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File: 4c49e7b1e3246cf⋯.jpg (65.88 KB, 658x710, 329:355, 393idbx9w00wh2b3d8dcivivo0….jpg)



There's some sense to what Alex Jones says, while there's also reasons to doubt it.

Compared the two individuals here. One is the alleged attacker at the rally and the other is the driver with photos taken of him inside the car. Did he lose 30lbs before he got behind the wheel in a few hours?


It wasn't staged but it wasn't racist or a nat soc that did it either.

The moderate right truly is the biggest threat of all, everyone needs to go as far right as possible now.


It'd be nice, but no. People are genuinely that dumb. It does make a great excuse for martial law/ more rights being signed away for "security." Police state, here we come!


File: 7a5223d5093b0a5⋯.png (646.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1415253783679.png)


as cornered animal, left wing spouts bullshit to bypass reality.


It WAS staged … look at the timeline:

Friday Night - Antifa shows up, violence starts, no police intervention to stop it …

Saturday AM - Dem Governor declares "state of emergency"

Saturday Afternoon - Law Enforcement is out in droves with bullhorns announcing that rally attendees are "holding an illegal assembly"

THE WHOLE POINT to withholding police protection for conservative events is so that the violent liberal factions can move in, start the violence, and the underlying conservative event can be shut down before it even starts. i.e. Martial Law



Filterman is fake news like CNN and MSNBC


File: e3f0736f92be9a1⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 480x360, 4:3, oh i thought this was amer….jpg)


literally acting like the biggest piece of shit then trying to hide behind free speech



Hate speech isn't covered by the constitution drumpfcuck.



>/pol/ always talks about killing communists

>wants to ram protestors with their cars

>muh helicopters muh physical removal

>someone actually does it and they deny all involvement

spineless bitches



>every right wing group is /pol/

poleddit is this retarded


Little do the sheeple know I've been spiking the city water with steroids.



it's all free speech until someone gets plowed by a car. If you can't win your battles with words, you don't deserve to win.


File: 992418843eb4e63⋯.webm (2.75 MB, 224x400, 14:25, get out!.webm)


>Not all speech is covered by the constitution drumpfcuck.



Exactly. Why would you need to bring a bat to a protest if your argument is legit?

This whole punching nazis thing just makes them seem like they cant win a proper argument so they have to resort to violence.


Also buy his magic chicken soup to be immune to martial law.

Also buy his anti-martial-law underpants.

Also buy his "I know the truth" T-shirts or only 9.99 on special!


>controlled opposition says something controlled opposition would say




Kill yourself.



That's the point of free speech. Kill yourself


Of course he would. Anything to get a bigger audience, or to keep his already listening audience. The man would say England is planning to bomb America to recolonize it and rebuild the British Empire if he thought that would keep and gain listeners. Lying motherfucker.


File: 9c53b38effc45a8⋯.webm (1.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dodge the challenger.webm)


He said that it was staged in the sense that they just rile these kids up, to the point that they enact this behavior.

He rants on how both sides are led on to fight to divide.

He also states that during these protests right winged ppl are hurder in to bigger groups aremed groups of antifa, by the cops.

Maybe the kid got scared with the antifa running after his car and ran of slamming in to the ppl,, he could have been upset and angry and did it,, or he didnt do it and it is a false op.

Little side note, the kid is jewish ethnicity.





Oh, the spotlight is no longer on me, better say something outrageous.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What about the fish people and all that other bullshit this jewish slave shill spews? His jew wife has him by the balls ever since the divorce and he has to say anything to get money to pay her since he has like 3 kids.

He lies constantly in between telling the truth. You can't tell when hes lying and when hes not since hes more concerned about selling useless junk like water filters or non-science supplements that wont help people at all.

Anyone who still beleives him after the fish people comments is blinded by ignorance. Hes a liar con.



When I see stuff like this I get the urge to go visit Detroit for a week and have some fun.



I'm sorry for getting your pronouns wrong sweetie.



Shout fire in a crowded movie theater anon.





it was a zionist false flag, jews are always trying to discredit pro white movements


>you lived long enough for fucking alex jones of all people to have more credibility then anyone in the MSM

And just think. All they had to do to prevent such a fucking bizarre thing would have been not be such obvious and unapologetic bullshit merchants.

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