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File: 1423376334920.jpg (38.34 KB, 300x225, 4:3, CWC.jpg)


A user of /cow/ (introman!vDS3LCZBsU) kindly provided a coherent timeline of the boards history before they had come here to 8ch.net This is to be mirrored here for histories sake. This may or not be updated if more information is to come forward. More information can be found in the next post. Picture is one of the most famous "Lolcows" as they call them.

- Editor.

Timelines: 2009-2010 Krapple Komputer Kompany opens up. It's an imageboard started by Mark Ortiz aka KrappleGuy/Kopy. Servers get DMCA'd because of CEO hosting terabytes of Hentai.

Mark Ortiz opens up the legion board in early 2010. That also fucks up since krapple has the opposite of the midas touch where everything he gets involved with ends up in failure. A young dude named Seanie B decides to host it. This was about summer of 2010 IIRC. Seanie wanted to host it on his small tech chan called 789chan to increase web traffic/appreciate the web culture.

789chan lasts from late 2010 to November 20th 2012. Seanie literally inheritis all the mods/admins of the legion board except for adding homor.

N0chan opens up on the same day as 789chan's closure. Since krapple guy wanted to host his own lulcow board away from Seanie. People come and it sustains until January 13th-15(my guess). Krapple's host literally goes awol for a month without telling anybody. The servers were in limbo and Krapple keeps telling people it will go up. Nekoarc sees that a dedicated group of people are a home and wants to capitalize on this. Nekoarc decided to used the 888chan server he bought and help his buddy krapple out. Nekoarc wanted the viewership the small but dedicated board culture brought. Since 888chan pre /cow/ migration and post chanology had like 2 posters. Nekoarc and spacepirate. The board was up from february 15th 2013 to around May 4th 2014.

After Nekoarc's buttbuddy laurelai and tranny crew decided to DMCA the server for our activism. Nekoarc didn't want to host the server anymore since it came with a lot of drama. /cow/ is the opposite of the community nekoarc ever wanted. While we're "misgendering" people. Nekoarc runs a fucking LGBT support group IRC. It would be like if Archie Bunker and Daria Morgendaffer got together. Just an akward mix.

Spacepirate who thought the whole DMCA thing was funny decided to host /cow/ on the n0chan domain krapple still had. This went on from May 5th 2014 to around September 11th 2014. Spacepirate used a megabyte host which made hosting /cow/ on n0chan really cheap. As half the non dedicated IRC posters were gone. This started to amp up in costs until it was 40 dollars a month. Now I saw the donations that the rest of the people thought SP was mis-using. He got a total of 15 bucks for about 5 months of having it open. SP was hemorrhaging money because hosting started to increase incremently to around 40 dollars a month for the last 2 months. Dude, was very impulsive with money and would spend it when he got it. He worked a dish washing job and when his paycheck of 200 dollars came in. He would spend 40 bucks on stupid impulsive shit. For a Jew. He was really bad with money.

Spacepirate got mad that the forum treated him like shit. Even though he was paying for it. So one day, he decided to stop paying for it and just leave. They've hosted /cow/ on here ever since September 11th. IIRC
Post last edited at


More information can be found here, the archive links are the same as the 8archive ones in case the latter decide to die




Current owner of /cow/ here.

As I wrote in /cow/'s Rules page, /cow/ is the successor to /cwc/, which was created by Krapple and hosted by CEO on KrappleKomputerKompany circa 2008, according to the Wayback Machine's oldest copy of it: https://web.archive.org/web/20080613113421/http://krapplekomputerkompany.com/

As Krapple (as VanKrause) wrote in >>>/cow/1121, Krapple Komputer Kompany was similar to 8chan in that it allowed users to create boards. There are a few surviving third-party accounts of KKK-era /cwc/: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Krappleguy#Origins and http://www.sonichu.com/cwcki//cwc/#History

789chan's and n0chan's history are a bit more intertwined than introman recalled. 789chan, owned by SeanieB, and n0chan, owned by Atlus, coexisted for a while before n0chan's boards were acquired by 789chan. This can be verified in a news post on 789chan in 2011: https://web.archive.org/web/20121003180852/http://789chan.org/

The original n0chan can be seen here: https://web.archive.org/web/20110720050356/http://n0chan.org/

I don't remember much about the legi0n era (which I think is when I started lurking), but ED has a detailed account of its drama here: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Legi0n


File: 1426987045709.png (20.1 KB, 180x200, 9:10, lolskittles.png)

My name is VanKrause aka Skittles aka KrappleGuy and I'm the true and original creator of the original /cwc/. If ya'll have questions regarding the board's cross-chan history, just drop a line in this thread and I'll answer all your questions to the best of my ability (or at least as much as I can remember from it's 6+ years of existance)


Is the /cow/ community always destined to fracture into tribes of autists and sjws?


