply]

If you have any thoughts that you want to share, but that dont deserve their own thread, put them in here.

anything from realizations, things you learnt recently, or just something you want to say.

this can also act as a 'post in here every time you visit' type thread, i guess.

6 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

745e53 No.8838

I've never been to /pol/ I just know more than half the junk they would say was uninteresting on /b/ yes I'm new I'm from Reddit. This place seems interesting…but very slow here…so I don't stay long or stop in very often. If it had more post I'd prolly be here more often.

867db0 No.8843

File: f2bc0dd21dff047⋯.jpg (34.8 KB, 354x409, 354:409, 1513460098276.jpg)

>post in here every time you visit


I keep getting the feeling that /pol/ is a project of the global elite. And that everything /pol/ wants to accomplish and everything they stand for is also what the elites want, but we have been played so much that we believe we are 10 steps ahead of the elites, when the opposite is true.

Just a thought. It seems nothing is truly stable these days, everything could turn out to be a scam or a big con, you cant put your metaphorical money anywhere.

When you get down to it, nothing makes sense but to become a kind of vagabond. It's just not sensible to subscribe yourself to anything for too long, in the case that it might lead you down a dark path, and you couldn't even realize.

745e53 No.8844

hmmm, anons need to post more

109ff1 No.8855


your not a regular anon are you? your typing style is offputting and why do you use reddit

and yeah its too slow here not enough posters needs more threads

721bc2 No.8888


im not really from reddit anon, i do use reddit sometimes for stuff like this https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/6j1lkd/what_are_your_must_have_changes_in_aboutconfig/

File: c09663ae071f65a⋯.jpg (20.42 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0.jpg)

b407af No.8819[Reply]

post things related to killcen in here.

killcen threads (such as those on >>>/killcen/) should be moved here too, as they do not need a new thread for each individual archive, and doing so clogs up the catalog unnecessarily.

11 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b407af No.8833

File: 234a46967e164d1⋯.jpg (44.85 KB, 400x294, 200:147, Hungry_Lion.jpg)

The Storm IS HERE!!!! How To Deal With It Now







Make Magazine All Volumes No. 1-33.zip




Survival Files Library Be Prepared.zip


Survival Downloads.zip


bcb5ba No.8847

Umm why the fuck is a thread merged with another thread? That's kinda retarded, fix this garbage…

0874d6 No.8848


its because a lot of threads are made by the same anon and many of them dont really need their own thread. they get consolidated here instead so as to not clog the catalog up.

cad02f No.8853

i hate killcen but hes chaotic neutral i dont think he has any nefarious intent

dadffc No.8887

File: 55f4f6111edeefc⋯.png (30.03 KB, 465x417, 155:139, remember_me_guy.png)


what do?

File: cc8d8dd97a9048e⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 1497679872226.gif)

edf039 No.8880[Reply]

CAPTCHA for the age of Artificial Intelligence

Technology will soon become advanced, to the point of being able to infringe to an uncomfortable level upon the lives of everyone.

Given this, it is clear that it would some day be advantageous to have areas unaccessible to AI.

It is obvious that conventional techniques will not suffice against highly advanced systems. So the question is how does one create a filter to reliably separate humans from AI's?

It would not be optimal to have a test aimed around users completing complex puzzles which AI (in theory) cannot solve. Rather it is more sensible to create a test which directly filters between conscious and non-conscious beings.

This brings up a number of fundamental questions on the nature of consciousness. And specifically in this case, how is consciousness detected? Both in the lie-detector and metal detector sense of the word.

To answer this we need to understand what function consciousness serves, and how this gets utilized by a human. Once this is known, it may be possible to develop a number of proxies to create a 'checklist' of consciousness, hopefully which may eventually be reliable enough to filter out all unconscious entities.

To take another angle, in the case that consciousness has a material or ethereal presence, how can this be detected? Although the difficulty of applying this to a captcha-like system would prove challenging for obvious reasons, it may be worth a shot as a completely fail-safe filter system.

