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File: 9e81457f42a1922⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1176x948, 98:79, 6.png)



“When I was little, I dreamt of being an IDF war pilot,” says 19-year-old Noa Gur Golan.

Now, however, the teenager is sitting in Military Prison 396 near Haifa. She’s been branded a traitor and a coward. It’s not clear when she is going to be released, because she’s being detained for refusing to do her military service with the Israel Defence Force (IDF).

Noa is not allowed to receive international calls. But in her answers to The Independent’s questions, relayed via her mother Iris and aunt Michal, who were also interviewed for this exclusive story, the young woman provides an extraordinarily rare insight into what happens to young people in Israel who would rather face prison time than compromise on their opposition to Israeli policy.


>forcing women to do military service

No wonder the IDF is so shit.


>Oppose Zionist policy

>In Israel

>When they still want greater Israel

This looks fun.


File: 5c41579fd32353b⋯.gif (46.96 KB, 271x265, 271:265, john-hagee.gif)

We should allow Christian women to take their places, in the direct defense of Israel.


>refuses military service

>it is a cunt

of course, what else could be the case

I am looking forward to the day when Mohammed conquers the world and enslaves all the cunts or artificial wombs make them lose their raison d'etre completely


Goy'd hard


>Gorosei level Jews getting the low tier members to do the dirty work.

>Yfw you realize that the kikes at the top have no problem sacrificing the ones at the bottom of the ladder

>Yes you ah a fellow chosen! BUT yah hafta soive in da milatary ta defend Israel from dose doity goyim.

Also consider if she died:

>Oy vey this is a tragedy! See! The goyim would even ham a Jewess! We need moah solidarity, but remembah, the choildren of Rothschild, Soros, and all the (((big names))) will neva be drafted inta da ahh me like everyone else! Who else is gonna run tings when the leadahship goes ta sheol?


I agree, that government is traitorous and cowardous, sending their unwilling children to kill and die for their unjustified zionism.



I remember when the word jew was used to talk about big corporations and not the literal jew. but instead /pol/ decided that it'd be better to confuse their new members into believing that the entire jewish race wants you dead/enslaved instead of the rich men who would actually benefit from it.


File: d888e3458372b54⋯.png (541.45 KB, 880x580, 44:29, top 1 percent.png)


>muh evil capitalist pigs who want to murder their costumers

>the jews did nothing, it was only the fucking white capitalists again

>we have to abolish corporations and work together towards a diverse and vibrant future comrades



You are the choosen ones ! Oh you don't want to be chosen ? Go to jail.


File: e4cb171260f091b⋯.png (124.54 KB, 384x313, 384:313, e4cb171260f091b597abc2649a….png)


>I am looking forward to the day when Mohammed conquers the world

So, you're looking forward to the day you see everyone you love get raped or murdered?

Well, then.



Did i ever say white people retard? I meant the collective humanity as a whole. When the the top 1% has money they become the jews. No one ever talked about literal jews.



I fucking hate how that ham is kosher



Considering that jews are on the top of many corporations and governments, why in hell would "jew" be used for any other context?

The meme would not have started had the jews not been in that position, your version of use is a corruption of that meme.



many doesn't mean all, not only that but not all jews are rich fuck who want you as slave labor


We should help get this story trending. Both libtards and cuckservatives will hate Israel for this


>men are constantly jailed at higher rates for this

>men are also jailed for longer

>but for some reason this cunt is worth making an article about



Only an Israeli Jew/Jew would post this. Stop worshipping your false gods. Jesus is coming.


someone forgot to tell her it's actually the western goyim doing all the fighting and dying for Israel and she would just serve as a cheap pr tool to fool retarded American boomers

>muh based wymyn chosen warriors fighting for muh holy land



She must of forgot the 6 gorrillian.



>Jesus is coming

Tell him to be faster, it's 2017 already


File: 91624ddf54a4857⋯.gif (265.04 KB, 440x512, 55:64, 4ee01df3d111fbb423734cbfab….gif)


>Jew turning on Israel



>top corporations run by jews

>so only jewish should be prosecuted

These big companies are succesfully using jewish people as a scapegoat. an easy way to control a population is to find a scapegoat to cover your own ass. Congratulations on falling for the scapegoat.


if its the law



File: 80588615a536525⋯.png (403.86 KB, 591x424, 591:424, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….png)


>So, you're looking forward to the day you see everyone you love get raped or murdered?

the people that say that kind of thing love nobody and are unloved in turn

a massive genocide would just validate their suffering because now everybody else is suffering just as much as they are

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