SeanieB, the person who ran 789chan, presumably also hosts some major Sonic the Hedgehog related fan sites, as evidenced by a thread pinned on Sonic Retro stating that he owns the site SonicAR. Some in IRC have theorized one of the factors in his abandoning us was us insulting a Sanic fan named Tweaker who was arrested for being a pedophile, and Seanie tried to defend such actions while everyone else just laughed at him.


It really depends on what happens to w/e chan hub /cow/ ends up on. On that note, I'd like to apologize for what happened to n0chan and Spacepirate going full retard and deleting everything. Should I have the time and/or the funds though, I'll have no problem reviving it.

He was an administrator on a Sonic messageboard called Soniclans (least I think thats what it was called).And yes, he did try to trollshield that Tweaker guy (who got v& for being a pedophile) but that wasn't the reason why he killed 789chan. 789 died in part due to the whole phobos drama, Seanie's friendship with IHM being ousted, mod trollshielding and general drama, etc.



did you ever get to touch that girls superclit


How'd it feel to get cucked by some loser scene kid?


Thankfully no.

Looking back at it now, I really could care less. I mean the guy dyed his pubes pink. Also I was drunk when it was actually happening.


Hey Krause. Speaking of Seanie, is it true that he took a train ride down from LA for the sole purpose of lurking outside your house? I know Seanie is pathetic, but if he actually did that, he's got even more issues than we thought.


File: 1427241748882.jpg (344.71 KB, 2122x2389, 2122:2389, seanieb.jpg)

He lives in or around San Diego so really, he came down from LA, met up with a former friend of mine (who stopped being friends with me after the Ickeriss debacle) and they both were planning to drive to my house and show up at my door "for lulz" or something. Then they chickened out when they got to my street apparently.


TOO LA, not FROM. lolwhoops my bad.


So have you ever associated with people who aren't autistic faggots?


This is the internet, we're all autistic faggots. Some just hide it better than others.


Anybody want to go to The Peanut for wings?


What happened to TimothyCruzator?


Aside from managing seccondlife groups, what ARE you up to nowadays, anyways?



He left. I vaguely remember him making a "goodbye" post on either 789chan or n0chan (or hell it might've been 888chan even).

Presently, I haven't been doing very much internet-wise due to irl.



Has Cow's history ever overlapped with Second Life?

Btw, do you still play Second Life, and for what purpose?


File: 1427375600314.png (431.8 KB, 763x643, 763:643, 2012-10-15_typicalSLfag.png)

Not to my knowledge, although I do vaguely remember someone posting on /cwc/ long ago (when it was either on KKK or Legi0n) about how they made a Chris-chan avatar.

In regards to myself, I only ever used it to fuck with people and get in on PN griefing activities (back when the group was relevant). Presently I just get on to piss off people like the one in the related image who take the game seriously. But even that gets boring.


Q: Why don't you just have sex with Chris-Chan?


Also, what if Archie Bunker had sex with Daria?


Do you remember me, from back in the day? I want to believe you're cool. Are you?


I am a goddamn retard.


File: 1427808676009.png (341.59 KB, 800x600, 4:3, coudl die for you.png)

Which Chris-chan are we talking about here? Pre-trap sonichu comic-drawing Chris or pepper sprayin' tranny Chris?


Yes I remember you, Negi. And yea sure I'm cool.


No one fucking cares, microdick.


Has there ever been a more resilient imageboard community than /cow/? We're currently on our sixth chan, and I'm willing to bet that a good chunk of posters are people who've been around since the 789chan days (I know I am). I mean, six fucking chans. That's crazy.