Of course the viability and convenience of such a thing, and the method of putting it into practice, is another question, but, sooner or later, it will prove absolutely necessary that we must have secure spaces which are not accessible by AI. It is best to start developing a technology like this now before it is too late.

ITT: Discuss methods to maintain security in the face of highly advanced AI.

edf039 No.8881

aa344c No.8886

yeah i saw the thread on /tech/. find me some vids of 2 advanced ai talking made by 2 different companies

File: 73d5c8c233fafe0⋯.jpg (323.62 KB, 1576x1146, 788:573, sail boat.jpg)

File: 1ca3d45859abe0f⋯.webm (4.07 MB, 198x160, 99:80, cities.webm)

886d25 No.8884[Reply]

IDEA: Invest in a sailboat and sail together with fellow anons. or if you dont/cant own a boat, see if anons would take on a crew.


- Great networking opportunity

- Make life long friends

- Redpilled hobby

- Quality holidays for little cost

- Independence from Government

- Peaceful and Relaxing

- Escape degeneracy

- Ultimate freedom on the high seas

- If you fall on hard times, you can live on your boat for very cheap

Ever wanted to escape away from modern living? The world is a mess, and shitposting only does so much to alleviate the depression. Too much living in the corrupt modern world will destroy the European spirit. So it is imperative that we have some place to go, where we can refresh and clear our minds and souls, it is from this sentiment that /pol/ Yacht Club is based.

Sailing is one of the best hobbies one can have. It teaches responsibility, discipline, strength through hardship, and a great many more skills. Sailing is one of the last few things which still appeals to the sense of adventure that is lost in this increasingly civilized world. Theres nothing like landing on remote shores after weeks at sea, or on islands you know are uninhabited, knowing you can do anything and go anywhere. The feeling is like what I imagine our forebears felt discovering the new world. Surviving on the open ocean is just a hugely fulfilling experience.

Plus, when the happening looms and shit starts to hit the fan, a working sailboat is your ticket to survival.

For those serious about getting a boat, there are a few things to consider:

>Boats can be quite expensive (although there tricks to getting cheap ones)

>Check registration laws in your country/state, as there may be a few requirements

>Boats need a pretty consistent level of maintenance, and there is always something Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: e919c096376c611⋯.jpg (113.98 KB, 769x590, 769:590, electric universe theory 1.jpg)

be45ae No.8866[Reply]

Here is a theory that rejects all the /x/-tier bullshit propsed by mainstream scientist. Watch these to see what I mean:



And here is a good lecture to introduce some of the central ideas:: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=Usz28nAYdT0

But if you are too lazy to watch that, then here are the bullet points:

>the theory builds on plasma cosmology

>plasma cosmology says that most, if not all, celestial phenomenons are the result of electric forces

>therefore there is no need for dark matter, black holes, and a host of other things only predicted by theoretical mathematics and proven by biased computer simulations

>electric universe also assumes that the speed of light is not a speed limit for all forces and interactions in the universe, e.g. gravity is billions of times faster

>it also theorizes that gravity and electricity are merely different aspects of the electric force

>the later means that interactions between atoms can be explained without inventing spooky quantum mechanics and theoretical particles

>the two combined leads to a theory can be scaled down to subatomic particles, or scaled up to explain the birth of stars and the movement of galaxies

>therefore it's a holistic theory that brings back order and logic into natural sciences

If you want to know more -and you should want to know more-, then just start clicking on more videos, or visit their website: thunderbolts.info

>but how is it political?

They maintain that scientists wasted close to a hundred years and who knows how many hundreds of billions of dollars on research Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

45bf4d No.8874


>But does this ultimately mean muh quantum physics isnt real?

Watch these:




But tl;dr

>the speed of light is not an absolute limit

>time exists within the universe, not the universe within time

>time isn't relative, it won't change just because you move faster

>space is a concept, and you can't bend a concept

>therefore suggesting that you can "bend" "space-time" is an incredibly retarded idea

45bf4d No.8875


>Is it something to do with radiowaves generated when electricity flows through a wire?

