The Board

/newsplus/ is 8chan's counterpart of one of 5ch's most popular boards.

/newsplus/ is a board to share and discuss news stories. As an 8chan global board, it is owned by the 8chan administration and is not subject to the claims process.

The board rules are:

Reporter? What's That?

Reporters are users with accounts that allow them to create threads on /newsplus/. In order to create threads about news stories, users first have to become Reporters. Anyone can apply for a Reporter account by sending an e-mail to apply@8ch.net.

A Reporter is required to have a name attached to his or her threads and to follow the rules. As such, he or she needs to be as active as possible and on-topic when creating threads. Reporters who do not follow the rules will have their accounts removed.

Accounts are not required to reply to threads.

Please note: Reporters are not able to ban, delete or otherwise moderate /newsplus/; they are not able to see post histories and they do not have any abilities other than being able to create threads. The moderation on /newsplus/ is handled by 8chan's global staff.

[This page was updated on May 20, 2017. The previous version looked like this.]