What's even more shocking is how much drama used to go on back in the day. People would be brought on as mods, drama would explode. It was like you couldn't have someone be into lolcows without being a lolcow in the closet themselves. Most of the people who used to be into this are aware of that fact. The problem with the lolcow watchers today is they forget that they are really just meant to laugh at people. No need for moral fagging, but that's what's going on. Also, the Gamergate thing went on for too long and needs to die. Anyone who cares about that bit of bullshit should be trolled to death.


How it feels to get cucked by a guy who dye his pubic hair in pink, and a girl with a dick the same size than Negi's?


>Has there ever been a more resilient imageboard community than /cow/?
My best guess is /i/.

We had a threat about him. http://8archive.moe/cow/thread/1249/


File: 1428040544688.png (171.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, meet_the_medickerissHD.png)

The order was as follows if I recall correctly.

1. Krapple Komputer Kompany
2. Legi0n
3. 789chan
4. n0chan
5. 888chan
6. n0chan (again)
7. 8chan (current)

Legi0n had the likes of Ickeriss and Atlus, then with 789chan, practically all the staff was lulzcows (plus trollshielding to the max).

That was in 2011 so honestly it is irrelevent to me, personally. The moral of the story? What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas.


so were the /cow/ user base come from originally?



I came when it was 789chan. Just kind of found it I guess. I'm sure most people just found it too.



The current userbase I'd say is a mixture of everyone who carried over from n0chan who came from 888chan who came from 789chan, etc. If theres any spillover from Legi0n or KKK in the current incarnation, color me surprised.


What's up with lolcow.farm? Are they a splinter group? When/why was the schism?



I've been here since KKK, but I'm probably in the minority as far as that goes.


What's the deal with Jenffer? Is she/he/it a legit retard or just a shitposter?



lolcow.farm originated from a mass banning of dramufags from 4chan /cgl/ remarkably like the GamerGate related ones that put 8chan on the map.



Jen was the topic of a thread in 789chan times. People found his/her shitty web comic and thought It would be fun to laugh at. Well Jen found the board and started posting and answering questions. He even participated in the Friday webcam chats. It soon became apparent he would never leave. He has been here ever since. You either hate him or tolerate him. He is technically is a fellow anon so be nice. Oh, he is also mentally disabled.


Some more history about the transition from the original name of /cwc/ occurred on 789.

Basically people started to question if it should be called /cwc/ anymore if we were going to spend all of our time talking about other people since there was only so much lulz to get from Chris and there was a lot of other funny shit going on.

But for some reason it didn't quite sit right with SeanieB so his original reform was to give us an additional, short-lived board called /L/. We had fun on /L/ but after a short time it was retired in favor of just letting us talk about whatever lolcow related stuff we wanted on /cwc/.

And then 789 ended. I'm not sure when the name got changed to /cow/ or who suggested it.


Also just sayin' I was on the leejun, but only for a little while. I think I became clued into it within 4-5 months of it ending.

789 was really fun and I miss it, but 8chan/cow/ is definitely picking up the slack.

I missed n0chan and pretty much all of 888chan so I can't speak to the experience of those boards.


I am so sorry for not having responded, I've been busy with real life things. Anyway let me catch up.


The name changed from /cwc/ to /cow/ after the death of 789chan when I rebooted n0chan. If I recall correctly, I think it was introman who suggested the rename from /cwc/ to /cow/ but I could be wrong. It's been awhile.


n0chan was a bit more stable than 888chan since with 888, there was some drama with nekoarc near the end. Some people were saying that neko was doing stuff with IP's or something, I don't remember. The final nail in n0chan's coffin was the guy hosting the site deleting fucking everything for no reason.


Ok, so It's been a while (Hi /cwc/ :) ), and I haven't been on this board since 2011. I went on last month though, and it seems I've been conflated with a tranny or some shit. Why?



Spacepirate needed more money for his gay furry xeno porn. That's why.


File: 1438144258331-0.jpg (27.52 KB, 500x333, 500:333, cruise.jpg)

File: 1438144258334-1.jpg (526.28 KB, 2544x1200, 53:25, banner lol.jpg)

File: 1438144258335-2.jpg (79.59 KB, 900x720, 5:4, 1337_tom_cruise_by_nevermo….jpg)

File: 1438144258335-3.png (516.46 KB, 510x532, 255:266, Timothy Cruzetor 2015-01-1….png)

I recently discovered that Know Your Meme has an article on "Laughing Tom Cruise" that doesn't cite its correct origin. Regardless of whether or not someone corrects them on the wiki and introduces /cow/ to those dips, I'm going to say this here: that origin is timmothy cruzetor!xVMYeqcYCI, a 789chan-era /cwc/ tripfag.