Forgot to answer this: no, it's because electrons flow through your body, and the heat damages it. So if you understand the concept of electrons flowing and how heat works, then you should understand most of their ideas. Of course their whole premise is that most scientists don't even understand magnetism and gravity, so that's why you won't get definitive answers at first.

306cd5 No.8876


Couldn't get your first linked video to work. The second video "Quantum Craziness" is absolutely brutal and I'm really appreciating Thornhill's no bullshit perspective. Further, it is the best summation I've seen of the inherent problems in general relativity such as the circular reasoning Thornhill described that's used to explain gravity in the current standard model. Third video is great in that it shows there's no fucking way our observations of orbits could exist if the speed of light was absolute. Also, it shows some of the reasoning for the current conception of gravity as being a "consequence" rather than a force as classically defined by Newton and others.

Concerning gravity, what I got so far is that this model asserts the phenomenon of gravity as a force rather than some irrational "consequence of the bending of space time". I believe relativity's non-classical definition of gravity resulted as an acknowledgement of relativity's inherent problems highlighted in these videos. That is, if gravity truly is a physical force, than the current standard models are fucked, thus resulting in the nonsensical drivel that has become modern physics.

>time exists within the universe, not the universe within time

A major problem concerning Einstein's work was his philosophical understanding of the universe. Perhaps most notable, as he had to publicly retract it, was his belief in an eternal universe. Sure, we got around to understanding the universe began at some point, however his associated beliefs rooted in an eternal perspective remain littered throughout the work, notably the perception of time and space as independent entities to the universe. This perception and its difference can be illustrated as a question and subsequent answer. The question: "would time and space exist if the universe did not?" The relativistic perception is to answer "yes, they would" and the realistic perception is to answer "no, they would not". If one has the smallest ability to reason abstractly, they can deduce that time and space are consequences to the universe's existence and that the relativistic perspective is ultimately illogical given the finite nature of the universe.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

45bf4d No.8877


>Couldn't get your first linked video to work.

Well, I guess we have to do this then: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OvltlOA8XE

>what I got so far is that this model asserts the phenomenon of gravity as a force

Indeed, they assume it's the result of the electrons and protons in close-by atoms lining up. I'd describe it as a "passive version" of the magnetic force. And because of that Thornhill believes that planets are hollow: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=CvfFJiUWuDk

1b04a9 No.8879

File: 0c23e5657fecbe5⋯.jpg (75.93 KB, 940x627, 940:627, 82828228.jpg)


>it's because electrons flow through your body

Hangon just a minute.

I thought we were talking about these fuckers.

>pic related

I thought it would be too easy of a question if it was just 'what happens if you touch a live wire'.

I think I have that level of understanding though. Ill brush up a bit more anyway, as >>8873 said.


Ill take a look at these later

File: 651fac3d03d25ff⋯.jpg (54.7 KB, 999x316, 999:316, FL-HEADER52c.jpg)

ca11dd No.8699[Reply]

I just got back into forgotten languages for some reason. The content of that place is amazing, some really mind-blowing stuff there. It hasnt been discussed for a while now, so i figured a new thread on the topic would be welcome. For those that dont yet know about FL i will post a rundown of it in this thread (but not right now because i need to sleep)

This thread is to discuss who is running the place, what they are aiming to do, and what the purpose of all the cryptic language is. And most importantly are they friend or foe?

i will be posting a few links to interesting posts as well as mirroring some of the good ones in this thread. reading them is very worthwhile. I encourage everyone to do so


>Aggregate Posts with English

>Create Archives

>Work on Translating Non-English

>General Speculation and Discussion

20 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

30a831 No.8836

File: da1a67a8c1e7fda⋯.jpg (141.48 KB, 430x430, 1:1, 02efef6ad197a211d636db67e1….jpg)

