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File: 4066f306f46e75f⋯.jpg (169.96 KB, 700x400, 7:4, 34.jpg)



At least one person died and 30 were injured in a day of violent clashes between white nationalists and counter-protesters in Virginia on Saturday, with the state's governor blaming the neo-Nazis for sparking the violence and demanding that they go home.

Two people also died when a Virginia State Police helicopter crashed near the violence in Charlottesville, federal aviation officials said.

It was not clear if the crash was related to the outbreak of clashes in the Southern college town, where protesters fought hundreds of white supremacists trying to halt the planned removal of a Confederate statue from a park.


That media bias


the counter-protestors are the ones there wanting to fight.



He was yet another Nazi, princess, and with any luck, the cops roughed him up with a baton or six before tossing him in the hole.


File: 851c69cac2a0449⋯.png (385.86 KB, 903x712, 903:712, phone.png)

oh i see. using phones?


I have trouble believing the white nationalists started it. Not that they're unprepared for violence, but they're not as volatile as the other groups present there.


Whites are the biggest terrorists on this planet. Can’t sit in the sun. Kids overdosing on opioids-100 each day. You devils are outta here! Goodnight white pride!



The terrorist wannabes went armed and looking for a fight. Then one of them hopped into a car and plowed through a crowd.

What this "movement" seems to be saying is that perhaps it's time for sane and reasonable people to start considering that shutting terrorist wannabes down by any means necessary before they start indiscriminately shooting into crowds or hopping into cars and plowing through crowds might be the right thing to do.

I'm all for freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. However, certain groups touting certain symbols, violent ideologies - and driven by a desire to invoke terror among those who oppose them - have burned those rights to the ground. They have abuse them. They do not deserve them.

I see no difference between ISIS-flag-bearing AK47-carriers and neo-nazi AR14-carriers. Deal with those virtually identical groups in the same way.


he was a good boy. white people never did nothin wrong. they started it! they started it!


>/pol/tards are actually defending this guy now

despicable low life scum, one of your useful idiots kills someone and severely injures another dozen and he's man of the year. one guy punches richard spencer and it's the end of the world and free speech is under attack from ebil gommies



i agree. the people wanting to take this statue down have gone too far. they should be punished to the full extent of the law.


File: a82eaa326c8b043⋯.jpg (74.58 KB, 540x824, 135:206, leftypol irl.jpg)


>we are gonna scalp you nazis! die cis scum!

>p-please d-don't k-kill us m-mean n-nazi's

1 body and you're crying like women

This is only the beginning, you larping faggots started what you can not finish, it's not a game anymore and you're scared.



>implying antifaggots have anything to do with this

most of the people out there were just retarded liberals who happened to disagree with white supremacists marching in their city. but whatever fairy tales help you justify killing innocent protestors just because you disagree with them.



No one cares about the difference between antifa and liberals but you /leftypol/, you're just the enemy and you all need to die.




>t. bottom



I have a bumper with your name on it, commie scum.


Hey, let's protest in the middle of a road, what's the worst that can happen.



I'm sorry but you're kind brought this on yourselves, you're constant attempts to shame them has only just emboldened them, cause to you being called a nazi is the worst thing in the world, to them it's a badge of pride.



We all need to die, eh? That attitude will get you thrown out of my country, terrorist wannabe.

One more thing, which I'll mention only because you seem so certain of your own internal classifications of other people and it would serve you well to think about them: 109376 was my first post anywhere on this cesspool of shit chan. This was my second. I have no idea what an antifa or a leftypol is and have zero interest in your deliberate self-isolating millenial chan secret language bullshit. Speak English or go fuck yourself.


File: a995499fbd09ba2⋯.jpg (38.93 KB, 491x478, 491:478, 1499890374188.jpg)


Go back to reddit and take your gaping vagina with you


>nazis supporting killing people for ideological differences

nothing new here



Feels guy poster too.


Can the salt-right get any goofier?



And the shield showed a literal bundle of sticks.



Extreme radical rams his car into a crowd, killing and injuring innocent people. This sounds familiar… People who don't call this Terrorism are seriously delusional.


Lmao at how /leftypol/ is getting salty as fuck over this

As if you faggots wouldn't be lauding him as a hero if he ran over the WNs


File: b37bed3341f9724⋯.png (517.34 KB, 750x499, 750:499, untitled.png)

Hahahaha. Look at that fat autistic loser.

The true face of the alt right.




>basement dwelling NEETSoc virgins are doing more for their cause than /leftypol/ has with years of shitposting

The absolute STATE of the Left kek


File: c7c21419688b660⋯.jpg (162.17 KB, 960x925, 192:185, damnright.jpg)


Stop pretending to be human.


File: d0824ceb3343723⋯.gif (4.7 MB, 430x215, 2:1, continuedlaughter.gif)


Did you seriously just admit you're a shill?



I'm sure ISIS feels the same about the people they kill.


Have we started the fire?



t. 'We have to beat up or even kill anyone I call a Nazi, because if we don't the Holocaust could happen again! Oh btw my definition of what constitutes Nazism depends on what my trannypills are making me feel at that moment'


White nationalists didn't ignite shit. The rally was peaceful until busses showed up with BLM and Antifa pussies.



>White nationalists didn't ignite shit

No kidding. Limp-wristed anime nerds. Can't fight without a car. No wonder all those fags are in the closet. Oh, I mean, "Hiding their power level."



And yet thats still more than you soybois on /leftypol/ have done. Sad!


Daily Mail said woman died was crossing the street. These retard Americans on both sides could be responsible for the death of an innocent person with no political reason to be there.



Fucking this. Anybody who doesn't realize that the white nigger in the Dodge fucked us over royally, is a dumbfuck or jewish opposition.



>one guy punches richard spencer and it's the end of the world and free speech is under attack from ebil gommies

>implying the general liberal reaction wasn't "talk shit, get hit"

Gotta love the Left's persecution complex




If my ally gets hurt it's bad, if my enemy is killed it's fantastic. I don't understand the problem. We're not Pacifists, we're Fascists.


Soros fuck off


File: e7427f7527f273f⋯.mp4 (2.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, e7427f7527f273f14a731e7ae1….mp4)

shill thread for shills to shill in.

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