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File: 50fe36bb706d0eb⋯.jpg (22.64 KB, 512x328, 64:41, 48.jpg)



As the retail industry churns in the Amazon era, American shopping malls are turning to a new generation of stores, food and entertainment offerings to make up for an exodus of department stores.

Prime mall real estate is increasingly going to players who began online and are graduating to brick-and-mortar, such as plus-size clothing label Eloquii, or stores selling niche items like candy and conflict-free diamonds.

In some cases, these retailers are taking space, literally, from exiting chains like Macy's.

Other additions include the trendy burger restaurant Shake Shack, and Dave & Buster's, whose video game and pro-sports viewing restaurants are emblematic of the "experiences, not stuff" mantra now resonant among consumers.



Well, they wanted a "living wage", so this is what you get.


File: 30a26e39ebd0cbd⋯.jpg (376.67 KB, 1782x772, 891:386, minwage.jpg)



fucking communists



are you retarded? op made no statemrnt in support of minimum wage and the other anin critisized minimum wage. minimum wage keeps jobs from dropping below their fair market value, but when raised too high it devalues jobs like in your pic and also causes them to be outsourced/consolidated among existing employess/taken over by robots. it's another job market manopulation tool that can be either used or abused. the one thing, the elephant in the room, that no one talks about enough is how robots will replace people and how all populations of people will be 'discouraged' from having children until their numbers go down. tech engineers and leaders will rig it so they themselves aren't replaced by machines while most others are.








I doubt the primary cause of dying malls is online retail. You can't try on shoes at Zappos.com whereas you don't have to sign up for an account to purchase items at a brick-and-mortar store or wait for the postal service to ship them to you so they're always going to be relevant until somebody invents a viable and cheap household device that can create or transport goods to your home immediately.

The real cause of dying malls is none other than niggers. Black kids like to gather at malls to fight each other as a change of scenery from McDonald's or funeral homes and black women like to organize flash robs to steal lingerie from Victoria's Secret (it happens a lot). Naturally, people don't want to shop where danger strikes frequently so those places take a hit they can never recover from.

The solution to this is to charge admission into the mall so that violent black people will have to go to school if they want to get in a fight.



>minimum wage keeps jobs from dropping below their fair market value

No it artificually keeps it above the fair market value.

Lets say you are a retard to be fair you sound retarded, and your labour is worth $3 per hour. If there is a $10 minimum wage you are priced out of the market entirely.


>tfw amazon is becoming more cancerous than even microshit

I hope Bezos and Gates both get the rope



Mechatronic student in his last year of study here to tell you that you're being lied to. While it's true that a robot can replace humans it isn't going to affect you as much as you think, at least not in a bad way. A robot can only replace the easy repetitive tasks that a human doesn't have to think to do. If two guys are payed 10$ an hour why would a company replace those workers with a robot that will cost him thousands and on top of that now they have to hire 25$ an hour technicians to keep that robot running. They'll get their money back a long time after their initial investment which makes this robot shit a pretty bad deal for small businesses. Small businesses make the economy not big businesses. Even if every single low wage worker was replaced by a robot, then the demand for skilled workers will increase as low skilled workers are tossed. Basically it'll promote people actually learning to do something instead of being a worthless toothpaste packager in your local walmart. Don't promote degeneracy, being an employee with no skill is basically living off welfare and the labor costs is calculated when companies put their products up for sale just for you to spend all your hard earned cash on.

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