047c83 No.8840

Nice thread, good info. Umm I'm sorry OP, I'm kinda autistic and its kinda hard for me to just keep reading about the same stuff

>I'm from /b/

Don't get me wrong I am very interested in this stuff its just hard to sit and read…. You got any videos, ill watch videos anon, please post that shit if you got it. Usually ill go on poop tube and watch vids on Quantom micanics, how commen physics laws can be bent or even broken, time travel possibilities, teleportation, time lines. The last one I watched is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlmKejRSVd8 sorry to go a little off subject…

672271 No.8842


True, a lot of this is hard to digest, and digest properly. Sadly theres really not enough people who are willing to go down the rabbit-hole that is forgotten languages, it's all too paradigm-shattering for most people, even on /pol/.

I would make a video explaining it, but im afraid I dont really know enough, that and my video-making capabilities are somewhat sub-par.

8b3ce5 No.8851


Got another one to add under technology

Next Generation Search Engines: Searching what they want you to search

http://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2014/05/next-generation-search-engines.html (VERY IMPORTANT)

all anons please read this. if there was a third category for absolutely essential reading, and this would be in it.

efc04a No.8863


found one in full english

also anyone looked at the references in the bibliography section?

i have heard anons before say they found links to CIA documents, which hadnt actually been released to the public yet. spooky.

File: 340d8d5b8cb816e⋯.mp4 (7.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, USAP Aircraft Outfitted Ar….mp4)

File: ba7051e59f6a92d⋯.png (160.84 KB, 640x386, 320:193, BLACK USAP CHOPPER TURNS S….png)

8fe17e No.8804[Reply]



SEPT 11TH 2001




































4b5775 No.8805


so youre saying they used electricity to bring the buildings down?

8fe17e No.8814

File: 92d63a4f2a22102⋯.png (188.85 KB, 640x386, 320:193, vlcsnap-2017-12-12-19h45m3….png)

File: 89f3df5b460be62⋯.png (155.3 KB, 640x386, 320:193, vlcsnap-2017-12-12-19h46m1….png)

File: 0bfc50e4ccebd74⋯.png (107.28 KB, 640x386, 320:193, vlcsnap-2017-12-12-19h46m2….png)

They used a Air Arc Tesla Induction Line outfitted on a chopper. Lets say this is a undisclosed special access program unknown to the public. Until now. The Israeli Art students primed the structure over a year to react to the electricity to create a uncontrollable power loop that at its apex turns steel into dust. But it was a bit of a over kill wasn't it? They used giant bladders of fuel to create the fireball explosion in unoccupied floors where they cut out the impact hole. Look to the Sears tower for what actually hit the towers. The used black ops team to drop a jet engine on the street. But dropped the wrong engine. Ooops!

Its why they put a waterfall in the foot prints to contain the reaction. Its still active to this day. If they had built anything new on those footprints the reaction would have started eating the steel and rust would have set in very quickly and the structure would have crumbled. The whole job was extremely sloppy. They killed many in the loop. But things have a way of surfacing. Putin knows about the black chopper he has satellite images of the whole black ops. Why do you think Congress/Washington fears Putin so much ? They depended on Americans gullibility to pull this event off so they could steal gold and money and make money in the stock market on put options. The Islamic extremists were just puppets to divert attention away. Now look for these men and women to disclose a secret space program and contact to divert Americas attention away from this sloppy false flag. Donald Trump is in the loop but he wants to keep the peace. He knows America would go ape shit and wants a drip drip discloser of this crime/snuff film. But its coming TICK TOCK 911 traitors. You know who you are!

And so dose Donald Trump.

My only question is why they film it from PAT ?

Who dropped the video ?

Bravery at its finest. Noted

Ego and greed created 911

Not Islamic terrorists

The history books will write

20c54f No.8856

ok this sounds like bullshit explain yourself please

of course we all know 911 was planned though whats this thread for

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