Timmothy spammed the shit out of /cwc/ in the summer of 2011 and successfully forced his Tom Cruise avatars as a meme. He was probably one of our most beloved tripfags after introman and Homor, hence why people ask about him here and in >>>/cow/125. NeverMonkey included him in this banner–probably /cow/'s best banner–as the only non-lolcow.

In 2012, someone spammed /cwc/ with Spurdo comics, and that was probably around the time that timmothy started lurking Ylilauta's /int/. I'm guessing that it was them who spread the "Laughing Tom Cruise" image to 4chan since Finns are meme-forcing machines, but I don't know.

Timmothy wrote his own accounts of his work on a Ylilauta wiki:

http://en.meemi.info/Tom_cruise | https://archive.is/kz6OF

http://en.meemi.info/789chan | https://archive.is/DEJ5v

http://en.meemi.info/Special:Contributions/Cruise | https://archive.is/253K2

Timmothy retired from tripfagging in 2012. His parting gift to us was his hand-made folder of Tom Cruise reaction images:


Since he retired, he traveled the world, took steroids, and got a minor thread about himself on the current /cow/: http://8archive.moe/cow/thread/1249/

He's @cruzetor on Instagram.


Correction: his tripcode was !guido4oCzk. !xVMYeqcYCI was someone on 888chan saying they missed him.


I would love to see a where are they now of 789. Luckily, we still got Jen


Anybody remember the old word butter? All I can recall was faggot became stonecutters or something like that.



Faggot was pastry puncher, content was COCKS


I remember this! I remember seeing Tom Cruise all over 4chan one day and I had no clue if it came from 789chan going to 4chan or if it was 4chan going to 789chan. I have the same feeling with the "smug pepe" as I swear I saw it from Wizardchan


File: 1440935880330.jpg (14.52 KB, 620x382, 310:191, 14658-620x-golgo-13.jpg)


A lot of the original users came from /v/'s CWC threads, when they used to have a lot of CWC threads. I know that's where I heard of 789 when it was still a chris centric board focused on chris antics. When it became /cow/ and focused on other sources of entertainment there was a focus on Pixyteri for a while that I suppose brought a lot of users from /cgl/ since they have their own version of 'lolcows' (really just they pick on people to make themselves feel better). In my opinion that's when the board (and even lolcowdom in general) started going to complete and utter shit and I got out.

There's an lolcow imageboard out there called lolcow.farm or something, you'll see what I'm talking about. It's less about laughing at weird people and more like some girl's club where they be giant cunts to some other person for some personal reason or distaste. Now that the internet at large has finally caught on to the concept of lolcows (in the form of "cringe") I feel like these boards are largely superfluous and only exist to herd the biggest sperglords and insecure cunt (whereas back then you had no choice but to deal with these turboautists and their ebin ween unironic "I want to kill chris" posts), no offense to whomever currently browses /cow/.



What was it like working with Tim Curry on the set of Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Will there be a "Bat Outta Hell 4"?


File: 1448399532472.png (94.01 KB, 800x600, 4:3, necron 99 derp.png)


I have to say, working with Mr. Curry was truly a memorable experience. He's the kind of fellow whom some might refer to as the life of the party. Unsure whether Bat Outta Hell 4 will be a thing though.

Given that I seldom check up on this thread for the most part, anyone who has any further questions and whatnot about /cow/'s pre-8chan history can contact me via skype @ kentuckyfriedgeneral


>caring about the history of "lol that person's weird: the board"

And now it's run by jews that get triggered by le happy merchant meme and only allow certain types of "cows" to be laughed at while banning discussion of non-kosher ones.



/cow/ is poop and Necron-99 is just a ripoff of Cobalt-60



>And now it's run by jews that get triggered by le happy merchant meme

u fucking wo8?

Jews always uses happy merchant as his avatar when possible


Since Nool is a intregral part of /cow/ history, I just wanted to add that Next failed, because he shat his pants and sperged out. Now he is going to lose everything, because some crusaderist from bongistan is going after him.


So why did you let Britbong cuck you and take your girlfriend and proceed to stalk him for 2 years?




Not only cucked in Vegas, cucked by a british youtuber called Britbongreturns and his ex dumped him for Brittylad.


Been around since 789, lurked 888 only casually, missed everything else.

Hoping to get some mysteries solved and contribute and stuff.

Didn't n0chan go down and then get intergrated into 789chan a little while before seanieB had his big site-deleting tantrum? I think I remember a /n0/.

And wasn't there a *chan all about following pixyteri's antics that people went to for lolcow stuff after n0chan when down but before everyone commited to 888?

I know the board was /pt/, but what was the site called? It wasn't lolcow.farms, was it? All I really remember is the admin on it spazzing with post deletions and mass-bans when people mentioned 888chan.

Wordfilters I remember:

>filter = butter

>content = cocks

>dry spell = gay orgy

>inner circle = stonecutters

>sperg = person

>what if chris = WHAT IF OP

>autist = spast

>assassins = AssAsians

>BradPitt = ArmPit

>faggot = homosexual deviant

>pony = cartoon horse

>brony = closet yiffbag

And "Hi A-log!" turning into a link to that >being Anthony Logatto pic.

Joke filters that lasted like a day at most:

>SA = shitty asshole

Someone's idea in a Something Awful thread and Homor though it was funny.

>fag = sexy beautiful hunk

Or something like that.

Also anyone remember

…the /cxc/ board for original Chris-themed content/fanfics and /kcwc/ for, uh, wtf ever it was for?

…the bent duck thread being stickied for over a week because someone got all upset over someone posting the pic in another thread?

…that faggot anonymouse who would start an argument over community college being for inferiors EVERY TIME he posted?

…JohnOfE showing up to start what amounted to AMAs, which he kept doing long after the novely worn off?

…the incident involving the namefag ChadWarren looking like a tool and seanieB turning on forced anon over it (and blaming it on "the summerfags")? Even that little shitcrust Jengatype got banned trying to dodge forced anon. In fact, forced anon was the reason JohnOfE finally fucked off.

…seanieB's two-minute announcement stickies?

…A-Log trying to post as an anon and A-Log it up and getting outed instantly?

…all the rage over /tc/ getting deleted even though nobody was using it anymore?


…that one faggot in every Nick Bate thread and IRC that kept calling Maddi a muppet over and over and was probably the same guy who always showed up to apologized for/defend Stautzenberger?

…thinking (later) SurfShackTito was the stupidest fuck until Thorg, who was the stupidest fuck until Ali Baboo (or whatever his gay little trollsona's name was)? At least seanie had the good sense to start banning him.

…everyone always arguing over >MUH JENDUH within the first hundred posts of every ADF thread but everyone magically managing to get along and laugh together at Robb's antics?

…seanieB banning discussion about how trannies are the new flavor of assburgers-style self-diagnosis and of any tranny lolcows other than Chris/ADF/Robbay just to white knight for Omega?

…the "on /cow/ on a saturday night? pathetic" thread lasting for eons?

…Homor getting banned to be forced to take a break when he started feeding the trolls?

Sweet times…




Spergily specific extra detail: /L/ became the Lolcow Library and was a read-only backup of good threads after /cwc/ became the general lolcow board again.


Because there was another exactly as obnoxious shitposting egotist around at the same time you finally buggered off who really hated Homor and the shorthand was the only use for your little identity.

btw gtfo


>NeverMonkey included him in this banner–probably /cow/'s best banner–as the only non-lolcow.

>the only non-lolcow.

>Tom Cruise spammer not being a lolcow




I got >>789 with that post. Your argument is invalid.

>And wasn't there a *chan all about following pixyteri's antics that people went to for lolcow stuff after n0chan when down but before everyone commited to 888? I know the board was /pt/, but what was the site called? It wasn't lolcow.farms, was it? All I really remember is the admin on it spazzing with post deletions and mass-bans when people mentioned 888chan.

Yeah, that was the predecessor to lolcow.farm, which was shut down after P-Logic and MiRRoRMaN (not that MiRRoRMaN) trolled it to death. I don't remember much about it.

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